Wanderer - February 2015

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Commodore's Report

Hello everyone,

As usual, the Australia Day weekend was a very hectic one. Our 'Local Charity, Fundraising Day' and Female Skippers' Race was scheduled for the Sunday but strong winds again forced the cancellation of the race! The afternoon tea and raffles went ahead anyway and I am pleased to report that $450 dollars was raised. The money will be used by Bairnsdale Regional Health to promote 'Sun Smart Awareness' at this year's Field Days later this month.

And then on Australia Day, GLYC was named as the recipient of the Paynesville Community Event of the Year Award in recognition for last year's Laser Masters National Titles Regatta. I was honoured to accept the award on behalf of all members of GLYC; here is what I said on the day:

"As Commodore of the Gippsland Lakes Yacht Club, I thank you the Paynesville Australia Day Awards Committee and it is with great pride that I accept the award on behalf of all Gippsland Lakes Yacht Club members.

The 2014 Laser Masters Championship was conducted in February last year and attracted a total of 144 entries. This was one of the biggest events conducted by the GLYC for many years and indeed was one of the biggest single fleet regattas in Australia for that year.

Our preparations extended for well over a year and we aimed to make all competitors feel at home, to offer a warm welcome to Paynesville; all the resultant feedback received suggests we were very successful in this. Much of this can be attributed to the informality that comes with our being a (relatively) small country club, managed and run solely by volunteers. Indeed, we had no less than 80 members (who became known as the 'Red Shirts') contributing their time and effort throughout the regatta to making this event work.

Our major sponsors for the event included The State Government of Victoria, but very significantly, we had local support from The East Gippsland Shire Council, East Gippsland Water, Gippsland Lakes Ministerial Advisory Committee, Lightfoot Wines, Patties Foods, The Paynesville & District Community Bank Branch of the Bendigo Bank and the Paynesville Business and Tourism Association.

What a community effort.

As for community, we recognise that geographically we hold a central position in Paynesville and in this 78th year since the founding of the Gippsland Lakes Yacht Club, we continue to strive to be a part of and contributor to the Paynesville community as well as the wider Yachting community.

I would like to extend an invitation to everyone here to come down to the club sometime and see what we do and what we can offer.

Thank you."

Have a look at the Award next time you are at the Club.

On a more sombre note, club member Damien Anderson (crews with Trevor Williams on Flying Fifteen Ten Pound Note) was injured in a motorbike accident over the Australia Day Weekend and was transferred to Melbourne for treatment of his injuries. I am pleased to report that he is out of intensive care and beginning the road to recovery at Epworth Rehab Centre. We wish you well, Damien, and hope your recovery is a speedy one and that you are back out on the water very soon.

The next couple of months are going to be hectic ones with our regular program of sailing, as well as a number of other events and regattas; the first of these being the Interclub Regatta at Loch Sport next weekend (7th & 8th Feb.). The annual visit by Metung Yacht Club is also on Saturday the 7th Feb. The Marlay Point Over Night Race takes place on the March Long Weekend (7th & 8th March) and then GLYC is hosting the Noelex National Titles (14th & 15th March), the Victorian Trailables Titles (21st & 22nd March) and, of course, our annual Easter Regatta will be conducted over the three days of 4th 5th and 6th April. If you are around for any of these events, please put up your hand to help out!

Sue and I are taking a few weeks holiday so I thank Vice Commodore Lyn, Rear Commodore James and all other Committee of Management and volunteers for keeping a steady hand on the tiller while I am away.

So...until I speak to you next, may you continue to have calm seas and fair winds from aft of the beam -- David

9707 3033
5156 6448

In this issue:

Sailing Calendar

Watch out!  New kid on the block - Aqualibrium joins in the fray!

