Wanderer - January 2017

Commodore's Report

The Commodore gets a thumbs up from Santa
The Commodore gets a thumbs up from Santa

Happy New Year to all members! And what a fantastic start GLYC has had to 2017. More than 30 of our members off at State and National Titles, with some excellent results.

Gary Maskeill once again won the Mosquito National Title (Spinnaker division) with Neil Joiner a close second. They were ably supported by Jamie Zizman and Ben Bockman respectively. It is great to see our junior members out and about and doing well and it's a testament to the inclusivity of our club that our senior and very experienced sailors will take the youngsters under their wing.

Three teams from GLYC competed in the 125 Nationals. Charlie Broomhall and Taj Duff finishing 5th in the open fleet, closely followed by Brian Carroll and Oskar Watkinson (8th) and Mark and Melodie Jefferis (10th). Again, great to see our juniors performing well, sometimes with adult sailors as mentors. In Charlie and Taj's case, they sailed together and romped home to take the 125 Junior National Champion title - well done you two!

In other regattas, Andrew and Sophia Sale finished mid fleet in the Taser nationals and learned a lot. Jack Felthenstall, with Lachie Hartnet finished 18th out of 46 in the 420's, Tim Shepherd and Peter Nitikin also competed at the Mozzie Titles, Bill Shand and David Parish and Mike Clark and Neil Smith, traipsed over to Esperance for the Flying Fifteen Nationals and Jack Chapman and Luca Vuat competed in the 29er Nationals, also a great learning experience for them.

There are still some regattas to go. Taj Duff will compete in the Minnow Nationals and Jack Felthenstall goes on to the Vipers...

Whilst all of that was happening, here at GLYC we had a very busy start to the year.

The RL24's and Javelins held their National Championships concurrently and a number of our club members were represented in the RL24 fleet. Both Associations were highly complementary about our race management, the sailing conditions and the general welcome and friendliness of the club. Credit must go to James Frecheville for co-ordinating the event, as well as to his band of loyal volunteers - Christie, Noelene, Gerry, Jill, Colin, Jan, Angela, Dave B, Macca, Peter T, and Alistair. Also Rod, Jenny and Kelvin for their work on the bar, and Rod in particular, who kept the fridges stocked and the beer cold. I'd also like to thank Nigel for doing such a great job of keeping the club clean and tidy throughout.

And if that was not enough, we also hosted a Tackers Junior and Adult learn to sail program. This Program saw 16 kids and 9 adults learning to sail and having great fun on the water. Most have said they will be back next season. Tackers is run by Sailing Australia, with Sharna as our club liaison. However, as Sharna was away with Taj at the 125's, Zoe Cooper took over land based support, demonstrating excellent management skills. Thanks Zoe!

It's almost as exhausting to write about it as it was to be at the club all day every day helping out wherever I could. But I must say that, tiring as it was, I enjoyed a most rewarding week. I enjoyed lots of interesting conversations with visitors, (including two couples from Canada who popped in to say hello), members, potential members, parents and grandparents of sail trainees. Every single person I spoke to was impressed with the club facilities, the friendliness of our people, the efficiency of our organisation and the excellence of the sailing environment. I was truly proud to be able to introduce myself as the Commodore of the club.

Wishing you good sailing in favourable winds

Wendy Gardiner

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In this issue:

Sailing Calendar

Charlie and Taj win 125 National Junior Champions
Charlie and Taj win 125 National Junior

January 2017
01 Sun.-Sat. Javelin National Championships and RL24 Championships 1/1 -7/1
02 Mon.-Fri. Tackers and Adult/Teen program 02 to 06 Jan.
03 Tuesday 1700 hrs Twilight Sailing
08 Sunday 1400 hrs Lady Skippers Race
10 Tuesday 1700 hrs Twilight Sailing - Lady Skippers Race
15 Sunday 0900 hrs Division Cool begins
15 Sunday 1400 hrs Life Buoy and Bell Immunity/Still Bitten
17 Tuesday 1700 hrs Twilight Sailing
22 Sunday 0900 hrs Division Cool
22 Sunday 1400 hrs Divisional Race Karma Cat/Supertoy Contends
24 Tuesday 1700 hrs Twilight Sailing
26 Thursday 1400 hrs Australia Day Trophy race Longnose
29 Sunday 0900 hrs Division Cool
29 Sunday 1400 hrs Life Buoy and Bell Molly 'O'

