Wanderer - February 2016

Commodore's Report

The inter club regatta is on this weekend, such a great event to catch up with sailors from Eastern Victoria. Due to the enthusiasm of our junior fleet there will be numerous boats afloat on Hazelwood pondage to see if GLYC can claim back the trophy. I believe we will also be having a spectator or three on shore to barrack for us.

The second half of the season has seen all areas of the club boost. We had a record number of yachts last Tuesday with 27 boats enjoying the course. Sunday morning before there were a great number at the 'Div cool' training session.

The ladies race on the previous Sunday saw a total of $144 raised in the raffle for the 'Breast care fund East Gippsland'. Thank you to all who dressed up and to those "female skippers' who took part. (thank god the RO didn't wear his glasses). And thank you to all the women who skippered. At least 24 anted up.

From a management point of view, we are still keeping your club moving forward. From leases to safety and all things boats. If you ever have a question or a suggestion please feel free to drop us a line. We always enjoy different perspectives.

Volunteers are, as I always say, the back bone for our club. Two seasons ago we were able to receive a grant for uniforms for the laser titles which meant that the "red shirts" for volunteers were created to give a point of difference and safety for visitors. What this grant did was allowed us to buy them without it costing the club anything. Same can be said for the discover sailing and Sailability instructors. They too received a grant and therefore the cost has not come out of our general revenue.

So why do I need to bring this to the attention of members? It would seem that we are now getting an increased group of our membership asking where their "red shirt" is for volunteering/helping.
I am sorry to say we do not have the funds to continue handing out free shirts every time we have titles or helps around the club. I would dearly love to be able to, however I do not want to increase our membership fees to accommodate this.

We have ordered some red shirts that will be available for us to sell to you. If in the future we receive more funding for uniforms and can get them for you, we will again do what we did at the Laser titles.

Thank you for your understanding.


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5156 0582

In this issue:

Sailing Calendar

Oscar crews on Still Bitten with Gary Maskiell and blows past everyone else in the fleet
Oscar crews on Still Bitten with Gary
Maskiell and blows past everyone else in
the fleet

02 Tuesday 1700 hrs Twilight Sailing
06 Saturday 1400 hrs Eastern Region Regatta
07 Sunday 1000 hrs Eastern Region Regatta
09 Tuesday 1700 hrs Twilight Sailing
14 Sunday 1000 hrs JK Lloyd long distance race
16 Tuesday 1700 hrs Twilight Sailing
21 Sunday 1400 hrs Divisional Heats 12 & 13
23 Tuesday 1700 hrs Twilight Sailing
28 Sunday 1400 hrs Metung Challenge in Lake King

01 Tuesday 1700 hrs Twilight Sailing
06 Sunday 1400 hrs LB&B personal handicap
08 Tuesday 1700 hrs Twilight Sailing
12 Saturday 1200 hrs 125 State Championships and Javelin Victorian Championships
13 Sunday 0200 hrs Marlay Point Overnight Race breakky
13 Sunday 1200 hrs 125 State Championships and Javelins
14 Monday 1000 hrs 125 State Championships and Javelins
15 Tuesday 1700 hrs Twilight Sailing
20 Sunday 1400 hrs Divisional heats 14 & 15
22 Tuesday 1700 hrs Twilight Sailing
25 Friday 0800 hrs Junior Good Friday race around Raymond Island
26 Saturday 1000 hrs Easter Regatta Long Distance Race

Yachts approach rounding mark in Lady Skippers race
Yachts approach rounding mark in Lady
Skippers race

26 Saturday 1000 hrs 2016 F16 National Championships GLYC
26 Saturday 1000 hrs Dragon Series GLYC
27 Sunday 1000 hrs F16s and Dragons
27 Sunday 1400 hrs Easter Regatta Round Raymond Island race
28 Monday 1000 hrs Easter Regatta Lake Victoria Triangle and F16s and Dragons
29 Tuesday 1700 hrs Twilight Sailing

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Social/Sailing Calendar

Best dressed for the Ladies Skipper race...Nicole Eremia on Anastasia waves to the lustful onlookers
Best dressed for the Ladies Skipper
race...Nicole Eremia on Anastasia waves to
the lustful onlookers

Club night up in the bar. Come and enjoy the company. Bring in a meal if you'd like. There are meat barbie packs available to be ordered from the bar. It's a very lively night. You might even win the members' draw but only if you are financial!

