Wanderer - February 2017

Commodore's Report

The handing over of the ubiquitous bottle in Metung
The handing over of the ubiquitous bottle
in Metung

Following our busy Christmas/New Year period, we have had a slightly quieter time at the club for the last two weeks, but as we move into February and March, things will crank up again.

On 18th and 19th Feb we are hosting the Trailable State Titles, which will also incorporate four specific boat class state titles - RL, Timpenny, Castle and Ultimate - so this should make for a large contingent of boats.

The following weekend we will provide a major venue for the Paynesville Music Festival, with the Sponsors Welcome followed by Razzamajazz on Friday Night and Kelly Aughtie on Saturday Night. Look out on billboards all around town to find out how to book for these events.

The Labour Day weekend of March 11,12 and 13 sees not only the usual finish and breakfast of the Marley Point Overnight Race, but also the Flying Fifteen State titles here at GLYC.

April will bring the Easter regatta which always sees some visitors joining in our program, especially the Magnums, followed over the ANZAC weekend by a visit and coaching camp for the 29er Association as well as a school holiday Tackers program.

Celebration Night this year will be on Saturday 20th May, which will hopefully support maximum attendance. It is long enough after the end of the season to organise the trophies and not so late that many members have already headed off for their winter in warmer climes. Andrew Thistlethwaite has volunteered his band to play so you will be able to "DanceOn" all night. Thanks Andrew!

Thanks to the member survey we conducted in the middle of last year; we now have a good list of volunteers we can call for our various tasks and roles associated with all of these events. It is important that we share the load in our volunteer environment, so if you have not yet assisted with an event this season, please be willing to put your hand up.

Sailing this season has seen the usual number of capsizes and gear breakages, which is just part of being on the water. In the last couple of weeks, however, we have also seen a few injuries to sailors in the form of cuts, abrasions and bumps on the head. Whilst all situations were of the "accidents will happen" variety and not caused by lack of care and attention, they do highlight the need to always remain cognisant of the inherent danger of our sport. Do undertake regular gear checks and take care to minimise the risks to you and your crew members.

In all cases, our rescue and ground crew people acted efficiently to provide assistance and I would like to congratulate all who helped out on their level-headed approach to managing the situations.

As part of our overall risk management system, we have an incident report process to record injuries to sailors. This requires either the injured person and/or a 'rescuer' to complete a form detailing the event. This way our committee can assess the matter and determine if there is a need to review our policies around sailor safety.

See you on the water


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In this issue:

Sailing Calendar

Andrew lifts his game with his amazingly courageous crew, Tegwyn.
Andrew lifts his game with his amazingly
courageous crew, Tegwyn.

03 Friday 1730 hrs Sprint Racing
04 Saturday 1400 hrs Eastern Region Regatta and Interclub Trophy
05 Sunday 1400 hrs Eastern Region Regatta and Interclub Trophy at Lake Wellington YC
07 Tuesday 1700 hrs Twilight Sailing
11 Saturday Metung Yacht Club visit and lunch
12 Sunday 0900 hrs Division Cool
12 Sunday 1000 hrs JK Lloyd Trophy Race Fleet Wow
14 Tuesday 1700 hrs Twilight Sailing
18 Saturday YA State Trailable Regatta
19 Sunday YA State Trailable Regatta
19 Sunday 0900 hrs Division Cool
19 Sunday 1400 hrs Divisional Race Kate
21 Tuesday 1700 hrs Twilight Sailing
25 Saturday 1000 hrs Cruise to Steamer Landing
26 Sunday 0900 hrs Division Cool
26 Sunday 1400 hrs Life Buoy and Bell Race 6 Fleet Nitro
28 Tuesday 1700 hrs Twilight Sailing

