Wanderer - March 2016

Commodore's Report

Laughter, sailing and dancing have all been the topics of Feb and through March.

Such a huge two months are around us at the moment: the weddings, Paynesville music festival, Paynesville classic boat festival, and the titles with the Marlay point.

What does this all mean to us. It highlights to the public that we are a generous club; we have and continue to break down the stereotypical thoughts around Yacht Clubs and the closed doors we have been perceived to have. It is also a great means of revenue raising. So thanks to all for your support and the fun had whilst volunteering time. Dance lessons are on my agenda for winter.

The sailing world has been rocked by some news over the last week. Something we all never wish to hear about. A fellow sailor and his crew in a fatal accident whilst racing. The death of a sailor, and injury of another on Sydney harbour is something that will no doubt hit us all in many different ways. We know and love this sport; we know the risks and we know the beauty. Every day that we step onto the boat to go sailing we know the good and bad that can happen. We try to prevent everything we can to stop any incident from happening, yet sometimes things can go wrong.
What I ask you to remember is two points.
The first Rule of the water... avoid a collision at all costs.

The second to remember is to report the incident to the club where you are sailing. From near misses to injuries. Both boats and crew. On water and potentially off water.

It has come to light that we all have varying thoughts on the risk management and associated paper work of the 21st century. What I would like to remind you all is that we need to look out for each other. Recording a near miss on the race track or a bump on the head from a boom is recording for future knowledge.

These two points apply to all events at the club, from our Discover sailing programs to our racing on Tuesday nights and Sundays. 'Rules of sailing' cover all these events as does the incident reporting. If at any time you are unsure of what needs to be done, please talk to the person in charge of the event, or a committee member to help you.

Please stay safe on the water. The Gippsland Lakes Yacht Club is a friendly club who values you as a member; we like seeing you around. So let's look after each other.

Lastly, I would like to thank the members who were able to show the National party what sailing on the Gippsland Lakes is all about. I have to say I was unsure what to expect when Tim Bull asked us to do some sailing at the end of their conference. What we got was some amazing sailing on 6 beautiful Etchells. 5 super competitive races. 12 smiling people who had a ball and were super competitive. 5 Etchells owners who all enjoyed the close sailing of one design. I have to say it was a great afternoon of sailing. Complements to all the GLYC members, and, of course, to the winning team, who I have been assured now have bragging rights till next time...


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In this issue:

Sailing Calendar

Another beautiful Twilight Sail on 1 March.
Another beautiful Twilight Sail on 1

01 Tuesday 1700 hrs Twilight Sailing
06 Sunday 1400 hrs LB&B personal handicap
08 Tuesday 1700 hrs Twilight Sailing
12 Saturday 1200 hrs 125 State Championships and Javelin Victorian Championships
13 Sunday 0600 hrs Marlay Point Overnight Race breakky
13 Sunday 1200 hrs 125 State Championships and Javelins
14 Monday 1000 hrs 125 State Championships and Javelins
15 Tuesday 1700 hrs Twilight Sailing
20 Sunday 1400 hrs Divisional heats 14 & 15
22 Tuesday 1700 hrs Twilight Sailing
25 Friday 0800 hrs Junior Good Friday race around Raymond Island
26 Saturday 1000 hrs Easter Regatta Long Distance Race
26 Saturday 1000 hrs 2016 F16 National Championships GLYC
26 Saturday 1000 hrs Dragon Series GLYC
27 Sunday 1000 hrs F16s and Dragons
27 Sunday 1400 hrs Easter Regatta Round Raymond Island race
28 Monday 1000 hrs Easter Regatta Lake Victoria Triangle and F16s and Dragons
29 Tuesday 1700 hrs Twilight Sailing

03 Sunday 1400 hrs LB&B personal handicap Race 7
05 Tuesday 1300 hrs Ancient Mariners stern chaser
09 Saturday 1000 hrs Cruise to Steamer Landing
10 Sunday 1400 hrs Four Winds Trophy Race
12 Tuesday 1300 hrs Ancient Mariners stern chaser
17 Sunday 1400 hrs Barnseys Last Chance and re-sail
19 Tuesday 1300 hrs Ancient Mariners stern chaser
24 Sunday 1400 hrs Barnseys Last Chance and re-sail
26 Tuesday 1300 hrs Ancient Mariners stern chaser

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Social/Sailing Calendar

Waiting for action in the Lake King Challenge on 28 Feb.  Race won by default.  Games moved to Lake Victoria.
Waiting for action in the Lake King
Challenge on 28 Feb. Race won by default.
Games moved to Lake Victoria.

