Wanderer - June 2015

Commodore's Report

May, 2015

 The triumvirate running the show and having fun to boot
The triumvirate running the show and
having fun to boot

Hello everyone,

Celebration night has come and gone - and what a great celebration it was! I would like to share what happened with all members, so I have included a (much abridged) transcript of Trophy winners and what I said on the night, straight after my report.

As (I'm sure) everyone is aware, the AGM is to be held on Saturday 20th June. (See Notice of AGM on the club website.) This is a very important aspect of the club's governance and organisational arrangements. Elsewhere in this edition is the AGM Notice with details of time and including an invitation to stay on for a sailors meeting immediately following the close of the AGM. I look forward to seeing you there. The AGM Notice also lists the names of the people who have nominated for the various positions and since in many cases the number of nominations equals the number of positions, those people will be confirmed into the positions at the AGM (in line with our Rules of Association). There are however, more nominations for 'Ordinary Committee Members' than positions so an election will be held at the AGM to confirm the members for season 2015/16. Congratulations and thank you (in anticipation) for all of your hard work on behalf of all members of GLYC.

And from me, since this is my final report as Commodore, I would like to finish with some thank yous.

* To all members of GLYC -- your continued support for the Club and me has been exceptional and highly valued. Remember, it is only because of your ongoing commitment that GLYC continues to grow and have the capacity to put into place the facilities and activities that we all enjoy.

* Many thanks to the multitude of volunteers who front up week after week for duty, to those doing the 'behind the scenes jobs' (such as mentioned as part of my 'Club-person of the Year' presentation on Celebration Night) and to all those who have so readily responded at any time they have been called upon to help. This amazing volunteering spirit at GLYC continues to set us apart within the yachting community.

* Special thanks to the Committee of Management members who have been with me through the 2 years of my Commodoreship -- Immediate Past Commodore Jacqui Loft has been there right through and provided invaluable support; to Vice Commodore Lyn Wallace who has worked tirelessly on a myriad of jobs and with whom I have worked closely on much of the club's governance as well as 'scheduled events'; Rear Commodore James Frecheville whose skill and experience as Sailing Captain is clearly reflected in the great on-water enjoyment we all experience; Secretary Russ Peel who has been a pillar of strength for the club and a great sounding post to me; Treasurer Jenny Brown has expertly managed the complex tasks of Club finances and has worked very hard in the reorganizing of our budgeting processes; Sailability Officer Andrew Thistlethwaite has not only continued to run an excellent program of sailing for the disabled (and other) members of our community but has been a solid contributor to the general activities of committee; Committee Member Christie Arras has continued her work in publicity (we all love to see the articles in the local paper), as editor of Wanderer and as one of our regular Course or Rescue boat operators (in fact, ask Christie to do anything and she will not hesitate to help); Committee member Dave Bacon whose efforts as House this year have kept him hard at work on an almost daily basis; Committee Member Sharna Baskett who has not only worked with Lyn and James to revitalize our Junior Programs but has also worked with me on the documentation of our Risk Management Plans; Committee Member Lou Hill has had considerable commitments as a Magistrate this year but has still managed to assist throughout the year with trophies and provide invaluable advice and service to the Committee of Management; Committee Member Andrew Somerville who has kept our fleet of water craft afloat in his role as "Boats" this year.

A rare shot of the early club site
A rare shot of the early club site

Without the collective dedication, wisdom and shear hard work of these people, our club would not be in the sound position it is. I thank them all on behalf of all members but especially for their support of me as Commodore.

Well, this is almost the end of my last report! I hope I have been able to provide you with some entertainment along the way, but most importantly, I hope I have kept you informed and abreast of activities and the major aspects of the running of the Club.

I wish the next Commodore and incoming Committee of Management members, all the best and assure you that as Immediate Past Commodore and club member, you will have my commitment to the continued success of GLYC.

Sue and I are looking forward to enjoying life with our family and friends, doing some travelling, cruising (and for me some more offshore racing) over the next few years, but we will continue to see you all at GLYC as we have done over the past 28 years of our membership at this great club -- starting with Winter warming soup on Friday, member draw nights!

So...until I speak to you next, may we all continue to have calm seas and fair winds from aft of the beam --


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In this issue:

Celebration Night --2014/2015 Season

Commodore's report continued

Nick and Katherine Rutter win the Twilight series with 3 wins
Nick and Katherine Rutter win the Twilight
series with 3 wins

7pm -- Acknowledgement of Country

Good evening everyone and welcome to the Gippsland Lakes Yacht Club's night of nights! I asked everyone to frock up for the event last year and looking around tonight I can only say that I hope this will continue to be the tradition for these events -- well done everybody.

Firstly, apologies from IPC Jacqui who cannot be with us tonight due to other commitments but Lofty is again here to have Jacqui's share of the fun as well as his own. Apologies from RC James who is somewhere near Robe in South Australia at the moment so he has almost completed his circumnavigation of the Australian mainland -- no small feat in a 28ft cat! It's been great reading about his exploits in Wanderer and he has phoned his progress in to me regularly. This is usually sometime in the evening when we make sure we both have a wine in hand 'cause James says he hates to drink alone! I also have apologies from Committee member Lou Hill who is currently overseas.