04 Saturday 1400 hrs Eastern Region Regatta and Interclub Trophy
05 Sunday 1400 hrs Eastern Region Regatta and Interclub Trophy at Lake Wellington YC
07 Tuesday 1700 hrs Twilight Sailing
11 Saturday Metung Yacht Club visit and lunch

The lovely evening light bathes Julia in 20 Dec Twilight in fabulous sailing conditions
The lovely evening light bathes Julia in
20 Dec Twilight in fabulous sailing

12 Sunday 0900 hrs Division Cool
12 Sunday 1000 hrs JK Lloyd Trophy Race Fleet Wow
14 Tuesday 1700 hrs Twilight Sailing
18 Saturday YA State Trailable Regatta
19 Sunday YA State Trailable Regatta
19 Sunday 0900 hrs Division Cool
19 Sunday 1400 hrs Divisional Race Kate
21 Tuesday 1700 hrs Twilight Sailing
25 Saturday 1000 hrs Cruise to Steamer Landing
26 Sunday 0900 hrs Division Cool
26 Sunday 1400 hrs Life Buoy and Bell Race 6 Fleet Nitro
28 Tuesday 1700 hrs Twilight Sailing


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Social/Sailing Calendar

Frank and Barbara Nott at The Sailing World Cup supporting their grandkids who were sailing in the Opti fleet
Frank and Barbara Nott at The Sailing
World Cup supporting their grandkids who
were sailing in the Opti fleet

Friday Club Night
Come to the club bar on Friday evenings to enjoy the evening, maybe even throw something on the barbie. You are welcome to bring a meal/takeout/fish and chips to enjoy. If you're lucky you might be the lucky winner of
the club draw.

Twilight sailing:
Stern chaser begins around 1700 hrs for the first boats. The Social Membership category covers Tuesday Twilight racing for crew and is required for crew who race more than 3 races (a YV requirement). If you're looking for more crew, there is a white board on the breezeway door
to check for people wanting to sail. Be sure to sign in those on your boat who would like to stay for the meal (and note if they need a vegetarian option).

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Ramblings from the RO

A bumpy start for the RLs on Wednesday
A bumpy start for the RLs on Wednesday

2017 has certainly started off on a high note with the successful completion of the RL24 and Javelin National Championship Regatta. That we were blessed with fantastic weather for sailing was just a bonus. Both fleets completed the scheduled races without re-sails or extending the race program. A real bonus!

At both RL and Javelin presentation nights, I managed to introduce (those who were still there) and thank all members of the Race Management Team for success on the race track requires a solid team effort. You can't have a regatta without sailors just as you need boat crews to run the event. A great effort by all involved in upholding a now high quality expectation for management of all regattas hosted by GLYC.

Our next regatta of significance will be the YV Trailable State Championships to be held over the weekend of 18-19 January. It is quite possible that we will see 30 boats on the water as the Castle, Noelex, Timpenny and RL Associations are holding their class championship regatta concurrently on the same weekend.

Over the Labour Day weekend in March we are hosting the Fflying Ffifteen State Championships. Another busy weekend afloat and around the club and in the bar.

Aero in the turmoil of the waves and wind
Aero in the turmoil of the waves and wind

If anyone wants to become involved in the not so black art of race management, please let me know. It is good fun but, I must admit, the pay is nothing to get excited about.

The weather has settled and we have been able to get in some good club racing on both Sundays and Tuesday evenings. However, it is worth reminding all Div 2 boats to maintain a listening watch on VHF Ch77.

