Wanderer - April 2016

Commodore's Report

The conclusion of the season is nearly here; it seems a shame after all the fun and adventure that has been had. Twilight racing has finished, although I hear the 'Ancient Mariners" racing has started with 20 boats last Tuesday.

We still have a very busy few months ahead. Dates you are invited to :

On the 1st of May, I would like to invite you all (yes, life members, kids, and partners) to a planning session on where the club is going. It will be at 10am in the club where we will have discussion on several areas that have been highlighted by the committee. This is your club and although the committee is here to run the club, we would like your thoughts/views on where we are to be headed.

The presentation of 2015/16 will be on the 21st of May; this will be a great night. I am organising a group of people to run this, so if you are willing to give a hand in some way, please give me a call. If you would like to RSVP by the 13th of May to Commodore@sailglyc.com it will secure you a seat or table.

The AGM is something I have spoken about in the last year, in regards to what you can do to help the club. June the 25th is when you can join us. Having been on the committee for 6 years in an Executive capacity and over 5 years as training school principal, I can guarantee it is a great way to give back to the club.

Over the last few large sailing events it has come to light that as a collective we may need to brush up on our rules. With the new "Blue Book" being released next season, it is a great opportunity to highlight what rules have changed. Next season there may also be little quizzes or questions throughout the season to show different rules. Please let us help to keep you safe. I have found there may be several different rules for one situation; knowing which one is correct is the safest option. Ignoring them is when people and boats get hurt.

Last but not least, "thank you." There is no easy way to thank everyone for each little thing that is contributed to the club.


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In this issue:

Sailing Calendar

Heaven Can Wait, Clubman, with Jacqui, Taj, Charlie and Keith Bayliss in the 30 Mile Race
Heaven Can Wait, Clubman, with Jacqui,
Taj, Charlie and Keith Bayliss in the 30
Mile Race

03 Sunday 1400 hrs LB&B personal handicap Race 7
05 Tuesday 1300 hrs Ancient Mariners stern chaser
09 Saturday 1000 hrs Cruise to Steamer Landing
10 Sunday 1400 hrs Four Winds Trophy Race
12 Tuesday 1300 hrs Ancient Mariners stern chaser
17 Sunday 1400 hrs Barnseys Last Chance and re-sail
19 Tuesday 1300 hrs Ancient Mariners stern chaser
24 Sunday 1400 hrs Barnseys Last Chance and re-sail
26 Tuesday 1300 hrs Ancient Mariners stern chaser

03 Tuesday 1300 hrs Ancient Mariners stern chaser
10 Tuesday 1300 hrs Ancient Mariners stern chaser
17 Tuesday 1300 hrs Ancient Mariners stern chaser
24 Tuesday 1300 hrs Ancient Mariners stern chaser


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Social/Sailing Calendar

Taj finds himself surrounded in the Straits in the Easter Appeal Round the Island
Taj finds himself surrounded in the
Straits in the Easter Appeal Round the

Club night up in the bar. Come and enjoy the company. Bring in a meal if you'd like. It's a very lively night. You might even win the members' draw.

Working bee - spring/fall cleaning
A bee is being organized for Saturday, April 16, with a 9:00 a.m. start to do a thorough cleaning of the premises. Strong male arms and skills are required for some tasks and eagle eyes for some other more feminine skill sets. All are welcome. Sue Parish has already volunteered to provide morning tea! I'm sure everyone can find a task they could do.

Strategic Planning and Member Views on Future for the Club Discussion. Sunday, 1 May, 10:00.

Presentation Night
The date is confirmed: Saturday, 21 May. We hope to have as wonderful a night as we had last year. It was all fun and no pain. Please mark the date on your calendars. If you can come, please RSVP by May 13 to reserve a place.

Annual General Meeting
Be sure to come for the AGM on Saturday, 25 June, 2016. If you're up snowbirding, be sure to appoint a proxy soon to vote for you. And, if this is the right time for you to jump into management with both feet, please nominate for a position on committee. Already David Parish and Rod Gardiner have taken over management of the bar, one of our most profitable areas, relieving Ian Spottiswood after six years of bringing the bar into the 21st century with efficiency and profitable management.

