Wanderer - September 2016

Commodore's Report

As winter slowly crawls to an end, it's time to scrub the decks and shake out your sails in preparation for the coming sailing season. Also, in preparation for the season, we will hold our pre-season working bee on Saturday 24th September. A task list will be published prior to the day so that members can volunteer for the jobs they prefer to undertake.

Our Opening Day will be Saturday 8th October and will commence at 11am, so please make every effort to join in the celebrations. Members are asked to bring along a plate of savoury or sweet finger food to share. A detailed program will be sent out by eflash a couple of weeks before the day.

The 2016 -2017 sailing season is the 80th season of the club -- which is quite an achievement. Part of our success as a club is due to the willingness of members to volunteer for the many tasks that need to be done and to this end, can I remind members to complete the short survey for us? The link to the survey is below.

I, along with committee members Vicki Vuat and Sharna Baskett, recently attended the Yachting Victoria Annual Conference. It was a very interesting day, as we heard about the developments on Yachting now that the State bodies have combined to form "Australian Sailing" . We each attended a range of different workshops that gave us an opportunity to find out what is going on in other clubs around the State. Sharna presented a workshop on Strategic Planning, which was very well received, with a number of delegates commenting to me that her presentation was very professional and interesting. Well done, Sharna!

Sharna spoke about the work that has been done by the committee and members in developing the strategic framework and then exploring ways in which we can take that framework and create an action plan for our future direction. Since our workshop back in May, we have analysed the ideas and comments and a few actions have been taken. More work will continue from the September committee meeting onwards and members will be kept "in the loop" as work progresses.

The final races of the winter series were conducted on 4th September with a small number of very enthusiastic sailors enjoying a series of windward return races. My thanks to Jacqui Loft for her race management of the series and to all those volunteers who braved the cold conditions to assist her.

Finally, after five years in the job, Dave Davidson has decided to retire from the position of cleaner of the club. I would like to thank Dave for his commitment to the club and his efforts to provide a clean environment for us. I wish him well in his "retirement" and I know that he will continue to be around the club, so he is not disappearing altogether. Nigel Emerson will take on the job from September.

I look forward to seeing many of you at the working bee and on Opening weekend.


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In this issue:

Sailing Calendar

The new jetty on the Esplanade.  Photo by Alastair
The new jetty on the Esplanade. Photo by

04 Sunday 1300 hrs Winter Series
06 Tuesday 1200 hrs Ancient Mariners Leisurely Sail
13 Tuesday 1200 hrs Ancient Mariners Leisurely Sail
17 Saturday 1100 hrs Winter Sprint Series
20 Tuesday 1200 hrs Ancient Mariners Leisurely Sail
26 Monday 0900 hrs Tackers Program commences
27 Tuesday 1200 hrs Ancient Mariners Leisurely Sail
30 Friday Tackers Program ends

08 Saturday 1100 hrs Opening Weekend commences
08 Saturday 1300 hrs Sail Past
08 Saturday 1400 hrs Commodore's Trophy Series Heat 1
09 Sunday 1400 hrs Commodore's Trophy Series, Heats 2 & 3
11 Tuesday 1700 hrs Twilight Sailing commences (no meals)
14 Friday 1700 hrs Green Fleet Session 1
16 Sunday 0900 hrs Sailing School commences
16 Sunday 1400 hrs Divisional Race Session 1
18 Tuesday 1700 hrs Twilight Stern Chaser. Meals commence.
21 Friday 1700 hrs Green Fleet Session 2
23 Sunday 0900 hrs Discover Sailing Day
23 Sunday 1400 hrs Three Bay Race, Chris Hawkins Trophy
25 Tuesday 1700 hrs Twilight Sailing
28 Friday 1700 hrs Green Fleet Session 3
30 Sunday 1400 hrs Life Buoy and Bell (LB&B) Race 1


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Social/Sailing Calendar

Ancient Mariners Stern Chaser
The Ancient Mariners (formerly known as the Old Farts Race - scrapped due to lack of political correctness) compete in their relaxed stern chasers which continue on through the winter and into September. The routine involves meeting for a packed lunch up in the Loft, much discussion, and then the departure of the slowest boat hales the start of the weekly event. An hour briefing and discussion as to which course to choose as well as lunch from 1200 hrs, boats beginning to leave circa 1300 hours. Good time to look for positions as crew.

