Wanderer - May 2016

Commodore's Report

Hello, May, when we are supposed to be getting cooler and the days are still warm. I am hoping this doesn't change.

We still have a multitude of things happening around the club, in all areas. The Presentation of season 2015-16 is coming up quickly, the 21st of May to be exact. Hope I can see you all there. If you can RSVP by the 13th I would appreciate it. (more details later on )

The Discover Sailing Team are still out sailing with this week's seeing another bunch of smiling school kids from Briagolong PS venturing out to find out what we all know... that 'sailing is fun', and as it was put to me on Sunday, 'Sexy'.

The sailing team is putting together the Winter series. So James will be able to let you know the when's, who's and what's of keeping our sailing addiction alive.

Lastly, we still have some GLYC representation at Sauna Sail over the Labour Day weekend in June. I believe we generally have great representation from the cats and the juniors, but what about the FF's and the trailable yachts? Just a thought guys.

Last Sunday we had a fantastic strategic planning morning. I do have to thank those that came and opened up with their thoughts and feelings on our club. We had a wide range of ideas and concepts given across to the three facilitators. Sharna was able to keep us all in line and keep the ideas flowing, then wrap it up to be able to have a very informative and useful document. That WILL be worked on, actually has already been worked on.

So, keep reading this edition of the Wanderer and I will see you all soon.


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In this issue:

Sailing Calendar

The Contender contends in his first GLYC race
The Contender contends in his first GLYC

03 Tuesday 1300 hrs Ancient Mariners stern chaser
10 Tuesday 1300 hrs Ancient Mariners stern chaser
17 Tuesday 1300 hrs Ancient Mariners stern chaser
24 Tuesday 1300 hrs Ancient Mariners stern chaser

07 Tuesday 1300 hrs Ancient Mariners stern chaser
14 Tuesday 1300 hrs Ancient Mariners stern chaser
21 Tuesday 1300 hrs Ancient Mariners stern chaser
28 Tuesday 1300 hrs Ancient Mariners stern chaser

Winter Series dates soon to be announced.


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Social/Sailing Calendar

Club night up in the bar. Come and enjoy the company. Bring in a meal if you'd like. It's a very lively night. You might even win the members' draw.

Presentation Night
The date is confirmed: Saturday, 21 May. We hope to have as wonderful a night as we had last year. It was all fun and no pain. Please mark the date on your calendars. If you can come, please RSVP by May 13 to reserve a place.

Annual General Meeting
Be sure to come for the AGM on Saturday, 25 June, 2016. If you're up snowbirding or trekking through Europe, be sure to appoint a proxy soon to vote for you. And, if this is the right time for you to jump into management with both feet, please nominate for a position on committee. Already David Parish and Rod Gardiner have taken over management of the bar, one of our most profitable areas, relieving Ian Spottiswood after six years of bringing the bar into the 21st century with efficiency and profitable management.

The positions of Secretary AND Treasurer are also open...and those MUST be filled. It's not a huge club so everyone must get tapped to help run it some time and maybe more than once! Nomination forms in the office; speak to a committee member to feel it out.

Ancient Mariners Stern Chaser
The Ancient Mariners (formerly known as the Old Farts Race - scrapped due to lack of political correctness) compete in their relaxed stern chasers which continue on through the winter and into September. The routine involves meeting for a packed lunch up in the Loft, much discussion, and then the departure of the slowest boat hales the start of the weekly event. An hour briefing and discussion as to which course to choose as well as lunch from 1200 hrs, boats beginning to leave circa 1300 hours. Good time to look for positions as crew.

Updated: 8 May 2016 10:20pm by Christie Arras

Results from the Strategic Planning Workshop

Great turn out and productive brainstorming

A group of 30+ members got together on Sunday 1st May to talk about 'what can the GLYC committee and members do to progress our club on and off water, and champion the sport of sailing?'

Two hours and over 120 ideas later, we had progressed the club's strategic planning from initial assessment to identifying some viable ideas on what we can start, stop and continue doing at GLYC. The session built on the committee's April 2015 assessment, which identified Governance & Management, Participation & Membership and Assets, Facilities & Club Environment as areas needing our focus.

The great take away from our recent workshop was that there were only a handful of items identified to stop doing. These were counteracted nearly threefold by activities that were seen as valuable to the club's future ? activities that we should continue and build upon. Most inspiring, however, was that members identified a staggering 91 new ideas of things we can start doing to progress our club.

