Wanderer - April 2017

Commodore's Report

Well folks, we are almost at the end of the 2016/2017 sailing season. And what a season it has been!
  • An impressive GLYC representation at State, National, International, Junior and Senior regattas, with many outstanding performances
  • A very successful Twilight Series with a growing contingent of boats sailing every week
  • Increasing numbers participating in the Sunday Divisional and LBB series, as well as good turnouts for trophy events and cruises
  • DSC and other junior events have grown in number and number of participants and it's great to see another period of large junior participation within the club after a few quiet years
  • The usual huge crowd of member volunteers who have ensured that every event at GLYC, be it club racing, community events, or regattas have been highly successful. Thanks to you all!
  • Lots of visitors from other parts of Australia and overseas have added richness to Friday drinks and Tuesday Twilights. Sometimes we have gained new members and in a couple of cases, Paynesville has gained new residents!

Of course, the season has not gone by without a few hiccups and these have kept the Committee quite busy. Some notable issues include:

A major concern for us has been that of boat insurance. All members who have not completed the required paperwork have by now received a private SMS or email from James Frecheville, requesting that they do so. Also, on the website and later in the Wanderer you will read a very clear summary of Insurance requirements and information about various policies that will hopefully help all members to sort through the process.

The timer clock for twilight starts has taken up a lot of time. The jury is still out with our latest attempt ( a straw poll delivered a 50/50 result on whether it was useful or not) so more work yet to be done on this one.

Still on the matter of Twilights, it's clear that some participants are unsure of the racing rules and etiquette for this race. Remember, even though it is a social race, the usual rules still apply, including port/starboard, upwind/downwind and also, because it is a social race, do keep out of the way of boats who are starting and finishing... more on this before the start of next season

Rescue boats have caused great concern this season, with a lot of money being spent on necessary repairs and maintenance. Over the off season we will need to put careful consideration into the way forward with these craft to ensure that our future is secure and affordable. Thanks to those members who have provided ideas about how to manage this...all of these will be put into the basket for consideration.

The doors to the boatshed have become very problematic of late and becoming more so. We are potentially facing a large bill to replace them, which will affect the amount of funds available for new items and upgrades that were previously planned

In other committee news, we have been working steadily away at developing our Strategic Plan and this document should be complete by the May Committee meeting. It will be launched at the AGM in June and members who attended our Workshop way back in May last year will see many of the ideas generated there incorporated into the Plan.

Lake wellington Yacht Club has asked if GLYC is interested in taking over management of the Marlay Point Overnight Race after its 50th Anniversary next year. There is a lot to consider with this and Jacqui Crawford has gathered a small team who are interested to investigate the viability of this.

I hope everyone enjoys our last few sailing events for the season - Joy Croft Trophy next week to Loch Sport, The Easter Regatta the week after and Barnsey's Last Chance the following two weeks.


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In this issue:

Sailing Calendar

Here and there in the Four Winds Trophy race
Here and there in the Four Winds Trophy

02 Sunday 0900 hrs Divisions Cool and Cooler
02 Sunday 1300 hrs Life Buoy and Bell
08 Saturday 1000 hrs Cruise to Loch Sport
09 Sunday 0900 hrs Tackers and Adult/Teen learn to sail through Thursday, 13 April
09 Sunday 1000 hrs Joy Croft Trophy race to Loch Sport. Duty boat: Impulse
12-13 Wednesday and Thursday Vic Youth Cat Program
14 Friday Junior Sail Around Raymond Island Benefit for Royal Childrens Hospital
15 Saturday Easter Regatta Long Distance Race
16 Sunday Easter Regatta 'Round Raymond Island race
17 Monday Easter Regatta Lake Victoria Triangle
22 Saturday 0900 hrs Minnow coaching program
23 Sunday 0900 hrs Minnow coaching program
23 Sunday 1300 hrs Barnsey's Last Chance and resail
30 Sunday 1300 hrs Barnsey's Lasst Chance and resail

Ancient Mariners: 1300 hrs. Tuesdays through September with Thursdays as the alternate re-sail day


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Social/Sailing Calendar

Tegywn and Andrew move up to second place on Nexus in the LBand B standings
Tegywn and Andrew move up to second place
on Nexus in the LBand B standings

Friday Club Night
Come to the club bar on Friday evenings to enjoy the evening, maybe even throw something on the barbie. You are welcome to bring a meal/takeout/fish and chips to enjoy. If you're lucky you might be the lucky winner of
the club draw.