On Tuesday last when there was a medical emergency being attended by the Water Police, the club was asked by Police to postpone racing for just five minutes to allow the rescue vessel access to the launching ramp. Time and tide wait for no man but Alistair pulled the plug on the clock and time stopped for GLYC. He then advised all competitors on Ch77 of the postponement. Those who didn't hear the transmission (for whatever reason) and started early were later pinged.

Another situation occurred last Sunday on the Lady Skippers Race where a forecast blow came in a little earlier than was expected and when the change heralded 30 knot winds, racing was abandoned. Those without a radio or not maintaining a listening watch battled on until JudiG could advise by other means.


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Division 1

Bill and David tune up for the Nationals in the LB&B on 11 Dec
Bill and David tune up for the Nationals
in the LB&B on 11 Dec

December has seen excellent sailing conditions for both the LBB and Divisional races which is an improvement on the early part of the season. Division one has dominated the LBB series with 4 of the top 5 positions going to the division one sailors with only Neil Joiner in his Mosquito taking out the 2nd position.

The December 11th race saw Michael Clark and Neil Smith turning in an excellent result with a 1st and John and Noelene Foley in Molly O coming 2nd. Andrew in Nexus came in 3rd and Mark in Nitro with a 10th.

There was a divisional race held of December 18th with two races sailed in great conditions. There was close racing between the sailors with the placings for the two races as follows; Bill Shand, Jim Callahan, Michael Clark, John Foley, Andrew Somervile and Mark Jefferies. I think Andrew and Mark would like to see a bit more wind and I am sure the positions would be very different.

Over the Christmas/New Year period, Michael Clark and Neil Smith in Wow and Bill Shand and David Parish travelled to Esperance in Western Australia for the Flying Fifteen Nationals. I do not have an updated report from the sailors so perhaps we will get a more detailed article about their adventures and challenges in the next Wanderer. The two boats from GLYC represented half of the Victorian contingent. I guess the trip over there put a few skipper off. As I understand it the sailors experienced winds ranging up 28k and then moderate to strong winds. The Western Australian sailors took the top placings being more familiar with the conditions.

News flash: Bill Shand and David Parish win first in handicap for the championships.

Flying Fifteen Club Boat
The FF15 donated to the club is missing a spinnaker pole. If anyone has a spinnaker pole that you are not using and you think will suit a FF15, it would help to get the boat on the water. We can adjust a pole to suit.

Contact Jim Callahan.

Tenth Prime at 29er Nationals
Tenth Prime at 29er Nationals

Report on 29er Nationals 2-8 jan 2017 @ Royal S.A yacht squadron by Luca and Jack

A total of 56 skiffs were competing and we were surprised to see several middle aged sailors with youth skippers. The open class world champion 2016 is 14y rs for eg and sailed with his coach.

The main difference between this class and other junior classes we have sailed is the sailors are super serious and high performance athletes. The class has doubled in the past 5 years as more kids aspire to achieve a spot on the official sailing team for each state and to then compete overseas.

This regatta was a steep learning curve for us because we have no training buddies and the top guns train after school most days and Saturday as well as club sailing on Sundays. For us the main challenges were the high heat combined with high winds and higher waves. Then, the size of the fleet which made it difficult to pick a good spot on the start line which was over 500 metres long and you couldn't hear or see flags on start boat if too far.

Overall we had a great regatta, made friends and picked up some tips from the elite athletes on Olympic pathway. Of course we would have liked to finish higher in the rankings but we did the best we could and intend to practice harder for next year. Luca and Jack.

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Division 4

Winning grinners in the spinnaker rigged div at Port Vincent Mosquito Nationals. GLYC 3rd, 1st, and 2nd
Winning grinners in the spinnaker rigged
div at Port Vincent Mosquito Nationals.
GLYC 3rd, 1st, and 2nd

The GLYC Mosquito catamarans traveled to Port Vincent, S.A., for the 45th NMCCA National Titles. The Mosquitos were double decked so only 2 tow vehicles were required to make the 1,200 km journey and the driving could be shared; so the trip was done in 1 day.