Club night up in the bar. Come and enjoy the company. Bring in a meal if you'd like. There are meat barbie packs available to be ordered from the bar. It's a very lively night. You might even win the members' draw.

Cruise to Steamer Landing
Don't miss the club overnight on the 9th of April to Steamer Landing. We'll try to get the barbie over and work on some group bonding exercises (just kidding - that's just for the Nationals). Sunday will be the Four Winds race that sails from the club over to Steamer and back to GLYC. So, if you're not big into races, hang out to welcome the fleet. If you're keen, sail home then race back and around. Should be a beautiful time to be over there.

Ancient Mariners Stern Chaser
Beginning Tuesday, 5 April, the Ancient Mariners (formerly known as the Old Farts Race - scrapped due to lack of political correctness) will begin their relaxed stern chasers which continue on through the winter and into September. The routine involves meeting for a packed lunch up in the Loft, much discussion, and then the departure of the slowest boat hales the start of the weekly event.

Our handicapper extraordinaire has a portfolio of courses which are chosen on wind direction and perhaps even strength. Roundings at existing navigation marks need to be within two or three boat lengths away...usually quite a subjective decision by skippers, some more cautious than others.

As usual, boats should clump near the club house enabling all to begin having a wine together back up in the loft at the same time. There is a bottle of wine for the day's winner which is purchased by donations of a gold coin by competitors prior to or after the race. Hopefully, we'll see a few new boats this slow season by the gainfully unemployed ancient mariners. All are welcome.

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5156 6448

From The Sailing Captain

The winning form on Wet a Pollie Day.  Jacqui helmed Gotta-Tella with Andrew and Nationals Steph Ryan and Danny O'Brien.
The winning form on Wet a Pollie Day.
Jacqui helmed Gotta-Tella with Andrew and
Nationals Steph Ryan and Danny O'Brien.

It is never too late in the season to talk about Rules and Responsibilities.

There have over the years been a number of on water incidents which highlight the need for just this. All sailors need to have an understanding of Yachting Australia Racing Rules of Sailing (The Rules), especially when in close quarter sailing with a variety of craft with vastly differing speed and manoeuvering capabilities, and often in challenging and changing wind conditions. We all know this scenario from our highly popular twilight racing.

Knowledge and understanding of The Rules under which we race is fundamental to a safe passage around the race track. Even more so is the application of these rules in relation to what is likely to happen when boats converge whether on opposite or same tacks. Anticipation of what boats behind and closing can and may do is all part of the game especially on a Tuesday night.

Part 2 of The Rules refers to when boats meet. Rules 10 to 20 in Section A, B and C are the ones every sailor needs to know and understand. Section A covers Right of Way when boats meet whether on opposite tack, same tack overlapped, same tack not overlapped and whilst tacking. Section B covers avoiding contact, acquiring Right of Way, changing course and sailing a proper course. Section C looks at marks and obstructions.

Understanding of The Rules and your Responsibility to abide by them makes for great racing.

Save yourself $35 and download a pdf of The Racing Rules of Sailing at: www.yachting.org.au


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Ramblings from the Rear

Melody and Mark Jefferis hone their skills on Rocket Cow, 125, in anticipation of the States next weekend at GLYC
Melody and Mark Jefferis hone their skills
on Rocket Cow, 125, in anticipation of the
States next weekend at GLYC

This month's ramblings run into rumblings. It has been very busy around the club this month and will be so until our Easter Regatta. Some members who may have not been around the Club may be unaware of what is and has been going on. So let me tell you.

The Wet a Pollie Day was a great opportunity to have some fun on the water and to showcase our Club and was an event I am sure will be reported on elsewhere.

For many years now the last weekend in February is the Music Festival and we as Sponsors of this Community Event open our hall and grounds as an event venue and site for food stalls. This year we had two full-on nights of music with The Uncles and James Blundell. Although we made a cash donation to organisers as well as a FOC hall hire for these shows, we have, thanks to those who put up their hands and volunteered, made a dollar over the bar. Our staff were very happy with the new A/C in the bar and improvements throughout the main hall. Better still they looked very professional in their red shirts and Lightfoot aprons. There was little inconvenience to Members as access to the loft was always available.