Tues. 3 1715 Twilight Sailing Say No More
Sat. 7 1400 Eastern Region at Loch Sport
MeYC visit Interclub Trophy
Sun 8 1400 Eastern Region at Loch Sport Interclub Trophy
Tues. 10 1715 Twilight Sailing Longnose
Sat. 14 February Two-fold Bay Regatta (Eden) OTB, FFs and Trailables
Sun. 15 1000 JK Lloyd Trophy Race It's Alright
Two-fold Bay Regatta (Eden)
Tues. 17 1715 Twilight Sailing
Sun. 22 1400 LBB Personal Handicap Race 6 Lifebuoy and Bell (LBB) Performance Little Blue Boat
Tues. 24 1715 Twilight Sailing Two-way Street
Sun. 28 1400 Metung Challenge MeYC vs GLYC Ten Pound Note


Tues. 3 1700 Twilight Sailing Kate
Sat. 7 MPONR and State Championships
Sun. 8 MPONR and Marlay Point Brekky
Mon. Labour Day Public Holiday
Tues.10 1700 Twilight Sailing Just for Fun
Sun. 15 1400 Divisional Heats 13 and 14 Divisional Blaze
Tues. 17 1700 Twilight Sailing Joe Blow
Sat. 21 YV Trailable State Championships Joe Blow / Weapon of Choice / Thrice Bitten /Karma Kat

22 YV Trailable State Championships ffirsty / Impulse / volunteers
Tues.24 1700 Twilight Sailing Kalimna
Sun.29 1400 LBB Personal Handicap Race 7 Lifebuoy and Bell (LBB) Performance Two-way Street
Tues. 31 1700 Twilight Sailing (final) Leone


Sat. 4 1000 GLYC Easter Regatta incl Dragon Series Volunteers Required
Sun. 5 GLYC Easter Regatta incl Dragon Series Volunteers Required
Mon. 6 1400 GLYC Easter Regatta incl Dragon Series Volunteers Required
Sat. 11 1000 Cruise to Steamer Landing
Sun. 12 1300 Four Winds Race, Four Winds Trophy Where the Bloody??
Sun. 19 1300 Barnsey's Last Chance and resail Bairnsey's Trophy Supertoy Plays on
Sun. 26 1300 Barnsey's Last Chance and resail Bairnsey's Trophy Full Circle

(top right) Watch out! New kid on the block - Aqualibrium joins in the fray!

5156 7085

Sailing/Social Calendar

Nitro has learned to fly

Club night up in the bar. Come and have a barbie or bring take out and enjoy your evening at the club.

A group of families have been meeting on Friday late afternoons for an off-the-beach sail then a barbie and a relaxed evening on the deck. Sounds like a good plan. On pleasant nights the downstairs bar will be open to make this social night easy and convenient. Come join the fun.

Tuesdays - Twilight Stern Chaser Start times commencing around 5:15 pm. Twilight meals will be served. Be sure to let the kitchen know if you are staying for dinner or require a vegetarian meal. (Make note of it on the sign-on sheet.)

Marlay Point Overnight Race Brekky, Sun., 8 March
A great fun day of preparing breakky for several hundred MPON race finishers. A lot of team work in the kitchen. Shifts 6:30-10:00 am, 10:00-1300, 1300-4:00ish. All depending on WIND.

We need 3 more people for the 6:30 a.m.-10:00 a.m. shift as well as the full complement of 7 people for the 1300 to 1600 shift. Please, please sign up.

This is not limited to women. Guys are great with all the jobs.

..there's even one for handling the money! Help!!

Please let Christie, 5156 7861, know when you can help out or fill in your name and tel. # on the sheet near the downstairs bar.
It's a very profitable fundraiser for the club.


(top right) Nitro has learned to fly

5156 7223

Division 1

Trevor Williams and Damien Anderson receive the Tempest Trophy for 3rd place in FF National Championships on Ten Pound Note

Division one had two Fling Fifteen boats go to Sandgate Yacht Club in Queensland to compete in the National Titles. Trevor Williams and Damien Anderson and Michael Clark with his crew, Guy Anderson, represented GLYC.

The first day of racing saw some interesting weather conditions with a 30 knots-plus squall hitting the fleet towards the end of the race. Both Michael and Trevor managed to stay upright though many other boats in the fleet did not. Unfortunately, Trevor broke his spinnaker pole and had to retire from the following race.