The positions of Secretary AND Treasurer are also open...and those MUST be filled. It's not a huge club so everyone must get tapped to help run it some time and maybe more than once! Nomination forms in the office; speak to a committee member to feel it out.

Melody and Enola team up on Rocket Cow
Melody and Enola team up on Rocket Cow

Ancient Mariners Stern Chaser
Beginning Tuesday, 5 April, the Ancient Mariners (formerly known as the Old Farts Race - scrapped due to lack of political correctness) will begin their relaxed stern chasers which continue on through the winter and into September. The routine involves meeting for a packed lunch up in the Loft, much discussion, and then the departure of the slowest boat hales the start of the weekly event.

Flash! Thirteen boats sailed this last Tuesday in the first of the Ancient Mariners sail in this winter-ish season.

Our handicapper extraordinaire has a portfolio of courses which are chosen on wind direction and perhaps even strength. Roundings at existing navigation marks need to be within two or three boat lengths away...usually quite a subjective decision by skippers, some more cautious than others.

As usual, boats should clump near the club house enabling all to begin having a wine together back up in the loft at the same time. There is a bottle of wine for the day's winner which is purchased by donations of a gold coin by competitors prior to or after the race. Hopefully, we'll see a few new boats this slow season by the gainfully unemployed ancient mariners. All are welcome. Come up to the Loft around noon to munch and muse prior to the race.

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03 8626 8700

Notes from the Vice Commodore

Jaime holds his own in the LB&B Juniors on 3 April
Jaime holds his own in the LB&B Juniors on
3 April

Working Bee Saturday 16th April
Now that our very busy sailing season has almost come to an end it is clear that the inside of the clubrooms has taken somewhat of a battering.

In order to set things straight before we all head north (some, including me, further north than others!), I have decided to hold a working bee to do a "spring" clean. Tasks will include cleaning the kitchen thoroughly and sorting out cupboards, steam cleaning floors in showers, toilets and kitchen, cleaning ovens (they are not too grotty but do need a bit of a spruce up), cleaning windows, taking rubbish to the tip and cleaning/sorting the committee room etc.

If you have an hour or two to spare on Saturday 16th April, your help would be greatly appreciated. 9am start with morning tea supplied at 11am, when hopefully most of the work will be done.

Kitchen upgrades
All members who have cooked Tuesday night meals on hot days will be pleased to know that at our committee meeting last week we approved the installation of air conditioning in the kitchen in time for next summer, despite not meeting the full cost through our Tuesday raffles. We also approved the purchase and installation of a new stove to replace the very old and now quite dangerous one. Thank you to everyone who has purchased raffle tickets on Tuesday evenings which has helped.

Member use of clubrooms
A couple of months ago I asked members who use our facilities on days other than club days to help us out by cleaning and clearing everything they use. I would like to say thank you to everyone for taking my request on board and ask that you continue to be thoughtful about how you leave the hall, kitchen, showers and toilets as we move into the quieter winter months.

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5156 6448

Division 1

Relience Ffenty Ffoo and Where the... Are We battle up the Grange channel in the Four Winds race
Relience Ffenty Ffoo and Where the... Are
We battle up the Grange channel in the
Four Winds race

The divisional series is over and only three more Life Bouy and Bell race were left to sail. On March the 3rd there was only one division 1 boat that completed the race and that was Jim and Rod on Impulse. The conditions on the day were outstanding. The following Sunday, Bill Shand placed 3rd, followed by Craig with both boats closely matched as usual.

Craig, Ian and Trevor went down to Mordialloc Sailing Club for a warm up series leading up to the Flying Fifteen Victorian State Titles. Both Craig and Trevor did well. The following 12th,13th and 14th of March was the weekend of the state titles and the conditions ranged from light and variable to moderate to strong winds. Craig and Ian did very well coming 4th overall and Trevor and Ben Jones came 6th, well done guys!


