Wanderer - January 2016

Commodore's Report

The Commodore gets time to do some skippering
The Commodore gets time to do some

Christmas is now behind us, and it is the second half of our sailing season. Where did the first half go already?!!

The club has been alive and well with the Impulse titles which again had our brilliant volunteers out in force. I do have to thank all involved in the titles; I heard and saw a great number of stories and very satisfied sailors.

The January tackers program has just finished along with another first for the yacht club, the Vic youth catamaran clinic. Both of these wonderful events don't just happen; it takes considerable work behind the scenes to make the events seem effortless. Thanks to all the discover sailing team who helped from catering to the cleaning. Sharna and your team, thanks for the smiles and laughter of all the participants that made the club come alive.

The Vic youth catamaran program was a great success. I am not too sure who had more fun, the instructors or the participants, both seemed to be bouncing on Friday night when I arrived at the club. To then have two of the participants sail their first races with their instructors on Sunday showed the love of sailing that these courses pass over.

Tuesday nights are again very popular; Denise and her band of helpers are still creating wonderful meals for a great price. These will continue until the end of the daylight period, so drop in and watch the finish roughly at 7pm; bar is always open. (If you'd like a meal, sign up at the sheet by the breezeway around 5 pm indicating how many to help the meal preparers plan numbers or call.)

Sundays are also a fantastic sailing day with several new faces racing in the last Life Buoy and Bell race. (Looks like a few of the 125's are turning up for pre-regatta racing.)

Lastly I would like to say, there are now approx. 6 months till the AGM. There will be numerous positions available from committee to the secretary. (Yes, Russ gave us notice last year) So if you are interested in helping the club and volunteering your time, or if you are unsure and would like to talk to someone, please do. All the committee are happy to chat about their roles. Both Wendy and I are available to discuss with you what you can offer.


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In this issue:

Sailing Calendar

The busy business of Mosquitoing; Oskar gets a work out
The busy business of Mosquitoing; Oskar
gets a work out

January, 2016
01 Friday, 1000 hrs Impulse National Championships
02 Saturday, 1000 hrs Impulse National Championships
03 Sunday 1000 hrs More Impulses
03 Sunday, 1400 hrs Three Bays Race
05 Tuesday 1700 hrs Twilight Sailing
08 Friday 1000 hrs Cruise to Metung
09 Saturday 1000 hrs Metung and Return race
10 Sunday 1400 hrs LB&B
12 Tuesday 1700 hrs Twilight Sailing
17 Sunday 1400 hrs Divisional Heats 9 & 10
19 Tuesday 1700 hrs Twilight Sailing
24 Sunday 1400 hrs Female Skippers race
26 Tuesday 1400 hrs Australia Day races, no Twilight Sailing
31 Sunday 1400 hrs Divisional races 11 & 12

02 Tuesday 1700 hrs Twilight Sailing
06 Saturday 1400 hrs Eastern Region Regatta
07 Sunday 1000 hrs Eastern Region Regatta
09 Tuesday 1700 hrs Twilight Sailing
14 Sunday 1000 hrs JK Lloyd long distance race
16 Tuesday 1700 hrs Twilight Sailing
21 Sunday 1400 hrs Divisional Heats 13 & 14
23 Tuesday 1700 hrs Twilight Sailing
28 Sunday 1400 hrs Metung Challenge in Lake King


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Social/Sailing Calendar

Tackers is a load of fun
Tackers is a load of fun

Club night up in the bar. Come and enjoy the company. Bring in a meal if you'd like. There are meat barbie packs available to be ordered from the bar. It's a very lively night. You might even win the members' draw but only if you are financial!

Ladies only cruise
We're opening a discussion of an overnight to, say, Duck Arm, for ladies only. Married or women in relationship are welcome but require permission slip signed by partner. Ideas to be creatively mulled over. Talk to Christie or Denise or Jacqui, skippers non-pareil. Just don't ask me to sing....