Saturday, 24 September: Pre-season Working Bee
A spring cleaning to refresh our beautiful club. Wendy will have posted in the club a sheet with tasks for you to choose from or to add yet another task to the list. Bring your favoured cleaning/digging/yard working/barbie cleaning/window cleaning/kitchen cleaning supplies for the area in which you are going to work. It's all good fun and amazing to see so many members out in earnest! It also counts in the Activity Checklist; be sure to sign in.

September 26th - 30th: Tackers and Adult/Teen Learn to Sail week plus development coaching

Saturday, 8 Oct: Opening Day 2016/2017 Sailing Season and Sail Past, Heat 1 of Commodore's Trophy Race

Sunday, 9 Oct: Heats 2 & 3 Commodore's Trophy Race

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Reminder - Membership & Storage Fees

A wow shot of our jetty by Alastair
A wow shot of our jetty by Alastair

Thank you to all members who have paid their membership and storage fees for this season. Your names have now been put into the barrel for the Friday night Members' Draw - good luck!

Membership and Boat Storage fees were due 1 September; if you have misplaced your invoice or unable to pay the full amount, please contact Treasurer Jenny Brown - glyctreasurer@ozemail.com.au or 0403 819635.

Thanks for your assistance.

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This winter's sailing season

Hello all from the Winter side of the YC sailing season.

We have had several scheduled days of winter racing, though there were only a few that we have raced.

The Sunday Winter Series had several keen dinghy sailors with some flying fifteens and trailer sailors thrown in. Having short format races with multiple starts allowed for all sailors to fix any errors that they may have committed at the previous start or whilst racing around the course. Yes, some did capsize!

The Sprint series on Saturday morning showed some very amazing up-and-coming juniors out in Pacers with their Mums or Dads. As well as 5 - 6 other brave sailors. These small little guys showed no mercy on the start line and finished every race they started with smiles on their face. Until their parents told them they were turning blue and they needed to return to shore.

Lots of races, lots of smiles, lots of warm dim sims at the end and lots of chatter about the next big race.

I would like to thank everyone who helped out over winter. We had many different people join us in all different roles. From those who helped every week on rescue and shore crew to the one-offs who jumped on the start boat and kept times, raised flags and started races. It all helped to keep boats and members active over the quietest time of the season.

Jacqui Crawford

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Discover Sailing Centre Report

The Tackers School Holiday program will be running from Monday 26th to Friday 30th September. Tackers 1 (Having Fun), Tackers 2 (Tricks & techniques) and Tackers 3 (Sailing Fast) will be run in this week. (Adult/Teen learn to sail programs will also be run should adults/teens apply or, for that matter, should Mums/Dads/neighbours be interested too.

Registrations are now open via https://theboatshed.net.au/find-a-course/school-holiday-courses/paynesville/. If you'd like to participate in this September school holidays we'd recommend registering early. (Payments can be made closer to the date.) We will start advertising with local schools and community groups this week to fill the remaining places.

Other dates to save:
Saturday 8th October; green fleet registration 11am

Friday 14th October; green fleet (better sailing & racing coaching) commences (5 - 7.30pm)

Sunday 23rd October; Discover Sailing Day & registration for Sunday Sailing School (Start Sailing)

Sunday 6th November: Sailing School commences (9am - 12noon)

What's in a name? Our new training pacer will be up and ready for the season start, however it does need to be named. If you have any suggestions please do send these to Sharna viadiscoversailing@sailglyc.com

Sharna Duff
0409 207 331

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The thing about numbers...

Boat GL registration numbers

Extraneous utility pole is removed over the winter.  Photo by Alastair from the Judy G
Extraneous utility pole is removed over
the winter. Photo by Alastair from the
Judy G

Many members will have seen my recent email asking for information about the Club registration number GL002. I have received a fair bit of feedback that has made the picture clearer, and I thought I would share it with members for their interest, or possible future use.

