Wanderer - December 2014

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Commodore's Report

Commodore David checks out the Twilight  top mark

Hello everyone,

Well, can you believe it - it's the end of the year already!!! Time flies by and suddenly we are half way through our 2014/15 season! Our Summer sailing season is, of course, not yet halfway completed and with the 'equinoxial gales' season largely over, I hope we will not lose any more sailing days to the wind gods.

Our first planned Cruise (Nicholson River) was this weekend with more than 10 boats looking to participate, as well as quite a number of people driving over to join us for dinner in the evening. Well the weather gods were certainly against us with strong winds and an East Coast Low rainfall pattern dissuading even the most hardy of sailors from sailing on the day. Even so, 62 people drove over to relax and enjoy an evening meal together - a fantastic show of support and I thank you all for that! If you were not able to make it, please consider joining in the next time.

This year saw the return of the participation of GLYC in the Bairnsdale Parade with a number of sailing school students participating. Families also assisted with boats on floats! Well done and thanks for flying the GLYC flag.

It is a very busy time of year but I believe Santa will still make his usual appearance at GLYC this year!

An issue that your Committee of Management is dealing with at the moment is in regard to a review by Yachting Victoria of the YV Affiliation Fee Structure. YV requested data re the Club's membership and Total income, to help them "...determine a fair and equitable outcome for all clubs. A wild and woolly start to 30 November's Div 2 start in the Life Buoy and Bell race

" In our submission to the review we called for a fairer system of charges to be applied to volunteer clubs such as GLYC and that we would favour a return to a transparent charge per member, with the recognition of the need for different rates for metro vs. country and 'commercial/business' vs. volunteer operated clubs. This is an important issue and so I will keep everyone up to date re the outcomes of the review, as and when they are released by YV.

Since this is my final report for the year, I would like to again recognise the time and efforts of all our volunteers who provide the manpower for all of our club activities. Without their efforts where would we be?

What we often don't see quite as readily is the huge amount of work undertaken by your elected members of the Committee of Management and which is largely going on in the background - and on a daily basis. Next time you see one of these people, give them a pat on the back and say thank you very much, because it is only through their work and leadership in the various areas of club activities, that we can continue to enjoy all that our club has to offer.

Seasons' greetings to everyone - may you all have a happy, safe and prosperous new year. And wherever you may be sailing over the summer, whether it be at titles or cruising on the Lakes, have a great time with family and friends!

So until I speak to you next, may you continue to have calm seas and fair winds from aft of the beam - David

(top right) Commodore David checks out the Twilight top mark

(above right) A wild and woolly start to 30 November's Div 2 start in the Life Buoy and Bell race

5156 6352
03 8626 8700

5156 7085

In this issue:

Sailing Calendar

There is nothing more beautiful than the Twilight sail

Tues. 2 1715 Twilight Sailing Wind Quartet
Sat. 6 1000 Cruise to Nicholson
Sun. 7 Return from Nicholson
Sun. 7 CG Drummond Race, CG Drummond Trophy Growler
Tues. 9 1715 Twilight Sailing Scorpio
Sun. 14 1400 Divisional Heats 7 and 8 Divisional Chibizulu
Tues. 16 1715 Twilight Sailing Christmas Break-up dinner Anarchy / Weapon of Choice
Sun. 21 1000 Loch Sport and return Race Joy Croft Trophy Wow
Christmas Break

January, 2015

Sun. 4 1400 Three-Bay Race Chris Hawkins Trophy Yardstick Longnose
Tues 6 1715 Twilight Sailing Growler
Fri. 9 1000 Cruise to Metung Yacht Club (MeYC)
Sat. 10 1000 Metung and Return
Sun. 11 1400 LBB Personal Handicap Race 4 Lifebuoy and Bell (LBB) Performance Triple Expresso
Tues. 13 1715 Twilight Sailing Raptor
Sun. 18 1400 Divisional Heats 9 and 10 Divisional Ghost
Tues. 20 1715 Twilight Sailing Legless
Sun. 25 1400 Female Skippers Fundraising Day Australia Day Trophy
Mon. 26 1400 Australia Day Race (LBB Personal Handicap Race 5), Australia Day Trophy
Lifebuoy and Bell (LBB), Yardstick and
Performance Nitro
Tues. Charlie Broomhall, Taj Duff, Ella Curtis-Webster and Curtis Wilmot attending the Junior School Sailing Carnival on Albert Park Lake