Note: June will be here soon and that means Soups On will be coming back. Anne Delahay is taking down offers to do soups for June, July and August. The night is a winner for the club and everyone, so consider taking on a night to prepare the soups.

Ancient Mariners Leisurely Sail, Tuesdays, 1300 hrs
Sailors meet upstairs in the club room at noon to discuss the weather and the course and to fuel up with lunch. All are welcome to sail, though no support/rescue boats are available so trailer sailors/keel boats/multihull non-off-the-beach boats are the go. Should Tuesday be unsailable, Thursdays will be the back up sail day.

Presentation Night - Saturday, 20 May, 2017. Music by the Thistlethwaites

  • Details yet to be finalised.
  • Tickets and information will go on sale after Easter

  • Annual General Meeting - Saturday, 24 June, 2017

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    9707 3033

    Insurance Basics

    Neil Zizmam and his son, Jaime, both competed on Lasers in Sunday's LBandB, 2nd April
    Neil Zizmam and his son, Jaime, both
    competed on Lasers in Sunday's LBandB, 2nd

    The following is not intended to offend anyone, and is probably no news to most members, but is written to try to get everyone on the same page.

    What insurance cover do you need?
    That is entirely up to each member; you can insure your boat for third party property only, for its partial value, for its full value, or not insure it at all, totally up to you.

    What insurance cover do you need if your boat is stored at GLYC?
    You need at minimum third party property and third party liability to $10M. If your boat blows over and damages another boat; if your mast falls and hurts someone; if your trailer tyre blows out and harms someone; if your boat catches fire and burns the boat alongside; you need insurance cover to protect any third party. This is required through the Storage Policy now.

    What insurance cover do you need if you sail at GLYC?
    Again, you need at minimum third party property and third party liability to $10M. If you are involved in a collision or other incident on the water, it is your decision as to whether or not damage to your boat is covered, but you MUST have cover to protect the other boat and persons on that other boat.

    • If you are sailing a Twilight or Ancient Mariners where the documented rules (NoR) state that spinnakers are not permitted, then you must have a policy that says you are covered for social racing, otherwise your public liability insurance does not apply.
    • If you are sailing on a Sunday or any other race, your standard policy must include all racing risks, or you must take out a racing risks extension. It depends on your insurer what you need. Without this your public liability cover does not apply when racing.

    Karma Cat in the Four Winds
    Karma Cat in the Four Winds

    The following is not definitive, and please do not rely on it, but it may be of assistance if checking around for marine insurance. Some companies include Social Racing (Twilights without spinnakers) within their standard cover, some include full racing cover in the standard policy, and some include no racing cover at all. And remember that most insured boats are runabouts and power boats; yachts and yacht racing is a relatively specialised field so don't be surprised when some insurers ask if your dinghy can exceed 20 knots or what a spinnaker is!

    Until anyone can provide evidence to the contrary, the Club's understanding of "Social Racing", according to all insurers, is NoR says "no spinnakers allowed". The only sailing that GLYC runs that is classified as Social Racing is Tuesday Twilights or Tuesday Ancient Mariners.

    The following is a summary of what we have found to date:

    • CGU (Bendigo Bank) includes social racing in the standard policy, full racing cover is extra.
    • Club Marine includes social racing (no spinnakers, <25NM) in the standard policy, full racing cover is extra.
    • Nautilus Marine includes full racing cover (<100 NM) in the standard policy (and obviously social races are included in that).
    • RACV does not include any racing cover in the standard policy; even if you just want cover for social races you have to take out full racing cover.
    • Apia does not provide a social racing option, any type of racing requires an optional racing risks extension (same offer as RACV).
    • YOUI is confusing, the current PDS allows you to take out social racing cover as an extra, full racing cover is not available. Earlier PDSs had different definitions and inclusions.


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    From the Sailing Captain

    Like ducks in a row.  FF States at GLYC
    Like ducks in a row. FF States at GLYC

    March is always a busy month at the Club. A small fleet of Flying Fifteens managed to complete their planned 9 race Victorian Championship regatta over the three day long weekend. Conditions were challenging for both sailors and the race management team with variable and then even more variable winds on the first two days resulting in recalls, abandonment, a shortened course and course changes.

    With a delayed start to racing on Monday, the fleet were gifted soft but steady conditions for the final two races. The crew on the RS Thomson were happy not to have to move a mark for the entire race session.

