Wanderer - March 2017

Commodore's Report

Recently, the committee has been developing a Child Safety Policy. New legislation came in to effect on January 1st this year which requires all organisations that include programs and provide access to children to have a Child Safety Policy in relation to keeping children safe from abuse in any of its myriad of forms. Our policy outlines our commitment to this important matter and the steps and systems we will implement if there is ever an issue that needs to be addressed. As part of this work, we have made minor changes to our Member Code of Conduct and also our Discover Sailing Risk Management Plan.

The revised Member Code of Conduct has been uploaded to the website. The Child Safety Policy has also been uploaded to the website. Members are asked to read the policy as it relates to all members of the club due to the fact that we have juniors in and around us all the time.

An induction session will be given to all members who work with Discover Sailing programs before the start of the 2017-2018 sailing season. It is important to note that whilst the legislation states that all adults have an obligation to report concerns, as a committee we have decided that we will use a "chain of command" approach which means that either the Commodore or the DSC Principal, will take on the role of notification on behalf of members and will provide support to the informant and the victim.

With the Trailable state titles done and dusted, the music festival over for another year, we are moving rapidly towards the end of another sailing season. As usual, both of these events required the assistance of our volunteer workforce, some who regularly put their hand up but it was pleasing to add a few "newbies" to our list of helpers. Thanks to all who have helped out recently and I look forward to seeing more of you and more new people as we roll into the last events for the season.

The Labour Day weekend will require the usual roster of helpers to cook breakfast for Marley Point Overnight Race finishers on the Sunday. (Call Christie if you can help.)

We are also hosting the Flying Fifteen State titles that weekend, for which we will also need helpers. Please See Jim Callahan if you have some time to spare that weekend.

After the long weekend we have a month of our regular sailing program, leading up to the Easter Regatta which kicks off with the juniors' Good Friday Breaky and sail around The Island to raise money for the Royal Children's Hospital Good Friday Appeal. The regatta proper takes place on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

Easter is late this year, so there will only be Barnsey's Last Chance regatta afterwards. Don't forget to put 20th May in your calendar for our annual Celebration Night. Whether you are a regular sailor, the partner of a regular sailor, a parent, junior or volunteer, this night is the committee's chance to say thank you for your contribution to the club throughout the year. We keep the cost of tickets to a minimum, subsidising the price from the coffers. Of course, there will be the awarding of trophies to successful sailors, and a few other surprises as well. Andrew and Lynda Thistlethwaite will provide live music to top of what promises to be a great night.

Moving to other news, it is good to see that a growing number of our junior and dinghy sailors are choosing to wear helmets when on the water. Whilst boom to head bumps are sometimes par for the course in dinghy sailing, minimising the risk of a serious knock on the head is a great idea.

Finally, I would like to congratulate Taj Duff, who has been selected to join the Victorian Minnow Sailing Team for 2017-2018. Taj has been working hard to develop his skills, and his effort is paying off big time. Following the main training and racing season he will receive the benefit of some high performance training. I am sure everyone at GLYC wishes him all the best for the season ahead.

See you on the Water


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In this issue:

Sailing Calendar

Tocatta in the J K Lloyd
Tocatta in the J K Lloyd

03 Friday 1700 hrs Summer Sprint Series
04 Saturday 1400 hrs Lake King Challenge with Metung
05 Sunday 0900 hrs Division Cool
05 Sunday 1400 hrs Divisional Race Julia
07 Tuesday 1700 hrs Twilight Sailing
11 Saturday 1400 hrs Flying Fifteen State Championships
11 Saturday 1800 hrs Marlay Point Over Night Race
12 Sunday ??? hrs MPONR boats finish at club
12 Sunday 1000 hrs Flying Fifteen State Championships
13 Monday 1000 hrs Flying Fifteen State Championships
14 Tuesday 1700 hrs Twilight Sailing
17 Friday 1700 hrs Summer Sprint Series
19 Sunday 0900 hrs Division Cool
19 Sunday 1400 hrs Four Winds Trophy Race Raineys/Williams
21 Tuesday 1700 hrs Twilight Sailing
26 Sunday 0900 hrs Division Cool
26 Sunday 1400 hrs Life Buoy and Bell Lofty
28 Tuesday 1700 hrs Twilight Sailing