It is indeed an impressive sight to look out and see 105 members in attendance tonight. Something to think about is just how far has GLYC come in 78 years. This is an aerial photo before the first installation of our clubhouse and marina. I would say it is in fact some considerable distance that we have come. I say well done to all who have worked before us, to those on the ground now and to those who will be looking after GLYC well into the future

I hope you all have a great night tonight. We are here to enjoy and celebrate the 2014/15 season.

Speaking of those working on the ground now, our dedicated team of elected representatives have been toiling away to get things in place from well before the opening day of the season and right through the year they have been representing us and working tirelessly on our behalf to provide good governance and effective management of all club activities. Most of them are here tonight and so I will ask them to stand as I call their names -- Immediate Past Commodore Jacqui Loft (is an apology), Vice Commodore Lyn Wallace, Rear Commodore James Frecheville (is an apology), Secretary Russ Peel, Treasurer Jenny Brown, Sailability Officer Andrew Thistlethwaite, Committee members Christie Arras, Dave Bacon, Sharna Baskett, Andrew Somerville and Lou Hill (is an apology). So this is the first big round of applause I would like to hear, as a token of our recognition and thanks for a huge task very well done!

Next I want to mention again, something of what it takes to keep the club going:
Firstly, our Major Sponsors and Supporters help us monetarily and with 'in kind' support, which we greatly appreciate. This year we can give a round of thanks to:
Gippsland Lakes Ministerial Advisory Committee, Lightfoot Wines, Paynesville & District Community Bank Branch -- Bendigo Bank, Paynesville Business and Tourism Association, Paynesville Community Foodworks, Waterview Bakery, Riviera Meats, Ego Pharmaceuticals

Next, our volunteers:
Here is a list to help us think about what is done around the club:
We've got:
Subcommittees: incl. sailing, handicapping, protest, Results to do, Training School, A Web Master, Bar Manager and rostered bar staff, Publicity and Photography, Accounts and Finance, Monthly editions of Wanderer, Weekly E-Flashes, Sailability, Discover Sailing, Trophies, Dim Sims, Soup Kitchen, Design Work / Logos, Tickets, Merchandise, Fundraising Day, Flood-watch, Maintenance, Housework, Social, Working bees and the list just goes on and on. We are all in there somewhere so let's have the biggest round of thanks to recognise the many, many people involved in all of this voluntary work.

And it's not just club members who recognise the volunteer spirit at GLYC. At this year's Australia Day Awards Ceremony, The Paynesville Community awarded GLYC the honour of "Community Event of the Year" in recognition of our efforts in running the Laser Masters Nation Championship. Our 'redshirt brigade" were once again in evidence for this event. Well done again everyone.

But also let's not forget the weekly commitment of people who man our Start, Course and Rescue boats. Our First Presentation for this evening is aptly named The Last Home Trophy and I now ask Vice Commodore Lyn to come up and do the honour of presenting. The Last Home Trophy recognises the core group of people, as well as the rostered volunteers, who manned the Start Boat, Course Boat and Rescue Boats on each and every occasion we had a club event and provided the means for our enjoyment in our chosen sport as well as being in constant readiness to provide backup if such was ever needed. I will now call up to the front, Dave & Angela Bacon, Jenny Brown, Christie Arras, George Siegman, Bill Shand, Tim Sheppard, Hugh Walpole and not forgetting James and Carol Frecheville, and Ben Maskiell who are not with us tonight. All I can say is that on behalf of everyone, our thanks to you all!!!

Charlie wins the RS Thompson Award for the Most Improved Novice Sailor
Charlie wins the RS Thompson Award for the
Most Improved Novice Sailor

Junior sailing has again seen a great deal of activity this year. Not only with an increased participation in our training programs but many of our young sailors have done much more: First there is our racing program where we saw juniors out racing in Division 3 events, Crewing on big boats on Sundays or in the Tuesday Night Twilight races and on many Friday nights over summer, they had great fun with their dingy splash nights. Next there was the YV Junior School Teams Racing, the Eastern Region Regatta, the Minnow States, the Good Friday Appeal Raymond Island Sail (which bye the way finished with a total of over $6000 raised for the Appeal), then there was the GLYC Easter Regatta and the YV Youth Championship. They also participated in the Bairnsdale Christmas Parade and laid a wreath on behalf of GLYC at this years Paynesville's Anzac Day Ceremony. We mustn't forget that the first three rules for our juniors are: Have Fun, Have Fun and Have Fun. I know they did!

So Junior Sailors, as I call your name I would like you to please come up to the front: Luka Blackmore, Ben Bockmann, Charlie Broomhall, Andrew Chapman, Jack Chapman, Ella Curtis-Webster, Taj Duff, Melody Jeffris, Oskar Watkinson, Darcy Wilson, Jamie Zizman. Grady Blake, Jewels Heaney, Harper Lamperd and Curtis Wilmot who could not be with us tonight will also receive a special presentation.