Next weekend is the Inaugural Paynesville Classic, a boat rally and festival for those who like old boats. From humble beginnings it has grown and with the help of social media now has over 130 entrants on the water as well as over 30 boats on the hardstand and a large trade display. All this is happening on our grounds and adjacent parking area. From the Grassy Point (Cattle Point) marina to the Gippsland Ports south marina at the entrance of the canals the wharf and marinas will be chocka with classic boats. Support for this event from members with marina berths by vacating their berths for the weekend will help make this event a great success.

The Rally starts on Friday night with music and a Welcome Party and Briefing. On Saturday there is a flotilla parade down the Straits and then the normal shenanigans of boat festivals back on dock which invariably includes wine, food, music and passionate discussion of matters maritime.

Weight forward on Its Alright in Div races on 21 Feb
Weight forward on Its Alright in Div races
on 21 Feb

A marquee is being erected outside the verandah but access for the launching of boats will not be any different. Restricted access means once you have launched, your car and trailer will have to be parked further away than you are accustomed and certainly not on Club grounds nor in the carpark, which will be the site for the off water display and trade expo. OTB stuff and Discover Sailing with Division Cool will be business as usual, but everyone will just have a little further to walk.

Saturday night is a ticketed event with Soultanas playing. This means if you have not been rostered on for the bar or galley you won't be able to access the club that night.

On Sunday there is a parade of sail lead by the gaff fishing boats commencing with a flare start from the ferry at 1100 hours and then heading out into Lake Victoria. It will all be over in time for Heat 5 LB&B.

It is also anticipated that any boat that has vacated her mooring at the Club will be able to return at around 1600 hours after racing on Sunday or, if still elsewhere, by the following Tuesday Twilight race.

The following weekend is the MPONR and the State Championship Regattas for the 125 and Javelin classes. It will again be a busy weekend. Christie may still need help in the kitchen and I am always happy to have more offers for help than I can fill. I am always amazed by this ongoing and enthusiastic support by our membership of these events. But I guess it has got out that it really is just good fun being involved.

Then comes Easter! And with it the F16 National Championship Regatta. After Easter we have a well earned break.

See you out there.

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5156 7085

Division 1

Close competition on a beautiful day in Div racing 21 Feb
Close competition on a beautiful day in
Div racing 21 Feb

On the 14th of February the JK Lloyd race was held and a small fleet of division one boats competed. Michael Clark performed well and took out 2nd in Wow and Craig and Ian Rainey placed 4th.

On the 21st the last of the divisional races was sailed in excellent conditions. In race 12 Jim and Dave Adams got off to an excellent start rounding first at the windward mark closely followed by Craig and Trevor. There was close racing with Andrew in the Taser and John Foley. At the finish Craig and Ian had regained the lead followed by Trevor, Jim, Andrew in the Taser and then John.

Race 13 saw a different line up at the finish with Craig in first, Andrew in the Taser, Trevor, John and well back, Jim and Dave. Part way through the race Jim and Dave decided to go fishing with their spinnaker which didn't help their performance and they didn't even catch any fish. The day was perfect for sailing and all competitors seemed to enjoy the day.

The Lake King Challenge that was not a challenge due to crane difficulties at the Metung Yacht Club so the race was reorganised by James into back to back races in Lake Victoria. Again the sailing conditions were great and we had two good races. In the first race the Flying Fifteens got a bit too keen and ended up over the line at the start. Only Michael returned to restart and would have won division one because Jim and Craig sailed on; unfortunately Michael had gear failure and had to return to the club.
5156 0582

In the second race of the day Craig and Jim sailed a close race with Craig and Ian coming 4th and Jim 5th on handicap. Perhaps the course suited the mosquito catamarans because they managed to take out the first three places!


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Discover Sailing Action

Oh that we could be so agile.  Luca and Jack in Aquaholic in Div racing 21 Feb
Oh that we could be so agile. Luca and
Jack in Aquaholic in Div racing 21 Feb

We have so much happening within the Discover Sailing Program in the tail end of the season, don't be surprised if it seems that some of our sailors are permanently living at GLYC!