Port Vincent is in a very old and historic part of S.A. on the East coast of the Yorke peninsula pretty much due west of Adelaide. Originally a working port, it is now a small summer holiday water-sports orientated town (much smaller than Paynesville). It is protected by a massive sandbar that goes out into the Gulf for kilometres, so sailing is on shallow, flat water in almost any wind direction.

The championships were sailed in 3 Divisions, Mk 1 (cat rigged), Mk2 (sloop rigged), and Mk3 (spinnaker rigged). GLYC was represented by Peter Nikitin on "Bee Alert" in the Mk1 (cat rigged) division. Tim Shepperd was on "Karma Cat", Neil Joiner & Ben Bockman on "Immunity" and Gary Maskiell & Jamie Zizman on "Still Bitten" all in the Mk3 (spinnaker division).

First day of championship racing, 4 races were held (2 back to back in the morning and 2 back to back in the afternoon). The wind was gusty up to 20 knots and shifting due to the offshore wind particularly at the top mark which was close to the cliffs. The spinnaker-rigged Mosquitos enjoyed awesome downwind rides in mostly flat water, though the bullets off the cliffs made it exciting. Too exciting for Tim who set a new personal best of 4 capsizes in one day's racing.

The GLYC junior sailors (Ben and Jamie) did a great job crewing under the pressure of high speed spinnaker gybes, which resulted in a good start to the regatta for "Still Bitten" and "Immunity". The second day was abandoned due to lack of wind, and there was no racing the day after (New Years day) giving a good chance for the more "mature" GLYC Mossie sailors to recover.

Peter Nikitin wins first in handicap and the Masters Trophy for Over 50s in the MK1 (cat rigged) div
Peter Nikitin wins first in handicap and
the Masters Trophy for Over 50s in the MK1
(cat rigged) div

The second day of championship sailing the wind was forecast to be 15 to 20 knots increasing later in the day, so 3 races where held back to back from 10 in the morning and that was it for the day. Conditions were choppier than the first day (much like on the Gippsland Lakes), but with steadier winds as the wind was from the south, blowing off lower land. The wind increased each race putting the pressure on skippers and crews. All where glad to finish sailing for the day and head to shore for a late lunch, as the wind continued to increase above 20 knots as promised.

The 3rd day of championship sailing was the last day. The wind was up again around 15 knots and 2 races were held back to back in the morning. For once the wind actually decreased as the races went on, taking a bit of the pressure off skippers and crews, a welcome relief for all.

Results for the GLYC team where outstanding, with Gary & Jamie 1st, Neil & Ben 2nd and Tim 3rd in the Spinnaker rigged division. Peter took home a 4th in the Cat rigged Division, as well as the Masters trophy for Over 50's across all divisions, no mean feat at nearly 70 years of age.

Jamie Zizman was awarded the best placed Junior/Youth sailor trophy, a just reward to his dedication to carrying out all that was required of him with a minimum of fuss. Thanks must go to the junior program at GLYC, which has produced young crew with the confidence to take on trying 15 to 20 knot winds that saw many adults outside their comfort zones. They also contributed to allowing sloop rigged Mosquito's with spinnakers to dominate the Spinnaker division, for the first time in Mosquito history.

See you on the Lakes soon,
"Thrice Bitten".

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Discover Sailing Centre Report

Sailing World Cup Final (formerly ISAF)

Taj and Charlie at the Sailing World Cup Final
Taj and Charlie at the Sailing World Cup

On Friday the 9th of December, I (Charlie Broomhall) travelled to Melbourne with Sharna and Taj Duff to attend the Sailing World Cup Final.

While Taj sailed his new Minnow, I volunteered and watched sailors from around the world compete in boats such as 49'ers, 49'erFX, RSX (sailboard) and other classes.
There were also invited classes which included Minnows, Opti's, Sabre's Bic's and 29'ers.

We met many interesting and nice people including Olympic Sailors such as Matt Belcher, Jake Lilley, Jason Waterhouse, Lisa Darmarnin who all sailed in the 2016 Olympics.