Trevor had excellent results placing in the top of the fleet and finishing the regatta with a first in the last race. They place 3rd overall and Michael and Guy 11th; so well done to both competitors.

CG Drummond had Trevor in 2nd and Jim in 3rd. There has been very close racing in the divisional races during December and January with positions changing regularly during the races. At this stage, Bill Shand is just in the lead in the lead but this could change because there is such close competition in the fleet.

Two FFs sailed in the Joy Croft race with John and Noeleen coming in 6th and Bill, Dave and Taj in 11th. What!?  Brian Collins on an FF...must have been an impulse.

Taj enjoyed the sail and skippered part of the way back to the club.

Brian Carroll went to Melbourne and worked as a measurer for the ISAF Worlds and Lyn assisted with race organisation. James was involved in race management as well and I'm sure the experience will help in our race management at GLYC. Thanks to our members for their efforts.

On a sad note, Damien Anderson, Trevor Williams' crew, was in a motor bike accident. At this time I understand that he is recovering. I know that GLYC members extend their best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Congratulations to Michael Clark who was made a life member of FFIA at the 2015 Nationals Presentation Night.


(top right) Trevor Williams and Damien Anderson receive the Tempest Trophy for 3rd place in FF National Championships on Ten Pound Note

(above right) What!? Brian Collins on an FF...must have been an impulse.

Division 2

Legless leads the fleet home on a Tuesday night

Busy month - lots of events. Thought a recap could be of interest though I am unable to offer much personal input due to a Grandkids invasion. However, here's a short summary of the Div2 place getters for the month:

3 Bays: 1st, Petit Voilier Bleu (will in future be referred to as pvb; your scribe is getting lazy) Longnose 5th, Shorty 6th :only 6 finishers.

Metung and back: 1, It's Alright; 2, Tarna; 4, Cleanskin : 6 starters.

LBB: 1, Ghost; 4th Pvb; 6th Growler

Div 7: 1st Growler; 2nd Pvb; 3rd Longnose: 7 Starters, 4 finished

Aust Day Trophy: 6th Ghost; 7th Pvb; 8th Kalimna

LBB: 4th Pvb; 6th Growler; 7th Ormen hin Lange

Lady Skippers: Had to yet again be abandoned

I guess in Div 2 we have lost a lot of our "regulars" this year. I can account for at least 6 trailables that have, for various reasons, not competed this year. Let's hope we can get them back on the water next season. I am well aware that crewing is an ever increasing problem and I guess old father time is starting to come to the fore with some of us. And, perhaps the task of getting a place in a mixed fleet can be a deterrent to some.

Tuesdays seems the ever popular event with 20/30 boats out there all having fun. I am told the popularity of this form of racing is the same on the Bay. The stern chaser format at our club is particularly well run with a handicapping system that is reactive week to week and I believe this in no small way enhances our fleet numbers. A frisky wind and teamwork on Kalimna on 11 Jan. LBB race 4

There have been some unusual happenings on Tuesday nights over the years, some better left unsaid!! However, last Tuesday some of our very senior and experienced sailors went to the leeward mark rather than the windward mark. I must confess to a somewhat relieved smile as the skipper on one boat, very similar to mine, was making up ground to a concerning extent!!

Our night was somewhat overcast as on returning to the ramp we hauled the good Kalimna up the trailer nearly to the stop when the electric winch detached itself from the trailer. Undaunted, the intrepid skipper (read me) told the assembled company that the boat would be ok and by a jab on the brakes it could be placed in position on the trailer. The result of this optimistic call was that the boat with new electric winch attached disagreed with this thought and returned to the straits. Our thanks go to the crew of Anastasia for their salvage efforts. It is only fair to tell you that the writer fitted the winch and actually did the welding of the winch to the trailer. A colleague somewhat uncharitably described my efforts as "Bird Shit" welding.

Well, folks, just picked up a welding book, or is it a bird book, so off for a read

(Associate Dip Bird Shit Welding)

(top right) Legless leads the fleet home on a Tuesday night

(above right) A frisky wind and teamwork on Kalimna on 11 Jan. LBB race 4

Division 4

Speers Point National Titles

Neil leading Tim in to the gate mark

The four GLYC Mosquitoes of Gary, Neil, Peter and Tim all made the trip to Speers Point at the top of Lake Maquarie just after new year. Double-decking the cats meant we only needed to take two cars and the journey was actually quite relaxing.