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More Rear Commodore Ramblings

Charlie Broomhall and Neil Joiner take second in the MkII division at the National Mosquito Championships at Rye!
Charlie Broomhall and Neil Joiner take
second in the MkII division at the
National Mosquito Championships at Rye!

It was a grey old day in December when a small fleet headed into Lake King for the CG Drummond Trophy Race. All of the cruisers who went to Nicholson for the Saturday Night soiree decided to forgo the delights of a bash around Lake King and crossed the paddock and headed for home.

The race was really a one cat race with Neil Joiner who went so fast that I was glad that I asked him to take his own time across the GLYC finish line. Even if he fudged it by five minutes he would have still been on the podium. The two fifteens kept on the heels of Lofty's Etchells and all enjoyed their own race as did Brian Collins on 'It's Alright' until he parked near Point Fullarton and then decided to retire gracefully. All other boats in the fleet took heed and gybed away from the shallows. A good day on the water.

The Loch Sport Race was abandoned, or perhaps postponed, until after Easter, as the weather was just too hot and the forecast afternoon westerly blow would have made LSBC a lee shore and anchoring or tying at the jetty not desirable. So we bailed and LSBC were glad we did!

Twilight sailing continues to tick boxes and we have been lucky with the weather this season with just two no-sail days to date.

It's Alright peels out of Bancroft Bay and heads home from Metung
It's Alright peels out of Bancroft Bay and
heads home from Metung

The Impulse Championship Regatta (reported on elsewhere) was a great success both on and off the water. Without the support and commitment of many this event would not have been such. So a big thank you to all those who helped.

If you want to get involved in Race Management there are plenty of opportunities to do so in the near future with the 125 Victorian Championships on the Labour Day weekend in March and with the F16 catamaran National Championships being hosted in conjunction with our Easter Regatta. As always the pay is crap but the rewards worthy, even if it is only a ham and salad roll for lunch and a beer at day's end. I have been told we do a good job on the water which is probably why classes want to come to Paynesville. It is very much a team effort and I am proud to head up our Race Management team.

See you on the Start Line.


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Division 1

December happenings

WOW! wowing her way home from Metung.  First in personal and yardstick.
WOW! wowing her way home from Metung.
First in personal and yardstick.

December was a quiet racing program for the division 1 boats. On December 6th there were two division 1 boats racing in the CG Drummond Race. Craig and Ian edged out Bill and David to Place 3rd and 4th race with only two seconds between them. There was a strong breeze with exciting spinnaker runs. Bill proved that he is nearly back to full fitness after his surgery.

The lead up to the Flying Fifteen Nationals saw Jim and Rod Gardiner and Ian and Craig Rainey having a number of practice sessions.

Check this space in Feb. for the exciting news on the FF Nationals in Canberra!


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Division 2

Birds of a feather...in LB&B last Sunday
Birds of a feather...in LB&B last Sunday

Christmas has come and gone. Don't know about you, the house was full of siblings plus grandchildren. Chaos; once again we survived. Aftermath is usually "left behinds", for example: three socks, pair of underpants, mobile phone, etc. However, this year we exceeded all expectations: only one pair of MATCHING socks was discovered. However, again my very nice lightweight rain coat traveled home in grandson's golf bag and my mobile phone charger (value $54) has vanished.

While we are on the Christmas subject, I thought some advice would be appropriate concerning "gifting". This is the aftermath of Christmas where those unwanted gifts are selected for re-gifting, for example, the cheese platter from a mart, the voucher from the tattoo parlor, the cheap box of chocs, etc. A word of warning here: watch the use by date; can be a fatal mistake, and do not give the pressie back to the original giver.

Well, you may ask, what's this got to do with Div 2? Answer: nothing.

Div 2 has sustained some good support so far this season. Though some of the regulars have been missing due to sick leave or lack of crew, overall, however, we have maintained a good "mixed" fleet. This year we have had three Etchels operating: Kevin, Stewart and Fleming; Ghost, skippered by Charlie Johnson, has been quietly ghosting along to a number of podium finishes. Dare I venture to say that I think our "revisited" personal handicapping system is a big improvement on our previous method. (No correspondence will be considered.)
03 8626 8700

A delighted Tacker gets back on board after capsizing exercise
A delighted Tacker gets back on board
after capsizing exercise

The Trophy races to date are not attracting large crowds; I guess we should give some thought as to why and if they could be made more attractive to our sailors.