    I was glad the Black Rock mafia were not helping with race management this year as a mistake I made in how I shortened Race 1 would have left me without a ticket to run the rest of the regatta. There was confusion by many sailors and I only realised my mistake the following day when checking another item on the SI. Read your Sailing Instructions. Always.

    Ten Pound Note with Trevor Williams and Peter Milne back together after the recent World Championships in New Zealand sailed a sensational series to win the GLYC hosted Regatta. Our Club won the team event with TPNote, fforty fforty, Impulse and Molly'O' representing the Club in the top half of the fleet.

    Thanks to all who put up their hand to help out whether on the water, at the crane or in and around the Club. Thanks too must go to all those who helped out with the 49th MPONR, which will no doubt be reported on elsewhere in Wanderer.

    The Four Winds race to Steamer Landing and back was well contested in light conditions allowing some of the not so fast boats to fair well on both Yardstick and Personal Handicap. It was great to see the mozzies held at bay for a change and to see some new members out on this sometimes challenging race where the water can run shallow pretty quickly. Groundings were not uncommon but everyone got to Steamer and back. The second tier, some twenty minutes behind the next boat, had their course shortened to sail home directly and competed amongst themselves in their own 'other' division. Although the time limit for Trophy Races is sunset, the breeze was softening the decision was made for benefit of all, sailors and the race management team.

    Twilight sailing 28 March
    Twilight sailing 28 March

    With the 80th Anniversary of Tumlaren sailing on Port Philip Bay the following weekend, it was incumbent on Jacqui to wear the RO hat for the LB&B race. I had a boat to steer in the Victorian Championship Regatta hosted by RMYS in St. Kilda, the original home of the Tumlaren back in 1937. It was always going to be a good fun weekend.......and it was just that.

    It is really rather grand that at near season end the PHC system that Tim Shepperd has worked tirelessly on refining and modifying has, in Race 7 LB&B, resulted in some pretty close scoring. The Handicap Times from 2nd to 9th place were just over 30 seconds! And Ghost won by only 90 seconds. This is about as good as it gets, and especially when you consider the diversity of our fleet. If no one can come up with a better method of personal handicapping I plan not to change anything for next season.

    While on the subject of handicapping, I dips me lid to Brian Collins for his ongoing commitment and broad shouldering of complaints while massaging the numbers for our now completed Tuesday Twilight Series. Brian is very much a part of the success of our most popular Club day, along with Christie and crew on the Course Boat, Bill and the rostered crew on Rescue 1 and George's apprentice in Alastair on timing from the loft balcony. At the final twilight dinner, a wonderful spread was put on by the tireless ladies lead by Dee Dee and Linda C. Alastair regaled us with the all important Statistics on boat numbers, winners and consistency. Congratulations to Angela and Dave for sailing in 19 of the 20 races with one win.

    At season end it is time to reflect on what went well and what could be improved upon. One thing that springs to mind is the need for all sailors to understand the Rules and how they apply when racing and what is considered etiquette before and after completing the course. In mixed fleet racing the variables of ability to manoeuvre, speed and boat handling in sometimes confined waters can contribute to heightened risk of collision. In the interests of good sportsmanship and safety on the water, the Club will be conducting a Rules and their relevance session after each Tuesday race to ensure everyone understands just when and how the Rules apply when on the race track.

    Easter is just two weeks away, and as noted in the NoR for our Easter Regatta, it will be a requirement of all competitors to confirm they have adequate insurance for racing. This insurance issue has been aired in both Wanderer and through e-flash, and we just have to comply with advice from our Club insurer. So if you haven't been able to show your documents to the Secretary, please do so before Easter and it will be a Happy Easter to All.

    See you on the Start Line.


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    Speedy recovery for Nigel Emerson

    Bill Shand and crew on Fforty Fforty in the wild and woolly Lake King Challenge
    Bill Shand and crew on Fforty Fforty in
    the wild and woolly Lake King Challenge

    The club sends our hopes for a speedy recovery to Nigel Emerson who will undergo heart surgery on Thursday, the 6th at Monash.

    Nigel is a club member who sails Rainbow Connection and sometimes his little Topper. He is also our caretaker/cleaner who has been keeping our club spic and span this last year.

    While he is recuperating, Alan and Kay Pick will be helping out with keeping the club house tidy and caring for his sweet little Louie dog who most of us know.

    So, we must ask all members during the next few very busy weeks, to clean up after themselves and keep an eye out for tasks that need doing like bringing in the outdoor chairs and tables, keeping the kitchen tidy and dishes washed, taking garbage out to breezeway, locking up if you're last out, asking the young sailors not to track in sand with wet feet or run around with food, etc. You know, basically not expecting some fairy godmother to clean up after you or the kids.