Ladies only cruise
We are still opening a discussion of an overnight to, say, Duck Arm or Steamer Landing, for ladies only. Married or women in relationship are welcome but require permission slip signed by partner. Ideas to be creatively mulled over. Talk to Christie or Denise or Jacqui, skippers non-pareil. Just don't ask me to sing....

Paynesville Classic Boat Festival. March 4/5/6.
The GLYC will be in the heart of the venue. A lot of excitement and beautiful boats.

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5156 7223

Notes from the Vice Commodore

Julia adds classic beauty to the fleet on 31 Jan divisional race
Julia adds classic beauty to the fleet on
31 Jan divisional race

It has been noted recently that some of our members are making use of the Yacht Club facilities for personal/individual purposes at times outside our regular sailing programs. We (the committee) are happy for our members to make use of our facilities. The more people who are around, the more secure our resource is.

However, if you use the clubrooms, we would appreciate your observance of the following:
  • Please take your rubbish home with you, or place it in the appropriate bins in the breezeway. This is particularly important for foodstuffs, as we have to work hard to keep ants and other "vermin" at bay
  • Wipe the tables you have used and the chairs if needed
  • Sweep the deck if you have trodden in sand and or grass
  • Clean the bbq if you use it (and, also, make sure the fat drain container is in place before use)
  • If you have spilled anything on the carpets, please vacuum the carpet or wipe up the spill, whichever is the most appropriate
  • Wipe down the bench at the tea/coffee station
  • Wash your dishes and put them away
  • Wipe the kitchen benches

We appreciate your co-operation in these matters -- if everyone does their bit, we all benefit.
5156 7085

Chibizulu faces the perils of lake sailing in Twilight race 2 Feb
Chibizulu faces the perils of lake sailing
in Twilight race 2 Feb

On a slightly different note, the club is frequently hired out for external events and these place restrictions on the availability of our facilities to members. We ask for your patience during these times; outside events are essential as they provide us with vital income that supplements member fees and enable us to continue to improve our facilities and resources. It is important that members do not use attempt to use the facilities (unless they are legitimately participating in an event) during outside events.


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January on the water

Inside Joke and Kalimna tear away in the Australia Day Southern Cross course
Inside Joke and Kalimna tear away in the
Australia Day Southern Cross course

Just after seeing out the finish of the Impulse National Championships, a small fleet of five boats contested the Chris Hawkins Three Bays Race with a grey beat down to Woolaston Bay before a run back to Lady Bay and then on to Mason Bay before a Club finish. 'Longnose' took line honours but Bill and David in 'Relience' took the trophy on Yardstick.

Our race to Metung and Return is always popular and 16 boats crossed the start line in gentle conditions for a short beat and then tight reach to Metung. It was decided that an aggregate of time both ways would be used for results so you had to do well both ways to be on the podium. Michael and Keith on 'Wow' did just that and won the double on both yardstick and personal handicap. It was a busy weekend as Race 4 of the Lifebuoy & Bell was run on the Sunday with a fleet of 14 boats. Bill and David in 'Relience' sailing their first LB&B race and starting on yardstick managed to come home first.

The Divisional Series is now all but completed with just one race session to sail for the remainder of the season. Results are pretty much locked in and we have been fortunate in that weather has been kind and all races have been sailed.