It was a great experience to see all the competitors come together to compete in a successful end to the World Cup sailing final which had been running over the whole week.


There was quite a crowd of GLYC folks either sailing, support or in race management at the World Cup Sailing:

Frank and Barbara Knott were also at The Sailing World Cup supporting their grandkids who were sailing in the Opti fleet. Also at St Kilda were Jack Chapman and Luca Vuat (with 29er support crew of the Sayle, Vuat and Chapman families), James Frecheville (race management), Brian Carroll (measurement) and Lyn Wallace (World Sailing regatta office). Great GLYC representation across all facets of sailing.

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Division Cool to start on 15 January

Our own Vintage Red with Mark Francis giving every race a go in the RL24 Nationals
Our own Vintage Red with Mark Francis
giving every race a go in the RL24

Hi All
At this stage the weather next Sunday looks perfect for starting Division Cool sailing at GLYC.

As we have always done (for Div Cool), sailing starts at 9 AM sharp and notification is by email only. I look at the forecast on Wednesday or Thursday (sometimes Friday) and send the email to tell you if we are sailing or you can have a sleep-in. If you don't look at your emails you will miss out!

We have quite a big list of sailors for Div Cool this year so if you are "Cool" (or even just a bit nerdy) you are welcome to join us at the club on Sunday morning. Club boats are available and you can use (preferred) your own boats.

We will start with a briefing at 9 AM then get on to the water for good sailing and great fun.

Russell Broomhall

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RL24 and Javelin Nationals at GLYC

Cosmic Sedso posing as an overladen fruit tree in the Invitational on Monday
Cosmic Sedso posing as an overladen fruit
tree in the Invitational on Monday

The national championships at the Gippsland Lakes Yacht Club for the RL24s and the Javelins have produced some outstanding winners. With excellent winds the fleets were able to race with no abandonments or impediments for the entire regatta.

The GLYC had a few of their own competing in their RL24s or crewing. Paul Corben on Cosmic Sedso, Darryn Dyer on Whatever and Mark Francis on Vintage Red competed. A number of family members sailed on both Cosmic Sedso and Vintage Red. Andrew Somerville was crewing on Spiral Navigator as well.

Having begun on the 2nd of January, the two fleets shared the same water with the start, the gate and finish being the same. The RL24s raced a triangular course with a wing mark rounding the bottom through the gate while the Javelins raced up to a windward mark placed farther out and then down through the gate in windward and returns.

Both classes had three invitational races on Monday as reported last Friday. Thursday was a lay day for the Javelins who then raced through Saturday. The RL24s raced through the week with their Presentation night on the Friday.

With only just enough time to dust off the cobwebs from the old year, the competitors began their challenge on the Monday, 2 January. Seven Javelins and fourteen RL24s participated this year. After the noon briefing, sailors headed out to Lake Victoria for their three race invitational series. The invitational series not only allows the competitors to get a feel for the course area and for their fellow competitors, but also hones the course management issues of running dual courses for two classes by race officers and the volunteers.

On this Monday, the wind was boisterous and challenging for some and was over 20 knots in the third race dwindling down the numbers of boats to three Javelins and eight RL24s at that point. Some went in to shore to avoid breaking gear in the heavy winds before the third race; others had to retire to repair a sail or hardware. A number of the boats had capsizes, some having a tough time getting the boat back up without getting blown back down again.

The start of each of the RL24 races is a study in jockeying for position and calling for starboard, forcing boats up and away, and using all the wiles and techniques to get the edge. Watching, one can't believe they can do all that without any collisions but so far there have been none.

Wednesday was the most challenging for the fleets with winds at 20 knots and gusting higher. Three RLs chose not to race that day staying in their comfort zones and to avoid breakage. Only ten started and seven finished. One RL was knocked over with no one injured and had to retire as one of the sailors needed to be picked up by the rescue boat.
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Javelins take off in the big blow on Wednesday
Javelins take off in the big blow on

Simon Walsh skippering Ohau-rua, in the RL24 drop keel division, aced every race coming in first over the line except for Race 1 where an error in reading the course caused him to come in fourth. In the very last race on Friday, Simon finished half a lap ahead of the following boat. His extraordinary prowess again won him National Champion in the drop keel division.