    We all will appreciate one another's stewarding of our club until Nigel comes back to pick up where he left off.

    Thank you all in anticipation.


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    5156 0582

    Division 1

    March results

    On March the 5th, races 10 and 11 of the divisional series were sailed in good conditions. Jack and Luca in Tenth Prime won both races; crew and skipper are showing that practice does pay off! John in Molly 'O' was in second followed by Mark in Nitro. In race 11 the placings were Jack in Tenth Prime, Mark in Nitro and Brian in Supertoy Contends. It is good to see Brian in the top placing again.

    In the Four Winds race, division one was well represented in close racing conditions. Division one boats placed 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 7th. I guess sailing through the back lake may be advantageous to division one boats. John in Molly 'O' was 2nd, Andrew in his Tasar 3rd, followed by Bill in Fforty Fforty who was 4th.

    March has produced some excellent sailing conditions with generally mild conditions. The LBB was sailed on the 26th and was keenly contested. Andrew in Nexus was the best performer for the division one boats pulling off a well-deserved 2nd, then Jim in Impulse in 5th, Mark in Nitro 6th and then Jack in tenth Prime in 9th.

    During the Labour Day weekend the Flying Fifteens had their Victorian state titles at GLYC. The sailing conditions varied between drifters to the occasional strong blow, so over the 9 races skippers had to make many adjustments to the deal with the varied conditions. James was the sailing officer and did an excellent job under, at times, very difficult condition.
    5156 6448

    Jim and Fred in 2017 Vic State FF Titles
    Jim and Fred in 2017 Vic State FF Titles

    James was twice required to recall races before the fleet could get to the first windward mark due to light and shifty winds. Several starts had to be recalled due to radical wind shifts that didn't allow for fair starts. Despite the challenging conditions, Peter Milne sailing with Trevor Williams in Ten Pound note swept the field. Trevor and Peter Milne were well practiced after sailing in the New Zealand national championships and in the Flying Fifteen world titles. Bill and David had a very good series and sailed consistently to be tied for 3rd only to drop back to 4th on a count back. Jim Callahan and Fred sailed well and entered the last day placed 4th but had a bad race 8 and dropped back to 6th. John and Noelene sailed well and in one race on the last day led the fleet around the whole course only to be overtaken in the last leg due to a spinnaker mishap. All in all it was a great series and enjoyed by all. Thanks again to all the dedicated helpers to make the event such a success.


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    5156 6352

    Division 2

    Lesley prepares the spinnaker in 2nd April LBandB
    Lesley prepares the spinnaker in 2nd April

    There has been some absence from Division 2 reporting. I am claiming some problems with my "new PC"; I have to tell you that these were operator error, again!!

    Well, almost season's end, we have managed to get most races in despite a somewhat unkind supply of wind. Our title events were completed and our club events require a minimum of re-sails. Though
    Division 2 numbers have increased this year; we still remain a very mixed fleet with the Trailables well in the minority.

    Nice to have Flemming back on the water, and we are looking forward to Dave Homewood also getting back on the water. Brian Collins has his boat up for sale; I understand this will be replaced so we can still enjoy his competition on the water.

    John Johnson's Dragon looks magnificent and he is being rewarded with considerable success within the club and in title events. I think he may have competition now from David Griffith also now with a Dragon. Great to have similar boats.

    Your protest committee has been in training with two so far this year: one from the RL24 titles and one from Marlay Point; both have been dismissed. A quick personal comment: it's better to take your penalty on the water than risk a protest; after all, a 360/720 is a better bet than a disqualification.

    Mambare heads home in 4 Winds
    Mambare heads home in 4 Winds

    Further, if I may be so bold, when finishing a race and pulling out, it has always been my view that it is nice to wait until the duty crews have retrieved the club boats first; they too have spent the day out there. Also, tying up inside the ramp jetty causes two problems: one it makes it difficult to launch other boats and, two, it makes it difficult for the 15s to sail out with an easterly. I have been guilty of both!!

    Well folks, have to go and check the bilge pump again... seems to have trouble passing water


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    5156 7223

    Division 4

    A really exciting day for the cats on the 5th of March
    A really exciting day for the cats on the
    5th of March

    Well, March started off with 2 cracker Divisional Races on the 5th. In the first the racing was close between Still Bitten, Immunity, Bee Alert and Karma Cat with all finishing within 1 min 9 sec. The Sloops finished ahead of the Cat Rigs, but were not far enough ahead to win on Yardstick. In the second the margins between the 4 opened up and the Cat Rigs and Sloops mixed it up over the line, with Still Bitten getting far enough ahead of the Cat Rigs to finish first on Yardstick. A great afternoon of practice for the State Titles.