The Lady Skippers Day on Australia Day weekend drew quite a fleet for the Sternchaser event. Some dubious gender sailors were out there and Nikki on 'Anastasia' although not winning on the water certainly scored more than the odd passing glance. The girls on 'Inside Joke', Charlotte and Tash, complete with pink sunscreen held on to win from Carol in 'Tarna' with the bulk of the fleet finishing in rapid procession shortly afterwards. A great day on the water and a good precursor for the Australia Day Trophy Race on the Tuesday where the fleet sailed the Southern Cross course designed and set by Dave Bacon. As expected the course favoured the Mosquitos and Fifteens but the fleet enjoyed a great day on the racetrack. A great effort by Jacqui and her crew on JudiG who managed to get the fleet away even though not at anchor.
5156 6700

A seldom seen human vang on Julia in the Australia Day trophy race
A seldom seen human vang on Julia in the
Australia Day trophy race

Next month will be busy with the 125 and Javelin Victorian Championships over the Labour Day weekend and then with the F16 National Championships being held in conjunction with our Easter Regatta. And as always I do like to hear from any member who would like to help out with race management for these events.

Or for any club race for that matter. Doing duty is a great way to see just what is involved in making our racing the success it has been this season. Thankyou to all who have been part of it.

JK Lloyd long distance race is on next weekend and will include the Compass Piles and a lap of the Island. See you on the Startline.

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Division 1

Trevor Williams on Ten Pound note paints a pretty picture in the Div race on 17 Jan.
Trevor Williams on Ten Pound note paints a
pretty picture in the Div race on 17 Jan.

Starting out the New Year with a bang, Bill and David took out the Three Bays Race and made division ones presence felt. Throughout January Bill and David have continued to sail consistently demonstrating that Bill is fit again and recovered health issue.

The 10th of January was the LBB series with Bill and David again sailing well for a first placing. Bill and David had more competition with Craig and Ian Rainey back on the water with Craig 1st, Bill 2nd and Trevor 3rd.

Australia Day Race was an interesting Southern Cross course and fortunately the division one boats managed to sail around all the marks in the correct order and in the correct directions unlike some boats in other divisions! The mossies did very well taking out 1st and 2nd but Bill and David were 3rd and Jim and Fred came in 6th in a fleet of 19. An enjoyable day was had by all.

Last Sunday's divisional racing was a dog's breakfast with the wind all over the place creating reaches for beats and beats to the wing mark even after the marks were re-laid for the second race. The Rainey's aced both races with Brian taking second in the first race and Trevor snagging second in the second race.

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Discover Sailing Action

Junior sailors Charlotte, Tanya, Jacinta, Lucy...ready for the Ladies Skipper race
Junior sailors Charlotte, Tanya, Jacinta,
Lucy...ready for the Ladies Skipper race

There is a smorgasbord of OTB boats on display on Sunday morning's Division Cool. Pacers, minnows, a couple of lasers, a sparrow, a cadet, a couple of 125s, a sabre and a hobie 14 make regular appearances each weekend, as do between 18-20 kids (and a couple of adults) extending their sailing skills and experience.

Under the direction of Russell Broomhall, with support from friends when he is away (thanks Brian Carroll), the entire fleet is making great use of the three new 5 knot marks, have completely bottled a Pacer and now know how to get out safely from underneath, and last Sunday tested their boat handling skills with a treasure hunt to Dawson's cove.

With school now back, we will see Green Fleet finish their final 3 sessions on Friday nights, and then move into some more dinghy splash fun (watch out for more details via e-flash).

Division 3 on Sunday afternoons is growing week by week, and how great is it to see the juniors out on trapeze with Gary and Neil on their mozzies. Good luck to everyone competing in the eastern regatta this weekend, and in state championships in early March. It will be fabulous to see all the GLYC junior rashies out amongst it.


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Attention: Clarification on BYO alcohol on GLYC property

Taj on Wild Weasel approaches top mark while Its Alright heels in the distance in Div racing on 17 Jan
Taj on Wild Weasel approaches top mark
while Its Alright heels in the distance in
Div racing on 17 Jan

There have been some questions asked recently about the rules on alcohol consumption at the club. Our liquor licence does NOT permit BYO alcohol. This means we are only allowed to consume alcohol purchased from the bar. The licence also limits times when alcohol may be consumed. A copy of the licence, which details allowed opening hours, is located in each bar. Please comply with these licence requirements.

