Be at 10 July pre-race lunch for some real discussion on Ancient Mariners format

Yes, I have returned from a disastrous trip in the dust of the outback. They say what does not kill you make you stronger, but I don’t think that saying is quite correct. Anyway as from next Tuesday I will be returning to RO duties for the Ancient Mariners Winter Series and I would like to express my thanks to Alastair and Brian for holding the fort for me.

The purpose of my ramblings today is that next Tuesday (10th July) at lunch I would like to hold a discussion with our merry group of hardy sailors covering our format going forward as by now we have held enough races to know what will work and what will not. This is so we can submit our changes (if any) to Jackie for the sailors meeting to occur after the AGM.

Some items to ponder on as possible changes:

  • Should we continue throughout the full year or stand down for a month or two (possibly July and/or August), just a thought so that we don’t get stale;
  • Is Tuesday/Thursday working or is another day more suitable;
  • Should we open it up for spinnakers as it does give an opportunity to practice this mystical art while sailing in a small fleet and during the winter months in lighter airs. (Or possibly set one day a month aside, i.e. first or last day of the month could work), and if we did adopt spinnakers what additional time should be added to the starting times as compensation – 3 to 5 minutes maybe.
  • Is there any other course you would like to include on the course sheet;
  • Are there any changes to our Notice of Race (copy attached) you consider would improve the race format?


As you would appreciate we don’t have to go to the other sailors to change our racing format for the Ancient Mariners series but it would be good to confirm with the remainder of the club what will be our racing modus operandi for the next twelve months.

Look forward to an interesting discussion and some bright ideas to debate, it may mean a long lunch but we can work around that.