    On the Labour Day Weekend, Immunity (with GLYC junior Ben crewing), Bee Alert, Bonnie, Still Bitten (with GLYC Junior Oscar crewing) and Karma Cat traveled to Altona YC for the Vic Mossie Titles. As it turned out, the only boats to enter the Spinnaker division were from GLYC, so the consensus amongst the GLYC Mossies was that they would sail without spinnakers (State Titles are for racing boats from other clubs). Immunity and Still Bitten entered the Sloop rig division and the others entered the Cat rig division. Camping was next to the club and this made for a very social and fun weekend.

    The conditions varied across the weekend, with 6 races completed in mostly light to moderate winds. Gary and Oscar on Still Bitten finished up winning the Sloop Rig Division, with Neil and Ben placing 3rd. In the Cat Rig division, Tim on Karma Cat placed equal 3rd, Mitch Meade on Bonnie placed 4th and Peter Nikitin on Bee Alert placed 5th. Oscar also received the prize for first Junior/Youth Sailor.
    5156 7085

    The next weekend, Mosquitos Immunity (skippered by Ben), Still Bitten (skippered by Jamie) and Karma Cat were back home and joined by Viper "Charter World" skippered by Brooke and crewed by Jack Felsenthall to contest the Four Winds Trophy Race. After the Viper lead early, Karma Cat worked its way from a late start passing all the others on its way to Line Honours, and with the spinnakers up Still Bitten managed to slip past the Viper also to be second home. Both juniors did an excellent job of skippering, showing they had learnt a lot from crewing and perhaps are ready to sail their own Mosquito.

    On the last Sunday in March, Immunity was the only Mossie to sail, but this was a good thing, as Gary had been to Melbourne helping Jamie to buy a second hand Mosquito. So now there is another Mossie in the local fleet; it needs a little work, but Jamie can't wait to get it on the water, so I'm sure we will see it out soon, possibly with Ben crewing. Although from the looks of when Jamie's Mossie pulled up in the club carpark, he won't have any problems finding crew. This is great news for the future of both GLYC and the Mosquito fleet, as progressing the Juniors is essential to the future of all sailing.

    Sailing's better with a Hull in the Air,
    Still Bitten.


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    Discover Sailing Centre Report

    Calling all hands

    Philly Lang just gets better and better on her Laser Radial, Cool Running
    Philly Lang just gets better and better on
    her Laser Radial, Cool Running

    As Easter fast approaches we have a number of dates to mark in the diary:

    • Tackers Easter School Holiday Program: 9 - 13 April Registration for Tackers 1, 2 & 3, plus Adult/Teen learn to sail and better sailing courses are now open via https://theboatshed.net.au/find-a-course/school-holiday-courses/paynesville/
    • Raymond Island Good Friday Sail: 14 April
      As the kids are preparing for their big sail, we are also looking to volunteers to help on the day including kitchen (breakfast), kitchen (cleanup), BBQ, raffle ticket selling & donation collection, rescue boat duty, and assistance with pack-up (when the fleet returns to GLYC). Please let Sharna know if you are able to help (even for an hour).
    • Victorian Youth Catamaran Program: 12-13 April
    • Paynesville Primary School Sailing Program: 18 - 21 April
    • Minnow training/racing weekend at GLYC: 22 & 23 April
    • 29er training/racing weekend at GLYC: 29 & 30 April

    These next few weeks are crazy at the club with all the Discover Sailing activities and the Easter Regatta and all need support from volunteers to make them all a success. Sharna has a sign on sheet at the bar at the club for those who can help.
    5156 0432

    Darcy Stringer familiarizes himself with larger boat sailing on It's Alright
    Darcy Stringer familiarizes himself with
    larger boat sailing on It's Alright

    The Raymond Island Good Friday Sail requires help with the breakfast, people to help the kids set up, break down and clean the dinghies, clean up after the breakky and the arvo...just among the few areas. Some crew are needed on support boats. Same goes for the Tackers Program during the following week as well as the Victorian Youth Catamaran Sailing Program.

    Thank you in anticipation of being a part of the fun and action and making it all successful.