So what's next? The write up of the workshop's thoughts and ideas can now be viewed by all members on the GLYC website. For those who weren't able to attend (or even if you did), please feel free to read through these and if you have any further suggestions on what we can start, stop or continue doing, please send these through to commodore@sailglyc.com by Friday 20th May.

If you are particularly passionate about getting involved in any of the areas identified or progressing specific ideas, please also let Jacqui know. The GLYC committee will be reviewing the ideas presented at their May meeting, and will prioritise activities to progress throughout the 2016/17 season.

Updated: 8 May 2016 11:27am by Christie Arras

5156 0432


With only a few weeks left of the current Committee year, nominations are now open for the committee for the 2016 -2017 season.

In line with our Rules of Association, all positions on the committee are declared vacant prior to the AGM. The current committee is keenly seeking to broaden our committee base and members are encouraged to consider nominating for all positions, with the exception of Immediate Past Commodore.

The vacant committee positions are:

Vice Commodore
Rear Commodore
Sailing Captain
Sailability Officer
General committee member (6 positions)

Nomination forms are available in hard copy in the clubrooms or in electronic copy on the club website.
Nominations close at 5pm on 18th June, 7 days before the AGM.

Jacqui Loft

Updated: 8 May 2016 10:18pm by Christie Arras

03 8626 8700

Presentation of 2015/2016 season celebration

Reservations and payment details

Things are heating up for our special night on Saturday, 21 May. The dance cards are filling up though there is still room for more.

Could you please let us know by...Friday the 13th either with an email or a call if you are coming and if you require a specialized meal, ie vegetarian.

We are asking that you pay by direct deposit to the GLYC Bendigo account or cash in an envelope through the Secretary's slot next to the Committee room door by Monday, 16 May. Please be sure reference your bank deposit with your sir name and number of people. For example: ARRAS 1, or BROWN 2 Our treasurer needs to be able to identify who has paid without having to sleuth for hours. Thank you.

The GLYC bank details are as follows:
Payments: Bendigo Bank BSB 633000 ACC 126663053

Thank you in anticipation.

The Committee and Treasurer

Updated: 8 May 2016 8:09pm by Christie Arras

Division 1

Light wind still life
Light wind still life

As I am a stalwart ff sailor this may appear to be one-sided, however --

The main event for this period was the Barnsey's Last Chance regatta over 2 days. It was a bit mixed with only a few yachts sailing both weekends. It's a pity that the ff's are not able to be more regular as we have the numbers of boats but it seems to be hard to find days where both skipper and crew can co-ordinate sailing days. You could say "such is life", but when it happens, we do have a lot of fun and enjoyment.

Brian Carroll has sold his ff to John Mulkearns; both skipper and crew are living in the area and showed us that in the Easter Regatta they know how to get the boat going very well. Mike now has a regular crew and they are going to Esperance in the new year for the Australian Championships, as also are Bill and David. Must be a bit of life left in the old pair, maybe we could say pairs.

We the ff's should do more to encourage some more keen sailors to front up and have a sail in an enjoyable non-capsizing safest boat in the world. It would have to be the first sports boat ever.

Brian Carroll has now a Contender which was designed by Bob Miller (Ben Lexen) and should be able to keep him busy and fit.

Trevor and Jim both are in need of crews. The Foleys only race occasionally in the ff unlike the Raineys who front up very regularly.

Bill Shand

Updated: 8 May 2016 8:00pm by Christie Arras

Division 2

During February this year a collision occurred between two yachts during one of our Tuesday night races. Resulting from this it is appropriate to let you all know that it would be wise if damage occurs to lodge your protest so that the incident can be formalized in case your insurance company deems it necessary. You should note that in the future, your protest must be lodged within the two hour limit from the finishing time of the last boat in the race as specified by the Racing Rules Of Sailing 2013/2016.

Moving on from the heavy stuff, the final positions for the LB and B have been declared and, as predicted, went down to the wire with White Pointer a winner from Kalimna and Ghost tied for second and the Rainey men third (depending on count back if applied). The handicapping formula is way beyond my mathematics. However, you may like to have a look on the Cub web site under "performance handicaps" and it tells us it is designed for keel boat racing on Port Phillip Bay.

Barnseys Last Chance is currently underway as our grand finale which rounds out a very successful season. And again, our thanks for all those who gave up their time to enable us to race, in particular our sailing captain.
9707 3033

Well, the Old Farts (sorry, I am an opponent of political correctness) are moving through the wind again, sorry about the pun. I think we are pulling around 15 starters at the moment; this I expect will drop as the "Snow Gooses" head north yet again. However, it is very popular. Where are they on Sundays?