03 Friday 1700 hrs Summer Sprint Series
05 Sunday 0900 hrs Division Cool
05 Sunday 1400 hrs Divisional Race Julia
07 Tuesday 1700 hrs Twilight Sailing
11 Saturday 0830 hrs Flying Fifteen State Championships
11 Saturday 1800 hrs Marlay Point Over Night Race
12 Sunday ??? hrs MPONR boats finish at club
12 Sunday 0830 hrs Flying Fifteen State Championships
13 Monday 0830 hrs Flying Fifteen State Championships
14 Tuesday 1700 hrs Twilight Sailing
17 Friday 1700 hrs Summer Sprint Series
19 Sunday 0900 hrs Division Cool
19 Sunday 1400 hrs Four Winds Trophy Race Raineys/Williams
21 Tuesday 1700 hrs Twilight Sailing
26 Sunday 0900 hrs Division Cool
26 Sunday 1400 hrs Life Buoy and Bell Lofty
28 Tuesday 1700 hrs Twilight Sailing


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Social/Sailing Calendar

Melody and Enola work to right Rocket Cow in LB&B 29 Jan
Melody and Enola work to right Rocket Cow
in LB&B 29 Jan

Friday Club Night
Come to the club bar on Friday evenings to enjoy the evening, maybe even throw something on the barbie. You are welcome to bring a meal/takeout/fish and chips to enjoy. If you're lucky you might be the lucky winner of
the club draw.

Twilight sailing:
Stern chaser begins around 1700 hrs for the first boats. The Social Membership category covers Tuesday Twilight racing for crew and is required for crew who race more than 3 races (a YV requirement). If you're looking for more crew, there is a white board on the breezeway door
to check for people wanting to sail. Be sure to sign in those on your boat who would like to stay for the meal (and note if they need a vegetarian option).

2017 Victorian Trailable Championships - Saturday/Sunday 18/19 February

Paynesville Music Festival at GLYC. Friday and Saturday, 24/25 February

Marlay Point Over Night Race Brekky, Sunday, 12 March.

See article below about the need for volunteer shifts of cooks and bottlewashers.

Presentation Night - Saturday, 20 May, 2017. Music by the Thistlethwaites

Annual General Meeting - Saturday, 24 June, 2017

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Division 1

Good competition in LB&B 29 Jan
Good competition in LB&B 29 Jan

Life Buoy and Bell series
The LBB series has been hotly contested in excellent sailing conditions during January. There were two races held in January race 4 on the 15th and race 5 on the29th. Nitro and Nexus have moved ahead of the Flying Fifteen contingent. In race 4 and 5 Mark in Nitro had a 9th and a 4th putting him in second. Andrew, with his young daughter, Tegwyn, as his able crew, came in 7th and 3rd putting him in 3rd overall in the LBB series. Michael Clark did not compete in race 4 but had a good result in race 5 with a 9th putting him in 5th. John and Noelene also did not compete in race 4 and were on duty in race 5 but have held onto their 6th overall placing. Jim and Fred, in Impulse, have been consistent finishing with two 5th in the last 2 races.

Divisional Series
Races 6 and 7 were held on the 20th of January in fairly strong winds. In the first race of the day Jim crossed the line in first followed by Wow, Molly O, Nexus and Jack in the 29er. In the second race of the day Jim and Fred were leading the way when they decided to go fishing with their spinnaker. Michael Clark and Neil Smith sailed well winning race 6 with Molly O in 2nd and Nexus in 3rd.
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Tenth Prime struts her stuff
Tenth Prime struts her stuff

Australia Day Race
The Australia day race was sailed on a beautiful, sunny, day with 15k plus wind. Though there was not a big fleet it was a great day for sailing. The Australia Day course is set out in the shape of the Southern Cross. Unfortunately for the division one boats the course favoured the cats that took out the first and second spots. Jim Callahan and Fred were doing well until they lost their way. Molly O trailed Nexus until the last lap of the three lap course but this did not last long. John made some secret adjustments and his boat speed improved so he beat Nexus across the line for a 3rd with Andrew and Tegwyn close behind in 3rd.


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Division 4

Div 4 start 22 Jan
Div 4 start 22 Jan

Well, after a few weeks away from sailing to recover from the Nationals, the conditions have been superb for catamaran sailing.