    Updated: 6 Apr 2017 9:14am by Christie Arras

    Burning the midnight oil

    GLYC and the Marlay Point Overnight Race

    David and Russell  had their hands full on Toccatta in the wild Lake King Challenge on 4th of March
    David and Russell had their hands full on
    Toccatta in the wild Lake King Challenge
    on 4th of March

    As mentioned in Wendy's report, I am taking on the role of contact for the Marlay Point Overnight Yacht Race.

    Over the long weekend in May, I helped out in the finishing room at GLYC and had five very helpful people to learn from, understand the role and procedures in finishing the MPONR. Quite a major thing to be involved in. Where better to start than at the end?

    Boats started crossing through the straights at 2.45am and continued right through till 11am. Alastair was on watch till the first boat ghosted through the straits then he rang and woke Mary Sowa and myself. Easy concept finishing, take note of boat number and record time. Yet in the dark boats have all varying types of navigation lights and numbers, making this task a bit interesting at times.

    At 9am Lillian Stevens and her girls arrived to relieve the wiry eyes of Alastair, Mary and myself. Zannah Laid and her girls arrived at 10 am with fresh brains and eyes to complete all the safety Declarations and finish off tasks that were left.

    All boats finished safely and within a very short time, with all safety declarations being accounted for. We learnt a great deal of information in helping in the finish. Our debrief on the Monday had a number of questions and ideas on what we as a club can do and take the Marlay back to its heyday.
    03 8626 8700

    Since the long weekend I have been approached by a number of club members and non-club members on how they can help in the cross-over from Lake Wellington YC to Gippsland Lakes YC. At this point in time it is still being finalized through the committee. However If you would like to help out and believe you have some free time on the March long weekend 2018, please catch up with me as this next race is the 50th. So that would mean a little more to do, to make the milestone memorable.


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    2017 Victorian Flying Fifteen State Championships

    Spinnakers stay up around the wingmark to the leeward mark in FF States
    Spinnakers stay up around the wingmark to
    the leeward mark in FF States

    Over the long weekend the Club hosted the 2017 Victorian Flying Fifteen State Championships. Thirteen boats competed with sailors travelling from Melbourne clubs, Apollo Bay, and five boats from the GLYC.

    On Saturday three races were held out in Lake Victoria. The wind stayed fairly steady propelling the fleet around the sausage, triangle, sausage courses. In the second race, the course was shortened to allow time for the third to be run.

    The start line was amazing to watch with the Fifteens lined up side by side in the last minute count down waiting for the start gun like a row of soldiers on parade. As they are all 'identical' in conformation, they all respond to the wind in the same way allowing the amazing line up.

    From the get go the fleet sorted itself pretty reliably with the same order in the front leaders. By the first windward mark Ten Pound Note, sailed by Trevor Williams and Peter Milne from GLYC, was in front, followed by Aussie Falcon MSC sailed by Dale Collings and Wayne Fallows from DBYC, and alternating places were Fforty Fforty sailed by Bill Shand and David Parish from GLYC and Ffidelity sailed by Lewis Davies and John Radnall from DBYC.

    Sunday saw a busy race day with morning and afternoon sessions. The capricious wind created havoc causing a couple of abandonments of races mid stream due to large wind shifts that messed up the position of the course marks in relation to windward. Mayhem erupted in the afternoon session with the wind's still shifting all over the place, dropping down to almost nothing, then coming in with vengeant bullets knocking three boats over and the others hanging on for dear life in one race.
    5156 6700

    GLYC grinning winners in FF States presentations.  Trevor Williams on Ten Pound Note took the championship.
    GLYC grinning winners in FF States
    presentations. Trevor Williams on Ten
    Pound Note took the championship.

    James Frecheville, Race Officer, said Sunday's races were held in very challenging conditions for both the sailors and race management.

    All the while on Sunday morning the Marlay Point Over Night Race yachts were sailing in to Paynesville for their finishes and breakfast prepared by GLYC members.

    On Monday, the fleet was out again a bit later than schedule as the start of the racing was postponed to allow the afternoon breezes to come in. Two races were completed with a steady full wind allowing the required nine races of the championships to have been successfully completed.

    The clear winner in both elapsed time and yardstick for this year's Victorian Flying Fifteen States was Ten Pound Note skippered by Trevor Williams who came first in all but one race. Aussie Falcon skippered by Dale Collings took second and Ffidelity and Fforty Fforty tied for third.

    On personal handicap, the results were Ten Pound Note, Ffidelity, Aussie Falcon, with Fforty Fforty fourth.