Well done to the crew that put together a very professional club future think tank last Sunday.

Finally, I am sure you will all join me in wishing our Tuesday handicapper extraordinaire, Brian Collins, a speedy recovery and recently Kevin Brown also a gets well wishes from us all.

Well folks, gotta go...still trying to find the bilge pump.


Updated: 8 May 2016 8:04pm by Christie Arras

5156 6352

Discover Sailing Action

Tackers fun in April
Tackers fun in April

GLYC had another successful Tackers program in week two of the Easter school holidays, with Tackers 1, 2, 3, Adult Start Sailing & Adult Better Sailing courses run.

Division Cool has now completed their final Sunday morning ? many many thanks to Russell Broomhall and his team of helpers who have overseen the kids out on the water.

Last week Briagalong Primary School completed an intro to school sailing program on the 4 ? 6 May at GLYC, which saw another 30 kids out on the water.

We are also pleased to confirm that our Discover Sailing Centre will be running Powerboat Handling Courses over the off-season. The first is scheduled to run in late May / early June (28th May & 4thJune). With this session already near capacity (with visiting participants and also GLYC members), we are looking to hold another in July / August. Please email discoversailing@sailglyc.com if you would be interested in attending.

As the season comes to an end, we would like to thank everyone who has supported our Discover Sailing Program throughout the past twelve months. Across 2015/16 we have seen fourteen individual DSC programs run, with the welcomed introduction of new programs such as Primary School Sailing, Water Safety & CPR Awareness, Get Active Sailing Days and the Victorian Youth Catamaran Program. Our GLYC Sailing School covering the Start Sailing (Sunday mornings) and Better Sailing (Friday nights) curriculums have been at their capacity, and we have had excellent attendance at each of the three Tackers and Adult Learn to Sail school holiday programs. Division Cool has continued our focus on having fun on the water, and the Raymond Island Good Friday Sail was again another successful event.
5156 7085

This year our DSC has welcomed over 150 participants who are 'new' to sailing (first or returning second year sailors), seen a core group of 18 progress to better sailing and some on further to club racing. To top that off our junior and youth fleet has continued to represent GLYC with pride, attending over 17 regional, state and national regattas. Well done everyone!

Sharna Duff

Updated: 8 May 2016 8:11pm by Christie Arras

Division 4

Still Bitten in field of diamonds
Still Bitten in field of diamonds

Since the YV Cat Clinic in January there has been a lot of junior activity in the cats, particularly in the last few weeks of the season.

In the windy Four Winds race to the Grange and back, Melody and Oskar crewed for Neil and Gary. Then in the first of the Last Chance regatta races, Luka and Jack took the helm with Tim and Neil crewing for a change, while Gary sailed with Oskar. That race finished with all three boats crossing the line within a few seconds. Jack and Neil only won because they approached the line on Starboard. It could have been a different story if Neil hadn't capsized their mozzie earlier in the race.

In the final Barnsey's Last Chance race, Luka and Jamie took Karma Cat out; so on this occasion the juniors outnumbered the seniors 4 to 2.

Over the 2015-16 season the GLYC Mosquitoes have once again turned in some top results. At the National Titles in Rye, Gary defended his Spinnaker division title, Neil and Charlie were 2nd in the sloop division and Peter was 3rd in the cat rigged division. Later in the State Titles at Loch Sport, Neil and Ben won the sloop rigged title and Gary was 2nd in the cat rigged division.

We have a few weeks off now before the Sauna Sail in June, when the Mozzies will be hitting the road again.

Updated: 8 May 2016 8:19pm by Tim Shepperd

5156 6700

Notes from the bar

Melody sails with Neil on Immunity
Melody sails with Neil on Immunity

Hello everyone

I am writing on behalf of Rod Gardiner and myself, to bring you all up to date with what's happening with our Bar operations.

Firstly, Ian Spottiswood has stepped back from managing the bar and is now enjoying a well-deserved break! Ian has been our Bar Manager for the past 5 years and he is to be congratulated for the outstanding job he has done over that (not inconsiderable) period. Our Bar operations are now well refined with a very professional approach to processes. Wendy Gardiner has taken over Hall Bookings which previously Ian also managed ? what an effort! Please be sure to thank Ian next time you see him!