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5156 7085

Division 2

Frisky start of Div 2 in the Easter Round the Island Race
Frisky start of Div 2 in the Easter Round
the Island Race

Guess it's always a sad time at this part of the year; the end of another very successful season is closing in on us. Our collective thanks should go to our duty crews and our sailing captain for providing us with so much fun on Sunday/Tuesday. For the first time in my memory we have a surplus of duty crews.

The Round the Buoy men and ladies have maintained a good fleet throughout the year. The Trophy races have not been particularly well supported and perhaps we should have another look at the formatting of these races to try and close the gap between competing boats.

Additionally, the composition of Division 2 has been raised with me (I think I am still the D2 rep) and I have undertaken to raise this with the sailing committee for the coming season.

The Divisional series provisional results are completed with the honors going to Ghost with a very clear win in Div 2 from Kalimna and Growler in third place. The LB&B looks like going down to the wire; ask me after April 4th!

Easter was a cracker round the Island with over 40 boats. Honors for the series was taken out by no other than the Shand/Parish team. I understand that the Long Distance race was a mega marathon and some sad looking cases were around the club the following day.
5156 0432

The colorful Francis crew on Vintage Red starts the Round the Island race
The colorful Francis crew on Vintage Red
starts the Round the Island race

Tuesday nights are now completed, and again what a series! I reckon we averaged around 20/25 yachts competing. Our handicapper must get an award; just take a look at the finishing times and the number of boats coming down the straits to finish together. It is possible to establish Yardstick handicaps for boats that do not have one established, arising from this series.

A note of caution here as our Sailing Captain pointed out in a previous edition of Wanderer, Tuesday sailing presents some challenges that are not unique but are more a factor than Round the Buoys. For example, there is a bigger fleet, the sailing areas can be more confined and the fleet can range from 12 foot dinghies to 50 foot cats and keelers. Additionaly, some skippers have had limited racing experience (if any) and on occasions this has caused problems on the water. Remember, a big Cat or Keel boat cannot change course quickly; far better to, say, go behind rather than yell Starboard or whatever; it's often quicker and much safer.

Well, April 5 the Ancient Mariners kick off. The guys just go on getting older, grumpier, more competitive and the Girls more pleasant and understanding (couple of brownies here!!)

Well folks, have to go. Boat needs a new bilge pump...

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Discover Sailing Action

Entering the last leg home in the Junior Easter Appeal Round the Island
Entering the last leg home in the Junior
Easter Appeal Round the Island

It's been another busy month for our juniors and GLYC's Discover Sailing Centre. Here's a wrap of what's been happening:

Great participation at State Championships - congratulations all for representing GLYC so well.

    Here are the individual results:
  • Charlie Broomhall: 5th overall at the 125 State Titles, skippering Inside Joke with Taj. Awarded 1st place Junior Skipper for the regatta, 1st place on handicap and awarded Junior State 125 Champions for 2016
  • Taj Duff: 13th at the Minnow State Championships (Open Fleet), in Wild Weasel. 5th overall at the 125 State Titles, crewing on Inside Joke with Charlie. 1st place on handicap for the regatta and awarded Junior State 125 Champions for 2016
  • Enola Jefferis: 3rd overall at the 125 State Titles, crewing on Beyond Expectations with Stuart Johnson
  • Melody Jefferis; 7th overall at the 125 State Titles, skippering Rocket Cow with Mark Jefferis. Awarded 1st place female skipper for the regatta
  • Luca Vuat: 16th overall at the International Cadet State Championships, skippering Aquaholic with Jack
  • Ben Bockmann: 1st overall at the Mosquito State Titles, crewing on Immunity with Neil Joiner. Awarded 1st youth for the regatta
  • Jack Chapman: 16th overall at the International Cadet State Championships, crewing on Aquaholic with Luca
  • Oskar Watkinson: 4th overall at the 125 State Championships, crewing on Odds N' Ends with Brian Carroll.

