Wanderer - March 2015

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Commodore's Report

Hello everyone,

I write this report from Port Lincoln where I am sailing the Port Lincoln Keelboat regatta on a JIII. Having a great time and will keep you in the loop of our result in my report next month. Thanks to Vice Commodore Lyn, Rear Commodore James and all the rest of the committee for holding the fort while I'm away. I know it has been very busy with the Music Festival, Metung YC visit, Charity swims........the list goes on!

As I reported last month, Yachting Victoria has been conducting a review of YV fees for affiliated clubs and I am pleased to report that the review has been completed and as a result of the findings and deliberations, we have received a substantial reduction in our annual fee which will help us meet the financial needs of the club. In his report to clubs, the CEO of YV acknowledged the responses he had received from clubs and noted many of the points that we had presented for consideration in our submission to the review.

As the season rolls along, I remind everyone of the upcoming events still to come and encourage you all to participate in whatever you can. If you can give a little time to assist with some of the events and activities, so much the better - you will be helping the club and enjoying the camaraderie that comes with volunteering.

Please give us a call sometime.

I look forward to catching up with you when I return to Paynesville after the long weekend. Whether you are there for racing, cruising or just a social time on a Friday night, your club is for you - if you haven't been around for a while, just make yourself known so we can make you welcome.

Well, the AP is still up so we are on standby waiting for the wind to come in but there is a bit of work to be done on the boat (we sail back to Adelaide tomorrow), so... until next time, may you have fair winds from aft of the beam.


5156 7223
03 8626 8700

In this issue:

Sailing Calendar

Two's company, three's a crowd

Tues. 3 1700 Twilight Sailing Kate
Sat. 7 MPONR and State Championships
Sun. 8 MPONR and Marlay Point Brekky, State Championships elsewhere
Mon. 9 Labour Day Public Holiday
Tues.10 1700 Twilight Sailing Just for Fun
Sun. 15 1400 Divisional Heats 13 and 14 Divisional Blaze
Tues. 17 1700 Twilight Sailing Joe Blow
Sat. 21 YV Trailable State Championships Joe Blow / Weapon of Choice / Thrice Bitten /Karma Kat
Sun. 22 YV Trailable State Championships ffirsty / Impulse / volunteers
Tues.24 1700 Twilight Sailing Kalimna
Sun.29 1400 LBB Personal Handicap Race 7 Lifebuoy and Bell (LBB) Performance Two-way Street
Tues. 31 1700 Twilight Sailing (final) Leone


Sat. 4 1000 GLYC Easter Regatta including Dragon Series Volunteers Required
Sun. 5 GLYC Easter Regatta including Dragon Series Volunteers Required
Mon. 6 1400 GLYC Easter Regatta including Dragon Series Volunteers Required
Sat. 11 1000 Cruise to Steamer Landing
Sun. 12 1300 Four Winds Race, Four Winds Trophy Where the Bloody??

19 1300 Barnsey's Last Chance and resail Barnsey's Trophy Supertoy Plays on
Sun. 26 1300 Barnsey's Last Chance and resail Barnsey's Trophy Full Circle

(top right) Two's company, three's a crowd

5156 6448
9707 3033

Sailing/Social Calendar

A foggy Tuesday Twilight with the Rio de Janeiro statue manning the headsail on Saracen

Club night up in the bar. Come and have a barbie or bring take out and enjoy your evening at the club.

A group of families have been meeting on Friday late afternoons for an off-the-beach sail then a barbie and a relaxed evening on the deck. Sounds like a good plan. On pleasant nights the downstairs bar will be open to make this social night easy and convenient. Come join the fun.

Tuesdays - Twilight Stern Chaser Start times commencing around 5:15 pm. Twilight meals will be served. Be sure to let the kitchen know if you are staying for dinner or require a vegetarian meal. (Make note of it on the sign-on sheet.) The final Twilight meal will be on Tuesday, 31 March.