On behalf of everyone at GLYC, well done to you all and I encourage you to continue enjoying your sailing.

Charlie could you please stay here for a moment longer?
While Charlie is still here, I would like to announce that he has been awarded the RS Thompson Award for the Most Improved Novice Sailor for season 2014 - 15. This is a great shot and shows Charlie on the helm of his 125 in full flight. Keep up the good work Charlie!

I singled out the Committee of Management earlier, but every year there are also many other people who work around the club just to help out and because... well, that's what you do! The Club Person of the Year Award recognises these non-committee persons and this year I would like to recognise two outstanding contributions to the Club. This year's Club Person of the Year Award goes to Ian Spottiswood (Guinness stout) and Angela Bacon (flowers). Please come up.
Ian has been our Bar Manager, as well as our bookings officer for several years now. Each of these roles is very demanding of his time and a credit to his organisational ability. There is probably only one thing I could criticize Spotty for and that is apparently not knowing the difference between Guinness in a bottle (Stout) and Guinness in a can with a widget (the stuff as close to the real thing as you can get in Paynesville). So to make sure he gets it right from now on, I would like to present to you Ian a carefully labeled sample of each for you to study.
Angela has been a constant backup to our treasurer, undertaken many day to day jobs such as clearing the mail, balancing the till, banking and then she fronts up for Start Boat duty every week and often finishes up working in the bar after racing.

For your ongoing commitment and work for the club, I thank you both on behalf of all members.

OK, just before we start our mains, I will draw your attention to your placemats which are for you all to take home tonight. If the conversation at your table wanes at all, I think you will find something on them that will stimulate considerable conversation! Please note that "Mast Abeam" is not on them and in fact has not been in the 'Blue Book' for about the last 4 editions! Study them well because the exam will take place in the new season! Oh and if you now turn them over, you may find a coloured dot. Do you have a red dot? Please come up. Do you have a blue dot, please come up? Do you have a green dot? There are 10 of you and I would ask you to please come up in just a moment to collect your consolation prize of a very useful little torch.

Thanks everyone, please relax, watch the slide show, (which Christie has put together from photos she has taken throughout the year), and enjoy your main meal, which is now to be served.


8.15 pm Welcome back everyone.

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Divisional winners

Commodore's Report continued and conclusion

Jack, Catch Me if You Can, on the podium with his giant Bill Gamble, Paynesville Apex Club and Sam Turner trophies for Div 3
Jack, Catch Me if You Can, on the podium
with his giant Bill Gamble, Paynesville
Apex Club and Sam Turner trophies for Div

We now have a series of Trophies to award to this seasons Divisional winners and I ask VC Lyn to come up and announce them while I get the honour of presenting them.

Div 4
Apologies from

Gary Maskiel -- Still Bitten: 3rd Div 4 Yardstick,
3rd Div 4 Personal
Peter Nikitin -- Bee Alert:2nd Div 4 Yardstick,
2nd Div 4 Personal
Neil Joiner -- Immunity:2nd Joy Croft Loch Sport and Return Race,
JC Dahlsens Trophy for Fastest Boat Overall,
Kraken Trophy for 1st Div 4 Yardstick,
Multihull Aggregate Trophy for 1st Div 4 Personal

But here tonight, we do have
Tim Shepperd -- Karma Cat:1st CG Drummond Trophy Race,
1st Joy Croft Loch Sport and Return Race

Div 3
Jamie Zizman -- Fifty Bucks:3rd Div 3 Personal
Melody Jeffris -- Hammerhead:3rd Div 3 Yardstick
Taj Duff -- Wild Weasel:2nd Div 3 Yardstick,
2nd Div 3 Personal, 1st Pre-seaon Series
Jack Chapman -- Catch Me If You Can:Sam Turner Trophy for 1st Div 3 Yardstick,
Paynesville Apex Club Trophy for 1st Div 3 Personal

Div 2
Apologies from:
David Ozanne -- Story Teller:2nd LB Crawford Trophy Race
Mitch Bayliss -- Pipalini:3rd Easter Regatta
James and Carol Frecheville -- Tarna:2nd Metung and Return Race
Frank and Barb Nott -- Longnose:3rd Chris Hawkins 3 Bays Race, 3rd JK Lloyd Trophy Race
Harry Stephens and Sand McLeod -- Kate:Vice-Commodore's Trophy for 2nd in the Commodore's Race Series
Brian Collins -- It's Alright:1st Metung and Return Race
Kevin Brown, Colin Lamble and John Archibald -- Growler:Rear-Commodore's Trophy for 3rd in the Commodore's Race Series
Venture Trophy for Fastest Monohull overall,
3rd Div 2 Personal,
W.G.M. Group Trophy for 1st Div 2 Yardstick