27 1715 Twilight Sailing Saracen


Sun. 1 1400 Divisional Heats 11 and 12 Divisional Golden Dream
Tues. 3 1715 Twilight Sailing Say No More
Sat. 7 1400 Eastern Region at Loch Sport
MeYC visit Interclub Trophy
Sun 8 1400 Eastern Region at Loch Sport Interclub Trophy
Tues. 10 1715 Twilight Sailing Longnose
Sat. 14 February Two-fold Bay Regatta (Eden) OTB, FFs and Trailables
Sun. 15 1000 JK Lloyd Trophy Race It's Alright
Two-fold Bay Regatta (Eden)
Tues. 17 1715 Twilight Sailing
Sun. 22 1400 LBB Personal Handicap Race 6 Lifebuoy and Bell (LBB) Performance Little Blue Boat
Tues. 24 1715 Twilight Sailing Two-way Street
Sun. 28 1400 Metung Challenge MeYC vs GLYC Ten Pound Note

(top right) There is nothing more beautiful than the Twilight sail

(above right) Charlie Broomhall, Taj Duff, Ella Curtis-Webster and Curtis Wilmot attending the Junior School Sailing Carnival on Albert Park Lake

5156 7223
5156 6448

Sailing/Social Calendar

Boats, floats and sailing school sailors participated in the Bairnsdale Parade flying the GLYC flag.  Well done!!!

Club night up in the bar. Come and have a barbie or bring take out and enjoy your evening at the club.

A group of families have been meeting on Friday late afternoons for an off-the-beach sail then a barbie and a relaxed evening on the deck. Sounds like a good plan. On pleasant nights the downstairs bar will be open to make this social night easy and convenient. Come join the fun.

Tuesdays - Twilight Stern Chaser Start times commencing around 5:15 pm. Twilight meals will be served. Be sure to let the kitchen know if you are staying for dinner or require a vegetarian meal. (Make note of it on the sign-on sheet.)
Note: There will be no Twilight Sail on 30 December.

Sat. 6/7 December - Cruise to Nicholson

Wed. 31 Dec. - New Year's Eve Potluck Dinner There is a plan afloat to repeat last year's potluck dinner on New Year's Eve. Bring something to share: it always balances out. The barbie will be sizzling as well. We will arrange to have the bar open and the bubbles bubbling for the celebration and welcoming of 2015 with the fireworks display. Great family night and most of us old farts will go to bed after the kiddie fireworks as well.

Perhaps someone with some good dance tunes could bring some CDs along to get us all hopping.

Fri. 9 January - Cruise to Metung Sailors can sail back with the fleet on Sunday as part of the Metung and Return race

Sun. 25 January - 1400 Female Skippers Fundraising Day

(top right) Boats, floats and sailing school sailors participated in the Bairnsdale Parade flying the GLYC flag. Well done!!!

5152 3241

Division 1

A brisk wind challenges the fleet on 30 November LBB race

We are enjoying a surge in numbers regularly sailing although at the moment Craig has injured his shoulder. Get well quickly, Craig, we miss you covering us. Trevor damaged his mast and put in some midnight oil so that he was back the following weekend. Quite an effort. Just shows what good competition makes a person do.

Good to see the old Relience 17 back in the club now owned by Rod and Wendy. This meant that their old ff is now going to sail with new owner, Dave. We are having 6 plus ff on a sailing day with the prospect of more if we all decide to sail on the same day. Fred is also starting to rejuvenate his ff.

On Tuesday twilight sailing days a few ff's are joining in to use the course to tune up and have some practice, etc. They start when ready and carry spinnakers so are not scored in the results but have a lot of fun and practice plus the swapping of information. Always the question is how to sail quicker. Join the group - get into ff's - some good ones on the market.


(top right) A brisk wind challenges the fleet on 30 November LBB race

9707 3033

Division 2

What is going on?

Guess we should call this the "hybrid" division as the number of Trailables seems to be diminishing with perhaps only three Trailables regularly competing in the division. Come on guys, let's give the "others" a run for their money.

On November 9th the LBB personal handicap took off. Ron Peel took the Trailable honors with a 6th place with Immunity being the overall winner. Lofty managed a 12th place and Peter Farrell a 14th. Guess last year's handicaps are showing up here.

November 23rd took us to Race 3 of the divisional series. Yes, we had a "crowd " at the start but the gate was shut. Three of us "bailed out" and two were over. Not for the faint hearted!!!! Flemming and Charlie Johnson got away to a flyer, never to be challenged again. Lofty and Peter Farrell fought out an epic battle with no quarter given: Peter ahead on Handicap, Lofty ahead over the line. Flemming the Divisional winner. Interesting... 7 seconds separated the 4th to 7th place getters.

Well, must go have to pay the power bill again

(top right) What is going on?

Division 4

Boat tuning secrets revealed!

The Victorian Spinnaker state titles at McRae were a little disappointing. Without the usual strong GLYC presence of Gary, Neil and Peter, the fleet was certainly less impressive and Tim certainly didn't distinguish himself. Contrary to previous reports it was not gear failure that put an end to Karma Cat's weekend but a gear loss. "Don't chuck the tiller extension away if you're not carrying a spare" is what he learned! Oh well... It won't happen again!