Darryn Dyer sailing Whatever in the swing keel division also performed exceptionally well to take first in his division for the championship.

The Javelins were spectacular to watch as they sped around the course with their spray trails and half the boat flying out of the water. On the big blow day where two races were held, Aero skippered by Paul Leitinger did not finish either race and The Joker did not finish the first and did not start the second.

Peter Boyle, skipper of The Joker, sailed with upmost determination in spite of an illness affecting his agility and racing as well on a new boat with a different centre of gravity than the one he was accustomed to. When asked after capsizing multiple times if the rescue boat could lend a hand to tow him to shore, he chose to continue to proceed without assistance. His crew, Ian Morgans, was steadfast in his support. Peter won the admiration of all involved in these championships.

Peter and Lachlan Sharp sailing on Razor were very strong in the fleet coming first in five of the nine races. Especially as the series drew to an end, the rest of the fleet gave Razor a run for his money as Honky, sailed by Brett Williams and Tim Fountain, won firsts in race 1 and 7, and Sledge Hammer won the fourth race with Aero stealing first in the last race, race 9.

On that last day, Saturday, the competition was so close that at times three boats would be going through the gate together and most of the boats crossed the finish line just seconds apart.

The final race standings were Razor first, Honky second, Sledge Hammer third, Aero fourth, Laragh fifth, Last Roll of the Dice sixth and The Joker seventh.

The RL24 Association celebrated their Presentation night at the club with a full house and a lot of laughs Friday night. On Saturday, the Javelin Association celebrated their championship and presentations also at GLYC. Livening up the evening was a tribunal, tongue in cheek, where the crew on each boat got to accuse their skippers of errors or concocted abuse with a judge sentencing each to a financial penalty as well as a chug of rum from a watering can made up as an elephant. It was a great time of hilarity and unwinding after the physically and mentally grueling effort out on the water over the week.

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Tuesday Twilight Female Skippers Race

Resale of abandoned Sunday race

Lady skippers, Angela and Denise, eyeball each other before the last mark
Lady skippers, Angela and Denise, eyeball
each other before the last mark

Tuesday's Twilight Sail held at the Gippsland Lakes Yacht Club was a sight to behold with an outstanding fleet of forty boats participating in this beautiful twilight experience.

Incorporated in the regular Twilight stern chaser was the Female Skippers race that had to be abandoned on Sunday when the wind roared through with the cool change and gusts were going over 30 knots.

With such a large fleet, the rounding marks were an area of tight squeezes and calls for water and buoy room. The last mark off Montague Point before the final dash to the finish line at the yacht club was especially busy with sometimes six boats abreast vying for room.

Being the stern chaser format, the bulk of the fleet is designed to finish together towards the finish, and as a result, that mark was very exciting. Even with the pressure, there were no collisions or angry shouts.

Amazingly, the first two boats finishing one second apart were both lady skippers giving the women in the fleet unheralded bragging rights.

First over the line was Liz Hrouda skippering Itchy Feet, a Noelex 30. Following her behind by a whisker was Linda Callahan, skippering Wayward Wind, a Seaway 25.

A tight squeeze around the Montague mark
A tight squeeze around the Montague mark

Liz Hrouda was thrilled with her race saying, "I've only skippered in two races in my lifetime, when I was 17 and now, and in both I won!" "Perhaps it would be good if I continued skippering", she suggested with a laugh to her husband, Norbert.

This Tuesday Twilight sail continues to remain the most popular and social race in the Gippsland Lakes Yacht Club.

