Wanderer - June 2016

Commodore's Report

At the start of the season Tim Bull spoke to me about the important part community groups like the Yacht Club play in allowing children to flourish in the many different aspects of the world around them. These opportunities allow for kids to be more well-rounded and gain a broader understanding of the community and their role in it, helping them grow into adaptable and resilient members of their community.

I would like to state that it is not only the children who gain such benefits from their involvement in GLYC; this season I have watched with awe the support and guidance given not only to the Club, but also to myself and fellow members who have needed love, support, and a shoulder to lean on

There have been several members who have ended up in hospital, and are now recovering at home. We wish you a safe recovery and look forward to seeing you soon.

Winter series was supposed to start today (Sunday, 5 June)... An east coast low and a severe weather warning for East Gippsland has put a stop to it. Let's hope the enthusiasm to sail is still there in two weeks' time when we start our sprint series on Saturday the 18th of June. We will try to start the racing just past the 5 knot markers so everyone can see the fun.

Soup has also been a wonderful start to the colder months. Thank you so much to Denise for starting this. Let her know if you can help with the soup.

I hear she will also be trying to get us all on the dance floor at around 8pm after soup night (Fridays) to learn some Latin dancing skills. I also hear the dance teacher is exceptional and will have us all moving with our correct feet!

Lastly, Thank you. My life as Commodore is coming to an end (again). It has been a wonderful year; I would like to thank all the elves, committee members, past commodores and current commodores of other clubs, for their help in making our club one to be proud of.


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In this issue:

Sailing Calendar

Congratulations to our Club Persons of the Year, Alistair and Ian
Congratulations to our Club Persons of the
Year, Alistair and Ian

03 Sunday 1300 hrs Winter Series
07 Tuesday 1300 hrs Ancient Mariners stern chaser
14 Tuesday 1300 hrs Ancient Mariners stern chaser
16 Saturday 1300 hrs Sprint Series
21 Tuesday 1300 hrs Ancient Mariners stern chaser
28 Tuesday 1300 hrs Ancient Mariners stern chaser

03 Sunday 1300 hrs Winter Series
05 Tuesday 1300 hrs Ancient Mariners stern chaser
12 Tuesday 1300 hrs Ancient Mariners stern chaser
19 Tuesday 1300 hrs Ancient Mariners stern chaser
24 Saturday 1300 hrs Sprint Series
27 Tuesday 1300 hrs Ancient Mariners stern chaser

02 Tuesday 1300 hrs Ancient Mariners stern chaser
07 Sunday 1300 hrs Winter Series
09 Tuesday 1300 hrs Ancient Mariners stern chaser
16 Tuesday 1300 hrs Ancient Mariners stern chaser
20 Saturday 1300 hrs Sprint Series
23 Tuesday 1300 hrs Ancient Mariners stern chaser
30 Tuesday 1300 hrs Ancient Mariners stern chaser


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Social/Sailing Calendar

Frank actually looks like he's working hard
Frank actually looks like he's working

Fridays -- Soup's On, 1900 hrs
Club night up in the bar and belly warming soup night. Come and enjoy the company and a bottomless bowl of hearty soup and garlic bread. It's a very lively night. You might even win the members' draw.
This Friday, 3 June, was our first soup night of the winter season with a good crowd enjoying the food and ambiance. Denise Lamble prepared her favorite split pea and ham soup as well as a delicious pumpkin. A truly enjoyable night. (Only two nights in August still require volunteer chefs.)

Fridays --Latin Dancing
After soup is cleared, Jacqui is going to introduce members to some Latin dancing. Cha cha cha, salsa, tango?... Jacqui taught Latino dancing in her studio some years ago, so she is well qualified for this. We are grateful to her for giving more of her time to give this idea a go. Wear some dancing shoes that will allow you to do the light fandago and we'll see how it goes. And if you're too full to dance, we'll switch the lessons to before soup! (Just kidding)

Sauna Sail this coming weekend, 11-13 June
See article in Wanderer body.

Farewell party for George Siegmann - Friday, 17 June 1830 hrs
Our King of the Rose and Life Member, George, is heading to Seaford to a lovely retirement village near his son, Chris. After 27 years of serving our club in so many capacities, we have planned a wonderful night to honor all he has given us as a club and as a friend.
Please plan on coming, bring a dish to share, and put on your blue suede shoes for a great celebration night. See you there. Past members are also welcomed. Let them know, please.