Tackers fun 8 April
Tackers fun 8 April

School sailing program concluded with 20 Paynesville Primary and 60 Lakes Entrance Primary School students completing the Tackers 1 program.

28 GLYC sailors in 9 pacers took 4.5 hours to circumnavigate Raymond Island on Good Friday. Thanks to everyone who supported the fleet, and especially those who came down for breakfast in the morning and then cheered the fleet home to the club early afternoon. Over $5,300 was raised for the Royal Children's Hospital. Congratulations and well done Aleksia, Andrew, Archer, Averil, Ben, Charlie, Curtis, Darcy, Ella, Esther, Filly, Georgie, Grady, Harry B, Harry W, Hilary, Jack, Jaime, James, Jasmin, Luka, Louise, Matthew, Oskar, Paul, Sophie, Spencer & Taj.

Tackers and Adult Learn to Sail Programs; this past week 20 sailors have been involved in the learn to sail school holiday program. Tackers 1, 2 & 3, Adult Start Sailing and Better Sailing courses have run. Once again we've been lucky to have YV Instructors Kate and Oscar down for the week. Thanks also to Charlie and Taj for their ongoing assistance with the program.

Division Cool has had a break for the last couple of weeks, but will continue on Sunday's whilst the weather holds up.


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Division 4

A beautiful downwind start for Div 4 in the 30 Mile race at Easter
A beautiful downwind start for Div 4 in
the 30 Mile race at Easter

March has been very busy in Div 4, with the Mossie State Titles at Loch Sport on the Labour Day long weekend, a few club races, followed by Easter Regatta at the club.

GLYC was well represented at the no spinnaker Mossie States, with Neil and Ben sailing sloop rigged, and Tim and Gary Cat rigged. Of course Peter was there also (being Commodore at Loch Sport he was organising, sailing and providing lodgings for us all!

Neil and Ben sailed consistently in the sloop division, handling both the light and heavy winds well to win easily in the end. Peter handled the light winds best of the locals and was comfortably in second place with Gary and Tim struggling to keep up until Monday, when the wind came up and Gary moved into second ahead of Peter.

At the Easter Regatta it was good to see other cats, a visiting Nacra 430 and Olympic class Nacra 17, join the Mossies in Div 4, along with the regular visiting Mossies the Stone brothers and ex GLYC member Mitch Meade. The visitors came for the passage races; and the Classic 30 and Around the Island races didn't disappoint with good breeze at times. The Nacra 17 is the fastest ever YV rated sailboat to race at GLYC with a yardstick of 63.5 and showed why with incredible downwind speed, both crew on trapeze lifting out of the water on its curved centreboards (foils) leaving the Mosquito's well behind. The Nacra 17 didn't get to set a new record time but did get to the other end of the straits in 30 minutes. So with the right wind conditions they are easily capable of breaking the record and hope to be back in the future to try again.
5156 7223

The last day of the regatta was a fizzer, but a couple of juniors got to enjoy the light winds sailing Still Bitten for hours, whilst the visitors headed back to Melbourne.

It's just the wind-down to winter to go now and, hopefully, more sailing with the club juniors crewing.

See you on the water,
Still Bitten.

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5156 0582

125s, Javelins and the Marlay Point Breakky...all on the same weekend

Charlie and Taj fly in the 125 championship on Inside Joke
Charlie and Taj fly in the 125
championship on Inside Joke

The Labour Day weekend in March was hive of sailing activity with the Gippsland Lakes Yacht Club hosting both the 125 Victorian State Championships and the Javelin State Championships. And on the Sunday as well, the 107 boats racing in the Marlay Point Overnight Race sailed gracefully to the finish at the GLYC most arriving before 10:00 a.m. GLYC served up breakfast for the hungry sailors until every belly was full.

Mother Nature joined in providing perfect championship weather with winds medium on Saturday, light on Sunday, and stronger Monday.