02 Sunday 0900 hrs Divisions Cool and Cooler
02 Sunday 1300 hrs Life Buoy and Bell
08 Saturday 1000 hrs Cruise to Loch Sport
09 Sunday 0900 hrs Tackers and Adult/Teen learn to sail through Thursday, 13 April

Mitch barely controlling it in a wild divisional race
Mitch barely controlling it in a wild
divisional race

09 Sunday 1000 hrs Joy Croft Trophy race to Loch Sport Impulse
14 Friday Junior Sail Around Raymond Island Benefit for Royal Childrens Hospital
15 Saturday Easter Regatta Long Distance Race
16 Sunday Easter Regatta 'Round Raymond Island race
17 Monday Easter Regatta Lake Victoria Triangle
22 Saturday 0900 hrs Minnow coaching program
23 Sunday 0900 hrs Minnow coaching program
23 Sunday 1300 hrs Barnsey's Last Chance and resail
30 Sunday 1300 hrs Barnsey's Lasst Chance and resail


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5156 7223

Social/Sailing Calendar

The Twilight chase
The Twilight chase

Friday Club Night
Come to the club bar on Friday evenings to enjoy the evening, maybe even throw something on the barbie. You are welcome to bring a meal/takeout/fish and chips to enjoy. If you're lucky you might be the lucky winner of
the club draw.

Twilight sailing:
Stern chaser begins around 1700 hrs for the first boats. The Social Membership category covers Tuesday Twilight racing for crew and is required for crew who race more than 3 races (a YV requirement). If you're looking for more crew, there is a white board on the breezeway door
to check for people wanting to sail. Be sure to sign in those on your boat who would like to stay for the meal (and note if they need a vegetarian option).

Marlay Point Over Night Race Breakfast, Sunday, 12 March.
See article below about the need for volunteer shifts of cooks and bottlewashers.

Presentation Night - Saturday, 20 May, 2017. Music by the Thistlethwaites

Annual General Meeting - Saturday, 24 June, 2017

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Labour Day Weekend Storage changes

Great form in taxing conditions.  Well done, Luca and Jack
Great form in taxing conditions. Well
done, Luca and Jack

On the 11th, 12th and 13th of the Labour Day weekend some movements of boats on the hard stand may need to occur due to the Flying Fifteen State Titles. You will be contacted if your boat needs to be shifted. All efforts will be made to limit disruptions to members. We look forward to you cooperation.

Jim Callahan

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Division 1

Good competition in 19 Feb divisional
Good competition in 19 Feb divisional

February started out with the Interclub Regatta and division-one sailors contributed to our club dominance. On Sunday the 12th the JK Lloyd race was sailed with only one division-one boat entered. Nitro sailed well completing the long race in 2nd. The divisional series 8 and 9 was sailed in challenging conditions. Race 8 was won by Impulse followed by Molly O and the 29er. In race 9, the 29er took out the lead. Unfortunately the LBB race 7 was cancelled due to strong wind conditions.

Division-one sailors have been representing GLYC in New Zealand in the Flying Fifteen World titles. Craig and Ian sailed their boat in the New Zealand National Titles in a strong 56 boat fleet prior to the Worlds. After a long series of races in varied conditions their overall placing was in 21st position and only 3 points out of the top 20. Their best result was a 6th which indicates that they can compete at the top end of the fleet.

The world championships have now started and Craig and Ian are in 16th at this stage. Trevor Williams is sailing with Pere Milne from Melbourne and having a great sailing experience. Hopefully, we can hear more of their sailing experience in New Zealand in the next Wanderer.

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5156 7085

Division 4

Wild and woolly weather
Wild and woolly weather

Mitch, Peter Gary and Neil all made it to the Interclub regatta (more on that elsewhere in this newsletter) and in the varied conditions Mitch did well to win the mutihull division with Gary in 2nd, adding to the tally for GLYC to win the regatta.

Since then the wind has been back on form, first for the JK Lloyd long distance race. Fortunately, the race started early (10am) because by 2pm things were looking very grim on the lakes. The Mozzies got around the course quickly and although Mitch came home a few minutes behind the sloops of Gary and Neil, he was close enough to beat them (and Nitro) on handicap to win the Trophy.