    Trevor credited his successful performance in this championship to the learning experiences he had while competing in both the FF Nationals in WA over the new year period as well as in the Flying Fifteen Worlds which were raced in February in New Zealand this year.

    The sailors were pleased with the race management of these championships and the friendliness of the club volunteers helping out on the water and on shore.

    Updated: 6 Apr 2017 10:10am by Christie Arras

    Friday club night Soup's On is coming back 2 June

    The Sayles in the Four Winds
    The Sayles in the Four Winds

    Our great soup nights are coming back again starting on Friday, 2nd of June. This is a great time to mix and enjoy the best and least expensive meal in town. $5.00 for a bottomless bowl of soup plus garlic bread. Instead of a cold empty club room, Soup Night draws 30 or more partakers of this repast moving into its fourth season.

    No, it's not a competition who makes the best soup...although, like two boats out sailing.... All of the chef choices have been fabulously received with clean bowls every time.

    Only hitch, we, the people, have the privilege of preparing two big pots of soup each Friday, one regular, one vegetarian plus garlic bread.

    So, now it's time to sign up for a night (Friday) that is convenient for you. Anne Delahay, Committee house chair, is filling in the soup roster. Please call or text her on 0438777484 or email your preferred Friday night to her at cymru.2@bigpond.com.

    Men, women, families, friends, all of Raymond Island as one, volunteer for this satisfying experience. If you're going away, get in early.

    If you have any great ideas to add to the plan, they are always welcome.

    Thank you in anticipation of any brilliant Soup tradition.

    Updated: 6 Apr 2017 6:27am by Christie Arras

    Tuesday Ancient Mariners' Leisurely Sailing Protocol

    Louise is gaining ground in her Sabre technique
    Louise is gaining ground in her Sabre

    The Ancient Mariners Leisiurely Sail Pursuit Series has commenced last Tuesday, 4th of April 14th. The spread sheet of possible courses should, hopefully, be attached to this Wanderer.

    This series is geared towards engaging the pedantic pensioner population of the club in an afternoon activity to prevent them from becoming too grumpy and annoying their wives or other innocents. The social welfare program goes something like this:

    • Arrive at club around noon to eat lunch and discuss matters of national significance.
    • Offer an opinion on the course selection for the day.
    • Deposit $2 in the prize pool for the winner's bottle of wine.
    • First boat wanders off around 1pm
    • Boats go to within 3 boat lengths of the nominated turning mark or whatever the skipper thinks is safe for his craft. (cautious skippers abound)
    • If the course has not been completed by 3:15pm then the whistle is blown, motors started and all possible speed is made towards the bar.
    • Boat in front at 3:15pm gets the wine.
    • Continue discussion on issue of national importance or any other nonsense that takes your fancy.

    Invariably the pensioners require help, so there is always room for other ancients to crew. In special circumstances, it may also be acceptable for people who still have a memory to participate.

    Another Note:
    Even this casual pursuit series requires that boats have turned in their safety declarations and that the club has sighted their Certificate of Currency of the required liability insurances. (It is a requirement of the club's insurance policy that this be done.) Thank you.

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    Tuesday Twilight results 2016/2017 season

    Race Summary

    A boisterous Twilight on 7 March
    A boisterous Twilight on 7 March

    * First race was held on the 25th. October 2016 with the last on 28th. March 2017.
    * Number of races started 20 with only one abandoned on the 27th. December 2016.
    * We lost three nights racing, the 15th. of November,the 24th. of January and the 7th. of February.
    * Maximum number of boats starting was 40 on the 10th. of January being the Lady Skippers Race postponed from the previous Sunday. It is thought that this is a club record for Tuesday starters.
    * Minimum number of boats starting was 9. This occurred twice on the 22nd.of November and the 14th.of March.
    * Number of winners was 17 with Saracen on the 3rd.of January and the 14th.of March and Wirrinjama on the 14th.of February and the 28th.of February winning twice.
    * The total number of boats starting was 481 with 442 finishing.
    * Most races completed was Highly Strung and Tremolino with 19 each.