In the Metung and Return race, Ben & Taj on the Hobie 14 found conditions very much to their liking (with no tacking both ways) and ever since it's been nothing but champagne sailing as far as the cats are concerned. All trapezing upwind and spinnaker flying downwind, sometimes near the limit but never too too much, just Goldilocks.

There has been some incredibly close racing with "Immunity" and "Still Bitten" practically glued together at times, with one divisional race decided by just 1 second. I guess it has been favouring the sloop-rigged boats, but I'm sure the lighter winds will come in Autumn and the cat rigs like "Karma Cat" will again prevail (anyway, the capsizes are good for his Triathlon swim training lol).

We've also introduced a new crew to the Mossies and Angus was very quick to adapt, sailing on both "Still Bitten" and "Immunity". He may now be spoiled for life, having had a taste of life in the fast lane (compared to his Sabre).

Steve has been out practicing on that beautifully finished (Red & White) timber Mossie you can see near the car park and no doubt will be joining in some racing soon, once its all sorted. Mitch Meade has rejoined the club with a refurbished Mossie which should get its first outing at the Interclub regatta.

Karma Cat out on a limb
Karma Cat out on a limb

So all is looking good in Div 4 as we look forward to the Interclub and then State Titles for Mossies at Altona on the Labour Day weekend in March.

Life's better with a Hull in the air,
"Still Bitten".

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Discover Sailing Centre Report

Jack Felsenthal, Viper World Champion, coaches Spencer Zizman in the Minnow out on the race track in LB&B, 29 Jan
Jack Felsenthal, Viper World Champion,
coaches Spencer Zizman in the Minnow out
on the race track in LB&B, 29 Jan

With National Championships all completed and the kids back home around the club again, it's a great time to recognise the strong attendance at the national level this season:
* 125 Nationals; Charlie Broomhall, Taj Duff, Oskar Watkinson, Melody Jefferis
* 29er Nationals; Jack Chapman, Luca Vuat
* Mozzie Nationals; Jaime Zizman, Ben Bockmann
* Australian Youth Championships: Jack Chapman, Luca Vuat
* Minnow Nationals; Taj Duff

Not only did these guys have excellent overall and personal results, but consistently through each regatta we have had feedback on how well each has represented the club through his sportsmanship, friendliness and sense of fun. Well done everyone! A big thank-you too to all of the parents, families, mentors, coaches and supporters who make a big contribution to the kids sailing adventures. There are many of you from right across the club, and it makes a great environment for kids to be in.

Division Cool is now in full flight on Sunday mornings, again emptying the boatshed of training pacers, minnows and sabres. A big thanks to Jacqui Crawford with Filly Lang, Darcy Stringer and Neil Stringer who ran an excellent Summer Sprint series last Friday. Six boats completed 3 windward return courses on the "little bay" in front of the club. This series will run on the 1st and 3rd Friday of February and March.


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Report on Australian Sailing's - National Youth championships

January 10-14, 2017 at Adelaide sailing club

National Champion and Gold medalists: Henry Larkings & Miles Davey (NSW)
National Champion and Gold medalists:
Henry Larkings & Miles Davey (NSW)

There are 5 classes in this annual competition for sailors aged 13 - 18 years wishing to compete for the chance to attend the Youth World Championships, which is otherwise known as the Olympics for under 18 year olds. The classes are: Laser 4.7, Laser Radial, Techno 293 (sailboard), 420 and 29er.

These boats have an equivalent adult version which competes at Olympic level, ie, the 29er becomes 49er and 420 becomes 470 etc.

We raced our 29er, which is the double-handed skiff and considered the high-performance boat and hardest to master in this fleet. It is also the most fun and exciting!

For us, the local conditions at Paynesville make it easier to handle the boat due to flat water despite high winds. So we didn't expect to be in the top half of the fleet; we went along for the opportunity to race in a fleet of 29ers and to see what this boat can do in the hands of the elite athletes who train 3 nights plus each weekend.

We were not put off but instead came away wanting
to train more often and more seriously for the State Championships in March.