The following week the divisional races were run in similar conditions except this time the fleet was out there to experience it! The first race was completed in challenging conditions - not only windy but very variable. On the first windward leg Neil was the only one to head right and found such a huge shift there didn't seem to be much of a race left by the windward mark - although Gary gave it his best. The second race fell apart soon after everyone had rounded the top mark, when the previously fresh breeze initially died to almost nothing, then filled in again with a 90 degree shift and then really started to increase. Tim and Peter saw the writing on the wall so to speak and headed for home. They reached the beach just as the really bad stuff hit, while Gary, Neil and Mitch reached up and down the course barely under control (see photos elsewhere in this issue).
5156 0432

The swarm approaches in the J K Lloyd out in Lake King
The swarm approaches in the J K Lloyd out
in Lake King

The following week the wind took it a step further for the Lifebuoy & Bell race, which didn't get run at all. This has been quite a season!

We have the state titles at Altona to look forward to. All state titles since 2003 have been held in light to drifting conditions - so we are almost guaranteed..... who knows?


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Discover Sailing Centre Report

It's again been a busy month for our Discover Sailing program, with Division Cool in full flight on Sunday mornings and over a dozen boats out competing in the Friday night Summer Sprint Series. Many are preparing for various state titles in the coming weeks in March, including the Minnows (at Safety Beach), 125s (at Yarrawonga), Mozzies (at Altona) and the 29ers (at Sorrento). Good luck to everyone competing!

A number of our juniors are also representing their schools in the Bill Bell Sprint Series and the Victorian School Sailing Championships towards the end of March. Good luck team!

As Easter fast approaches we have a number of dates to mark in the diary:

* Tackers Easter School Holiday Program: 9 - 13 April
Registration for Tackers 1, 2 & 3, plus Adult/Teen learn to sail and better sailing courses are now open via https://theboatshed.net.au/find-a-course/school-holiday-courses/paynesville/

* Raymond Island Good Friday Sail: 14 April
As the kids are preparing for their big sail, we are also looking to volunteers to help on the day including kitchen (breakfast), kitchen (cleanup), BBQ, raffle ticket selling & donation collection, rescue boat duty, and assistance with pack-up (when the fleet returns to GLYC). Please let Sharna know if you are able to help (even for an hour).
5156 6352

* Victorian Youth Catamaran Program: 12-13 April

* Paynesville Primary School Sailing Program: 18 - 21 April

* Minnow training/racing weekend at GLYC: 22 & 23 April

* 29er training/racing weekend at GLYC: 29 & 30 April

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Is your boat insured?

(Important insurance information requiring action from all members)

Twilight sailing 28 Feb
Twilight sailing 28 Feb

Questions about insurances at our February Committee meeting have led us to clarify the requirements for yacht racing, for boats stored on our premises, and the Club's liability in case of accident or injury.

In short, not only must all members have a boat insurance policy, including public liability cover and racing extension coverage if racing, they are required to provide details of their policy to the Club. To date we have relied upon the sailors' affirming that they have insurance for racing when completing their safety declaration to race at the beginning of each season. However, the Club's insurers are quite clear that we need to sight the insurance policy and record the name of the insurer, the policy number and the expiry date of insurance.

We are reliably advised that we cannot allow uninsured boats to take part in any racing, including twilight races, and all Sunday races. This is because if a member's insurance has lapsed and an accident occurs, the Club could be liable for damages due to the fact that we have allowed the boat to race.

We therefore ask that members to do one of two things. Either:

* Supply a copy of your insurance policy to the Secretary (it can be posted in the Secretary's maibox in the foyer) and it must state the period of cover, the amount of Public Liability cover included (>$10M) and that it includes racing cover extension.

Life member and former Commodore Barry Wood and Jenny visit the club
Life member and former Commodore Barry
Wood and Jenny visit the club


* Bring your original insurance certificate to the club, where details will be taken by either the Commodore or the Secretary, and again, it must show the same information noted above.

If your policy document does not clearly show that it is paid up and current, you will need to ask your insurer for a Certificate of Currency. They are normally quite happy to supply this.

Obviously we would like to expedite this as soon as possible, so please bring your information with you the next time you come down to the Club.