"Once upon a time" the Gippsland Lakes forefathers reserved a number of "GL" registrations with the Country Roads Board for exclusive use of the Club. We have no records to prove this, but it would appear that:
- GLxx registrations were for power boats (then part of the Club)
- GLxxx registrations were for yachts
- GLxxxx registrations were for rescue/duty boats belonging to the Club.

We don't currently know what VicRoads knows or thinks, but it appears at present that if a general member of the community tries to register any GL number, they are told that they need a letter from the Club approving that use.

Hence we appear able to issue GLxx numbers to members who have power boats, GLxxx numbers to members with yachts, and we hold the GLxxxx numbers for our duty boats. If VicRoads has already issued a number obviously it can't be used again, and we only know which of the GL000-GL200 series are in use. Outside that range, or for any GLxx numbers, you would need to go to VicRoads and ask if it was available before applying for a Club letter.

It was the original intent that if a member allocated a Club registration sold the boat or left the Club, they "return" it. Probably because that was somewhat onerous and impractical, it hasn't happened and we don't have information about where many of the GL registrations are now.

I would be grateful if anyone with a GL registration, or knows of a boat with a GL registration, could shoot me a line at glyc@sailglyc.com, and I will include that information in our database for what it is worth! Please don't phone me, it is too hard to remember details of phone conversations, email is much more robust.

Russ Peel - Secretary

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Update to Members with Boats in Storage

Originally sent only to those with storage

The Committee periodically reviews our Storage Policy and overall storage position to ensure it remains in the best interests of the Club and of members overall.

The primary reason for providing storage at the Club is to support members who wish to sail their boats in Club related activities, but also for general recreational purposes. The more members who actively sail because they have the benefit of their boat being readily at hand, the more active and vibrant the Club overall. Hence the new Storage Policy released last year gave an emphasis to "active membership" when allocating storage positions if we have more applicants than the limited number of storage positions available at the Club.

When this new Policy was introduced it only applied to new applicants for storage positions. However, the Committee recently reviewed the policy and decided that from September 2017 onwards, ie. the 2017/18 sailing season, the Policy should apply to all members with boats in storage.

This change will mean:

1 - From September 1st 2017 the GLYC Storage Policy will apply to all boats in storage at GLYC

2 - That members who have their boats in storage during the 2016/17 season will be requested to complete an Active Use Scorecard during August 2017

3 - That acceptance of renewal will not be automatic, but will depend on the Active status of that member as per the GLYC Boat Storage Policy (including Active Use checklist)
5156 7223

4 - That storage applications of members who have Active status will take precedence even when a non-Active member already has their boat in storage

5 - Non-Active member renewals will be accepted if there is no current demand for that category of storage from Active members, but they will go onto a 3 month notice agreement and receive a pro-rata refund of fees paid if they are requested to remove their boat from storage during the year.

The Committee hopes that given the limited number of storage positions at GLYC, members will understand why the changes to the Storage Policy have been made. A review of the Active Use Scorecard will show that it covers many ways in which a member might demonstrate their active participation in the Club.

If you have any questions in relation to the revised Policy please feel free to talk to either Jim Callahan or Russ Peel, or email the club at glyc@sailglyc.com

Russ Peel - Secretary
For the GLYC Committee of Management.

(The Active Use Scorecard can be accessed on the GLYC website, under Club Inofrmation/ Rules and Policies)

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Hardstand Notice

At this time there are hardstand positions available at the club and possibly some understory slots coming up. Any members interested in taking up a position on the hardstand need to submit a Boat Storage Form along with an Active Use Checklist and submit the forms.

To find the forms on the GLYC home page, click on the Club Information heading then go to the Boat Storage Form and Active Use Checklist. The forms can be downloaded off the GLYC web page and either put in the office as a hard copy or emailed to Russ Peel or Jim Callahan. (glyc@sailglyc.com)


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James's European Adventures

Site of past-Commodore's pilgrimage in Spain
Site of past-Commodore's pilgrimage in

Biscay was kind, and on two passages too. There is a reason for this. It is called being patient and awaiting favourable weather. For me a no-brainer, but for some this concept presents as a challenge.

Cruising the north and Atlantic coast of Espana has been an absolute delight. Stunning scenery, delightful and welcoming, small and not so small ports, some great anchorages, and, of course, the beaches....oh how I love summer!