Marlay Point Overnight Race Brekky, Sun., 8 March
A great fun day of preparing breakky for several hundred MPON race finishers. A lot of team work in the kitchen. Shifts 6:30-10:00 am, 10:00-1300, 1300-4:00ish. All depending on WIND.

This is not limited to women. Guys are great with all the jobs...there's even one for handling the money! Help!!

Please let Christie, 5156 7861, know when you can help out or fill in your name and tel.

# on the sheet near the downstairs bar. Any queries after 5 March, contact Linda Callahan on 0407556650.

It's a very profitable fundraiser for the club. Pray for wind.

(top right) A foggy Tuesday Twilight with the Rio de Janeiro statue manning the headsail on Saracen

5156 0582

Race Officer Ramblings

Le Petit Voilier Bleu struts his stuff in the JK Lloyd race

The Lifebuoy & Bell Trophy has been keenly contested this season and with just one race left to sail in the seven race series there are possibly four boats with a chance to take away the silver with the leading boats just one point apart. Success has come to those who have performed consistently throughout the season and our PHC system has proven fair and workable. Well done, Tim, for all the fine tuning to ensure the results for this season's sailing has been fluid.

What a pity Saturday 28 February heralded a light forecast for the annual MYC/GLYC Challenge on Lake King. A small but keen and enthusiastic fleet enjoyed a pleasant sail down the Straits before being greeted with a glassout on Lake King. It stayed that way and after towing the engineless out to Tambo Bluff, the combined fleet sat and waited. Some went swimming and some drank beer. No wind and no race was the call. So we motored or were towed home. Such is sailing.

March is a busy month for members with the MPONR and State Championship regattas for Mossies, Minnows and the ffifteens. Good luck to all competitors. GLYC is hosting the Noelex 25/30 National Championships the weekend after MPONR and we are now fully manned to run this event.

I would like to thank all those who have done their duty on water this season and especially to those who have stuck their hand up when we occasionally found ourselves short manned. The enthusiasm and willingness of our membership to do stuff to ensure we have a full and proper sailing season continues to delight me and it has been a privilege to be your FCF Race Officer. Portrait of six legs on Legless

YV has been open and transparent with the grading of affiliated clubs for next season and it will be reported elsewhere that YV have reviewed our status and we will in future pay considerably less in fees. We still have to pay and, to help do so, we will continue to host major regattas as and when they fall our way. One of those regattas will be the YV Trailable State Championships, a two day regatta over the weekend of 21/22 March 2015. There will be no Club racing that weekend so an opportunity to sort a boat and crew and get out and represent our Club presents. We have done this regatta before and YV always want to come back for more. This is a good thing as it showcases the Club, the great race track and of course our membership who step up to run the event.

Easter will soon be upon us and I have not sorted crews for this regatta. We are, well at present, not hosting any championships within our Easter Regatta but the Dragons are threatening to come down and compete in all three days' racing. Early indications are that the fleet will be mostly trailable and maybe big cats as there is water in all other inland waterways and most OTB boats will be heading to Lake Boga or Waranga for their Easter regattas.

Post Easter my energies will be directed towards a little catamaran hibernating in Esperance, WA. It is time to change some wire, fix a hole or two and replace a bit of stick before easing out into the Southern Ocean for a hopefully pleasant ride east. Homeward bound.


(top right) Le Petit Voilier Bleu struts his stuff in the JK Lloyd race

(above right) Portrait of six legs on Legless

Division 2

Not much to report on the racing scene this month. A quick look at div 2 results.

Divisional 7th race (in order of place)
Growler: PVB (Petit Voilier Bleu): Longnose, ( Ytd Growler:PVB:Ghost)
Ghost:PVB:Impulse (Ytd Ghost and Molly O: Relience:Pvb)
Aust Day Trophy 7 PVB :8 Kalimna: 9 Say No More:
JK Lloyd Wow: First Div 2 Raptor 7th

Looks like PVB is upholding the "Trailables" in Div 2. Where are the rest of us? Well, Morrison and Bacon are now in Tasmania; Gerry has been biking; Brian is short of crew and cruising; Dave Homewood in for repairs; yours truly busy fixing the new (good buy!!!) motor boat which has been near good bye a of couple times, Peter and Ann in Mexico and so the tale goes on.