The finished product: a beautiful new front for the yacht club
The finished product: a beautiful new
front for the yacht club

Some volunteers to help set up and wrap up would be appreciated.
5156 7861

Annual General Meeting - 1400 hrs
Be sure to come for the AGM on Saturday, 25 June, 2016. If you're up snowbirding or trekking through Europe, be sure to appoint a proxy soon to vote for you. And, if this is the right time for you to jump into management with both feet, please nominate for a position on committee. Already David Parish and Rod Gardiner have taken over management of the bar, one of our most profitable areas, relieving Ian Spottiswood after six years of bringing the bar into the 21st century with efficiency and profitable management. New ideas and perspectives always help move a club forward.

The positions of Secretary AND Treasurer are also open...and those MUST be filled. It's not a huge club so everyone must get tapped to help run it some time and maybe more than once! Nomination forms in the office; speak to a committee member to feel it out.

Ancient Mariners Stern Chaser
The Ancient Mariners (formerly known as the Old Farts Race - scrapped due to lack of political correctness) compete in their relaxed stern chasers which continue on through the winter and into September. The routine involves meeting for a packed lunch up in the Loft, much discussion, and then the departure of the slowest boat hales the start of the weekly event. An hour briefing and discussion as to which course to choose as well as lunch from 1200 hrs, boats beginning to leave circa 1300 hours. Good time to look for positions as crew.

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Robyn and Flemming receive their trophies won on White Pointer
Robyn and Flemming receive their trophies
won on White Pointer

With only a few weeks left of the current Committee year, nominations are now open for the committee for the 2016 -2017 season.

In line with our Rules of Association, all positions on the committee are declared vacant prior to the AGM. The current committee is keenly seeking to broaden our committee base and members are encouraged to consider nominating for all positions, with the exception of Immediate Past Commodore.

The vacant committee positions are:

Vice Commodore
Rear Commodore
Sailing Captain
Sailability Officer
General committee member (6 positions)

Nomination forms are available in hard copy in the clubrooms or in electronic copy on the club website.
Nominations close at 5pm on 18th June, 7 days before the AGM.

Jacqui Loft

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Sauna Sail this weekend

Last year's foggy sail.  How beautiful.
Last year's foggy sail. How beautiful.

Don't miss the fun at Latrobe Valley Yacht Club's Sauna Sail this weekend, 11-13 June. A slew of GLYC sailors are packing up their boats, sailing gear and camping essentials for the weekend bash.

A swarm of GLYC Mosquitos are buzzing over there as well as a flock of junior sailors. Even Alex is taking his trailer sailer for a shot at the gold. Any and all trailable boats are encouraged to join in the racing and the camping carousing fun.

The regatta has a strong family emphasis and gives sailors of all ages the opportunity to compete together in a safe and friendly environment. But the great attraction of the Sauna Sail is the warm water of the Hazelwood Pondage. The water temperature seldom drops below 23 degrees.

I believe GLYC actually took home the coveted trophy last year slipping in by an inch with the help of the junior sailors. Let's have a repeat performance this weekend.

Check out the website, www.lvyc.org.au/ , and plan on joining in even if it is just for a look-see.

The more GLYC boats, the more we stack the winning deck!

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Discover Sailing Action

Melody warmly receives her R.S. Thompson award for Most Improved Yachtsperson of the year.
Melody warmly receives her R.S. Thompson
award for Most Improved Yachtsperson of
the year.

As the 2015-16 seasons completes, and before we turn our focus to the winter months and the next season ahead, our Discover Sailing participants (big and small) would like to thank all of our club members who have supported our programs this year.

A special shout out to the following members, who have dedicated many weekends and have been integral to seeing more kids out on our waters: James and Johno (Start Sailing School), Jacqui and Peter (Green Fleet), Brian and Steve (Development Coaching), Russell and Anthony (Division Cool), Gary, Neil and Tim (Vic Youth Cat Program) and the wonderful Lyn, our Discover Sailing Centre Principal.

A big thank-you too for our regular rescue boat support crew at both sailing school and afternoon junior racing; Geoff, Aaron, Richard, Anthony, Neil and Alex.