Standing out among the 125s were two boats that were duelling all three days. Screaming Goats, sailed by Jim and Allicia Scott, and Bullet Steel, sailed by James and Amy O'Brien, each had won two races coming into the last race on Monday. Screaming Goats had the lead but chose to tack away to starboard which gave Bullet Steel a final advantage that sped him over the line just ahead of Screaming Goats for the win for the championship.

Beyond Expectations, skippered by Stuart Johnson and crew, Enola Jefferis from GLYC, earned a third place in the series. This was Enola's first championship regatta ever and the score attests to her having done a superb job sailing.

GLYC sailors Brian Carroll and Oskar Watkinson on Odds'n'ends placed fourth. Brian Carroll also took home the prizes for best Master sailor and oldest boat, one that he built himself nearly thirty years ago.

GLYC junior sailors, Charlie Broomhall and Taj Duff, on Inside Joke, came fifth. Charlie and Taj won the regatta on personal handicap as well as the Junior Champion Trophy.

The winning speed machine, Honky, takes the Javelin championship
The winning speed machine, Honky, takes
the Javelin championship

Following them came the rest of the Jefferis family (also from GLYC), Mark (dad) with Melody skippering Rocket Cow winning seventh place. Melody won the first in the lady skipper category.

The 2016 Javelin Victorian Championships were run concurrently with the 125s out in Lake Victoria with the two fleets sharing the leeward mark as well as the start and finish lines. The Javelins, instead of a triangle configuration, prefer windward and leeward courses and had their windward mark farther out than the 125s. As the Javelins were out of the starting gate first and are faster boats, there was never any conflict among the classes.

In Monday's strong blow, the Javelins literally flew through the water with just the weight of the two sailors toward the aft of the boats keeping the hull in the water. Honky with Brett Williams and Tim Fountain won the first 4 races which gave them the unqualified lead and the championship. In one race, they were clearly coming in third place; however, the first two were busy dueling and playing a luffing game with each other resulting in one's capsizing and the other losing control leaving Honky to glide over the finish line first.

Sledge Hammer sailed by Steve and Lachlan Low sailed beautifully winning two of the 6 races and taking home second place. Their boat on Monday was seen with two thirds of its hull out of the water as they planed down the course with their spinnaker flying. These boats were exhilarating to watch in the stiff breeze.

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9707 3033

Flying Fifteen Nationals

The tuxedo dressed gents on Julia sailed and sailed in the 30 Mile race and won 2nd place in Div 2 in 8.5 hours.
The tuxedo dressed gents on Julia sailed
and sailed in the 30 Mile race and won 2nd
place in Div 2 in 8.5 hours.

The Victoiran State titles held over the long weekend at Mordialloc was a great weekend of sailing, with 22 boats contesting with some very close racing over the nine heats.

Susan Thompson and Cameron Taylor in Never Say Die were the winners by three points from David Williamson, "New FFIV president" and Craig Morton in Cool Change. Third was Pete Milne and Phil Dubbin in Lapse in Reality.
Only 2 boats from Gippsland Lakes, Craig and Ian Rainey and Trevor Williams sailing with Ben Jones as fill in crew both had a good regatta finishing fourth and sixth respectfully with only four points covering fourth to sixth.

Mordialloc sailing club put on a great event with plenty of social activities to be had which made it a very friendly and enjoyable regatta. Even the challenge of getting in and out of the creek didn't dampen the event. So well done, Mordy.

Trevor Williams

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Easter Regatta and F16 Nationals at GLYC

Johno, Louise and Roger strategize soon after the start in the 30 mile race over Easter
Johno, Louise and Roger strategize soon
after the start in the 30 mile race over

What a busy Easter weekend for the Gippsland Lakes Yacht Club with the Junior Easter Appeal sail around Raymond Island on Friday, three days of the 2016 F16 National Championships as well as the yearly Easter Regatta.

Friday saw the juniors take to the water after their early breakfast with crowds of supporters cheering them on. Nine Pacers sailed off with two or three junior sailors on each boat to tackle the big island. The wind aided and abetted their journey, sometimes light and sometimes a bit more frisky. This year the donations the juniors elicited for their Round the Island sail for the Easter Appeal brought the three year total donations to $12,000 dollars, an admirable task for these kids to have brought in.