There were forty-four 29ers at this regatta, significantly less than the 56 at the 9er National Championships the week before because you had to be Under 18. We ended up in 41st place which was expected, the bottom half of the fleet were all first and second year sailors. We have only been in the boat 6 months and train by ourselves.
5156 0582

We were complimented on various tactics and skills
but need more fleet experience to make faster and better decisions during high speed racing in this fleet. Our best races occurred on the last day when we placed 33 - 34, which was encouraging all things considered.

The awards given out to the top three in each class were Gold, Silver and Bronze medals. The Presenters were the Rio Olympics'silver medalists in the Nacra class. NSW won gold and silver this year and Bronze went to Victorians!

Luca and Jack

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Sailability needs volunteers for Wednesdays

Peter and Anne relax into their race on Chibizulu
Peter and Anne relax into their race on

Sailability has switched its day to Wednesdays. This was to enable club sailors who sail the Twilights on Tuesdays to be able to volunteer.

Please call Alan Pick, 0410 584 860, to let him know if you would give it a try. The first day of this session will be Wednesday, 8th of February at 9:00 at the GLYC.

Some women co-sailors are needed as well as men. So if you could donate a day of your time per week (barring bad weather), you would make a big difference in the lives of people who need something special like this sailing experience. The programs do not run all year; just during their school terms and not winter.

I, Christie, unfortunately do not want to give up my big ladies' golf comp day, and am having to leave because of the change. I will truly miss my co-sailing; I have had a lot of fun with most of the kids and adults.

One of my favorite days was co-sailing with Nicki on a day where the wind blew up past 13 knots. Usually we close shop with that wind, but we were already out there. Nicki is virtually blind, unable to speak, and physically handicapped. But she was ecstatic out on the water. I kept asking if she was OK and she'd give me her massive grin and thumbs up. We both were soaked when we got in; but how special it was.

Another time my teen girl and I were welcomed by two different pods of dolphins. One in particular swam along side of us looking at my charge and then returning again. It was like they (the dolphins) know these are special beings to check out. It was magical.

And then, when a participant takes the helm for the first time, they grow to ten feet tall. They are stoked and so proud.

It can be awkward some times, but I learned and grew with the sailors.

So, please, consider coming to help at Sailability. It really makes a difference in the lives of our participants.


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Marlay Point Overnight Race kitchen hands required

Sunday, 12 March

Start of return from of Metung to Paynesville
Start of return from of Metung to

Hello all you dedicated Marlay Point breakky preparers. It's almost that time again, so we need to start filling in the rosters.

I believe LWYC asks for a person or two to help with the overnight work and finishing.

And, the kitchen requires maybe four shifts of six people each. Some have perfected their MPNOR cooking and organizing skills on....egg frying, or bacon, or toast...serving, taking money, WASHING DISHES -- the backbone of all successful kitchens.

The sign-up list will be at the downstairs bar. Or call Christie, 5156 7861, or 0490 178 259 or text (but do not leave a voice message: don't know nothing about them) or email arraschristie@gmail.com.

We really appreciate your helping on this special day. Thank you in anticipation.


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03 8626 8700

A note of appreciation from Flemming

Barbara and Frank's class act on rescue duty
Barbara and Frank's class act on rescue

During the Saturday race to Metung Yacht Club, I had the misfortune of falling overboard and in the process cut my leg. This started a series of events to assist me in my predicament in the middle of the lake.

"Say No More" sailed past and I noticed someone already on the radio. I have been told they were giving my position to the Rescue Boat. Within about 2 mins it was there with Christie & Alastair on board.

I would like to thank and compliment the many people involved in this rescue, in particular Christie & Alastair who were the only two people I had personal contact with, and who showed such great skill in first aid and radio communication.

All the help and care given is greatly appreciated.

Flemming Rasmussen

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Race Day Reminder

New kid on the block.  Mambare with Steve Jenes and crew.
New kid on the block. Mambare with Steve
Jenes and crew.