Tuesday is when the Trailables come forth from the woodwork with 20 to 30 starters. Not all able to mount a trailer, intense competition, frustration for some, yes, me included. "Going to buy a Nolex!!!", words from the "Coach". "I have a hammer at home and I don't blame that for a bent nail". Then the usual GLYC catering and Bar afterwards during which many stories of the race are composed and delivered as the real thing!

I guess that those souls who enjoy torture (read Marley Point) will be with us again. Beautiful light plays on the fleet after the JK Lloyd start

Don't know if we have any members undertaking this trial of patience or survival this year. If you are, good luck.

Well folks, got to get down the shop... toilet paper running low


(above right) Beautiful light plays on the fleet after the JK Lloyd start

5156 7085
5156 0432

Division 4

Gary showing how he won the National Titles

February kicked off with the Eastern Region Interclub Regatta at Loch Sport. A strong contingent of Div 4 Mosquitos with spinnakers (Immunity, Karma Cat and Still Bitten) represented GLYC. (Bee Alert was sailing for the host club)

The forecast for Sunday was for a S.W. change to come in late morning. The competitors from other clubs turned out to be mostly Mossies with Loch Sport and Latrobe Valley having one each, plus a Paper Tiger and Windrush. Before we headed out we joked that Bee Alert was the opposition and told him to watch out for team tactics, just joking of course. Little did we know that would be how things panned out.

>From the start, Immunity and Still Bitten headed to the shore whilst Karma Cat overlapped with Bee Alert (which he claimed stopped him tacking and heading into the shore) and sailed with the LVYC Mossie into the middle of the lake. Sure enough, the wind shifted southwest and Immunity and Still Bitten rounded the windward mark well ahead. From there the wind continued to increase in strength and swing until the course became a soldier's course of flat out reaching in gusty offshore winds and flat water with the gusts so strong we were nearing the edge of control (great fun). However, it gave no chance for the boats that went the wrong way on the first beat to catch up. So an easy win in Div 4 for GLYC as the after lunch race was blown out due to increasing winds.

Next outing for Div 4 was LBB Personal Handicap, race 6. The Gippsland Lakes provided a day out of the box with the music festival sounds wafting across while rigging. It was hot and sunny with the seabreeze building to mostly trapeze strength, just awesome Mossie with Spinnaker sailing. Still Bitten was joined by Karma Cat and Immunity. Peter prepares to pass his arch rival on Bear Talk

Still Bitten got Immunity on the start shutting the door at the start boat. Karma Cat got under Still Bitten and Still Bitten ended up having to stall on the line to avoid crossing, with Karma Cat getting off the line faster. But all were still not trapezing.

As soon as Immunity cleared the line it tacked on to Port trapezing and Still Bitten followed also trapezing. That explained why they had fought for the boaton the start line: they had seen the wind stronger on the right hand side of the course before the start. Karma Cat stayed on Starboard sitting on the side, sailing the left handside of the beat. Within a few hundred metres, Still Bitten was able to drop down lower on trapeze and started increasing downhaul tension to depower. Pointing higher and at least equalling Immunity's speed, a perfect layline pick helped Still Bitten get even further ahead as Immunity sailed past the lay. Still Bitten had established a lead in the first beat that was untouched for the rest of the race.

The downwinds were great fun with the spinnaker providing enough power to fly a hull; it was just great fun. There were small shifts but for the most part the wind stayed stronger on the right of the course, so it was the way to go. Just another great day's sailing on the Lakes, thankfully, so good you could ignore the results: Immunity placed first and Still Bitten 10th.

Labour Day weekend will see Karma Cat, Immunity, Bee Alert and Still Bitten head to Bendigo YC to sail the Victorian State Titles without spinnakers on Lake Eppaloch. Sure to be an interesting experience to say the least. All the action(?) will be reported on next month.