It would seem that not a day passes where there is not some fiesta happening in whatever port we have chosen to park for the night or two. This invariably involves some pagan or violent ritual accompanied by copious amounts of food, wine and music. We have been treated.

Life is pretty good on a friend's brand new Danish built Xc38 yacht. Of course it has all the kit and I am softening to the delights of hot water, electric winches and electronic navigation.

I joined this boat in La Rochelle on Bastille Day. The city was alive with the French doing what they do on a public holiday. It was madness and pretty hectic. Great food, music and entertainment ensured a good night that seemed to roll over to next morning. The fireworks were spectacular in lighting up the ancient gates to the old port.

Next day and with a steady sea breeze we sailed south bound for Espana, taking the inside route around the naval firing range. The seas were smooth and winds fair enabling us to cover the 240 odd miles to the border as a single overnighter.

As we closed the coast, the Pyrennes appeared through the summer haze and welcomed us to the land of tapas, Rioja and fiesta. After a two week leisurely jaunt we arrived in A Coruna where we parked the boat and my mate returned to Jersey and to work. Someone has to pay the marina fees.

So I caught a train to Santiago de Compostella and walked a Camino to Cabo Fisterra. It was an amazing and wonderful experience to wander through the hills, forests and villages to the end of the world. My spiritual awakening involved a night at an alberge where the hosts enhanced their pure alcohol moonshine with sugar, citrus rind and coffee beans all flamb?d at the table in a large ceramic pot. A good nights sleep was ensured. All roads lead to Santiago, but my road took me away and to the west. I met some interesting people and learned much about this ancient country and its history.

Sailing adventure #2: It seems a lifetime ago that I crossed Biscay with Carol's brother on his Halberg Rassy 42, a Mack truck with sails, and a very comfortable one at that. Our passage from Plymouth to south of Cabo Fisterra, Espana, was a dream run. We caught fish, ate well and the autopilot did all the boring stuff. The sun shone more as we headed south. Watching on AIS just how close the passing ships approached was indeed sobering and we were forced to alter course on a number of occasions. From Ushant to Fisterra is, in effect, a motorway with the highest density of traffic short of the Dover Straits.

Once around Fisterra we day sailed the coast enjoying all on offer to the 14th century port of Baiona and moored within the citadel at the Monte Real Club de Yates, home of the Spanish challenge for the AC. A very proper place where they welcomed a past commodore from Australia. I did put on a clean GLYC shirt for our afternoon on the grassy lawn overlooking the marina sipping chilled wine and eating octopus, sardines and scallops.

On this trip we are heading there again before rolling south with the trade winds to Portugal.
Our days are lazy and involve good food and wine. The sailing has been soft and the passing scenery pleasant. The small towns we occasionally anchor off are a treat to visit. The marinas welcoming and mostly good value. A definite highlight was a couple of days mooching around the Islas de Atlantico with fine anchorages, great beaches and challenging walks. These National Park islands attract people by the thousand. It is after all August in Europe but that just adds to the experience.

We are now moored in Baiona next to the boat I sailed from UK on, so it is party time...again. At least it will be muy tranquillo at the MRCdeY tonight whereas in town it is madness with the finish of Stage 2 of La Vuelta, the Spanish cycling tour. There is always a party in Espana.

Hasta luego.


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Cruising with Gerry on Aqualibrium

(This should become a regular column...)

Jim floating on air at Lady Muskgrove
Jim floating on air at Lady Muskgrove

Linda and I were staying in our caravan in Hervey Bay when we made contact with Denise Lamble. Denise was on board Gerry Veitch's 43ft catamaran. Denise said that they were coming into Hervey Bay to provision the boat and change crews. Over fresh caught crab, we offered Gerry the use of our car and offered to take Denise to the airport and pick up Kim who was to join Gerry for the next stage of the trip.

On returning from the airport with Kim, Gerry asked us if we would like to sail north to Lady Musgrave Island and be dropped off at Gladstone so we could return by train to Hervey Bay. Needless to say, we jumped at the opportunity!