We have lots planned for the 2016-17 season! If you are interested in getting involved please give Sharna a call - we have lots of jobs both on-water and off!


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Landscaping Project - Yard 2016

David, Nigel and Charlie set in a bollard
David, Nigel and Charlie set in a bollard

The landscaping project along the Esplanade has now been completed thanks to the efforts of so many of the club members. During the first working bee, on the Monday the 16th, 13 members attended. First the existing fence of treated pine poles with a rusted cable was removed, cut and transported to the tip or tip shop. Thanks to Bernie Ryan for bringing his tractor along to pull out the post; it certainly made the task a lot easier. A temporary fence was erected so that the site would be safe for the general public that walks along the footpath.

Between the first and second working bees Keith Haysmith came to the club and carried out the excavation on the bank along the Esplanade, bore the holes for the bollards and the posts for the retaining wall, and excavated and packed the new surface along that part of the boat park. Keith also used his equipment to level the launching area for the off the beach boats so that launching should be easier next season.
The second working bee was held Saturday the 21st and was attended by over 22 members. We were able to get a huge amount of work done. The bollards were erected along the boundary of GLYC; the posts for the front fence were cemented in, and the retaining wall was built. Linda Callahan made sure that the workers were well fed with morning tea and a tasty BBQ during the first and second working bees.
On the Thursday the 26th, 6 members arrived to thread the anchor chain through the bollards and secure the chain with screws. The boards on the front fence were erected and more effort was put in to sweep up the remaining dirt left by the construction of the retaining wall.

We had yet another good turnout for the fourth working bee on Saturday the 28th despite the cold and windy weather! Keith delivered the soil and chips to the club and used his machinery to place the soil and chips behind the retaining wall. This made our task a lot easier only requiring us to rake out the soil and the chips. Some further work was completed on the front fence and it will now be oiled and a new sign erected. Sue Parish made quiches that she prepared for the lunch; they were yummy!

Ron and Flemming cement in a bollard
Ron and Flemming cement in a bollard

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the members for the support that was provided in order to make this project such a success. It was a great team effort by everyone involved. Below is a list of names of members who attended the working bees. Please accept my apology if your name does not appear on the list. A list was passed around at each working bee but maybe not all members put their names down on the list or saw the list.

Jim Callahan, Linda Callahan, Simon McGinley, Ron Peel, Dave Bacon, Dave Homewood, Jeff Walker, Flemming Rasmussen, Kelvin Brown, Peter Foxton, Alister Robertson, Terry Juckert, Peter Farrell, Fred Steinkellner, James Frecheville, Jerry Van Maanen, Gary Maskiell, Taj Duff, Charlie Broomhall, Richard Vuat, Ross Crellin, David Parish, Sue Parish, Brian Carroll, Frank Nott, Mark Francis, Peter Morrison, Dennis Young, Nigel Emerson, Warwick Hall, Michael Chapman, Peter Nikitin, Keith Haysmith, planning and design Neil Zizman, and past member Bernie Ryan.

Special thanks to Keith Haysmith from Bairnsdale Sand and Soil for donating some time to the project and to Richard and Vicki Vuat of Wild Seeds for the donation of the plants and for the planting of the garden beds.


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Notice - Hardstand berths available

LSBC Commodore Peter Nikitin takes a break for a photo op with task master Charlie keeping a close eye
LSBC Commodore Peter Nikitin takes a break
for a photo op with task master Charlie
keeping a close eye

At this time there are three hardstand positions available at the club. Any member interested in taking up a position on the hardstand needs to submit a Boat Storage Form along with an Active Use Checklist and submit the forms. To find the forms on the GLYC home page, click on the Cub Information heading then go to the Boat Storage Form and Active Use Checklist. The forms can be downloaded off the GLYC web page and either put in the office as a hard copy or emailed to Russ Peel or Jim Callahan.

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Presentation Night 2016 Celebration

The fashion police gave these dudes a break as they receive their kudos for races on several boats
The fashion police gave these dudes a
break as they receive their kudos for
races on several boats

Another great night at the GLYC for the presentation of trophies for a season well competed and completed.

Eighty three people young and old came to celebrate and receive their kudos. Really, it seemed everyone received some form of acknowledgement as...we are all winners for just for being out on the water!

The chatter and excitement would have drowned out any music, so it was good not having a band to wait around and play. The room was pleasantly decorated and festive thanks to the efforts of Sue Parish and Linda Callahan.