Conversely, Tuesday nights and, it seems, any Stern Chaser attracts a significant number of entries. My understanding is that this is also the case with the Bayside clubs. The weather has been just a little unkind to us on Tuesdays last year, however, the vitals remain in demand and damn the weather!

Well, folks, gotta go. A weekend warrior in his "Wake Boat" has just sunk my canoe with his wash!


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Division 4

Local Boys take on the best in Australia in the National Mosquito Titles

Gary checking behind as he crosses the line
Gary checking behind as he crosses the

A group of sailors from the Gippsland Lakes Yacht Club traveled to Rye Yacht Club on Port Phillip bay to compete in the National Mosquito Catamaran Titles between December 29 - January 2. Our team consisted of Gary Maskiell, Tim Shepperd, Peter Nikitin, Neil Joiner and Charlie Broomhall.

Mosquito catamarans are a strong national class and 39 of the best boats from around Australia competed over 7 races for the series in three divisions. Each division represents one of the 3 rig configurations that these very fast catamarans are able to have:

The Mk I rigged Mosquitoes only have a mainsail. Peter, on Bee Alert, sailed this division and had a very good start to the regatta with a 4,3,2 score line on the first day. He was able to follow this up with three more 2nd places to finish in 3rd overall - equal on points with the Jellyfish in 2nd and only missing out in the tie-break.

The Mk II rigged Mosquitoes have both a mainsail and jib and carry a crew of 2. Immunity, a Mk II, was sailed by Neil Joiner from Orbost and 13 year old Charlie Broomhall from Paynesville. This was Charlie's first National title series and only the 3rd time he had sailed on a Mosquito! Neil and Charlie were also in a tie for 2nd & 3rd place but unlike Peter were on the right side of the tie-break and placed second overall following a score card that included 2 wins and 2 seconds.

Peter in hot pursuit
Peter in hot pursuit

The Mk III rigged Mosquitoes have a mainsail (optional jib) and spinnaker for the downwind legs. Gary and Tim competed in this division and after a shaky start on the first day Gary showed his experience and consistency to claim 4 wins in a row to take the Mk III title. Unfortunately, Tim's boat was damaged mid-series but the boat was repaired on New Years Day and was back on the water for the final day's racing, finishing 4th overall. He was honored by the association with a perpetual trophy due to his being the instigator of the spinnaker configuration.

As usual, the Mozzie sailors made it a week-long party, and there was plenty of time for non-sailing activities such as games of pool, lounging around the pool and swimming in the pool.

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Discover Sailing Action

Averil Watkinson showing off some new skills in the YV Opti
Averil Watkinson showing off some new
skills in the YV Opti

2016 has kicked off with a bang for many of our junior sailors. Whilst many were still recovering from Christmas and New Year activities, two of GLYC's rising stars sailed in national championships on Port Phillip; Charlie Broomhall coming a fabulous 2nd in the Mosquito Nationals at Rye (crewing with Neil Joiner) and Taj Duff coming 31st, in the open fleet of 50 boats at the Minnow Nationals at McCrae.

Last week the club was a buzz with learn to sail programs for both kids and adults. Yachting Victoria's Tackers program returned for a third season to the Gippsland Lakes, with 22 kids and 10 teens/adults in the morning beginner courses and another 12 advancing their sailing skills in the afternoon.

GLYC also hosted the Victorian Youth Catamaran Program, which saw eight of GLYCs development squad take to the water on Mosquito and Hobie catamarans, under the guidance of club mentors and senior YV coaches.

The senior kids then backed it up on this last Sunday sailing on the 125, international cadet and crewing on the Mosquitos.

Our Discover Sailing Program will continue into the new year with Green Fleet to finish up their final Friday night sessions, and Division Cool commencing on Sunday mornings.