The following day we were off on our next adventure. We got off to a late start so it was decided that we would sail to Bundaberg where we would stay for the night. The sailing conditions were great with 10-15 knot breeze and a close reach. As we sailed along we spotted whales in the distance and were accompanied by a friendly pod of dolphins. We were about an hour out of Bundaberg when the sun began to set. The sunset was colourful due to the burning off of the cane fields. When we arrived at the channel into Bundaberg darkness had descended but the channel into the harbour was lit up like a runway. We dropped the pick, had a great meal and hit the sack early because it was to be an early departure the following morning.

The prediction of 20-25 knot wind proved to be correct and by middle of the day we were flying along at 12 to 16 Knots! Having sailed mostly on monohulls, it was a novelty to be working around the galley and eating at a table without worrying about balancing ones food and drink. We arrived at Lady Musgrave in the afternoon and dropped anchor inside the lagoon in a clear sandy spot. It wasn't long before Kim had the kayak in the water and was headed for the island.

It looked like it might be a bit rough at anchor but the wind settled and we had another comfortable night. We woke to a beautiful sunny day with light winds. The water was super clear and the seas inside the lagoon had settled.

Gerry, Linda and I snorkeled over to a nearby bommie and enjoyed the colourful fish life. Gerry checked out the placement of the pick and reported that all was well. I decided to try out the kayak and found that it was great fun and more stable than I thought, so I paddled over to the island where I was met by the Gerry, Linda and Kim who had come over in the tender.

We walked around the island enchanted by the unusual flora and fauna; well worth a vsit. Before returning to the boat I made a side trip in the kayak along the edge of the reef. The colours and beauty of the reef is a memory I will long remember.

We had another pleasant afternoon and evening at Lady Musgrave. Reluctantly we departed from Lady Musgrave the following morning headed for Gladstone. On arrival at Gladstone we had a warm welcome from friends of Gerry's and followed by a very social night followed.

Thanks Jerry for having us!

Jim and Linda

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A letter of thanks and appreciation from Nigel Emerson

I just want to thank all the club members who helped me out during my hospital stays over the last several months. My boat, Rainbow Connection, was looked after and the motor started; I was ferried to and from Melbourne. My little Louie, pup and friend, was lovingly cared for. Someone brought down clothes from home. The list goes on.

The kindness and thoughtfulness of all has reminded me of what a wonderful network we are within the club. It is clearly a home for us all where we look after each other and make each and every one of us feel a part of this wonderful sailing community.

Thanks so ever much,

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Blairgowrie Invitation

Blairgowrie Marina

As you know, Blairgowrie Yacht Squadron ("BYS") has recently evolved its infrastructure and membership significantly in a short period of time. Click on the link to see some up to date footage: https://youtu.be/xDERRiBrqfs.

We are pleased to reach out to the sailing and boating community to introduce and showcase the jewel in our crown - The Blairgowrie Marina. The Marina has 320 Berths, all with power and water. Amazing water clarity and calmness is enjoyed in our harbor, which is home to sting rays, spider crabs, octopus, weedy sea dragons, abundant sea life and even the occasional seal!

I write to extend an invitation to 10 x Gippsland Lakes Yacht Club members to visit our newly opened Blairgowrie Manna and enjoy access to our new club house facilities and restaurant. We have even secured some discount packages to our local Mornington Peninsula attractions and accommodation.

Your members will enjoy free berthing in a 10 to 15 metre berth for up to 7 nights between now and 28 October (start of Melbourne Cup weekend), making the Blairgowrie Marina the ideal boating destination for their next holiday. Please ask them to quote the code FREEBERTH and their club name when booking to enjoy this offer. The offer will be available to the first 10 members who make a booking.

Interested members please contact Becky on becky@bys.asn.au or (03) 5988 8453.
We look forward to welcoming you and your members to BYS in the near future.

Yours sincerely
Richard Coate
General Manager

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Optimist for Sale

Fibreglass Optimist
trolley, new boat cover, sail #243
Good condition
$1800 ono

Contact: Mark Jefferis
Phone: 0427678816

House/Pet sitter wanted

If you know of anyone who would like to stay in our house at Eagle Point from 9th Oct to 5th Nov and look after a Whippet, two cats and 3 chickens - or if you would like to do it yourself, please contact me.

Contact: Tim Shepperd
Phone: 0400 666 486
Email: tshepperd@gmail.com