Here tonight we have:
Mike and Bette Chapman -- The Lemon:Commodore's Trophy for 1st in the Commodore's Race Series
Ian Spottiswood and John Archibald -- Legless:2nd JK Lloyd Trophy Race
Gerry Van Maanen -- Scorpio:3rd Joy Croft Loch Sport and Return Race
Chris and Lesley Avery -- Kalimna:3rd Life Buoy and Bell Series,
2nd Barnsey's Last Chance Regatta
Flemming Rasmussen, Robyn Reidy and Jeff Walker -- Ormen Hin Lange:2nd Div 2 Personal
Charlie Johnson, Louise Johnson and Roger Plowman -- Ghost:3rd Div 2 Yardstick
Stuart Loft and Andrew Somerville -- Petit Voilier Bleu:3rd Pre-season Series,
2nd Div 2 Yardstick,
Lessels Trophy for 1st Div 2 Personal

Div 1
Apologies from:
Craig and Ian Rainey -- Where The ..Are You?:3rd Four Winds Trophy Race
John and Noelene Foley -- Molly O:2nd Life Buoy and Bell Series
Trevor Williams and Damien Anderson -- Ten Pound Note:3rd Westpac trophy for Flying Fifteens,
3rd Div 1 Yardstick, 2nd CG Drummond Trophy Race

Here tonight we have:
Rod and Wendy Gardiner -- Relience 17:1st Four Winds Trophy Race
Jim Callahan and Fred Steinkellner -- Impulse:3rd CG Drummond Trophy Race,

Bill and David with their usual haul of well earned goodies
Bill and David with their usual haul of
well earned goodies

3rd Australia Day Trophy Race

Michael Clark -- Wow:3rd Div 1 Personal,
2nd Four Winds Trophy Race,
1st LB Crawford Trophy Race,
1st JK Lloyd Trophy Race
Brian Carroll and Kelvin Brown -- Supertoy Plays On:Chris Hawkins Trophy for 1st in the 3 Bays Race,
2nd Pre-season Series,
3rd Metung and Return Race,
3rd Barnsey's Last Chance Regatta,
2nd Australia Day Trophy Race,
2nd Westpac Trophy for FF's,
2nd Div 1 Yardstick,
2nd Div 1 Personal,
3rd LB Crawford Trophy Race
Bill Shand and David Parish -- Relience Fenty Foo:2nd Chris Hawkins 3 Bays Race,
2nd Easter Regatta,
1st Australia Day Trophy Race,
1st Barnsey's Last Chance Regatta,
Winner of Westpac Trophy for 1st FF overall,
John Trevorrow Trophy for 1st Div 1 Personal,
King and Heath Trophy for 1st Div 1 Yardstick

8.35 Dessert and SLIDE SHOW

The next two Trophies are awarded to the two fastest boats in our fleet racing.
This year the JC Dahlsen's Trophy for 'Fastest Boat overall' is awarded to Neil Joiner on Immunity
And the 'Fastest monohull overall" receives the Venture Trophy. This year it is awarded to Kevin Brown/Colin Lamble and John Archibald on Growler.

Now on to the Evellyn French Trophy which goes to recognise the Best female sailor. We have a larger group of female sailors than we have had for many years and hopefully this trend will continue ? and I'm sure it will. Jacqui Crawford for instance, will next year be putting an all girl, crew list together for her new boat. So watch out boys!
But this year the Evellyn French Trophy is to be awarded jointly to Robyn Reidy and Louise Johnson.

Our ever-popular Tuesday Twilight Races again saw record numbers of boats competing with handicaps expertly tweaked each week by Brian Collins. That's why we know that with 3 wins during the season, Saracen with Nick and Katherine Rutter on board, is again a worthy winner.

The penultimate award tonight is the GLYC Life Buoy and Bell Trophy. This is awarded to the boat that performed best on Personal Handicap in a series of races sailed across the season. This year that boat was Ghost sailed by Johno Johnson, Louise Johnson and Roger Plowman on Ghost.

And to our final group who are jointly awarded the Bill Gamble Trophy. These are the GLYC Divisional winners for 2014/15.
I present to you:

For 1st in Division 4 -- Neil Joiner on Immunity
For 1st in Division 3 -- Jack Chapman on Catch Me If You Can
For 1st in Division 2 -- Kevin Brown, Colin Lamble and John Archibald on Growler
For 1st in Division 1 -- Bill Shand and David Parish on Relience Ffenty Ffoo

I would just like to again congratulate all our winners tonight. And let's face it, that's everyone in this club!

Our special thanks tonight to Jacqui O'Connell and staff for the catering, Kara and Hayley for front of house, Pam & Ron Basket for the table flowers, Sharna for technical and lots of other assistance, Christie for the photography and tonight's slide show, Ian and Tim in the bar, Sue and Lyn for Hors d'Oeuvres and finally, VC Lyn for ticketing, decorations and assisting me with trophies, organisation and general running around for tonight.

I hope you continue to enjoy the rest of the night with Andrew and Mable Syrup but?.. ladies and gentleman, before we relax and enjoy the music and dancing for the rest of the evening I would like to propose a toast - please charge your glasses and raise them in a toast to the good ship GLYC let's give thanks for the 2014/15 season and all the seasons to come - to GLYC."