Ian Spottiswood
Licensee for GLYC Bar and Bar Manager

Editor's note: The proceeds from the bar are bringing in a substantial boost to club finances. Having the bar also is drawing many events/weddings/etc which also boost club coffers. Should the license be revoked as a result of breaking the licensing rules, the revenue that is lost will then be charged in fees to all of us members. Therefore, we ask all of our members to please respect the BYO rules anywhere and any time on GLYC property.

Updated: 6 Feb 2016 11:24pm by Christie Arras

Paynesville Classic Boat Rally

Well stocked crew larder on Rager
Well stocked crew larder on Rager

Paynesville is looking forward to the upcoming Classic Boat Rally that has drawn so many boats that entries were shut for further applicants. It will happen on the weekend of the 4th/5th/6th of March and the main venue will be right around the GLYC!

We would just like to remind everyone that on the weekend of the rally that all the public berths between the Yacht Club Jetty and South Harbour including the main Wharf and the Raymond Island Wharf will be used by the Classic Boat rally. These areas will be controlled by Gippsland Ports for the duration of the weekend and an officer will be in attendance. Signage will start to appear from about the Thursday before.

Progress Jetty will still be available for the public to use as well as other areas nominated. So please don't let this deter your coming down if you are not entered; you are still more than welcome.

So can we please spread this around the boating circles so we don't have people coming down unknowing? It will also be advertised in local media and a notice to mariners. For further info please call Gippsland Ports.

Thank you all for your understanding

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9707 3033

Free BBQ

Looking for a big BBQ?

Lucinda (Luca) and Jacinta (Jack) in Aquaholic come up to the rounding mark in the Ladies Skipper race
Lucinda (Luca) and Jacinta (Jack) in
Aquaholic come up to the rounding mark in
the Ladies Skipper race

GYLC has a spare one that we want to get rid of. Currently under the stairs in the breezeway. It needs minor repairs but does work.. If interested, please call Wendy Gardiner on 0498116752

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5156 0432

Flying Fifteen National Championships

Relience Ffenty Foo in the stormy Chris Hawkens Three Bays race
Relience Ffenty Foo in the stormy Chris
Hawkens Three Bays race

The 54th Flying Fifteen National Championship was hosted by the Canberra Yacht Club from the 4th to the 8th of January. Lake Burley Griffin is a challenging venue to sail and presents skippers and crews with a range of wind strengths and directions. The Canberra Yacht Club did an excellent job running the regatta and successfully ran an invitational race and 7 championship races in often difficult conditions.

Gippsland Lakes Yacht Club had three boats representing it with Craig and Ian Raney, Jim Callahan and Rod Gardiner and Brian Carrol with Mat Gleeson. Brian blitzed the fleet in the invitational race with a resounding first. The history of the winners of an invitational race is not a good one, they do not often go on to win the regatta, but Brian performed well throughout to finish 12th overall.

The first day of racing was held in overcast conditions with some light rain. The winds were variable at 10 knots and under. There were four races on the first day. The GLYC contingent had mixed results with some good results and some not so good results. Craig and Ian were always in the top end of the fleet with their two best results on the day being a 3rd and 5Th, Jim and Rod had a 6th and 14th while Brian had a 7th and an 11th.

After three days of cold, heavily overcast and often rainy days, the sun appeared briefly raising the hopes of the competitors for more consistent winds. It was not to be. The start boat had difficulty setting a start line due to shifty winds and had to restart the first race due to most of the boats not being able the lay the pin end of the line. The day required the skipper and crew to work closely together to pick the correct side of the course or the area that would provide the most consistent winds.

