We’re back!

We arrived in Melbourne on Friday Evening and drove home on Saturday in weather that was much like what we left behind us in Norway.

Rod and I have enjoyed a remarkable 2 months away in far flung places… the last three weeks having been spent in the Arctic Circle, where the sun never sets at this time of year but the weather is very unpredictable. We watched with envy the 12/13 Celsius days you were enjoying here as we faced maximum temps around 5 – 7, combined with strong winds and/or rain! Despite that, we saw many yachts cruising up and down the coast of Norway and were reminded of those of you braving the cold to enjoy the Ancient Mariners sails.

Yesterday afternoon I looked up from the fugg of jetlag and realised that some brave souls were sailing the winter series. Thank you to Jacqui and her team for continuing to organise races for those who are still around Paynesville.

I am now starting to catch up with all that has occurred during my absence so that I can prepare for the AGM, which is now less than two weeks away. As my term of office comes to an end I would like to once again congratulate the Committee and members of GLYC who ensure the continuing success of our club. The last season, in particular, was busy and productive and, with events currently in the pipeline for the coming season, I know that we will continue to be highly successful.

Wishing you all fair winds from aft of the beam