Warren Davies seemed to be bringing out food the whole night: homemade nibbles, then generous mains, and endless sweet treats.

And, the beauty of our Presentation Nights is that the awarding of trophies is streamlined and abbreviated. By awarding all the trophies at one time for each boat, time just zips by.

Jacqui did a fabulous job preparing the trophies, having them engraved, choosing and engraving names on mugs, sprucing up the magnificent trophies themselves and making difficult choices for the special trophy awards. Sharna pitched in on the night arranging the show tables as Jacqui was struggling through a health problem. She did make it for the evening and proceeded to MC like a trooper in spite of it. Jacqui is amazing. She can helm the ship through any storm. Thank you, Jacqui.

The juniors had the choice seating in the middle of the room and were especially well behaved. Later in the evening, they spent time in the Loft with things to do that Sharna had planned for them. It is so terrific having the wonderful energy that comes from so many young people.
5156 6352

Lesley and Chris check out their prizes presented to them by Bill Shand
Lesley and Chris check out their prizes
presented to them by Bill Shand

And for some of the big awards that we await to hear:
Club Person of the Year - was shared between Ian Spottiswood -- for his brilliance as bar manager, Licensee, organizer of the troops and bringing the running of the bar into the 21st century. And Alistair Robertson who has jumped with both feet into many roles this year. He has been apprenticing with George on radio and finishes, is out on rescue boats when needed, is there at the club should a tradie or group need to be let in, and, of course, he has been learning the art and craft of dim sim prep from George as well!

The Evelyn Ffrench Best Performing Female Sailor was awarded to Lesley Avery for her enthusiasm and steadfastness on the water at every opportunity. It's amazing seeing her on the foredeck wrestling with the spinnaker pole then rushing back to help in the cockpit.

The Junior Apex Trophy for Junior sailor of the year was won by Charlie Broomhall who took home this coveted prize for aggregate scores and his enthusiasm and good sportsmanship.

The R.S. Thompson - Most improved yachtsperson of the year was awarded to Melody Jefferis who moved from an Opti to a 125 to co-sailing on Mosquitos as well.

More below on trophy winners.

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Trophies and their joyous recipients


GLYC Club Championship
VYC - The Bill Gamble Project Consultants
Div 1 - Supertoy Plays On - Brian Carroll
Div 2 - White Pointer - Flemming Rasmussen, Robyn Reidy
Div 3 - Wild Weasel -Taj Duff
Div 5 - Immunity - Neil Joiner, Ben Bockmann
Personal - GLYC Perpetual Life Buoy and Bell - Ghost- John Johnson, Louise Johnson and Jeff Walker

Division 1
VYC - King and Heath - Where the bloody hell are you? - Craig and Ian Rainey
Personal - John Trevorrow - Where the bloody hell are you? - Craig and Ian Rainey

Division 2
VYC - Warren, Graham and Murphy - Ghost - John Johnson, Louise Johnson, Jeff Walker
Personal - Lessels - White Pointer - Flemming Rasmussen, Robyn Reidy, Jeff Walker, Brian Carroll

Division 3
VYC - Sam Turner - Wild Weasel - Taj Duff
Personal - PAC Dinghy Sailing - Inside Joke - Charlie Broomhall, Taj Duff

Division 5
VYC - Multihull -Immunity - Neil Joiner, Ben Bockmann
Personal - Kracken- Still Bitten - Gary Maskiell, Oscar Watkinson
5156 7223

Charlie thanks those who have helped in Juniors.
Charlie thanks those who have helped in

Some more aggregate trophies:

Winter Series - Supertoy Plays On - Brian Carroll, Kevin Brown
Twilight -Highly strung - Angela Bacon and Dave Bacon
Easter Regatta - Relience Ffenty Ffoo - Bill Shand, David Parish
Commodore's Trophy - Still Bitten - Gary Maskiell
Barnseys Last Chance - Relience Ffenty Ffoo - Bill Shand, David Parish
JC Dahlsen - Fastest GLYC Yacht - Still Bitten - Gary Maskiell
Venture - Fastest Single Hull Champion - 5 O'clock Somewhere - Stuart Loft, Andrew Somerville, Steve Duff

Junior Apex - Junior sailor of the year - Inside Joke - Charlie Broomhall
R.S. Thompson - Most improved yachtsperson - Melody Jefferis
Evellyn Ffrench - Best Performing female sailor - Lesley Avery
Club Person of the Year - Alistair Robertson & Ian Spottiswood.