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Sailing Calendar

NOR Winter Series 2015

The long and short of it for Petit Voilier Bleu
The long and short of it for Petit Voilier

Winter Series 2015

June 28, Sunday 1300 hrs

July 26, Sunday 1300 hrs

Aug. 30, Sunday 1300 hrs

Sept.27, Sunday 1300 hrs

NOR Winter Series 2015

1 Rules: As per GLYC Summer Series NOR
2 Advertising: n/a
3 Eligibility: As per GLYC Summer Series NOR
4 Entry: ditto
5 Measurement: ditto
6 Schedule: 4 Race Series with heats on the last Sunday of June, July, August and September.
Briefing 1200 Hrs
Start 1300 Hrs

7 Sailing Instructions: As per GLYC Summer Series SI
8 Courses: Determined on the day reflecting fleet size, type and weather
9 Prizes: Maybe
10 Penalty System: Do your Turns or else
11 Scoring: If four races or fewer are completed all races to count
12 Team Support: Tea, coffee and sticky buns can be delivered to competitors
13 Radio Com: As per GLYC Summer Series SI
14 Liability: ditto

Michael Clark has offered to RO the race on Sunday 28 June and I will be back for the remainder of the series. If any member would like to have a go as RO for a day please let me know.


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Sailing/Social Calendar

Johno , Louise and Roger Plowman on  Ghost win the GLYC Life Buoy and Bell Trophy on personal handicap in LBB series
Johno , Louise and Roger Plowman on Ghost
win the GLYC Life Buoy and Bell Trophy on
personal handicap in LBB series

Club night up in the bar. Come and enjoy winter soup nights or you can bring in your own take out. It's a very lively night.

Tuesday afternoon Ancient Mariners
Bring a lunch and mull over the day's course before the 1300 hours start of the ancient mariners' stern chaser. Brian Collins has provided a spread sheet of courses to choose from depending on the strength of the wind and perhaps even the direction. Maybe even win the coveted bottle of wine. (A gold coin is suggested to support the cost of the winning bottle.)

Annual General Meeting, Saturday, 20 June. 2:00 p.m. Sailing meeting afterwards Nomination forms due by noon, Friday, June 12. Don't forget to send in your proxy if you'll be away. (Notice of AGM is on the club website.)

Soup is on!!!
Our first Soup Night has come and gone. The club room and bar is livening up. What a better place to meet with friends and share the world's best bargain soup and garlic bread! Fraternize and feel generous and bountiful by preparing some lovely soups for your sailing mates. Join in the fun. Let Denise Lamble know what date is good for you...5152 3191.

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5156 6352

Division 2

Chris and Lesley on Kalimna take home 3rd in the Life Buoy and Bell Series and 2nd in Barnsey's Last Chance Regatta
Chris and Lesley on Kalimna take home 3rd
in the Life Buoy and Bell Series and 2nd
in Barnsey's Last Chance Regatta

Another season comes to a close with the night of Celebrations... good food, good company, and good music. I understand that around 80 plus attended to witness the majority of trophies go to sailors from Raymond Island!

The Ancient Mariners meet each Tuesday for lunch and occasionally some sailing. Lunch being the highlight, with the major topic of conversation this year being the quality and content of sandwiches. Our handicapper Brian Collins being a clear winner this year so far with his American fillings. Brian has unfortunately been absent from the sailing scene having some repair work done on his frame; he assures me he will be back in the near future.

Sailing has been a mixed bag with generally very light to nothing winds and very cold. Only the brave have ventured out. Jim Callahan has won two events; and our visitor, Nigel, in his 40 foot Adams has shown us the way to win two other races. I understand he will become an honary Raymond Islander as he is berthing his Adams on the Island for around 3 months.

We have another Etchell joining the fleet. Well done, Fleming, we envy your choice. I understand that this could bring the Etchell fleet up to 4 for the coming year.

Well folks, have to chase a couple of rats out of the caravan before we set out; they eat too much on the way round...

Yours Chris

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Charlie and Jaime on Inside Joke at the Pondage at Sauna Sail
Charlie and Jaime on Inside Joke at the
Pondage at Sauna Sail

A number of juniors joined the crowd at the Latrobe Valley Sauna Sail over the Queen's Birthday weekend. What an exciting event with all the activities, camping, bonfires and a large field of contenders. Taj sailed his Minnow, Wild Weasel, with a handsome placing of third out of a fleet of 18 in Div 6. The rest of our juniors did quite well hovering in the middle of the fleet with Melody on Hammerhead, Charlie and Jaime on Inside Joke, and Oscar on Old Yella. A job well done.

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5156 6448

Division 4

Sauna Sail

Plenty of breeze at the Sauna Sail this year
Plenty of breeze at the Sauna Sail this

GLYC was well represented at the Sauna Sail this year with nine entries from divisions 1, 3 and 4. Gary, Neil and Tim took their Mozzies along and enjoyed one of the best Sauna Sails for many years - weather-wise. Not only did it stay warm and fine, but the wind joined in as well.

After a slow sail to the start on Saturday the wind quickly filled in to trapezing strength. Sunday also delivered plenty of breeze after a slow start, and Monday then provided a very challenging conclusion to the weekend with wind ranging between 10 and 22+ knots and absolutely savage bullets. It was great to see the juniors enjoying those conditions.