Thanks everyone,
Wendy (on behalf of the committee)

Wendy Gardiner
Gippsland Lakes Yacht Club
Ph 0498 116 752

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5156 6448

Division Cool and Cooler note on program scheduling

Oskar holds his own in the wild and woolly divisional 19 Feb
Oskar holds his own in the wild and woolly
divisional 19 Feb

It might be worth noting that Div Cool does not run every Sunday (rain hail or shine); it is contingent on weather and my (Russell Broomhall) availability.

If for instance the forecast for Sunday is 20 knts and raining, on Wednesday night I will email all participants and tell them to have a sleep-in. Similarly if I am away and am unable to source a suitable replacement it doesn't run.

Div Cool is about having fun mucking around in boats. Whilst it is true we now have a "Div Even Cooler" for the participants who wish to learn to race (we have the Champions teaching them), the concept is and always will be "it's about having fun" and survival conditions don't do that for most participants.

Please note, I am deliberately saying "participants" not kids as we have 5 or 6 adults sailing regularly with us. Our fleet this year has exceeded 20 each time it has run, so I think we are getting something correct.


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03 8626 8700

Key Returns

More fun in divisional racing Feb 19
More fun in divisional racing Feb 19

We have about 120 yellow keys out on which most members paid a $50 deposit. We have another 25 or so keys in the hands of ex-members who maybe do, or maybe don't, get the Wanderer or know about the new access system.

If all 120 members return their keys for a refund we will pay out $6000 in deposits; this was always a theoretical debt, but wasn't carried on the books as a debt so will just show as an expense this year (an unexpected one). We get back $20 for each fob sold, so if 100 of the 120 take out a fob, that is $2000 back.

Any members or ex-members who don't return their yellow key effectively donate their deposit to the Club.

So, what I am proposing we should do is:
1. Cancel all key access at end February by changing the locks. Keys (except Exec key) just won't get you into the building
2. Tell members through Wanderer that keys will be accepted for redemption up until end March
3. After end March no deposits will be given for keys returned (we don't actually need keys to be returned, they are effectively useless)
4. Do nothing about the ex-members who haven't returned keys. We have been in touch with all of them requesting return and they haven't bothered or been willing to, so they just lose their deposit and end up with a useless key.

Julia paints a pretty picture around the compass piles in the JK Lloyd
Julia paints a pretty picture around the
compass piles in the JK Lloyd

Have a think about whether you are comfortable with this, or have a better idea. In reality we want to find a balance between ensuring any genuine member with a key knows that they can get a refund on it if they want, and chasing keys that we don't want or need, to give $50 of member money to people who haven't asked for it.


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9707 3033

Eastern Region Regatta

The grinning winners in the Eastern Region Regatta
The grinning winners in the Eastern Region

Over the weekend of 4-5 Feb, GLYC went back-to-back winning the Eastern Region Regatta for the second year running. The regatta sees clubs from right across Gippsland compete within four different divisions, with overall scores assessed on divisional performance and in the case of a tie, club representation across the divisions.

Conditions at Lake Wellington Yacht Club, who were the host club for this year, were varied across the weekend, with 20+ knot gusts reached on Saturday afternoon's race whilst Sunday morning's race started in only 7 knots.

A contingent of 21 sailors traveled down from GLYC for the weekend event, with notable achievements from Taj Duff sailing his minnow Wicked Weasel and Mitch Meade sailing a Mosquito Catamaran, who won their respective divisions overall. Taj along with Andrew Somerville (sailing an NS called Nexus) also won their respective invitational races.

Overall podium places were also awarded to Jacqui Crawford, Angus Stringer (both sailing Sabres), Gary Maskiel and Oskar Watkinson (sailing a Mosquito) and Andrew Sayle and Sophia Tay (sailing their Tasar).

Whilst the club had a number of seasoned sailors competing at the regatta, of particular note were the achievements of the six sailors competing in their first ever regatta; Neil Zizman, Angus Stringer, Louise South, Tegwin Somerville, Daniel Paganella and young Spencer Zizman (11) who came 2nd on handicap in his final race for the day.

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Marlay Point Overnight Race kitchen hands still required

Sunday, 12 March

Louise South takes the Eastern Region Regatta challenge
Louise South takes the Eastern Region
Regatta challenge

Hello all you dedicated Marlay Point breakky preparers. The list for helping out is almost full, but a few more people are required for all shifts.