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Eastern Region Open Regatta

6th & 7th February

Youth catamaran sailors Jack Chapman, Charlie Broomhall, Oskar Watkinson and Luca Vuat
Youth catamaran sailors Jack Chapman,
Charlie Broomhall, Oskar Watkinson and
Luca Vuat

The Mozzies and juniors are already planning on representing our club at the Eastern Region Regatta being held at the Hazelwood Pondage over the weekend of the 6th and 7th of February.

We need more takers as the more boats a club has the more points and better chance of taking the coveted perpetual trophy.

How about a few trailer sailers and FFs going along?

Entry for Seniors for full series...$40; for Juniors...$25. Registration on Saturday from 1200 hrs.

Think about representing GLYC. Sailors camp there and the weekend is usually a hoot.

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5156 6700

Impulse National Championships

David Mann in Tarfun (blue) neck and neck with Matt Drapers (green) on Too Hard Basket
David Mann in Tarfun (blue) neck and neck
with Matt Drapers (green) on Too Hard

The Gippsland Lakes Yacht Club was kept busy over the Christmas/New Year week hosting the Australian Impulse National Championship Regatta. Forty-six boats competed with sailors coming from Queensland, NSW, Victoria and SA. Michael Brown from South Lake Macquarie Amateur Sailing Club stole the show taking home his sixth Australian Impulse Championship.

The Impulse dinghy is a four meter long single handed sportsboat that can be made from fibreglass or wood and is powered by one mainsail. On a reach it takes off planing as though turbo-charged especially when the wind strengthens, as it did for the regatta week.

There was a good mix of men and women in the fleet from a 15 year old junior to a very senior 88 year old.

On Monday two practise races were run in Lake Victoria where the sailors got a lay of the land (rather, water) and fine tuned their boats before the championship races commenced on Tuesday. Setting the pace were Michael Brown in Z from NSW in first place and Glenn Collings in Spur of the Moment from SBSY in second place.

The sailors were treated to lively winds for the two races each day and challenging winds hitting 20+ knots on Saturday, the 2nd January. There were a number of equipment failures that day with broken tillers, a hole in one deck and a broken mast with a number of the dinghies being towed back to the yacht club. Thirteen sailors did not get to the Start Line for the last two races on Sunday after Saturday's beating from the wind.

Michael Brown leads the fleet to the first mark
Michael Brown leads the fleet to the first

The Club was alive with support teams of friends, family with babies, kids, parents and even a dog for the event. As well as having a grand stand viewing for the New Years Eve fireworks, the Club hosted a Welcome Dinner on Monday and then the Presentation Dinner after Sunday's racing.

Many GLYC members volunteered their time on the water and on shore to make this championship regatta safe and the success that it was. There were usually five fully crewed Race Management boats out on the course with others in the radio tower and at the computer processing results. Thank you to all of you.

The Gippsland Lakes Yacht Club is gaining more and more popularity among classes of sailing yachts for championships and regattas with its wonderful lakes, beautiful setting and efficient race management team. The club looks forward to the Victorian 125 Championships in March as well as its popular Easter Regatta when it is hosting the F16 Catamaran National Championships as well.

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Bar volunteers needed

Young tackers Tom Roberts and Sarah Melrose sailing independently after only days in boat
Young tackers Tom Roberts and Sarah
Melrose sailing independently after only
days in boat

Hi Members,

Many of you would be aware that the proceeds from our having and running our own bar are what enables us to keep membership fees down. Without a bar we estimate that fees would be nearly double, and, we wouldn't have access to low priced drinks either!

At present we have a significant problem with the bar as while we have quite a few experienced "bar tenders", we don't have enough and when people are away or have colds or flu or whatever, the load falls unreasonably on a few regulars who are asked to do well and above their call of duty. On top of this, some of the key regulars also do duty on rescue boats so they are unavailable during regattas and titles.

Additionally we have the Music Festival, a large Wedding and the Classic Boat Festival coming up and we just don't have enough trained bar staff to do all this, even though they are good revenue earning activities.