See you on the water "Still Bitten".

(top right) Gary showing how he won the National Titles

(above right) Peter prepares to pass his arch rival on Bear Talk

Division Cool

School Sailing Feb. 2015 Albert Park Lake

As Division Cool sail training continues on Sunday mornings, a number of our juniors have this month proudly represented GLYC at regattas. On Monday 23rd February Jaime Zizman, Luka Blackmore, Taj Duff & Ben Bockmann represented Gippsland Lakes at the Junior Schools Teams Sailing Carnival at Albert Park Lake.

A first regatta for most of the team, there was lots learned about race starts, flag sequences, the box course and shifting winds. A highlight for the day was the team's third race against Mentone Grammar, when the team placed 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th. Unfortunately the day was cut short when an almighty thunderstorm hit Melbourne and put a halt to racing. The kids however are looking forward to later in the year when they can once again return to Albert Park for teams racing.

The following weekend, Jaime, Taj and Jack Chapman headed down to Safety Beach Sailing Club for the 2015 Minnow State Championships. Saturday proved to be a very long day with little wind with only one race sailed in both the Open and the Novice Fleets. Sunday was quite the opposite with 5 races completed in very strong winds.

All three boys represented GLYC with pride and looked great in their GLYC rashies. 2015 Vic Minnow States Safety Beach Sailing Club

Jack Chapman placed an awesome 13th overall in the Open Fleet, with a stunning 5th in race 2 and consistently placed thereafter in the top third of the fleet. Jaime Zizman was awarded the Association's Rising Star Award for showing great potential in the Novice Fleet, finishing 8th overall and celebrating an awesome 2nd in race 2. Jaime came home with a new Quantum sail for his weekend efforts.

Taj Duff had an excellent Saturday with a bullet (1st) in race 1. He then followed up with three 2nds & a 4th on Sunday to finish 2nd overall in the Novice Fleet. A fabulous achievement for his first state titles and first ever sail on Port Philip.

Congratulations to all three junior sailors who not only sailed fast but had lots of fun throughout the weekend regatta.


(top right) School Sailing Feb. 2015 Albert Park Lake

(above right) 2015 Vic Minnow States Safety Beach Sailing Club

5156 6352

A busy weekend

The Paynesville Music Festival, LB&B and reception for swimmers

The swimmers only metres from the finish at the GLYC..

The club was in full monte mode over the last weekend in Feb. Friday night saw the reception for the music festival sponsor, then the Uncles as well as the regular club night.

Ian had the bar organized to the "T" with all stocks super supplied and a huge bar staff. The room was beautifully decorated by the festival organizers and the band was highlighted by a huge black banner. By 10 pm the club was rocking. (Ian had a whole jar of earplugs available for helpers.)

The crowd was well behaved; perhaps the very large, very handsome bouncers contributed. Only a few gate crashes were evicted. Just a fantastic night.

Saturday night saw a Rock and Roll night with a DJ and guests dancing up a storm.

Sunday Race 6 of the Life Buoy and Bell series was held out in Lake Victoria with 17 boats. Immunity took first, Legless second and Ghost third. Ghost also is leading the series so far.

As club members headed to the bar, the two swimmers, Christine Boucher and Sharon Blegg, arrived at the jetty after 9 hours and 20 minutes and a 20 kilometre marathon swim. Amazingly, they scuttled up the ladders and walked after their amazing endurance feat. J K Lloyd trophy goes to WOW!

They are hoping to raise $10,000 to fund awareness for open water safety for year 5 and 6's in the schools.

Many of our members participated in the auction that was held in the main room.

It was certainly a weekend to remember and the club filled its coffers with the bounty from a lot of hard work behind the bars.

(top right) The swimmers only metres from the finish at the GLYC..

(above right) J K Lloyd trophy goes to WOW!