And, the kitchen requires three shifts of six people each. Some have perfected their MPNOR cooking and organizing skills on....egg frying, or bacon, or toast...serving, taking money, WASHING DISHES -- the backbone of all successful kitchens.

The sign-up list will be at the downstairs bar. Or call Christie, 5156 7861, or 0490 178 259 or text or email arraschristie@gmail.com.

We really appreciate your helping on this special day and buttressing the clubs coffers. Thank you in anticipation.


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Why fly to Hobart when you can sail?

Beautiful Freycinet Bay
Beautiful Freycinet Bay

There was to be a short window in suitable weather to cross Bass Strait which meant forgoing a Tuesday Twilight Race. If 'Longnose' didn't cross the LE bar at dawn on the following Wednesday it was unlikely she would go to sea before the weekend. So we went to Lakes that night and readied ourselves for sea (a meal at the pub).
We slipped the mooring lines just before dawn and headed across a benign bar and out into a soft Bass Strait. I like soft.

The plan was to make passage down the east coast of Flinders Island and stop at Babel Island before pushing on to Cape Barren and Banks Strait.

There was no way we were going to get into the lee of Flinders Island before the forecast westerly blow arrived so we put it in the bank and headed SW-ish keeping the Sister Islands on the port bow. We had sight of both the Sisters and Deal Island when the westerly change came through at upwards of 25+ knots.

Now under three reefs and a staysail we bore away from our position some 20 miles west of the rhumbline course and powered off into the closing darkness. It was a great ride and once in the lee of Flinders the seas softened as we charged south. The waters around Babel and Cat Islands are mostly unsurveyed but I had been there before so Frank was sort of comfortable about taking a less circuitous route into the anchorage at Babel at 0400 hours in 30 knots of breeze.

Next morning after a short sleep and still with a howling westerly we enjoyed a sleigh ride south past Franklin Sound and the Pot Boil and through mutton birds by their thousands bobbing on the relatively quiet waters. I had been to Harley Point on Cape Barren Island before and this time it was in daylight so we charged past an outlying reef and anchored just off the beach in pristine waters. And here we stayed for 36 hours while it blew. It does this in this neck of the woods.

Our crossing of the notorious Banks Strait was a dream run under blue skies and lots of wind. Rarely did we ever have less than two reefs in and only the cutter staysail out as we charged towards Eddystone Point. Again, we sailed in close behind outlying rocks to enjoy another pristine anchorage in 3m of azure water. I had been here before but both Frank and Barb were surprised to find how quiet our chosen anchorage was given the strength of the NW wind.

We all slept well with the knowledge that the forecast NW wind would continue into the next day before backing to the W and then SW. By then we would be comfortably anchored at Wineglass Bay. We were but we had to motor most of the way down the coast as the winds disappeared at dawn only to head us as we closed the Freycinet Peninsula and Wineglass Bay where there were 15 boats at anchor.

The following morning "Steely Dan" with a very tired Brian and Marekje arrived after a night at sea punching both winds and short seas. After a sleep we all walked the beach north to the path leading to the lookout where all the pictures are taken.

Next morning we left early and motorsailed south around Schouten and inside Maria Island to the bar at the Narrows, the eastern entrance to Blackman Bay. A forecast Easterly filled as we crossed the bar and headed to Dunnally.

Our original plan was to head for Triabunna and fish'n'chips before entering Blackman Bay next day but the thought of a closed out bar with rising winds and seas put paid to that idea. By the time we had tied up at the fishing boat jetty at Dunnally, the winds had risen and we had missed the opportunity to transit the canal before the swing bridge opening times expired. We still got our Fish'n'Chips and were accompanied by David Meldrum and his mob on 'Crispian'.
5156 6700

The night was not uncomfortable but we were all up and underway for the 0800 bridge opening. Forecast Northerly winds ensured a good ride across Norfolk Bay to Storm Bay and the Iron Pot which marks the start of the Derwent River.

There was now a fleet of boats heading to Hobart for the Wooden Boat Festival but 30 knots on the nose is not to a cruisers liking so we blasted across to the D'Entrecasteaux and sailed into Barnes Bay on Bruny Island. Here in a landlocked anchorage we enjoyed our last night together as a crew. Next morning with a forecast SW breeze filling we set sail north for Hobart arriving mid morning at our berth at the Derwent Sailing Squadron. A great trip sums it up best.