This year the Mosquitoes split into three divisions (cat, sloop and spinnaker) and Gary, Neil and Tim entered the spinnaker division while Peter entered the cat division. Tim and Neil camped at the Speers Point clubhouse while Gary and Peter opted for comfort and rented a cabin. It's important to remember when going to NSW that there is a thing called Cockroaches. Gary and Pete can tell you all about the different types they encountered.

Gary and Peter started the series in fine style, both winning both races on the first day. The Gippsland Academy was looking good. On the second day the form continued until Peter's boat tripped over a jellyfish and got the mast firmly stuck in the mud. Peter bounced back with a couple of 5ths in the next two while Gary continued his winning streak and Neil turned in some respectable results with Tim just behind.

The next day continued in this style until the final race was abandoned as the wind swung and started to exceed the new class limit. Peter passing the 'Bear'

Gary was busy match racing Daniel Stone, not knowing the race had been abandoned, and unfortunately tipped the boat in on the final gybe for the finish line - cracking a rib in the process.

The next day Gary struggled around the first race for a 3rd place and having won the title, sat out the last two races, while Peter found his form again just a little too late to do better than 4th overall. Neil and Tim remained consistent to the end to finish up 3rd and 5th in the spinnakers.
If you ever have a chance to sail a titles at Speers Point do go. It's a great place to sail - almost as good as the Gippsland Lakes.

Loch Sport Long Distance race and Interclub

The Mozzies went to Loch Sport 2 weeks ago for the Loch Sport long distance race. We had ideal conditions which varied from semi-trapezing to flat-out and it was won by Gary with Peter and Neil close behind. The boats are still there, ready for the Interclub regatta this coming weekend.

(top right) Neil leading Tim in to the gate mark

(above right) Peter passing the 'Bear'

03 8626 8700
5156 0582

Blurb for Juniors

Division Cool takes to the high seas on 1st Feb.  Super job.

School's back, and thanks to the weather gods, so is Division Cool, GLYC's post-xmas sail training for our more experienced juniors. Only for COOL KIDS (who are GLYC members), these Sunday morning sessions aim to:

1. Extend sailing skills, 2. Have fun!, 3. Learn team skills, 4. Diversify sailing skills, 5. Have Fun!, 6. Have Fun!

And fun and better sailing they are doing, with last Sunday seeing 9 kids out on the club pacers and the minnows. A big thanks to Russell Broomhall and Steve Duff (on your magical rubber duckies - more on that in later editions) for supporting this extension program.

If morning sailing wasn't enough, four of our juniors then took to the big lake for Division 3 racing. A big shout out to one of our newest members, Jaime Zizman, who competed in his first race with the big fleet. Together with Jack Chapman, Melody Jefferis & Taj Duff, they the carved up the water to complete x3 triangle races.

It was a magnificent sight to see the four little sails battle it out on the start line (with some expert coaching from our Sailing Captain on Judi G), and then tack up to the windward mark. Thanks also to Jacqui Loft who provided some tips, tricks, prompting and a little guidance across the course on Alex P.


Sharna Baskett

(top right) Division Cool takes to the high seas on 1st Feb. Super job.

5156 6352
5156 0432

Boatie Breakky at the Cruiser Club

Tim Phillips featured guest speaker

Typical start line.  Juniors learn the ropes.

The Paynesville Motor Cruiser Club is having a Boatie's Breakfast on Sunday Feb 22nd from 8.30am.
The featured guest speaker is Tim Phillips of The Wooden Boat Shop in Sorrento who will be speaking about his trip with Sally from Fremantle to Sorrento via Darwin and the east coast.

At $20.00 per head (breakfast included), this is an excellent event for boaties of all types to get together and talk to a man of interest to all who mess in boats. The profit on the day will be split 50/50 between the Club and the Paynesville RSL for their Cenotaph Appeal.