Two  fillies out in the paddock: Melody on Rocket Cow, a 125, and Philly Lang on Cool Running, a Laser4.7, in 31 Jan. divisional races
Two fillies out in the paddock: Melody on
Rocket Cow, a 125, and Philly Lang on Cool
Running, a Laser4.7, in 31 Jan. divisional

Day four and races 6 and 7 were sailed back to back in light and variable conditions. Craig and Ian were going into these two races in a good position but had one bad race which in the end they could drop but another good result would have seen their results improve to 4th overall rather than 6th but it was still a good result.

The last day of racing was cancelled due to the lack of wind. The final results were Craig and Ian 6th, Brian and Matt Gleeson 12th and Jim and Rod 15th. Brian and Mat Gleeson took home the Uffa Fox trophy for winning the invitational, well done! The Canberra sailors performed well taking first through 3rd positions.

We look forward to when the Flying Fifteens come to race again at GLYC!


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Yard and Marina Report

Some info on the wait list

The approach.  Been here before.. Whale and the bird arrive back at GLYC.  Is there a berth for us?
The approach. Been here before.. Whale
and the bird arrive back at GLYC. Is
there a berth for us?

Yard and Marina
Members wishing to store their boat at GLYC are required to submit an application to the Yard Manager (Jim Callahan). If there are positions available a spot will be allocated and if no position is available the member will have his/her name recorded on a Wait List. Below is a copy of the number of boats on the wait list..

Wait List December 2015


  • 4 boats. Applications were made in 2015/16
  • Vessels with drafts greater than 4 feet at this time will not be able to access berths due to the depths in the marina.

  • 2 boats
  • Requested for 2016/17

Off The Beach
  • At this time no waiting

Under Club Storage
  • At this time no waiting

If you have put in an application and wish to check that your boat is on the list please contact Jim Callahan. If you would like to apply for a position please read the storage policy on the web site and submit the application forms to Jim Callahan. The forms and policy can be found on the web site. A member can submit their application to any committee member, put it in my pigeon hole at the club office, or email it to GLYC.


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5156 6448

Marlay Point Overnight Race Breakky

Sunday, 13 March -- early

Longnose and Think Seascape (sportskiff with Stuart Loft) battle in the blowy and wet Chris Hawkens Three Bays race
Longnose and Think Seascape (sportskiff
with Stuart Loft) battle in the blowy and
wet Chris Hawkens Three Bays race

Hello all you dedicated Marlay Point breakky preparers. It's almost that time again, so we need to start filling in the rosters.

I believe LWYC asks for a person or two to help with the overnight work and finishing.

And, the kitchen requires maybe four shifts of six people each. Some have perfected their MPNOR cooking and organizing skills on....egg frying, or bacon, or toast...serving, taking money, WASHING DISHES -- the backbone of all successful kitchens.

The sign-up list will be upstairs at the bar. Or call Christie, 5156 7861, or 0490 178 259 or text but do not leave a voice message (don't know nothing about them) or email arraschristie@gmail.com.

We really appreciate your helping on this special day. Thank you in anticipation.


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Tales of the Whale and Bird

Home again

Hello, G'day Mates,

Well, we have still been on the move, not by our usual mode of sailing but by car, train and planes. We, as many of you will know, decided to fly home for Christmas. It was clear that we were not going to get the weather windows we needed to be home in time for the festive and family get togethers. So we decided to leave Whale and the Bird secure in Scarborough Marina and come home for a quick visit.

It was lovely to see everyone and have wonderful hugs, smiles and long chats over food and beverages. It was also exciting to be in our home and discover all the delights of land living, although we did feel that our many possessions were just not needed after living with such a small quantity of things on the boat. I think we could all down size by at least 30% and still have too much. We sailed on Pete's boat at home, Chibizulu (22ft Mini Tonner) in a few races, an absolute delight and so manoeuverable. It was such a strange feeling to stand on the bottom step of the companionway on Chibizulu and my upper body was still outside the cabin; I did bang my head a few times.