Gary won every race in the spinnaker cat division while Tim pottered around between 2nd & 4th and Neil won two of the three races he sailed in the non-spinnaker division. So we all took home some LVYC glassware.

As usual it was a great social event as we spent the evenings around the campfires, ate camp-oven roasts and shared lots of very important information over some drinks - as sailors do.

For the cat sailors it was good to see that out of 119 entries there were 48 cats spread across three divisions, mostly represented by Mosquitoes, Taipans and A-classes - and these were also the three largest classes present at the event. Cat sailing is certainly very strong in Victoria.

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9707 3033

Celebration Night 2015

Ian and Angela share a well earned Club Member of the Year
Ian and Angela share a well earned Club
Member of the Year

Oh, what a night... to remember! This year's Celebration Night was a delight and a load of fun. There was no agonizing endless presentation of trophies, just a quick trip up for each skipper to receive all trophies and accolades all at once. Just a smooth flowing night of delicious food and alluring music.

Lyn Wallace was the magician behind the scenes...creating the mood with festive table decorations, flowers, candles, party favors, tickets, the works. Guests arrived decked out to the hilt ready to party. The trophies glittered in the corner; the bar was hopping; the band played songs that brought people up to dance.

Scrumptious hors d'oeuvres were passed around by girls from the Nicholson Bistro generously prepared by Lyn and Sue Parish. Jacqui O'Connell wooed the crowd again with an elegant mains and tantalizing desserts.

The presentations were sprinkled between courses with Commodore David and Lyn doing the honors. The old fogie sailors were stoked by the energy and enthusiasm of 19 juniors receiving their accolades.

The listing of trophies winners is included in the Commodore's Report but special mention should be made of this year's winner/s of the Club Member of the Year. Ian Spottiswood and Angela Bacon were jointly awarded this honor of thanks for their amazing contributions to the club this year (as well as in the past). A massive bouquet of spring flowers and natives virtually hid Angela from view while David gave Ian a Guinness in a bottle and one in a can as a comparison...

The night was a joyous one with lots of dancing after the meal until, of course, the ferry stole many of the revelers. Kudos to Lyn and David and all the helpers behind the scenes.

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Check out our new boat shed roof

Jonathan among scaffolds during shed roof work.
Jonathan among scaffolds during shed roof

Many thanks to Jonathan Wood (GLYC member, Say No More) and his band of merry men who have transformed our rusty boat shed with a new roof and many unexpected additions to its framework. The beautiful new roof looks great and must raise our public approval rates.

The club is most appreciative of Jonathan's work and of his time that he has generously donated.

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5156 0582

Community Announcement

New crossing being built on Main Street

Taj gives his speech to the club while the juniors stand by
Taj gives his speech to the club while the
juniors stand by

About two years ago the Paynesville Primary School Council approached the Shire and Vic Roads about putting in some infrastructure around the school to support safe student travel to and from school. The Shire have advised that works for our new manned crossing will start within the next few weeks. During the construction process there will be considerable disruption to Main Street on the south side of Ashley Street. This crossing will be manned before and after school.

Paynesville Primary is looking for 2 volunteers to man this crossing in a voluntary capacity. There is a commitment to training involved. The school's funding application for a paid position will go in at the start of October (this is the earliest possible time) and so these volunteers should have the opportunity to apply for a paid position (should the application be successful). If you have the time to commit to being a volunteer Lolly Pop person then please contact the school office on 5156 6334.

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5156 6700

Tales of the Whale and the Bird

Bonjour family and friends,

Our month of May has been spent in Nuku Hiva in the Marquesas; yes, we have not moved. We waited 2 weeks for batteries (made in Sth Melb) to be shipped in from Tahiti and we then re-provisioned with fuel and food. We hauled up the anchor; I moved the gear leaver into forward...nothing happened. "Go!" yelled Pete from the bow. I tried again; we were not going forward.....we had no forward gear! We quickly dropped the anchor again. To say we were disappointed does not describe our feelings, we were stunned.

Pete went through all the possible causes with the help of my brothers doing research and sending lots of helpful emails on Hurth transmissions. It seems that either the clutch and or thrust plates are worn; it will go onto forward after about 10 secs and we have reverse. We are now waiting for a new transmission to arrive from USA via Tahiti, another week we hope. It was fortunate that it happened here and not when we were going through passes into coral atolls in the Tuamotos our next planned landfall.

A succession of yachts of all sizes have arrived with their own breakages, including a snapped rudder, torn sails, broken rigging, engine and refrigeration problems. Kevin, an American who speaks fluent French and the local language and who is from the only yacht services in the Marquesas, deals with these with a calm efficient manner.

So we have been exploring the island of Nuku Hiva, hiring a car and also doing lots of walking. The island consists of huge mountains which are often shrouded in clouds, so short tropical rainstorms are common mostly at night. We are regularly woken up and need to shut the hatches and then open them up a short time later. The island relies on supply ships from Tahiti to bring most supplies, food, fuel, gas, new cars, etc. When the ships come in there is a stream of small trucks going backwards and forwards from the dock into town. It's strange to see New Zealand lamb, cheese and long life milk in the supermarket. While we have been here gas for cooking and petrol have run out for a week, so many yachts sit and wait for the new supplies to come in before they can leave. It is a common sight to see adults and kids riding horses in town which makes good sense.