At 1400 hours, the first four races of the 2016 F16 National Championships were sailed out in Lake Victoria. Seven F16 Sloops (Vipers) competed with remarkable precision and speed and spray. Dave Bacon on the course laying boat said "It was amazing to watch them at the top mark? how fast they could get their spinnakers up and power off on their way back down to the bottom mark." They sailed windward and return races with a gate at the leeward end. Charter World with Jack Felthensal and Shaun Connor were consistently shining with 6 firsts and 4 seconds and a drop clinching the eleven race series.

On Saturday morning twenty-six yachts both mono and multihulls set forth on their Classic 30 race which had the fleet sailing close to thirty nautical miles. Down the back of the Island, around Point King, then around the Compass Points in Eagle Point set the boats up for a long downwind spinnaker run to Shaving Point in Metung. And then the hard work really started as they had to beat into the stiff wind all the way from Metung to Mason Bay past Point Turner.

One yacht, Fred, a Nacra 17 catamaran, sailed by Michelle Bursa, was dubbed the invisible boat as it shot around the course almost too fast to see. She arrived back at the finish at the Yacht Club in four hours and fourteen minutes followed by Gary Maskiell on Still Bitten, a Mosquito Sloop with spinnaker twenty-six minutes later.

Hoping the official sunset wasn't too early was Andrew Somerville in Julia, a Coota Boat 22, who was determined to finish in time and he did? in eight and a half hours! Considering he and his crew were wearing tuxedo t-shirts, they looked the part in the classic boat and won the best dressed crew at that evening's presentation. Because the race was on yardstick which takes into account boat handicap, Andrew came in second place in Division 2.

Among the three Flying Fifteens sailing in Division 1, Bill Shand and David Parish won first in the division as well as for the fleet results. Pipalina, a Castle 650, sailed by Mitch Bayliss won first in Division 2 as well as second overall in the fleet results. Gary Maskiell on Still Bitten, a Mosquito, won first in Division 4 among the cats.

The F16s began their second day of sailing once again out in Lake Victoria at 1400 hours. They managed again to get in four exciting races that afternoon.

On Sunday racing didn't start until 1400 hours. The bay was chock o' block with 47 yachts of all shapes and sizes for the ever popular Round the Island Race which has been sailed for more than fifty years here at the GLYC. Two little dinghies, a 125 and a Laser 4.7, were tiny in contrast to the 13 meter Adams, Longnose, and the large multihulls, Triple Expresso a Corsair F28 Tri and Sknot, a bright green Farrier F22R Tri with a beautiful purple spinnaker.
5156 6700

Looks as though the kryptonite got to Dan Stone.  He must have been Superman!
Looks as though the kryptonite got to Dan
Stone. He must have been Superman!

The fleet was joined by a group seven Magnum 8.5s who have their yearly get together over Easter on the Lakes.

The first start saw the Flying Fifteens and the dinghies head down to the rounding mark in a fairly organized fashion. However, with such a large and varied fleet in Division 2, it was wondrous to watch and miraculous that there were no mishaps with its organized chaos. It didn't help that the wind shifted 30 seconds before the start which left boats in positions they did not expect to be in. Though there were no collisions, there was a lot of shouting of Starboard and Water as the 34 boats piled out of the start line.

The fleet soon sorted itself and ran down to the straits with their colourful spinnakers flying. Skippers promised to stay within the 5 knot speed limit as they coursed the straits and past the ferry. Sknot told her tale of having to divert at the last minute with her huge purple spinnaker crumpling as they turned to avoid the ferry and said it must have been quite a spectacle for those watching from shore and on the ferry.

The catamarans chose to race counter-clockwise around the island in their own race. Once again the Nacra (the invisible boat) finished at the club in less than an hour. Mitch Meade on Bonnie, a Mosquito Cat and Spin, won the race on yardstick followed by Gary Maskiell on Still Bitten.