Secondly, we can advise you all that Rod and I have now taken over the role of Bar Management from Ian. We are still getting our heads around all of the tasks and processes, but at this stage Rod is doing the Bar Rosters, and I have undertaken the required Licensee training and have applied for transfer of the License Nominee from Ian to me. We expect to hear the outcome of the application within the week.

The Club currently has a group of members who have volunteered to do Bar Duty for club and other (Private) functions. If you are at all interested in adding your name to the list and joining in with what is an enjoyable and indeed vital club activity, then please forward your details to me (davidpglyc@gmail.com or SMS O437516666) so you can be "added to the list". Many of our current Bar Staff Volunteers have their Responsible Serving Of Alcohol Certificate (RSA) but there will be an RSA course organized prior to the start of next season, for all interested people. Your own commitment for undertaking the course (at the club's expense) would be your willingness to have a bit of extra training in Bar Duty processes and procedures, and to go onto the roster for Bar Duty during the coming year ? and don't worry, it is very flexible and you will be able to determine when you would be available for such duty.

Thanks, and if you have any questions about, or ideas for the Bar, please don't hesitate to have a chat with myself or Rod.


David Parish

Updated: 8 May 2016 8:01pm by David Parish

5156 6448

Friday club night Soup's On is coming back 3 June

Anitor stretches her sails coming back from Loch Sport
Anitor stretches her sails coming back
from Loch Sport

Our great soup nights are coming back again starting on Friday, 3rd of June. This is a great time to mix and enjoy the best and least expensive meal in town. $5.00 for a bottomless bowl of soup plus garlic bread. Instead of a cold empty club room, Soup Night draws 30 or more partakers of this repast moving into its third season.

No, it's not a competition who makes the best soup...although, like two boats out sailing.... All of the chef choices have been fabulously received with clean bowls every time.

Only hitch, we, the people, have the privilege of preparing two big pots of soup each Friday, one regular, one vegetarian plus garlic bread.

So, now it's time to sign up for a night (Friday) that is convenient for you. I just had a communication from our Head Soup Coordinator and Supreme Commander, Denise Lamble that read:

"Please ring Denise (5152 3191 or 0429 122 407) or email her (deniselamble@gmail.com) to volunteer...and if you don't, she will dob you!" A firm and positive invitation...

Men, women, families, friends, all of Raymond Island as one, volunteer for this satisfying experience.

5156 7223

Luca and Jaime in Barnseys Last Chance race 2 on Karma Cat
Luca and Jaime in Barnseys Last Chance
race 2 on Karma Cat

Denise will start the Winter Soup Kitchen off on 3 June, followed by Christie on 10 June. All the other Fridays through the 26th of August are available. If you're going away, get in early.

If you have any great ideas to add to the plan, they are always welcome.

Thank you in anticipation of any brilliant Soup tradition. See you in four Fridays from now!

Updated: 8 May 2016 10:28pm by Christie Arras


Position of Dim Sim Cooker to be vacant

George is sailing away to Seaford
George is sailing away to Seaford

Attention: Vacancy needs to be filled starting 1 July, 2016, for position of Dim Sim coordinator and cooker. Contact Mr. George Siegmann for more tender details.

Mr Siegmann will be retiring from 30 years of serving the GLYC in many capacities: rescue boat, caretaker, dim sim cooker, womanizer, the list goes on.

Pay will include normal cost of living increases added to the regular pay....of thanks and appreciation.

Updated: 8 May 2016 10:27pm by Christie Arras

5156 0582

Amazing working bee

New member Louise was indefatigueble in her kitchen whirlwind
New member Louise was indefatigueble in
her kitchen whirlwind

The Working Bee that was held on Saturday, 16 April, was remarkable with the number of members who came with their shirt sleeves rolled up ready to work. Some had even come done jobs prior to the bee as they had other commitments on the day. Wendy was amazed and so grateful for such an esprit de corps.

And work they did. The kitchen had a cadre of helpers moving crokery, cleaning appliances, windows, screens. All windows were cleaned to invisibility; blinds, chairs, moldings were attended to.

The Committee room is unrecognizable with its reorganization. Sharna and crew worked diligently to move all the Discover Sailing paraphernalia upstairs to a purpose built closet.

Cobwebs were obliterated. Weeds banished. Breezeway bathrooms were cleaned within an inch of their lives. Sue P and the Browns were merciless with the mold and sand and left the change rooms impeccable.