    Race Winner Starts
    1 Burrunan 8
    2 Gotta Tella 6
    3 It's Alright 18
    4 Fallen Angels 2
    5 Whatever 3
    6 Caprice 17
    7 Raptor 12
    8 Julia 5
    9 Abandoned (18 starters)
    10 Saracen 14
    11 Itchy Feet 16
    12 Stoked 3
    13 Legless 17

    Tremolino bolts as the posse on Its Alright gives chase on 7 March Twilight
    Tremolino bolts as the posse on Its
    Alright gives chase on 7 March Twilight

    14 Wirrrinjama 7
    15 Grizzle 7
    16 Wirrinjama 7
    17 Scorpio 13
    18 Saracen 14
    19 Highly Strung 19
    20 Quantum Leap 9

    Note: Overall best between Saracen and Wirinjama is Saracen, as Saracan's next best result was a third while Wirrinjama's next best result was a twelfth.

    BOAT AND NUMBER OF STARTS (not including race winners)
    Tremolino 19; Tarna 18; Toccata 16; Chibizulu 14; Just for Fun 13; Longnose, Kate and White Pointer 11; Eagle Rock and Shadowfax 10; Mystique, Ghost, Growler and Cyan 9; Rainbow Connection, Sirene and Kalimna 8;
    Harmony, Steely Dan 7; Golden Dream, Waza Rager 6; Spindrift, Lola, Wayward Wind and Swift 5; Magnum Force, Time Flies, Molly 'O', Taking Care of Business 4; Arunta, Estrellita, Mara, By invitation, Supertoy Contends, Latitude, Southerly, Bullshot, Ex T Sea, Helter Skelter 3; Say No More, Sayonara 2; Clem, Wed Woket, Eagle 2, Sedicat, Joe Blow, Class Act, All in Blue, Moonlight, Austral Star, Reliance 17, Salamanda T, Hurricane Jack, Brian Lloyd, Dodgy Vindaloo, Spiral Navigator, Miss Stress, Taumil, Full Circle 1

    A very big thank you must go to Brian Collins, the Handicapper. Also to all the persons who manned the course and rescue boats.


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    Marlay Point Over Night Race Breakky

    Good looking boat; good sailors to boot
    Good looking boat; good sailors to boot

    A huge thank you to all those who helped out in the kitchen with the MPONR breakfast. Some volunteers had to crawl out of bed in the dark; others had to dance their way into the kitchen in the transition of shifts.

    A queue was waiting for the baked tomatoes to be ready at 6:00 a.m. sharp while the early crew sorted themselves into frying, baking, serving, money taking positions. Sue Parish was the pre-appointed kitchen chief who made sure all was running smoothly and efficiently. She deserves kudos for working through all the shifts, then jumping onto bar duty, and wrapping up her day with helping with the Flying Fifteen pizza night and salads and still doing bar. Wow. Thank you.

    It was amazing how competent each person was: Michael Donovan, when he volunteered, said he had been practicing egg cooking in rings and he proved to be superlative in his dedication. A new comer, and an amazing multi-tasker was Alan Jenkinson who jumped from bacon to toast to eggs all morning and who was later joined by his wife, Lyndal Kelly, for the later shift.

    The only difficulty with the running of the kitchen was having to push people away from their appointed tasks when the new shifts arrived.

    What a great effort by all who signed on, even those who didn't need to work the late shift, as all was done and dusted by noon. At least $1200 was earned (net) by all our joint efforts which is a real boon to the club's coffers.

    So, thank you again for such a successful day.


    Updated: 6 Apr 2017 8:56pm by Christie Arras

    Gippsland Lakes Yacht Club
    P.O. Box 194, Paynesville VIC 3880

    Club phone03 5156 6864

    Flag Officers

    CommodoreWendy Gardiner0498 116 752
    Vice CommodoreJim Callahan0488 500 795
    Rear CommodoreDavid Parish0437 516 666
    SecretaryRuss Peel0408 589 805
    TreasurerJenny Brown0403 819 635
    Sailing CaptainJames Frecheville5156 7103 / 0412 979 824


    Immediate Past CommodoreJacqui Crawford0468 987 684
    Discover Sailing CoordinatorSharna Duff0409 207 331
    Sailability OfficerAlan Pick0410 584 860
    Publicity and WandererChristie Arras [WANDERER and EFLASH]5156 7861
    General CommitteeAnne Delahay
    General CommitteeVicki Vuat
    General CommitteeIrene Eremia0400 046 819
    General CommitteeColin Johanson 0412 562 211

    Minnow for sale

    Minnow 456 "Wild Weasel" - $750 - ideal boat for beginner sailor

    Contact: Steve Duff
    Phone: 0411 037 418

    Optimist for Sale

    Fibreglass Optimist
    trolley, new boat cover, sail #243
    Good condition
    $1800 ono

    Contact: Mark Jefferis
    Phone: 0427678816