In the big race, Relience Ffenty Ffoo, the Flying Fifteen sailed by Bill Shand and David Parish, won first in Division 1 with John and Noelene Foley taking second in Molly O.

In Division 2, Andrew and Clancy McColl took first on Triple Expresso, a Corsair F28 Tri, with Amazing Grace, a Dragon, sailed by Charles Stanton, winning second place.

Charlie Broomhall and Taj Duff took first in Division 3 on Inside Joke, a 125, and Philly Lang came second on her Laser 4.7, Cool Running.

The F16s completed three more races out on Lake Victoria to round out the series with eleven races. Charter World with Jack Felthensal and Shaun Connor won the 2016 Championship with their stellar sailing.

Monday saw several postponements of the Lake Victoria Triangle race, until finally around 12:30 the pin was pulled and the race was abandoned due to insufficient wind. The remaining sailors packed up their gear, the crane was slated for Tuesday to lift the visiting Dragons out of the water, and trophies were handed out.

The Easter Regatta series winners were Bill Shand and David Parish in Division 1. Amazing Grace, Dragon, sailed by Charles Stanton took first in Division 2 ; Inside Joke with Charlie Broomhall won in Division 3. And finally, Gary Maskiell sailing Still Bitten, Mosquito, came home with the first for Division 4.

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Please Note: No parking on club grounds

No parking reminder
Please do not park on the GLYC grounds unless dropping off or picking up, if someone is attending to the car, or loading and unloading.
Over a busy weekend recently, a car that was parked near the hardstand area blocked someone from taking their boat out. It causes inconvenience for others. Thank you in advance for complying and being heedful of others.

Looking for a big BBQ?
GYLC has a spare one that we want to get rid of. Currently under the stairs in the breezeway. It needs minor repairs but does work.. If interested, please call Wendy Gardiner on 0498116752 It's going to the tip shortly.

The latest in proper dressing of yachts
There will be available for $10 a few deluxe sail ties available to buy. This unique and classy sail tie is literally just that. (See photo)

As we have been overstocked on our handsome GLYC logo ties, this project has been formulated to help clear some stock as well as make our boats some of the classiest on the water.

Orders will be fulfilled when requested. Contact Russ for more info.

Incident Reports
5156 6352
There are incident report forms for members to use to report an injury, collision, or contested issue. The committee is asking members to use them as in the long run, it helps should there be any follow up problems and it gives the club a means to prevent further problems by fixing or resolving the issue. Thank you.

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Marlay Point Overnight Race Breakky


Waiting for the start of the lake fishing boat race in the Classic Boat Rally. A lot of laughs and even a water fight.
Waiting for the start of the lake fishing
boat race in the Classic Boat Rally. A lot
of laughs and even a water fight.

This year's breakky was virtually done and dusted by 10:00 a.m. The early shift of 6:00 to 9:00 a.m. had non-stop business going.

Though it looked like it was going to be a slow race, the current was with them and a modest breeze kept them going. There was no anchoring in front of the club in the middle of the race as there was a couple of years ago.

As always, the kitchen help worked like greased lightning to keep the eggs, toast, bacon and tomatoes coming out. And the sailors were hungry. We sold 187 full monte breakkies and after expenses and sales of bacon and tomatoes, we netted $1430! WOW.

Thank you so much to all of you who helped and found your natural places to work. This was a great year.

Sorry to the later shifts who may have not been able to help out since it was all done and dusted before noon.

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A great idea from Kings Cove Golf Club

Another hard day in paradise comes to an end
Another hard day in paradise comes to an

How much fun would it be to get a bunch of us sailors together for a day of golf and a barbie social day at Kings Cove? We've done it a few times over the years, sometimes with 21 people participating. Some even decided to really play golf after that intro.

Here's the flyer from Kings Cove in Metung:

Kings Cove Club would like to invite your club to hold a social day at Kings Cove Metung, perfect for team bonding and pre season training.