Vale Helen Nikitin

GLYC members wish to offer their condolences to GLYC and Loch Sport Boat Club member Peter Nikitin, on the passing of his wife Helen. Helen was a strong supporter of Peter's sailing activities, often travelling to events with him, and she was a keen helper at Loch Sport Boat Club. Helen lost her battle with cancer on the 26th February. Our thoughts are with him at this difficult time.

Helen's funeral will be held at Sale Baptist Church on Wednesday 4th March at 2pm.


Volunteers needed in March

A peaceful Sailability sailing day

On Tuesdays down at the Yacht Club, a cadre of volunteers prepares for the day's co-sailing with kids and adults with disabilities. In the past, kids from the local elementary schools participated as well. The responses from the special people are worth all the effort and the improvement in sailing for those students who choose to sail single-handed is a delight.

The routine involves pulling out the dinghies which are stored under the club house, setting them up and putting them in the water at the Sailability jetty. Guard rails, a crane for lifting in and out the very heavy keels and for placing wheel chair people into the boats, a gazebo and trolley with life jackets are all set up.

Then the volunteers are rewarded with a tea break while waiting for the busses.

The kids and young adults arrive and volunteers co-sail with them in the wonderful access dinghies. A few choose to sail solo. The rubber ducky keeps a close watch on them as well as setting up the two flags for the course.

After the first two sessions, we have lunch in the club house (some go home) and then another busload arrives around 1:00 for the next two rounds. Then the whole process is reversed as everything is packed up and tucked away.

My favorite day was when co-sailing with Nichole who managed the joy-stick tiller for a while, and a pod of little dolphins shot by to join a seal near Montague Point for some fishing. As we watched them, a second pod of large dolphins stopped by to say hello to the kids, ours shooting under us then coming back alongside eyeing us and "smiling". What a thrill for both of us. Nichole and I still talk about that special day.

Volunteering for this program has been very rewarding. Granted I was a ltittle nervous initially, but now I'm feeling much more comfortable and confident helping out.

I've written this little blurb as this March several of us volunteers are off traveling. I'm off to Sulawesi snorkeling, others are caravanning, so the core group is down in numbers. Please consider helping out even if it is only for this March. (The program finishes at the end of March actually.) A new infusion of blood is always very positive.

We all need to thank Andrew and Lyn Thistlethwaite who have been running this Sailability program for many years now and giving so many people something very special in their lives.

(top right) A peaceful Sailability sailing day

Tales of the Whale and the Bird

The Adventures of Pete and Anne 15 Feb.

Whale and the Bird anchored at Puerto Ballena

Hello to family and friends,

What a relief we are finally on our way. It's been an amazing 2 weeks. We set sail at 3.30 pm on 03/02 and crossed the Sea of Cortez at night under a full moon with flat glass sea, 20 hours in total and mostly under motor due to lack of wind. As we left the marina a sea lion swam in front of us and led the way out to sea.

We had only just set the sails and to our amazement two whales surfaced not more than 40 feet away; we were stunned and in awe of these HUGE creatures. Pete thinks they should have AIS tracking like other sailing vessels! I held my breath and watched where they had dived and wondered if they were under Whale and the Bird at the same time our depth sounder alarm went off! We have since been visited by whales in our travels, along with dolphins and small stingrays that jump out of the water and do twists and turns. We think the whales have a connection with our boat and are keeping a big eye on us as they travel past to have their calves further North. The Sea of Cortez has one of the richest collections of marine sea life and has not been touched by development and large scale tourism, yet!

We anchored in San Juanito, our first ever attempt at anchoring and it held well for our stay. Not long after this Pete fell asleep while I was talking to him; I fared better with the 3 hour watch and then the 3 hours sleep routine. We decided to stay an extra night and enjoyed a walk in the rugged landscape to another cove nearby. On the way back we collected Apache tears,(obsidian volcanic glass -jet black glossy stones). Legend has it that if you carry an Apache tear you will never have to weep as families of warriors killed during wars with American Calvary have wept in place of our sorrow.