On race days, please keep the launching ramp and jetty area clear so that other boats wishing to launch are not held up. We will be hosting the trailer boat titles soon as well and so we will need to make sure that our launching practices are as smooth as possible.

So after launching, could you please move your boat away from the launch jetty, perhaps on the outside jetty or Sailability jetty.

Thanks, Jim

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Metung and Return lucky winds

and a bit on the divisional racing that Sunday


On Saturday the 21st of January, the twenty-one yachts sailing the Gippsland Lakes Yacht Club's Metung and Return race had amazing luck with the wind. Mother Nature chose to bless the boats with wind from the West to push them down to Metung, and after lunch, the wind switched to the South to let them reach all the way back to Paynesville. And it was a very lively breeze that sped them along to boot.

First out of the start line, were juniors Luca Vuat and Jack Chapman who disappeared so far ahead of the fleet in Tenth Prime, a 29er off-the-beach boat, that the start/finish boat could barely keep up with them to take the finish time once they made it to Metung. Luca mentioned that he always wished he could sail from Paynesville to Metung and back on his dinghy. This he did on Saturday with fabulous results.

From the time the boats rounded the top mark after the start in Lake Victoria, they hoisted their spinnakers and charged onward. Half way to Metung, one hapless sailor in trying to fix a wayward spinnaker slipped off the deck and needed to be picked up by the rescue boat. It reminded the sailors that a lifejacket is a must, especially on a boat without lifelines. His bright yellow jacket made it so much easier to spot him in the choppy water.

Metung Yacht Club welcomed the sailors and hosted a lovely lunch for them. After lunch, the ceremonial passing of the bottle of scotch from GLYC's Commodore, Wendy Gardiner, to MYC Vice Commodore Robert Trenberth, was played out. This traditional exchange will be repeated in February when the Metung Yacht Club sails to Paynesville where the GLYC hosts the luncheon and the same bottle is passed back to GLYC's Commodore Wendy Gardiner. Though the scotch has probably aged beautifully over the years, its label is looking rather beat up.

The GLYC fleet started its race back to Paynesville five minutes before the start of Metung's regular Saturday stern chaser. The bay was very busy until the boats sorted themselves out and the GLYC fleet headed out of Bancroft Bay. The fleet was once again blessed with a great south wind that raced them back to the club in Paynesville.

Easy peasy all the way to Metung.
Easy peasy all the way to Metung.

As the Metung and Return is a trophy race based on personal handicap, Golden Dream, a Norwalk Island Sharpie sailed by David and Jill Penhall won the trophy. Second was Julia, a Couta boat 22 sailed by Andrew Somerville and his young girls, third was Nova, an Ultimate 18, sailed by Mark, Melody and Enola Jefferis. Tenth Prime with Luca Vuat and Charlie Chapman came in fourth even though their total time was 2 hours and 20 minutes, fifteen minutes before the next boat.

The weekend racing didn't end there. On Sunday the club divisional race was held out in Victoria with quite blustery wind which soon sent several dinghies back to safety on shore. The remaining twelve boats battled the strong wind with some tight competition among some within their class.

By the second race, the field was down to seven boats with the others either overpowered by the wind or needing to go back to the beach due to equipment failure.

The two Mosquito Sloop rigged Catamarans, Immunity sailed by Neil Joiner and Still Bitten sailed by Gary Maskell were seen off in the distance in a cloud of spray with Still Bitten nipping at the heels of Immunity. Both men have juniors as crew who were on an exhilarating learning curve. In the second race, Still Bitten finished just one second behind Immunity.

Out of the seven off-the-beach dinghies in division three that were going to race, two were left on the water by the end of the racing. Taj Duff on Wicked Weasel, a Minnow, bore the heavy wind with skill and confidence not once capsizing. He took first in both races and is running first in the series as well. Ken Thomas, new on the divisional race course, was sailing Blue, a Sabre, and ended up finishing with second place. Both get kudos for their massive effort.

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Gippsland Lakes Yacht Club
P.O. Box 194, Paynesville VIC 3880

Club phone03 5156 6864

Flag Officers

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Helter Skelter

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