New members joined in the flurry with the Francis family whipped the club room windows into shape while Louise South fresh from sailing school spent hours cleaning those parts of the kitchen we usually hide from. Kim was busy in the main hall.

Jan Hunt attacked the tea cupboards
Jan Hunt attacked the tea cupboards

I shouldn't have named any names as I can't begin to remember what everyone was doing. But the end result was that our club literally sparkled when the treats were brought out to reward the hard workers.
Thank you to our chefs, Sue P and her mom, Jenny B and Rod G (or was it Kelvin?).

Thank you every one. We can look forward to our spring spring cleaning around the end of September in anticipation of the opening of the season.

Updated: 8 May 2016 7:43pm by Christie Arras

Just Another Eating and Anchoring Cruise...

Bringing Shaynee back home from Tassie

Leaving the Dennison Canal
Leaving the Dennison Canal

After a wonderful two months cruising SE Tassie with Coralie, it was time to turn SHAYNEE around and head for home.

The delivery crew of Jim Callahan, Helen Michael and Julie Keating joined the boat in Hobart and we departed Sandy Bay mid morning, Sunday 20th March. A nice fetch into 10-15 SW wind helped us down the Derwent to the Iron Pot, but as we turned into Storm Bay, it failed to live up to its name! The wind dropped to 5 knots and we had to employ the iron topsail to make it through Frederick Henry Bay to our overnight stop at Lime Bay on Tasman Peninsula.

Early next morning, we took the high tide through Dennison Canal, Blackman Bay and the Marion Narrows (the short cut to the East Coast). A lovely spinnaker run downwind through Mercury Passage (inside Maria Island) allowed us to make Morey's Bay on beautiful Schouten Island mid afternoon.

Next morning we hit the beach at Morey's and took the trail to the summit of Bear Hill, a short walk to spectacular outlooks over Schouten Island and the Passage as well as the rest of Freycinet National Park. After lunch, a short sail took us up the West coast of Freycinet to the tourist town of Coles Bay, where we picked up a mooring, did the town walk and checked into a lovely little restaurant for dinner!

Up in the wee small hours, we went back south, through the Schouten Passage at daybreak and turned north up the East coast proper. A promised light NW wind turned out to be more N and pushed us out to sea. We gave it away, tacked, and made Waubs Bay at Bicheno in time to head ashore and have a scallop pie for lunch. We then had a lovely meal of local fish for dinner.

A Southerly change came through at 2100hrs; we grabbed it and with 20-25 "up the klakka" we were soon making 6.5 to 7.5 in a Northerly direction. Dawn on Thursday saw us round Eddystone Point in lighter winds and head into Banks Straight. With the tide in our favour we were anchor down in Rebecca Bay on Clark Island by 1100hrs. A bit rolly! ... so we headed NW to Spike Bay for lunch and then to Kangaroo Bay in the Armstrong Passage between Clark and Cape Barren Islands.

Wind joy
Wind joy

We spent Good Friday and Easter Saturday in Kangaroo Bay hiding out of the strong W winds and saw absolutely no sign of life! Celebrated Helen's 70th birthday in style on the Saturday, had some great meals, read a few books and played a lot of cards!

Easter Sunday saw the winds lighten a little so we headed west out of the Armstrong Channel past Preservation Island - where the wreck of the "Sydney Cove" lies. The nasty seas (wind against tide!) bashed us a bit - and the teapot got broken - damn! But once we reached the west side of the Furneaux Group, the seas settled and the W wind piped up to 20 knots and we were flying along at 7.0 to 7.5 knots.

After clearing Cape Franklin on the NW corner of Flinders in the late afternoon, the Skipper made the observation that a wind like this on the beam must not be wasted, so course was set for Lakes Entrance. With tide assist and speed over ground showing 8.0 to 8.5, we hand steered though the night until the wind dropped to 5 in the wee small hours, and the iron topsail was again pressed into service.

After enjoying Jim's wonderful breakfast of bacon, toast, poached eggs and avocado (at the saloon table!) we crossed the Lakes Entrance bar at 1215hrs Easter Monday. A total distance for the leg of 170nm in 27hours - not too shabby!

1400 hours saw us back in berth at Paynesville, congratulating ourselves on a fun trip, some great sailing and some truly fantastic culinary efforts! We weren't really "roughing it"!

Peter Foxton
Skipper - Shaynee
(Shaynee is a beautifully appointed 38 foot Swanson)

Updated: 8 May 2016 10:26pm by Christie Arras

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