Thanks Frank and Barb.

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Boaties be aware!

Bill Shand and his new beast
Bill Shand and his new beast

A friend of mine in a yacht needed a tow by the Water Police off the shallows last week. However, when he was asked about his safety gear, his was woefully inadequate and he ended up being fined for each individual infraction.

So I had a chat to Alan Rice at the Water Police about the fines for not having the proper safety gear and thought I should make you aware of the potential cost of the fines. (The cost of the fines are approximate as they seem to change occasionally.)

Unregistered Boat.......................$800

Unlicensed operator.....................$800

No lifejacket or inadequate PFD.........$300

No buoyant waterproof torch.............$200

No current flares.......................$200

Outdated fire extinguisher..............$200

I think my friend was fined close to $900 but was spared a court appearance out of kindness of the police.

Wow! That's a lot of money to pay in fines. But the reason for these penalties is not meaness, but trying to get people to boat safely. It's only when you need a fire extinguisher or flares to help you out that you wish you had them.

Though our lakes are fairly safe, you never know when an emergency will strike you or your boat. So, check out your safety gear now before you need it or before you get checked and fined by the water police.


Updated: 3 Mar 2017 6:57pm by Christie Arras

2017 Victorian Trailable Yacht and Sports Boat Championship

and Sunday's divisional racing (19 Feb.)

Vintage Red in beautiful evening light in Race 3
Vintage Red in beautiful evening light in
Race 3

This past weekend the 2017 Victorian the GLYC hosted the Victorian Trailable Yacht and Sports Boat Championships. Thirty boats hailed from around the state as well as Queensland and NSW.

Within the Trailable Championships, some of the individual classes of boats held their national or state championships among them the Timpenny, Noelex, RL and Ultimate classes. (I may be totally wrong about the RL championships. Mark Francis was quite surprised when he read in the Addie that he had won the RLs. Can't help us Americans for printing fake news and propaganda lies.)

Three windward and return races were held each day though a couple were shortened when the wind died down. At other times, a fairly lively wind got the adrenaline going among the sailors.

There were three divisions: division one held the single sport boat, Never Again, an Elliot 7.4, sailed by Gary Sawyer. Never Again pitted itself against Fat Bottom Girl from division two in most of the races. Not surprisingly, Never Again won its Sports Boat title.

Division two held the larger and faster of the trailer sailers including the Noelex 25s, the Timpenny 770s and the Castle 650s, and a few others. One stand out boat was Fat Bottom Girl, a Colson 750, sailed by Brian Murphy who usually led the fleet with its bright red spinnaker flying. Nonetheless, Fat Bottom Girl was pipped by Pipalini, a Castle 650 sailed by Mitch Bayliss who in the final results with handicap calculated in took first for the championship. Mitch competes usually in Melbourne though he is a member of the GLYC, as well.

Third place in division two went to Invitation, a Noelex 25, sailed by Buster Hooper from GLYC and Melbourne and his son Cameron from Sydney. He had the distinction on Saturday of having the youngest crew on board, his five year old granddaughter, Olive, who provided lollies to Pop and dad, Cameron, as well as pulled the spinnaker into the forward cabin when it was pulled down. She also managed the genoa sheet when all other hands were busy.

Too close for comfort in Trailable Championships
Too close for comfort in Trailable

Division three held the somewhat smaller and slower trailer sailers, Timpenny 670s, and Ultimate 23s and 18s. However, it was Jaffa, a Boomarang 20 DK, sailed by Brendan Brown which took first place in division three of the Trailables championship. In the races, Jaffa managed to win two firsts, two seconds, and a third thus nailing the title. Boats were allowed to drop one of the six results.

The sailors were a mixed lot with some highly competitive crews, some who were fairly inexperienced and some who are still sailing peacefully in their twilight years. They (the latter) generally held back a bit at the starts and avoided the melee of near misses and excited bellows for water, starboard and buoy room.

Not surprising, the first start on both days in the combined 1 and 2 division had general recalls as the sailors over eagerly pushed over the start line before the horn. As a result, the U flag would be hoisted warning boats that anyone over the line during the sequence before the start gun would be disqualified for that race; a few boats were knocked out that way.