On the home front Neil Joiner has been doing his best to keep Division 4 alive in the divisional races and the Lifebuoy and Bell races. The rest of us will be joining in soon.


(top right) Boat tuning secrets revealed!

5156 6700
5156 0582

New Year's Eve Potluck Dinner and Fireworks

The joys of volunteering on rescue/course laying boats

Come join other members and guests for a meal before the fireworks displays at the club. For several years an informal potluck dinner has drawn a crowd and the ad hoc choices have been superb. What is brought always works out for beautifully balanced and delicious options.

The bar and the barbie will be sizzling as well. Fireworks displays usually are at 9 and midnight to cover children, old folks and late revelers.

It's a lovely night; bring something to share; and welcome in the new year, 2015!!! (Perhaps an overnight on your boat in situ will keep you safe.)

Just a note: our bar license does not allow alcoholic drinks to leave the physical building nor does it allow BYO alcohol.

Hope to see you there. Have a happy new year!

(top right) The joys of volunteering on rescue/course laying boats

5156 0432

Junior exploits

Sail Training blazing along

Busy little beavers

Our Junior Discover Sailing program is well under way, with 33 juniors out on the water in Pacers and Minnows on Sunday mornings. There is so much enthusiasm across the kids, their parents and our fabulous club instructor volunteers.

Our more advanced green fleet kids too have been flying the GLYC flag, with Charlie Broomhall, Ella Curtis-Webster, Curtis Wilmot and Taj Duff attending the Junior School Sailing Carnival on Albert Park Lake in November.

Taj and Jack have also been sailing divisional races on Sunday afternoon with lots of encouragement from the members.

Junior sailing will continue post Xmas, with planning underway for Division E racing and Division Cool (for our more advanced sailing school kids).

For those around in the first week of January, the Tackers program is back at GLYC from the 4th ? 8th. This is a great program, especially for those who want to try out sailing for the first time. So if you are in Paynesville or have family visiting in early Jan, check out the GLYC website for more information and registration details.

PS. If you are in Bairnsdale this Saturday morning (6th Dec), don't forget to wave at our juniors who are participating in the Xmas parade.

(top right) Busy little beavers

Missing items from boat shed

A plea to borrowers

Tilt. Tilt. Tilt.

A lot of items are missing from the boat shed. Perhaps when it's open people grab items with the intention of returning them. A boat hook that Bill made specifically for picking up a Tuesday marker disappeared. A main sheet for a club training boat vanished. The scales used for weighing and balancing the trailers, gone...

Please, please don't borrow items that are used in sail training or rescue boats. It puts the club in a bind when activities are held up looking for or jerry-rigging things to make boats operable.

The boat shed isn't open that often; do we need to keep it locked during sail training as well?

Please be thoughtful of the rest of us. Don't borrow or take anything from the club or other sailors. Find a different way to solve your problems.

(top right) Tilt. Tilt. Tilt.

Good news on algae

Algae status 3rd Dec

The non-cruise dinner success at the Riverview Bistro Nicholson with a crowd of 63

DEPI reports "All sites monitored are currently showing low levels of algae, comprising mainly non-toxic diatoms (Coscinodiscus sp., Nitzschia longissima, Pleurosigma sp.) and dinoflagellates (Gymnodinium and Protoperidinium spp.) Copepods, ciliates, bivalves, rotifers and zooplankton larval species remain common to abundant.

No toxic species were found."

Keep our fingers crossed that it all stays in control this year and no issues arise re sailing.

(top right) The non-cruise dinner success at the Riverview Bistro Nicholson with a crowd of 63

Twilight dinners

What to do when the race is cancelled

The powers at be check the wind before abandoning the Tuesday Twilight race

A couple of Tuesdays ago, the Twilight sail had to be cancelled. The wind was blowing around 22 with gusts "up to 30% higher".... But, our dinner food items were already ordered.

Bless our members: 40 people showed up for the meal and camaraderie. Many had signed in down near the breezeway for the meal even though there was no sailing. It was a great night albeit a little stressful for the cooks who had no clue how many to cater for. Unfortunately, around 14 people couldn't get a meal as not enough had been prepared.

If it looks like sailing might be cancelled and you would like to have the meal (which we encourage as this is definitely our big social night), could you sign in downstairs by 5, or could you call the club (5156 6864) and let someone know how many you might bring for the meal?

We've decided to bring the phone into the kitchen around 4:45 just to receive "reservations" for the night when the wind is misbehaving. That way, the kitchen can prepare the proper quantities and we can all still have fun together.

Thank you from all the caterers and members...

(top right) The powers at be check the wind before abandoning the Tuesday Twilight race

Gippsland Lakes Yacht Club

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