Green fleet is completing their final sessions on suitable Fridays, with a number backing it up again on Sunday mornings for Division Cool. If you haven't been down yet on the weekend to check out the action, please do so as we are consistently seeing 20 sailors of various ages in OTB boats on Sunday morning. It is such a great sight to see, with relay racing, capsizing, teamwork and general fun all round!

Representation in Division 3 continues to be strong with new faces and new boats within the fleet, and our juniors clean swept their division at the Eastern Region Regatta. Nice work team!

This month we've seen DSC sailing at GLYC expand further than our immediate fleet, with a Get Active Sailing Session run with the Bairnsdale Scouts last Tuesday evening (with 30 scouts out on the water with our juniors) and the whole of Grade 6 at Paynesville Primary (20 students in all) completing the Tackers 1 program on Thursday afternoons. We have been very fortunate to not only have support from club members in hosting such programs, but also with YV sending instructors to run the on-water components.

The great news about these programs is that they are introducing sailing to a wider audience at a very affordable cost. And we have already had interest from a number in joining the next Tackers school holiday program (4-8 April).

March will continue to be another busy month with various State Championships being attended in early March (Minnows, International Cadets, 125s and Mosquitos) ? good luck to all.

Preparations have also commenced for the 3rd annual Good Friday Appeal Raymond Island Sail, with a full fleet in training for the big day. Save the date; Friday 25th March! Come down for breakfast at the club and see the kids off. Donations can be made via the GFA tins on the bar or via the Good Friday Appeal GLYC juniors supporters page.

For more information on this, or any of our Discover Sailing Programs please check out the GLYC facebook page or the GLYC website under Learn to Sail.


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Division 4

Perfect cat weather on 21 Feb for Tim on Karma Cat, Mosquito
Perfect cat weather on 21 Feb for Tim on
Karma Cat, Mosquito

What a blur the first 2 months of this year have been.

Shortly after getting back from Nationals in January, the Mossies where back out, mentoring junior sailors interested in Catamaran Sailing, with the YV Cat Clinic at GLYC. This proved to be as fulfilling for the Mentors (Tim, Neil and Gary) as it was for the juniors. The sheer enjoyment and excitement on the young faces made it more than worth the effort. Never mind there are now half a dozen young sailors at the club that are more confident on trapeze and ready to take on any sailing that comes their way.

The Mossies have also had some great club racing, with and without the Juniors' crewing with awesome winds this summer. It was also a lot of fun backing up the winning results of the Juniors in the over 120 monohull division to help GLYC win the Gippsland Interclub regatta (the GLYC Mossies didn't win the catamaran division, but the results were good enough to seal the win for the club).

There looks like the chance of an increase in Div 4 numbers also, with a few old timber Mossies and possibly an Arrow being dug out of retirement. Thanks to Juniors planting the idea in fathers' minds and no doubt some nagging. So we look forward to seeing them on the water at some time in the future.

A huge month of catamaran sailing is coming up in March, with Mosquito State Titles just up the Lake at Loch Sport and at the end of the month a number of visiting cats will join Div 4 for the GLYC Easter Regatta, along with the F16 catamarans returning to Paynesville for their National Titles at Easter. So watch out OTB Cats will be everywhere.

Keep your eyes open and your head swivelling.
"Still Bitten"

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Paynesville Classic Boat Rally

Tegwyn Somerville rides high as a piratess on Julia in the Classic Boat Rally parade
Tegwyn Somerville rides high as a piratess
on Julia in the Classic Boat Rally parade

The Paynesville Classic Boat Rally has arrived and what a fabulous occasion it is. Today's boat parade down the straits with 160 participants of all shapes and sizes wowed the enormous crowds lining the foreshore and jetties.

With the Warratahs in Dragon Threads, a dragon boat, leading the fleet with their steady drum beat, the festooned boats sailed, motored and even paddled down the straits. From a tiny coracle-like sailboat, classic lake boats, luxury wooden cruisers and even two small steam powered tooting vessels the rally fascinated all onlookers.

Many of our boats, Dave Parishes lake boat, Andrew Somerville's Julia, Ghost, No Worries, Sea Creature, to name just a few, were in the line up. Our good friends, Wanderer and Buttercup, took their places as well. From the yacht club down to the new foreshore restaurant and beyond the fleet moored for more casual viewing. Our parking lot too is filled with smaller boats and racing classic boats on trailers.