Our licence doesn't require anyone volunteering on the bar to hold a Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) qualification, but you also can't walk up and do it. There are procedures to follow to put cash into the tills at startup, open doors, turn on lights, then manage to serve the range of drinks requested over the bar and take the proper payments and give change, then total up money at end of the shift and put it away in the safe and refill the fridges. Plus there is another equally large task, arranging for delivery, or going and picking up replacement drinks, moving them into storage, into the fridges, etc. None of this happens on its own.
5156 6448

Doubling up for duty: Luca Vuat's dad and Len on SG3
Doubling up for duty: Luca Vuat's dad and
Len on SG3

So, if you are not a volunteer now, and are willing to become one, could you please get in touch with Ian Spottiswood on 0427 848 757 and arrange some training under one of the more experienced volunteers. The bar is open on Friday nights, after sailing on Sunday and Tuesdays, and for hall hire events and regattas. Please consider putting your hand up to help out and lessen the load on the very committed core group of bar tenders. If we can't run the bar it can't earn money and the result is that fees for everyone will need to increase.

Russ Peel

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Pump It, Don't Dump It!

Taj Duff in his Minnow on Port Phillip Bay.  Now where is that pump out station they said was out here?!
Taj Duff in his Minnow on Port Phillip
Bay. Now where is that pump out station
they said was out here?!

Dear the Gippsland Lakes Yacht Club,

My name is Caitlin Philipps and I am a 16 year old Ocean Youth Ambassador for the SEAlife Trust Aus/NZ. Sailing has always been a big part of my life and when I was eleven, my family and I chartered a yacht in the Whitsundays. It was an amazing trip, but one thing that has stuck with me is that there were no pump-out stations for boats to discharge their sewage once they are out of the marina. I am still disgusted today that there are no pump-out stations on any of the islands, meaning the sewage goes straight into the ocean and onto the surrounding reef.

As a youth ambassador, I have started a campaign called 'Pump It Don't Dump It!'. My goal is to bring at least three pump-out stations to the Whitsundays; one on Hamilton Island, Hayman Island and Daydream Island. I was hoping that you could please sign and share my petition at the yacht club so that this is possible.

Petition Website: https://www.change.org/p/maritime-safety-queensland-pump-it-don-t-dump-it

I do have more information if required.

Thank you

(Contact Christie arraschristie@gmail.com if you want her contact email address.)

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Sailing on the Gippsland Lakes

Visiting sailor, Karen's, first experience racing on the Gippsland Lakes

Karen and Michael test their skills on Lake Victoria
Karen and Michael test their skills on
Lake Victoria

Posted on January 11, 2016
Author Karen Lyons
Gippsland Lakes Yacht Club

This weekend, I tried something I have never done before... sailing on the Gippsland Lakes. I am a beginner at sailing and I haven't been learning for very long at all but my sailing partner and I decided to go the next step and enter in a sailing race on the beautiful Gippsland Lakes in Victoria only a few hours east of Melbourne.

The region is known as the Victorian Riviera due to the vast inland lake system and the natural beauty of the area. Paynesville is the gateway to the lakes and the home of the Gippsland Lakes Yacht Club who hosted us as visitors this weekend. We're going back there to that club in two months for the 125 dinghy State Titles where they are playing host for the race series.

I arrived feeling very excited and just a tad worried whether I would be out of my league here with the more experienced sailors. I decided that this is not about winning or attracting accolades. It is about me moving out of my comfort zone, trying hard and doing something completely different!

I met the friendly people at the Gippsland Lakes Yacht Club and then we started to prepare for the race. While being briefed for the race start I had this incredibly overwhelming feeling, "This is your moment, you can do it, trust your skipper and trust yourself, so what could possibly go wrong!"


Gippsland Lakes Sailing 125
It was time to sail out to the race starting line which was a lot further out from where we anticipated. We sailed about a mile out, following other boats and finally arrived where the race committee boat was flying the appropriate starting flags. Our division started and we were off! I had a sense of calm and adventure. I did not even feel scared or worried which is a major step for me. Luckily my sailing partner is experienced and knew exactly what he had to do with rounding the marks and navigating the race. I just had to leave this to my skipper.