We would like to welcome members from the GLYC at this event, bookings are essential; so could your members please contact our Commodore Craig Solly on 0408 545 581 for tickets.
Regards Tony Dodson (Committee PMCC)

"There are times when the very best cruising adventures are not meticulously planned, but simply happen spontaneously. On an impulse, you succumb to the ancient urge known to all seafarers in which you simply cast off and go with the flow, taking life as it comes. That's exactly what Sally and I did and we are having the time of our lives. We have become a couple of Grey Nomads on the seam, discovering Australia not from a dusty caravan on an Outback road, but from the coast, just as the first explorers saw it.

When we trucked our Cheviot 32 Murray Pass across the Nullabor from Melbourne to Fremantle to watch our sons competing in the ISAF sailing championships in December 2011, we had no intention of going beyond Rottnest Island. But once we found ourselves on the warm west coast, Sally and I both felt the urge to go north.

Initially, it was just going to be a bit of a jaunt up the coast, a trip that would end in Darwin where we would then truck the boat home to Melbourne. But the further we went and the more we enjoyed the journey, the stronger became the desire to keep on going, all the way around."

(top right) Typical start line. Juniors learn the ropes.

Visitor keys

Twilight tangles

Members would be aware that for a long time GLYC has provided shower and toilet facilities to visiting yachties (and others). It used to be that one member of the Sonata Association or Magnum Association would join as a Social Member and then share their key with the whole Association. And, more often than not when I was sailing a trailer-sailer, the breezeway was left open by someone anyway. And the Club also had quite a few Melbourne members who joined as Social Members purely to obtain a key.

A couple of years ago we changed the membership structure so that Social members were no longer entitled to a key, and since then the number of social members has reduced significantly, so perhaps they were never really members of the Club, just users of our facilities.

Of course none of this is to say that people taking showers and using our facilities didn't contribute, we have always had an income from coins placed in the shower boxes, but this haphazard approach meant we had little security and the downstairs area was open more often than not.

So what is new? We (Dave Bacon) have placed signs on the inside and outside of both breezeway doors, specifically asking that breezeway doors be kept shut and left shut except on Club days.

And we have a new visitor key system: any sailor who wishes to use our facilities out of Club open hours contacts the Secretary (or any Committee member) and pays $100 deposit for the key, and $20 a month for the use of it, and is openly invited to visit the Club as often as they want while down here. The key has a grey marker and only opens the breezeway; it is not a member key.

Since this quite reasonable (we think) system is now in place, members are asked to keep the breezeway doors shut as much as possible except on Club days, and to direct visitors who are seeking access to the Secretary and thereby a visitor key. We are not a public facility; keeping the showers and toilets clean and replenished costs the Club a fair bit and should only be for the benefit of members and visitors with keys.

Russ Peel

(top right) Twilight tangles

Bacon's big "O"

What the boys really get up to at the laundromat

I want to congratulate Dave on another successful year in life. He modestly tried to let it slip by unnoticed...but not at the laundry. There he celebrated in style with two beautiful backpackers brought in for the occasion.

But mainly, we need to thank Dave for his tireless work and stewardship of our club now in the office of house. Below is a punch list that was in his report to the committee the other day (just for the month of Jan.!):

* An ongoing problem is the storm water drainage. I have found the outlet from the pit under the FF on the wall connects to the pit on the car park boundary, but there appears to some blockage 2 to 3 meters from either end. Have reported the problem to the council and await a response. Meanwhile the outlet from the sump pump under the club has been temporarily directed onto the straits side roadway.
* Refurbishment of Breezeway doors is complete, with exterior painting by Jim Callahan. He has also painted adjacent window frames to match, and plans to repeat the theme on the yard side.
* Framing has been fitted around the charger box in the hall ? awaiting painting ?and a closer fitted to the bar door
* Faulty foyer down lights have been replaced and external security lights fixed. Highly Strung struts her stuff

* The third counterweight has been refitted on the kitchen servery hatch, and brackets relocated to improve the cable alignment, so that now only a little effort is required to raise it, and a replacement lever has been fitted to the Baine Marie drain.
* The hose reel hidden inside the boatshed by the Sailability doors has been relocated to a more accessible spot on the exterior wall and fitted with a padlock for security.
* The centre bench in the men's change room is rusting away. I propose that the frame be rebuilt in timber to match the adjacent benches ? material cost about $100.
* Replacement of the boatshed roof is planned for late March, and we then need to look to repaint the adjacent roof area to match

That's just for starters.