Tomorrow the lake fishing boats will race out into Lake Victoria at 1100 hours as well as another class at 1300 hours (can't remember which).

Last night was the welcome night for participants with a lovely group of singers and a coupon for a free drink in each party bag. So the bar was hopping with the thirsty crowd.
5156 0432

A classic new look for our wetberths
A classic new look for our wetberths

Tonight the Sultanas will play to a sold out audience and the bar will be open from mid-day to midnight.

This rally is definitely a hundred per cent WOW!!! factor. What a success. Congratulations to all those dedicated workers who have brought this dream to fruition. Yes.

And thanks to those of you gladly gave up your berths to help make this the success that it is.

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5156 6700


iPad needed for club

Great form on Inside Joke in the Lake Victoria Challenge
Great form on Inside Joke in the Lake
Victoria Challenge

The club is looking for an Apple iPad to use for results out on the water. Should you have one that has been put aside for a better one, could you consider giving it to race management? It would be much appreciated. Thank you.

Looking for a big BBQ?
GYLC has a spare one that we want to get rid of. Currently under the stairs in the breezeway. It needs minor repairs but does work.. If interested, please call Wendy Gardiner on 0498116752 It's going to the tip shortly.

Congratulations to Mitch Bayliss
State Champs! Congratulations to Mitch Bayliss for his win on Pipalina in the Victorian Trailable Yacht and Sports Boat Championships hosted by Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron. In Race 6 he beat Fat Bottom Girl, sailed by B Murphy, by a hair. And won the Championship by beating Leewana (who was OCS in race 6) on a mega count back.

Mitch wrote in Facebook, "State Champs!!! Bloody good weekend with Sam Duncan and my dad Keith."

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Marlay Point Overnight Race Breakky

Two people required to be on call to help with finishing

Saracen sprays along in the 2 Feb. Twilight blow to win the wine and the dishes for the night.
Saracen sprays along in the 2 Feb.
Twilight blow to win the wine and the
dishes for the night.

Saturday night/Sunday, 12/13 March

LWYC has asked us if we could provide two people to be on call to help with finishing. Should it be a fast race, you would be called to assist up in the operations room (upstairs) to help out at whatever ungodly hour. If it's a drifter, you might not be needed at all.

Hello again to all you dedicated Marlay Point breakky preparers. Our roster is just about filled in. The last time slot, 3pm to 4 ish could use some people to wrap up the serving (if it's a slow race) and tidy up.

I look forward to the skills and organization that enfolds with each shift. Someone invariably moves into leadership to keep things running smoothly. Others have perfected their MPNOR cooking and organizing skills on....egg frying, or bacon, or toast...serving, taking money, WASHING DISHES -- the backbone of all successful kitchens.

The sign-up list will be upstairs at the bar. Or call Christie, 5156 7861, or 0490 178 259 or text but do not leave a voice message (don't know nothing about them) or email arraschristie@gmail.com.

We really appreciate your helping on this special day. Thank you in anticipation.


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Gippsland Lakes Yacht Club
P.O. Box 194, Paynesville VIC 3880

Club phone03 5156 6864

Flag Officers

CommodoreJacqui Loft0468 987 684
Vice CommodoreWendy Gardiner0498 116 752
Rear CommodoreJames Frecheville5156 7103 / 0412 979 824
SecretaryRuss Peel5156 6691 / 0408 589 805
TreasurerJenny Brown0403 819 635
Sailing CaptainJames Frecheville5156 7103 / 0412 979 824
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Contact: Inside cabin of Rhanni

Spacesailor for sale

Spacesailor 24 feet
Furling jib
15 HP Mercury O.B.
$11,950 ONO

Contact: Alan Pick
Phone: 0410 584 860

Sabot Sailing Dinghy

Sabot sailing dinghy. V.G.C.
2 main sails cedar foils
No leaks, ready to race or pleasure sailing.
On beach trolley


Editor's apology: the image got wrinkled and wet. The little dinghy does not have a wrinkly deck nor blurry centerboard. Christie

Phone: 5156 7384

Rudder for sale

Dovetailed- Laminated
5 feet /1.5 mtrs long. Beautiful condition
Originally made for racing a Cole 23
Would suit drop rudder conversion for another yacht due to its length.

Contact: Ray Bouvet
Phone: 0427566417
Email: rayb227@hotmail.com