At night a full moon rose again and we were invited on a luxury yacht built in NZ; it looked bigger than my house! Janet(American) and Fredrick(French) were fellow racers sailing an Etchell in San Diego and we shared racing stories. Whale and the Bird anchored at Puerto Escondido

A new drink to try: freshly squeezed lime juice, cane sugar and white rum.

To our amazement, on the way back to the yacht later that night, the water was full of phosphorescent plankton; the sea was full of bright yellow stars! The wake of our dingy was luminous as we traveled back to the yacht in the dark. No, I had not drunk too much! Then Pete was hit by a fish that landed in the dinghy; our screams of surprise and laughter must have traveled across the calm cove for all the other yachts to hear.

We have yet to test Whale and The Bird in heavier winds as we have only had light winds so far. We have managed 5kts in 9kts of breeze, which has been good as we are learning in calm conditions how to sail our new boat. It's very different to our smaller yacht at home, Chibizulu, who I miss very much especially when we are coming into marinas and need to manoeuvre around other boats. I have mastered the stove and managed some culinary delights such as choc chip muffins and cookies; the pressure cooker is also great.

Well, the sun has set behind the huge craggy mountains, no moon, and the bay is calm time for dinner and bed. We will raise the anchor at sun rise and move on to our next anchorage further south.

An update, we are currently anchored in Bahia San Gabriel, on Isla Esp?rito Santos, waiting for a weather window to cross back over to the main land. It was blowing 21 knots right on the nose, but it's calm now. To date Whale and the Bird has sailed well in all the weather conditions we have had; we are still testing her out. We may leave tomorrow for Mazatlan 235 miles to the south east. Here we will re-stock the boat and then head South to Puerto Vallarta where we will then leave for the Marquesas.

Cheers Pete and Anne.
Living in Margarita'ville'. Feb 15

(top right) Whale and the Bird anchored at Puerto Ballena

(above right) Whale and the Bird anchored at Puerto Escondido

Gippsland Lakes Yacht Club

P.O. Box 194, Paynesville VIC 3880

Club phone03 5156 6864

Flag Officers

CommodoreDavid Parish5156 7523 / 0437 516 666
Vice CommodoreLyn Wallace0414 292 289
Rear CommodoreJames Frecheville5156 7103 / 0412 979 824
Sailing CaptainJames Frecheville 5156 7103 / 0412 979 824


SecretaryRuss Peel5156 6691 / 0408 589 805
TreasurerJenny Brown0403 819 635
Sailability OfficerAndrew Thistlethwaite5156 0141
Immediate Past CommodoreJacqui Loft0468 987 684
Publicity and WandererChristie Arras5156 7861
Club HouseDave Bacon5156 7524
TropiesLou Hill0418 580 780
BoatsAndrew Somerville5156 1118
Training SchoolSharna Baskett0409 207 331


South Coast 25

South Coast 25 for sale

My name is Peter Yates and I am enquiring about whether your club would be prepared to advertise my boat either amongst your members or perhaps on an external public notice board?

I live in Woodend VIC and am a member of Bendigo Yacht Club. My boat is in mast-up storage at Allawah Caravan Park on a near new heavy galv yard trailer (not a road trailer) and we are finding it too hard to get down to sail often enough to warrant keeping it.

The boat is in very good original condition with many recent upgrades and is ready to launch and sail immediately. We have also found that the Allawah storage arrangement is very satisfactory. So for anyone with a car big enough to launch and retrieve close to 3 tonnes (only 50 metres from the Allawah ramp on the canal), this is a very nice comfortable cruising TS with nothing to spend.

It is currently insured with RACV for $21,900 and I am looking for $19,990 but will look at offers.

I will be coming down in the near future to do a clean and polish and obviously would do a test sail for anyone seriously interested.

I can be contacted by email at panday@bigpond.com or phone 54273221 or 0407339856

Many thanks

Peter Yates

Contact: Peter Yates
Phone: 54273221 or 0407
Email: panday@bigpond.com