Nuku Hiva has one main road that climbs steeply up from Taiohae Bay where we are anchored. It then traverses through amazing lush green tropical forests leading to small communities settled on edges of beautiful bays. We have explored ancient archaeological sites which have been cleared from the forests and carefully maintained. The island had a huge population of 22,000 until the arrival of explorers and infectious diseases in the 1800's; now approximately 2000 people live here.

03 8626 8700

Our anchorage, Taiohae Bay Nuku Hiva
Our anchorage, Taiohae Bay Nuku Hiva

On some of the hairpin corners Pete had to back up to get around in the 4 wheel drive we hired; I was holding my breath and had my foot on my own imaginary brake. Travelling across the plateau at the top we found plantations of fir trees and beef cattle, the fir trees a venture that the French started, only to find the timber was not viable. On the other side of the island it is barren, no trees or communities just a small airport.

We have become very laid back. We daily sit at the quay enjoying the fresh pamplemousse juice(sweet grapefruit), giant size sugary donuts, daily baked baguettes, and access to free wifi (we are in French territory!) (I wish I had paid more attention to those French classes in high school.) We both have lost weight despite all the lovely food.

We go ashore daily and the dinghy shuffle is comical to watch and frustrating at times. There is one concrete wharf to tie up to with two ladders available and at one stage there were 50+ boats anchored! How those with young children manage is beyond me especially at low tide. The quay is the centre of local activities: a fresh vegetable market on Saturdays, you need to be there at 5.30 am, fishermen cleaning their catch of yellow fin tuna and selling huge fresh cuts, local older men playing music and the local kids jumping off into the water fully clothed. They are not at all worried by the 2 metre sharks that wait for the scraps from the fishermen. I have not tried out my stand up paddle board because of the sharks; I will wait until I can see the bottom clearly while I am learning and likely to be falling off regularly!

At night we regularly hear local drumming at the cultural centre floating across the water. We have enjoyed lively displays of dancing; their energy is amazing and the fresh floral head decorations are beautiful. Some days we are restless and would really like to be sailing towards home, but, for the time being, we are being patient while working on other boat maintenance; Pete has a list.

Cheers for now,

Pete and Anne.

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5156 7223

New cruising website

The Three Muskateers enjoy the evening with gusto
The Three Muskateers enjoy the evening
with gusto

Earlier this year I wrote to the club about a boating resource I had set up called Deckee. Having been around boats for some time myself, I set out to create a website I believed our community needed here in Australia.

I wanted to make sure that I shared Deckee with the right people, and that's why I got in touch with cruising club members. We are making some great progress of late -- our community of skippers is really starting to grow.

I'm writing to tell you that we have just begun trialing a new idea where you can compare quotes from qualified marine businesses. People are using it to get marina berth rates, fuel prices, quotes from mechanics, sailmakers...the list goes on.

If you are planning a trip or have some upcoming maintenance or repairs, please give it a go and tell me what you think: deckee.com/quotes

All the best, and thanks for your support. I appreciate it!

Mike McKiernan, Deckee Founder

You spoke, we listened! Get free quotes from over 3000 Australian marine businesses

Earlier this week we trialled a new free service to help boat owners find the best prices on marina berths in any location. We'll be honest ? you caught us by surprise! We were inundated with requests and receive a lot of positive feedback. But, we kept getting asked these two questions:

1) Why limit this service to just marinas?

2) Can you put the businesses in touch with us directly to quote?

So, guess what? That's what we've done. Starting today you can now get quotes for any type of marine service, anywhere in Australia.

Once you've told us what you need and where you need it, we'll pass on your request to qualified businesses who can contact you directly to quote. Then you can decide the best option (with no obligations).

If you are looking for a marina, fuel, mechanic, sailmaker, electrician, detailer, or just about anything else, let Deckee give you a hand!

Get free quotes →


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Note from Peter Medling

Paynesville Classic Boat Rally 2016

Brian and Kelvin, Supertoy Plays On, receiving their trophies including a 1st for the Chris Hawkins 3 Bay Race while Lyn watches on
Brian and Kelvin, Supertoy Plays On,
receiving their trophies including a 1st
for the Chris Hawkins 3 Bay Race while Lyn
watches on

I just would like to let club members know about this great site. A group of us are trying to get a Classic Boat Rally on the Gippsland Lakes happening in 2016. We would love people to register and follow us on the Facebook page "Paynesville Classic Boat Rally". We need people and Boats to make this happen. Thank you. Regards Peter Medling

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Mariners' Warning 05/2015

George woos the crowd with his humor and thoughtfulness
George woos the crowd with his humor and


DATE: From 19th May 2015 until mid-August 2015

DETAILS: Mariners are advised of dredging operations to be undertaken by Gippsland Ports to sand nourish Cresent Island and realign Steamer Channel at the northern end of Barton Island. The dredging operations are scheduled to commence from 19th May 2015 and continue through to around mid-August 2015.