On Saturday, a couple of boats went back in shore when the wind was too challenging for them while in the third race that day, only two boats, Pipalini and Fat Bottom Girl in division 2 finished their race before the wind was extinguished leaving the rest to languish and drift forlornly until they motored home. In division three in race three, five of the boats couldn't finish due to lack of wind whereas Jaffa sailed fast enough to catch the wind and take first, with Nova, sailed by Mark Jefferis, coming in second and UOME sailed by Doug Caswell taking third.

The last race of the championships on Sunday, had variable wind requiring the shortening of the race due to the wind's dying. Yet before a number of the trailing yachts could finish, the wind decided to return with a vengeance showing once again the vagaries of Mother Nature.

Buster,  Cameron and Olive Hooper on Invitation
Buster, Cameron and Olive Hooper on

As the Trailable yachts were heading back to shore and the clubhouse for their presentations, the GLYC came out twenty-four strong for the regular divisional series having had to wait a while for the course to clear. This time the wind was in a temper sending most of the yachts home before the end of the second race.

A number of juniors were out on Minnows, a Pacer and a couple of Lasers for their first real race with the big boats. As the wind stiffened, one by one they were herded home to avoid catastrophe. One young sailor, Oskar Watkinson on Oskar Wild, a Minnow, was doing a commendable job in the wind and waves and was having a thrilling time; he was heartily disappointed to be asked by the Race Officer to head back to the beach. The wind did tip well over twenty knots which could have been overwhelming for an inexperienced dinghy sailor.

The five Mosquito catamarans were in their element as they sped around their windward and return course with their hulls lifting perilously out of the water. One had a spill but managed to right his cat without assistance. They passed by the rescue boat in a blur of spray and speed. Neil Joiner on Immunity won the first race and Gary Maskiell on Still Bitten took first in the second race. Both had juniors with them as crew on their sloop rigged cats.

Back at the Club house, the Trailable Yacht trophies were all handed out to their respective winners. Never Again took home first in division 1 in the Trailable titles as well as first in the Sports Boat Championships.

In division two, Mitch Meade, sailing on Pipalini, a Castle 650, won his Trailable division as well as the Victorian Castle 650 championship.

Brendan Brown sailing Jaffa, a Boomerang 20DK, took home first in the Victorian Trailable title in division 3.

Philly Lang crews on Bea Jay in Trailables
Philly Lang crews on Bea Jay in Trailables

The Timpenny 770, Sparkling Burgundy, sailed by Trevor Turnbull, won his Victorian State Timpenny Title, and the Timpenny 650, UOME, sailed by Brendan Brown, won the Timpenny Title in his division.

Mark Jefferis, another GLYC club member, won his Victorian Ultimate State Championship on Nova, an Ultimate 18SK, as well as coming in third in the Trailables division 3.

The Victorian RL Championship title was won by Vintage Red, an RL 24SK, sailed by Mark Francis from GLYC. Mark said he needed more work on sail trim with spinnaker up, but that he had improved a lot from the experience with some really efficient and quick spinnaker handling and competitive starts. The championship raised his and his family's game and was a lot of fun as well.

The results from the GLYC divisional races were almost determined by last man standing. In Division 1, Jim Callahan on Impulse, a Flying Fifteen, won race 8, while Jack Chapman and Luca Vuat flew to victory on Tenth Primein race 9 with only one spill on his tender 29er. The boys were reveling in the tempestuous conditions.

Chris and Lesley Avery took first in Division 2 on Kalimna, a Timpenny 770SK. And in Division 3, off-the-beach boats, Tim Heaney on Weapon of Choice, a Sabre, won in race 8, while junior, Taj Duff, excelled on Wicked Weasel, a Minnow, in race 9. After the racing was over, he was reluctant to leave the water as he sailed so fast surfing waves that he transformed his little Minnow into a Flying Fish.

What a long day Sunday was for race management: on the water at 9:30 and not home till 4:30. Sandwiches were provided (thanks, Christie) and most likely, buckets came in handy.

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Minnow for sale

Minnow 456 "Wild Weasel" - $750 - ideal boat for beginner sailor

Contact: Steve Duff
Phone: 0411 037 418

Optimist for Sale

Fibreglass Optimist
trolley, new boat cover, sail #243
Good condition
$1800 ono

Contact: Mark Jefferis
Phone: 0427678816