23.1.22 – AM Sailors, All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.  Well, I pursue them with vigour but maybe for a different reason to others, for me it is to try to get in before all those Bloody Etchells…..now when that happens “Oh what a feeling” or is that getting in a Toyota,……no, it is beating an Etchell.  Okay let’s get back to reality, the weather, and of course it is not playing the game again!

Weather Forecasts – Thursday 20th January 2022:

–   BOM Weather, partly cloudy, 21 degrees, wind ESE 16 to 26 knots (1pm 16 to 22 knots, 2pm 18 to 24 knots, 3pm 17 to 24 knots, 4pm 19 to 26 knots);

–   Willy, partly cloudy, 23 degrees, wind ESE 18 knots plus gusts;

–   Windy, mostly sunny, 20 degrees, and wind ESE 14 knots with gusts up to 24 knots.

Weather Forecasts – Friday 21st January 2022:

–   BOM Weather, sunny, 23 degrees, wind ESE 12 to 21 knots (11am 12 to 17 knots, midday 14 to 20 knots, 1pm 15 to 21 knots, 2pm 16 to 23 knots)

–   Windy, sunny, 22 degrees, and wind ESE 6 knots with gusts up to 20 knots.

The winds forecasts are in the higher end of our sailing range with gusts above, however of our two days available to sail Friday at present is looking the better day if we modify our start time.  With fresh winds forecast we are unable to sail Thursday so I am postponing until Friday with a difference!  Our nominal start time will be 11am to take advantage of the early moderate breeze  and we will be off the water before the wind moves into the fresh range.

The course (picked out of the hat) for Friday will be #29 which will give us a couple of laps around our play area in a Southeast wind for a 10.1nm sail.  I hope you can get out of bed early enough to join us on the start line.

I will not be putting out another email on Friday unless the weather strengthens and it has to be cancelled, so you should have all the information you require for Friday’s sail in this briefing.

I hope you can join us on the water tomorrow.


23.1.22 Start Times


Although our sail was abandoned it was great while it lasted and we had a fun day on the water – just went home wet!!


14.1.22 Start Times


31.12.21 The following AMs will be on NY Eve so that it connects to the Friday night social and Fireworks.  All members of the Club are invited to participate should they wish, and there will be special arrangements re starting times and location of the finishing line (TBA) to keep clear of the large number of boats around the Straits at that time of year.  If you wish to sail and are not currently receiving AMs or Twilights emails for sternchaser starting times, please contact the Club at glyc@sailglyc.com before 29th December to arrange a time.  See New Year’s Eve race posting for more details.


23.12.21 Start Times

23.12.21 Results