The Cutter Suction Dredge (CSD) "Kalimna" will initially be operating in Grange Channel working Eastwards from the Ocean Grange jetty for a period of approximately 6 weeks. Associated floating pipelines will extend from the dredge to several specific sites to provide sand nourishment to improve the habitat values for migratory birds at Crescent Island.

Following this, dredgeing works will commence in Steamer Channel which will be closed to navigation for approximately 6 weeks from early July. Vessel access to Ocean Grange and Bunga Arm will continue via the Grange Channel.

At the completion of dredging operations several navigation aids will be removed or relocated to improve the safe passage of vessels navigating within Steamer Channel

Ancient mariner just beating a pelican home.  Photo by Ray Bouvet
Ancient mariner just beating a pelican
home. Photo by Ray Bouvet

Mariners are advised that the Grange Channel is not lit at night and should exercise caution and proceed at a safe speed when navigating in the area. Retro reflective tape indicating port and starboard hand lateral marks is installed on each of the beacons marking the Grange Channel.

The CSD "Kalimna" shall exhibit navigation lights at night and day shapes during daylight hours as required by the Prevention of Collision Convention (COLREGS). The vicinity of the floating pipeline and anchor buoys shall be marked at night by lit special mark buoys.

A location map detailing the extent of the works will be published on the Gippsland Ports website at www.gippslandports.vic.gov.au

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5156 7085

Gippsland Lakes Yacht Club
P.O. Box 194, Paynesville VIC 3880

Club phone03 5156 6864

Flag Officers

CommodoreDavid Parish0437 516 666
Vice CommodoreLyn Wallace0414 292 289
Rear CommodoreJames Frecheville5156 7103 / 0412 979 824
Sailing CaptainJames Frecheville 5156 7103 / 0412 979 824


SecretaryRuss Peel5156 6691 / 0408 589 805
TreasurerJenny Brown0403 819 635
Sailability OfficerAndrew Thistlethwaite5156 0141
Immediate Past CommodoreJacqui Loft0468 987 684
Publicity and WandererChristie Arras5156 7861
Club HouseDave Bacon5156 7524
TrophiesLou Hill0418 580 780
BoatsAndrew Somerville5156 1118
Junior CoordinatorSharna Baskett0409 207 331

Rudder for sale

Dovetailed- Laminated
5 feet /1.5 mtrs long. Beautiful condition
Originally made for racing a Cole 23
Would suit drop rudder conversion for another yacht due to its length.

Contact: Ray Bouvet
Phone: 0427566417
Email: rayb227@hotmail.com

Sailabililty rescue dinghy


Ex Sailability rescue dinghy - 11 years old 3.4m Mercury Quicksilver Hypalon rubber duck. Repairs are required to the inflatable hull and no warranty is implied or given. The duck is in otherwise in good condition and can be inspected at the Club. It is suitable for up to a 15HP short shaft outboard (not included).

The dinghy can be inspected at the Club; please ring Andrew Thistlethwaite 5156 0141 for any additional information. Offers for purchase should be submitted in writing to "The Secretary, Gippsland Lakes Yacht Club", and either placed in the mail slot at the door of the Committee room, or posted to P.O. Box 194, Paynesville. Offers will be received up until midday on Friday June 19th and the successful applicant will be advised after the Committee meeting on Wednesday June 24th.

Please note that if the Committee does not consider the offers represent "fair value", it reserves the right to withdraw the duck from sail and seek to sell it more widely.

Contact: Andrew Thistlethwaite
Phone: 51560141

DeHavillan Vagabond Sailing Dinghy

3.7 m, 110 kg hull weight
Fibre Glass
Needs new footstraps
Comes complete with Jack Holt Sails (jib and mainsail), centre board and tiller.
Is on unregistered trailer in OK condition.

$1000 with trailer (unregistered)
$800 without trailer

Contact: Marc Conte
Phone: 0429967036
Email: mark.conte192@gmail.com

South Coast 25

Salt Peter is a well equipped and fully serviceable yacht on a near new launching trailer in mast up storage at Allawah CP. Asking price is $16,990 (just reduced) ONO.
Never anti-fouled or painted. (Never lived in the water.) Lots of recent upgrades. Ready to go if you have the car capable of launching and retrieving close to 3 tonnes.
Owner needing to sell.
0407339856 cell

Contact: Peter
Phone: 54273221
Email: panday@bigpond.com

1983 Adams 21' Trailable


Contact: Tony Robinson
Phone: 0429898400
Email: tony_robinson51@hotmail.com

Pacer Dinghy

Everything in very good condition. View in Paynesville.
0427221161 cell

Contact: John Pearson
Phone: 51567013
Email: hilsnjohn@bigpond.com

Puffin Pacer for sale

wooden hull
3 sails, main, jib, spinnaker
ready to sail with some T.L.C.
12 months registered road trailer


Contact: Daryl Brooks
Phone: 0411637572