We returned to Brisbane early January and after 3 days had the weather we thought would get us to Sydney. Unfortunately, the weather window shortened and the trip out of Moreton Bay was a full day's motoring before we cleared the top of Moreton Island and headed south. It was clear we were not going to make it to Sydney and beat the Southerly that was coming up the coast. We decided to head for a safe port and arrived at Coffs Harbour in a southerly of 22 knts early in the morning. We were safely anchored inside the bay by 6.30 am with some local advice from Marine Rescue services that are available to boaters free all the way along the Australian Coast. Pete took an early morning swim, with the locals (swimmers), to clean the propeller after the boat struggled to make headway into the Southerlies. It was covered in barnacles and weed after 2 months in the warmer waters of Moreton Bay.

Very soon we were tied up on the end of a pontoon in Coffs Harbour Marina which has huge break walls on either side; it's disconcerting as you cannot see the ocean or the beaches as they are so high. We were very happy, however, with these high break walls when we measured 35 knt Southerlies blowing hard for over 12 hours; we were heeling in the Marina! We enjoyed 5 days in Coffs Harbour and we were soon back into our habit of walking miles and exploring new places, finding good coffee and excellent fish and chips. We both noticed that we were out of condition after 2 months off and lots of Christmas goodies.

We left Coffs Harbour in a nice steady Easterly breeze and the usual excitement began on our first day. We had almost all of our big Genoa fully out with half main sail when Pete said 'let the rest of the Genoa out'. I casually undid the furling line from the winch and let it slowly ease out, as I had done so many times before. To our amazement it then gracefully and silently slid down the furling track, flaked itself neatly on the deck and then proceeded to slide over the safety rails Into the sea. Well you have never seen two people move so fast. Luckily it was still attached to the boat with the sheets and at the clew; we quickly pulled it back on deck and secured it tightly. There was was no question our next stop would be Sydney to replace the frayed webbing loop at the top of the Genoa.

We approached Sydney Harbour with a little bit of trepidation and lots of excitement; the heads loomed on either side of us as we motored through in calm seas and sunny skies. A turn to port and we were into the Western channel and ferries were speeding by. What ever happened to 5 knots? They take no prisoners as they zoomed past full of people on their way to work. Then Pete needed to go down below so I took the helm; within minutes I was watching a huge cargo ship turning into the channel in front of me and it slowly went past on our port side. I'm sure I held my breath while it passed by; why do they always seem to be so close? Maybe it is just the sheer size of them. To me they defy the laws of nature floating so effortlessly on the water.

A turn to starboard and we were greeted by the sight of the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge surrounded by brilliant blue sky and sparkling water. It was surreal; under we went with the noise of the trains and cars traveling on the bridge overhead and the horns of the ferries coming out of Sydney Cove (the founding site for Australia). The massive steel structure of Sydney Harbour Bridge dwarfed Whale and the Bird; I looked up and watched our mast move under the huge girders. No, we did not hit the bridge....and then we were suddenly back in the sunshine.

We anchored in Rozelle Bay right next to Pam and Eric on SV Pied-a-Mer, a buddy boat from our travels across the Pacific; it was lovely to see them. We were only a short dinghy ride to Darling Harbour, the fish market and shops. Also a short walk across a beautiful park to catch the light rail to get into the centre of Sydney. We caught up with more cruising friends (Simon and Helen)in the centre of Sydney where we enjoyed a sedate pub crawl (talking and drinking beer)and then a delicious Italian meal with a good quality red wine, delicious tiramisu and coffee to die for. I'm sorry, the French do not make the best coffee!

We enjoyed 5 days in Sydney, now with the Genoa fixed it was with some reluctance that we said goodbye to our friends. We then motored out of the Harbour to Watsons Bay, which is close to the Sydney Heads, for a night stop over before again heading off for home.