I have learned how to tack as a main task of the crew and I have worked out how to be fast and efficient with my moves in the race. I also had to remember that because the boat is very weight sensitive, we had to make sure that the boat was balanced and tuned correctly at all times. Dinghy sailing requires a light touch, balance and agility ? it's like dancing on the water.

Early morning quiet at Nicholson with GLYC yachts  (photo by Danuta Sowa)
Early morning quiet at Nicholson with GLYC
yachts (photo by Danuta Sowa)

We tried very hard to keep up with the other boats but learned very quickly that some of our opponents were very young and experienced so we just had to do our best. They say that practice makes perfect, so the more events I enter into and the more experience I get the better my sailing will become.

The race lasted for approximately two and a bit hours and that was a long sail for me having to tack, keep focused and always looking for impending problems on the boat that could cause havoc! I feel sailing is very therapeutic. I remove all other thoughts from my mind and completely focus on the job at hand and that takes some concentration.

I loved the Gippsland Lakes as the water is clean, fresh and shark free, so there is nothing sinister in the water.

When we were "heeling", another sailing term that I learned, we have to sit out on the deck and lean back. This feeling of freedom is exhilarating with the wind blowing on your face and the water splashing up at you. This is a feeling I have never experienced before. We still managed to laugh at things together which is a great test of friendship when we are trusting each other with every single move.

After the race was completed, we had a well earned shower and then joined the club members for the race results and a drink. The club members are friendly and warm to newcomers. We heard our results and were very pleased in the fact that we had completed the course, never gave up and felt proud of our achievement. I could not stop smiling with my first boat race completed in my fifties, a mother of four daughters and two grandchildren. I am still able to be competitive and have some fun along the way.

I am so glad that I have found the courage to go out of my comfort zone, trust myself and try something completely new and exciting. We are booked in for March 2016 to be part of the 125 Dinghy Victorian State Titles to be held again at Paynesville. I hope we can train a bit harder before hand and we aim to finish a bit higher up the ladder next time.

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Gippsland Lakes Yacht Club
P.O. Box 194, Paynesville VIC 3880

Club phone03 5156 6864

Flag Officers

CommodoreJacqui Loft0468 987 684
Vice CommodoreWendy Gardiner0498 116 752
Rear CommodoreJames Frecheville5156 7103 / 0412 979 824
SecretaryRuss Peel5156 6691 / 0408 589 805
TreasurerJenny Brown0403 819 635
Sailing CaptainJames Frecheville5156 7103 / 0412 979 824
Sailability OfficerAndrew Thistlethwaite5156 0141


Immediate Past CommodoreDavid Parish0437 516 666
Publicity and WandererChristie Arras5156 7861
Club HouseDave Bacon5156 7524
Discover Sailing CoordinatorSharna Baskett0409 207 331
Grounds & StorageJames Callahan5156 0655 / 0488 500 795
Club BoatsBrian Carroll0411 743 602
IT Tim Shepperd0400 666 486

Are you looking for a reliable sitter for your house/dog/cat?

I am a very fit, non-smoking animal/garden - lover with lots of house sitting experience & glowing references,including three Paynesville locals.
Seeking position in Gippsland Lakes Area, preferably 2 weeks or more. Any time from now up until May 2016, then later in the year.
Please contact Anne on inglebar@bigpond.com. Thank you. ( Christie Arras also knows me! )
PS I highly recommend her. Christie

Contact: Anne
Email: inglebar@bigpond.com

Rudder for sale

Dovetailed- Laminated
5 feet /1.5 mtrs long. Beautiful condition
Originally made for racing a Cole 23
Would suit drop rudder conversion for another yacht due to its length.

Contact: Ray Bouvet
Phone: 0427566417
Email: rayb227@hotmail.com

Puffin Pacer for sale

wooden hull
3 sails, main, jib, spinnaker
ready to sail with some T.L.C.
12 months registered road trailer


Contact: Daryl Brooks
Phone: 0411637572