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Crew needed on Timpenny for State Trailables Titles

Email request from David Marshall

Zoe Cooper skippers her first race on Legless (and beats her mom, Jacqui, over the line)
Zoe Cooper skippers her first race on
Legless (and beats her mom, Jacqui, over
the line)

From: David Marshall <davidandbron@westnet.com.au>
Subject: Attn: James Freycheville - Timp 670 Bea Jay looking for crew - State Titles
Date: 10 January 2017 7:25:40 pm AEDT
To: glyc@sailglyc.com

Confirming our telephone conversation, I'm bringing the good boat Bea Jay (Timpenny 670) to the Lakes next month to compete in the State Trailable Titles, in which the Timpenny Assoc. hopes to convene our Annual Assoc. Championships.

I'd be grateful if you would canvas your members for anyone who would be interested in joining me as crew.

Bea Jay has a few gongs to her name, mostly down to the quality of the crew. I'm ideally looking for someone who'd be able to take the helm downwind with the kite up. Other skills and abilities are a bonus.

Kind Regards,
David Marshall
0427 330 235 (before Sun 15Jan and after Thurs 10Feb)

PS. I'll be travelling in NZ 15 Jan to 10 Feb, contactable via email. I'll be travelling to Paynesville from Melbourne on Thursday 16 Feb for the event, and could get on the water with the crew on Friday 17th for a bit of practice prior to start day.

Updated: 12 Jan 2017 12:00pm by Christie Arras

Yard and Marina

Intense concentration as Barbara skippers Longnose into the fray at the Montague Pt. mark
Intense concentration as Barbara skippers
Longnose into the fray at the Montague Pt.

Occasionally we experience strong winds. We had a blow come through that was clocked at over 35k. It is important that members with boats in the marina or in the yard insure that their boat is secure. We do go around during adverse conditions and check up on the boats but we can not be there at all times.

In the unusual situation where a boat may need to be moved, owners need to make sure that the tyres on their trailers are pumped up and that the trailer is in reasonable enough condition to be moved a short distance.

Thank you,
Jim Callahan

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Open Classic Boat weekend

21 and 22 January

Gary hones his form in 18 Dec divisional racing
Gary hones his form in 18 Dec divisional

From: The Wooden Boat Association <info@woodenboat.asn.au> Subject: Gippsland Lakes Classic Boat Club Event

Hi Gippsland Lakes Yacht Club,
The GLCBC will host an "Open Boat Weekend" on January 21st and 22nd 2017 at Paynesville on the McMillian Straight.

This event will be open to the general public and will focus upon all open day boats of various configurations including traditional open fishing boats, sail boats, workboats, dinghies and motor boats. The GLCBC welcomes all members of the community to attend and be a part of a fun and educational day out. Visitors can learn about some of the boats that shaped traditional boating on the Gippsland Lakes.

Owners of these classic boats and representatives of the GLCBC will be available to discuss and answer any questions to the general public.

For non GLCBC members who may have a suitable boat that they would like to show off and join in, then please email club.media@glcbc.org.au your details, we would very much appreciate your participation.

Event schedule:

Saturday 21st January

10:30 am - Open to the public display of traditional open fishing boats. To be held at MacMillian Straight, Paynesville - opposite Foodworks or on the beach next to the Gippsland Lakes Yacht Club (Weather conditions on the day will decide)

Nitro performs with excellence in Dec 18 divisional racing.  Mark and Anthony make a great team.
Nitro performs with excellence in Dec 18
divisional racing. Mark and Anthony make
a great team.

12:00 pm until 2:00 pm - The Paynesville Coast Guard sausage sizzle, please buy a snag and support our friends.

2:30 pm - Open boat sail past

Sunday 22nd January

10:00 am - Open boat sail to Duck Arm, BYO lite lunch on the beach (Subject to weather)

For additional information regarding this event, please email GLCBC Events and Media: club.media@glcbc.org.au or contact Mr Peter Medling on 0407 233 020

This event and others can be found on the GLCBC website "upcoming club events". Peter Medling

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Optimist for Sale

Fibreglass Optimist
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Good condition
$1800 ono

Contact: Mark Jefferis
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