He's not going it alone. Angela is the assistant to Jenny, treasurer; bar staff; fridge cleaner; freezer saviour; cook; relief pitcher; start boat duties...to name a few.

The Bacons are the epitome of the joyful volunteer ethic that makes our club so great. WOW!

Thank you, thank you, you two.

(top right) What the boys really get up to at the laundromat

(above right) Highly Strung struts her stuff

Donations of used sunglasses for Bunaken Island

Jenny and Kelvin and friends dress as port and starboard for the charity day

When I asked if I should take "gifts" to Bunaken Island in Sulawesi for less fortunate residents, my friends suggested that locals really appreciate sunglasses.

Last time I went there and walked down a mountain in the Tana Toraja animist area, I handed out ballpoint pens to the kids. They wanted bon bons but pens it was. They all rejected the red pens as, as it turns out, only teachers are allowed red pens.

This might be seen as a generous gesture when I'm not in the water snorkelling and oggling the awesome drop off.

Thank you in anticipation of your participation. I'll put a box in the entry way of the club. I'll be flying out on the 5th of March.


(top right) Jenny and Kelvin and friends dress as port and starboard for the charity day

GLYC Photo Album

There are a whole lot of photos of racing and club antics on the GLYC Picasa photo albums. They can be accessed by going to our webpage: www.sailglyc.com and opening Club Information at the top and scrolling down to the Photo Album link. Hit that and it'll take you to the albums.

Should you see a photo you'd love to have, you can email or call Christie Arras and she can send you a full-size copy for you to print if the shot is one of hers. arraschristie@gmail.com

Gippsland Lakes Yacht Club

P.O. Box 194, Paynesville VIC 3880

Club phone03 5156 6864

Flag Officers

CommodoreDavid Parish5156 7523 / 0437 516 666
Vice CommodoreLyn Wallace0414 292 289
Rear CommodoreJames Frecheville5156 7103 / 0412 979 824
Sailing CaptainJames Frecheville 5156 7103 / 0412 979 824


SecretaryRuss Peel5156 6691 / 0408 589 805
TreasurerJenny Brown0403 819 635
Sailability OfficerAndrew Thistlethwaite5156 0141
Immediate Past CommodoreJacqui Loft0468 987 684
Publicity and WandererChristie Arras5156 7861
Club HouseDave Bacon5156 7524
TropiesLou Hill0418 580 780
BoatsAndrew Somerville5156 1118
Training SchoolSharna Baskett0409 207 331


South Coast 25

South Coast 25 for sale

My name is Peter Yates and I am enquiring about whether your club would be prepared to advertise my boat either amongst your members or perhaps on an external public notice board?

I live in Woodend VIC and am a member of Bendigo Yacht Club. My boat is in mast-up storage at Allawah Caravan Park on a near new heavy galv yard trailer (not a road trailer) and we are finding it too hard to get down to sail often enough to warrant keeping it.

The boat is in very good original condition with many recent upgrades and is ready to launch and sail immediately. We have also found that the Allawah storage arrangement is very satisfactory. So for anyone with a car big enough to launch and retrieve close to 3 tonnes (only 50 metres from the Allawah ramp on the canal), this is a very nice comfortable cruising TS with nothing to spend.

It is currently insured with RACV for $21,900 and I am looking for $19,990 but will look at offers.

I will be coming down in the near future to do a clean and polish and obviously would do a test sail for anyone seriously interested.

I can be contacted by email at panday@bigpond.com or phone 54273221 or 0407339856

Many thanks

Peter Yates

Contact: Peter Yates
Phone: 54273221 or 0407
Email: panday@bigpond.com