We would like to offer you a special of 50% off all green fees and hire clubs.

We will also supply you with 4 prizes on the day for your golf competition.

Other offers that you can add on are:
- Post or pre game basic BBQ, $5.00 per head; or gourmet BBQ $12.00 per head.
Drinks Cart package, $12.00 per head

Please contact the club to check dates available. Conditions apply.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Kings Cove Management
5156 2927
email - manager@kingscoveclub.com.au

Call Christie, 5156 7861 or 0490 178 259 if you'd like to check this out.

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Cruise to Steamer Landing and the 4 Winds Trophy race

Portrait of Past Commodore, David, at Steamer Landing
Portrait of Past Commodore, David, at
Steamer Landing

What a perfect weekend for the cruise to Steamer Landing. Most of the boats ambled over on Saturday to enjoy a barbie lunch on the beach. A few of those had to leave after enjoying the afternoon. Among them were the Parishes and Gardiners on Swift, Mark, Jasmin and Ester on Vintage Red and the Callahans on Wayward Wind.

People relaxed in the afternoon on the beach, or taking a nano nap on their boats or a walk on the 90 mile beach. A few more boats rolled up, Neil and Kim on Time Flies and Nigel on Rainbow Connection, and Brian and Lyn zoomed on their rubber ducky for a visit.

The barbie was fired up again, along with a game of Scrabble, and delicious nibbles appeared. Dinner and cocktails ensued with jokes and tales and wonderful camaraderie. All in all, nine boats spent the night including the JudyG which ferried over the barbie with Christie camping on board.

When only the night owl partyiers were left standing, Gerry invited them on Aqualibrium for a wrap up of the evening.

Some breakkies were prepared on the barbie and most cruisers packed up and were headed home by 10. The JudyG got to use a bit of her muscle to free up Rainbow Connection who ambled over the line into the shallows.

Everyone was home in time to head out for the 4 Winds trophy race. Eleven boats entered for this fabulous race. The wind really got up...to just about 20 knots allowing the Mosquitos to finish in a little over an hour. Barrunan, the Sayles Tasar won the trophy with first. Neil Joiner and Oskar were first over the line in 47 minutes just 16 seconds ahead of Still Bitten with Gary Maskiell.

The Mosquitos and Tasar were mostly a blur as the wind picked up and they disappeared past the Grange in bursts of spray.

Watching the Raineys and the Shand/Parish team play their games on the beat up through the Grange was spectacular. As was counting the number of times the Jefferis's capsized and sped off again, turning turtle for one last display across from Montegue Point. How they held their exhausted bodies up after so much effort was amazing.

Kudos to Anthony Despard on his Sabre, Never Too Old, who stayed upright and charged across Lake Victoria in the surf and big blow.

All the sailors were stoked back at the clubhouse with their adrenaline rushes in this memorable afternoon.

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Sailability notes

Sailability thank yous
Sailability thank yous

This terms's Sailability program has concluded with the next term to start in October. Though the weather was rather uncooperative with many Tuesdays blowing too hard for the kids and one day cancelled due to the heat, the days that were sailed brought sheer joy to the participants.

It's wonderful to watch a reluctant and shy child finally go on the boat and have a great time and feel so proud of their accomplishment. Some of the participants work up to sailing alone or with another participant.

I had one day on the water with a lovely young women who is virtually blind and unable to speak where the wind started edging up higher and higher. As we got wetter and wetter, she still flashed me her huge smile to indicate she could keep going.

One class sent us thank you notes with comments like: Thank you for taking us sailing. It is fun steering; and I like going out by myself.

Andrew and Lyn Thistlethwaite are standing down after many years of running the program. Alan Pick, one of the volunteers, raised his hand to take over. His nomination will be taken to the vote at the AGM. We in the program are so pleased to have Alan offer as we know he will keep the program running smoothly, efficiently and with all our support.

Many thanks to Lyn and Andrew.

Volunteering in Sailability is very rewarding. People are always invited to join in the program.

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