The passage from Sydney to Lakes Entrance was again a mixture of weather: we either had the breeze straight on the nose or none at all for over 24hrs, so we motored and we motored some more. We came around Green Cape into Bass Straight with the wind blowing straight on the nose and short sharp waves of 1-2 metres. The result was a very uncomfortable ride with loud bangs as the bow came down off these waves punching up a spray of water over the foredeck. Whale and the Bird took it all in her stride.

We finally arrived off the bar entrance to the Gippsland Lakes around 3.30am in clear calm conditions with a full moon; the water was like glass and there was light fog rolling off the land. A few fishing boats were far away in the distance so we turned the motor off and just floated around, it was so peaceful and amazingly beautiful. Pete grabbed a few hours sleep, I kept watch as the sun came up and I enjoyed the last few hours of being on the ocean.

At 7.15am we crossed the Lakes Entrance bar in calm conditions. Surf was breaking on each side but the opening was flat and we had no problems. We saw ahead a car parked on the break wall flashing it's headlights, a welcome home wave from our friend Dave. I sounded the fog horn and we were in!! We looked at each other and said 'we did it'. Then I said 'well done Pete'; he then said 'well done Annie'. We then pointed Whale and the Bird for the last mark before entering the McMillan Straights. Across Lake King we went, the water was flat and sparkling and the sky was clear blue, perfect. We tied Whale and the Bird up outside the Gippsland Lakes Yacht Club, and were greeted by friends with bubbles (champagne) and party whistles. Thank you, Sue, for the lovely gesture.

I guess this is the last newsletter for The Adventures of Whale and The Bird. I hope you have enjoyed reading about our travels. The biggest thank you to everyone who has been with us at different times on our journey and to our wonderful family and friends. It is almost unbelievable to Pete and me that our dreams and plans have become a reality. It's been the most incredible, stunning, adventure ........'from little things big things grow'.
(song by Paul Kelly)

Cheers Anne and Pete
SV Whale and the Bird.

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Gippsland Lakes Yacht Club
P.O. Box 194, Paynesville VIC 3880

Club phone03 5156 6864

Flag Officers

CommodoreJacqui Loft0468 987 684
Vice CommodoreWendy Gardiner0498 116 752
Rear CommodoreJames Frecheville5156 7103 / 0412 979 824
SecretaryRuss Peel5156 6691 / 0408 589 805
TreasurerJenny Brown0403 819 635
Sailing CaptainJames Frecheville5156 7103 / 0412 979 824
Sailability OfficerAndrew Thistlethwaite5156 0141


Immediate Past CommodoreDavid Parish0437 516 666
Publicity and WandererChristie Arras5156 7861
Club HouseDave Bacon5156 7524
Discover Sailing CoordinatorSharna Baskett0409 207 331
Grounds & StorageJames Callahan5156 0655 / 0488 500 795
Club BoatsBrian Carroll0411 743 602
IT Tim Shepperd0400 666 486

Sabot Sailing Dinghy

Sabot sailing dinghy. V.G.C.
2 main sails cedar foils
No leaks, ready to race or pleasure sailing.
On beach trolley


Editor's apology: the image got wrinkled and wet. The little dinghy does not have a wrinkly deck nor blurry centerboard. Christie

Phone: 5156 7384

Are you looking for a reliable sitter for your house/dog/cat?

I am a very fit, non-smoking animal/garden - lover with lots of house sitting experience & glowing references,including three Paynesville locals.
Seeking position in Gippsland Lakes Area, preferably 2 weeks or more. Any time from now up until May 2016, then later in the year.
Please contact Anne on inglebar@bigpond.com. Thank you. ( Christie Arras also knows me! )
PS I highly recommend her. Christie

Contact: Anne
Email: inglebar@bigpond.com

Rudder for sale

Dovetailed- Laminated
5 feet /1.5 mtrs long. Beautiful condition
Originally made for racing a Cole 23
Would suit drop rudder conversion for another yacht due to its length.

Contact: Ray Bouvet
Phone: 0427566417
Email: rayb227@hotmail.com