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A Pedalar's Tale

Letter from our itinerant Vice Commodore and spouse

Us at the start of the trip...distances are in miles...
Us at the start of the trip...distances
are in miles...

Hi everyone,

Rod and I are one third of our way into our epic 1600km cycle from Land's End to John O Groats ( England to Scotland from south to north). We picked a northerly route as the prevailing winds in the UK are supposed to be from the south, but each day we are faced with headwinds, with today being the strongest at around 20 knots!

Despite that we are having a wonderful time and the rain has held off so far. In fact, we are quite suntanned. Each day we cycle around 80km and traverse lots of hills. Some highlights have included a little village in Cornwall called Mousehole (thanks to Ray Bouvet for the recommendation); crossing Dartmoor, complete with ponies; Glastonbury Abbey, famous not only for the Abbey, but also the music/hippie scene; and Cheddar Gorge.

Today we crossed into Wales and are staying at a hotel that was built in 1616!

In two days time we will reach Chester which Pete Farrell has told us lots about as he grew up there...looking forward to that one.

The traffic here is very kind to cyclists and as we trudge slowly up gradients of 12 and 13% ( making McLeods Morass hill look like a mere pimple), everyone drops into 1st gear and sits behind us till it is safe to pass. We could sure do with a bit of that mentality in Oz.

Photo of Cheddar Gorge
Photo of Cheddar Gorge

So as we continue on our journey, I hope all is well at GLYC and that those who are around Paynesville are able to make it to George's "do".

See you all on the waterfront in August...
Wendy G

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9707 3033


25 May 2016

Bill and David get their due with their usual impressive hardware remaining on the trophy table
Bill and David get their due with their
usual impressive hardware remaining on the
trophy table

At a specially called General Meeting last Friday, Yachting Australia's Member State & Territory Associations unanimously approved the change of the company's name to Australian Sailing. The change of name embodies the most significant organisational reforms in the sport's history which are in the final stages of delivery.

President Matt Allen said that changing the name was not just a branding exercise but makes a clear statement of intent that the organisational reforms well underway are about Sailing gearing itself to compete as a successful sport in Australia.

"Over the past 18 months, Yachting Australia and our Member State Associations have made a huge undertaking in changing to a national governance and streamlined management structure, so we can work with our network of clubs and classes to build a strong and sustainable sport. "

"While our Clubs have members who own all types of water craft, sailing represents the major sporting activity that is undertaken and the change to Australian Sailing fully expresses this activity for those in the sport and provides a clearer definition of what we do, to encourage new people to come into our Clubs and discover sailing," Matt added.

Taj and Charlie receive tribute for their awesome sailing on Inside Joke
Taj and Charlie receive tribute for their
awesome sailing on Inside Joke

Looking to the future, Chief Executive Matt Carroll said, "The change of name allows us to fully embrace all types of sailing, from the traditional keelboat and dinghy, to windsurfing and kiteboarding. We need to compete in the market for sport participants, so the change to Sailing is important in presenting our sport as dynamic and appealing to the younger generation and the sporting public.

The change was proposed after consultation by Yachting Australia with the Member Yachting Associations and clubs. A new contemporary script has been used with a repositioning of the sail/wave logo. The name is effective immediately and will be rolled out progressively. There is no change to the Australian Sailing Team name or logo, representing the performance pathway.

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Gippsland Lakes Yacht Club
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Club phone03 5156 6864

Flag Officers

CommodoreJacqui Loft0468 987 684
Vice CommodoreWendy Gardiner0498 116 752
Rear CommodoreJames Frecheville5156 7103 / 0412 979 824
SecretaryRuss Peel5156 6691 / 0408 589 805
TreasurerJenny Brown0403 819 635
Sailing CaptainJames Frecheville5156 7103 / 0412 979 824
Sailability OfficerAndrew Thistlethwaite5156 0141


Immediate Past CommodoreDavid Parish0437 516 666
Publicity and WandererChristie Arras5156 7861
Club HouseDave Bacon5156 7524
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Spacesailor for sale

Spacesailor 24 feet
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