Wanderer - May 2017

Commodore's Report

The 2016-17 season has come to a cracking end with (judging by the photographs) a very successful Easter Regatta followed by Barnsey's Last Chance being conducted in what I have heard were soft conditions. During that time I was away on holiday with my son and Daughter-in-law who were visiting from Amsterdam. I don't get to see them very often so I have to make the most of those opportunities as they arise. A big thank you to Jim Callahan, David Parish, Sharna Duff and all other committee members who stepped into the breach to cover for me.

We are now looking forward to Celebration Night on 20th May. An eflash was sent last Friday about this, but in case you missed it, tickets are now on sale, but final numbers will be required by Wednesday 10th May for catering purposes. This year, The Fig are catering for us, with a carefully designed main course menu of Steak or Chicken and a vegetarian option. There will also be nibbles on arrival and a special desert to mark our 80th Anniversary. A kids meal is also available for the 12 yrs and under group. Each (adult) table will also include a couple of free bottles of wine. At $28 for adults and $12 for kids, the Club is obviously subsidising the meal, as we have always done - it's our way of saying thank you to all members for their voluntary effort throughout the year. Tickets for sale at the club or by contacting me on 0498116752.

The AGM will be held on 24th June; later in the newsletter you will see further information about this. A few of our committee members, including the treasurer have indicated that they will not be standing for re-nomination so we have genuine vacancies. Please consider putting your hand up. Yes, Committee members do a lot for the club and are kept quite busy, but there are also rewards in developing a deep understanding of how the club is organised, a sense of purpose about doing your bit for the good of the club and great camaraderie as well!

Members will no doubt have seen previous information in the Wanderer and heard around town that there is a move for GLYC to take over running the Marlay Point Over Night Race after its 50th anniversary race in 2018. Jacqui Crawford, along with a team of interested members, has been investigating the proposal and on 4th May a meeting was held between all available Committee members, Jacqui's group and a representative from Lake Wellington Yacht Club. At the meeting questions were asked and answered and the key concerns and issues were addressed. At the end of the meeting, the nine GLYC Committee members who attended the meeting felt satisfied that there is much to be gained for both the club and the wider Paynesville community from taking on this on and that effort vs return comes out in the positive. We formed a motion to take on management from 2019 onwards, with a three-yearly review to be undertaken to ensure its continuing viability. This motion will be presented for ratification at our committee meeting on May 31st and member comment is invited in the meantime.

Our work on the Strategic Plan is nearly complete and it too will be presented for ratification at our May Committee meeting. It has taken a lot of time to develop this so that it is cogent and robust and sets out achievable goals and objectives for the next 5 years. The Plan will be formally launched at the AGM. The first task of the 2017-18 committee will be to develop annual implementation plans to achieve the strategic goals.

So, whilst the off-season is on the way, the Club, and especially the Committee will not be hibernating!

Stay safe and warm,

Updated: 9 May 2017 7:00pm by David Parish

In this issue:

Sailing Calendar

Bill and David take the podium honours in the Easter Regatta with seconds for the 30nm and Cock o Lake and a first in the Victoria triangle.
Bill and David take the podium honours in
the Easter Regatta with seconds for the
30nm and Cock o Lake and a first in the
Victoria triangle.

04 Sunday, 1300 hrs Winter Series race
17 Saturday, 1300 hrs Sprint Series

02 Sunday, 1300 hrs Winter Series race
16 Saturday, 1300 hrs Sprint Series

Ancient Mariners: 1300 hrs. Tuesdays through September.

The sprint series is hoped to draw families sailing together as well as those learning and those perfecting their skills. Should one wish to use/borrow a club boat for the race, could you please let Sharna know the week prior to your needing a boat. The sailing goes on in the bay in front of the Esplanade should little ones need to go in because of the cold and the ease of returning to shore. It is a fun exercise for many, so we hope to see you all out there on the third Saturday of the winter months.


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Social/Sailing Calendar

The glide down the straights in the Easter Regatta
The glide down the straights in the Easter

Friday Club Night
Come to the club bar on Friday evenings to enjoy the evening, maybe even throw something on the barbie. You are welcome to bring a meal/takeout/fish and chips to enjoy. If you're lucky you might be the lucky winner of the club draw.

Soup's On will begin on Friday, the 9th of June. Anne Delahay has included a bit in this Wanderer with only a few nights still needing chefs. The night is a winner for the club and everyone, so consider taking on a night to prepare the soups. And come as well to enjoy the fun, warmth and laughter.

Ancient Mariners Leisurely Sail, Tuesdays, 1300 hrs
Sailors meet upstairs in the club room at noon to discuss the weather and the course and to fuel up with lunch. All are welcome to sail, though no support/rescue boats are available so trailer sailors/keel boats/multihull non-off-the-beach boats are the go.

Celebration Night - Saturday, 20 May, 2017. Music by the Thistlethwaites. See article below in the Wanderer. 6:30 for 7:00.

Annual General Meeting - Saturday, 24 June, 2017

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Division 1

Jack and Luca share the podium at the Junior and Youth Champs in the 29er division
Jack and Luca share the podium at the
Junior and Youth Champs in the 29er

In April we have been blessed with beautiful autumn sailing weather with light, variable winds and sunny days. Though the winds have been light, we have been fortunate to have enough wind to complete Barnes's Last Chance Regatta and complete the LLB and Divisional series for this season.

Division one has done very well in all the race formats. In the LBB, Andrew, sailing Nexus, came out on top with 20 points followed by Jim in Impulse in 2nd with 26 points. Nitro and Immunity fought it out for 3rd with both sailors ending the series with 30 points.

For the divisional series the Flying Fifteens performed well taking out the top four placings. After a season of close competition the results are as follows; Impulse, Molly O, Fforty Fforty and Wow. It looks like consistent participation does pay off.

Barnseys Last Chance Regatta was a combination of re-sails and the three race series which comprised Barnsey's Last Chance Regatta. The series was sailed in glorious autumn sailing conditions. The results were very different with only one Flying Fifteen in contention. Mark in Nitro came out ahead with a 2, 1 and 5 in the three races followed by 10th Prime and then in equal 3rd were Nexus and 10 Pound Note.
5156 6700

Barnseys Last Chance FF line up April 23
Barnseys Last Chance FF line up April 23

It was good to see Trevor and Damien and Craig and Ian back on the water at GLYC. Craig, Ian and Trevor represented GLYC in the Flying Fifteen world championships in New Zealand. They sailed well in unfamiliar waters and at times difficult conditions.

It has been a great summer of sailing and I am sure that we are all looking forward to another successful 2017/18 sailing season. There is a winter series and a sprint series through the winter months; come out and enjoy some winter competition!


Updated: 11 May 2017 7:35am by Christie Arras

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Division 4

Mosquito sailors Ben Bockmann and Jaime Zizman
Mosquito sailors Ben Bockmann and Jaime

This month's report starts off with the positive news of another very successful Youth Catamaran Sailing Clinic which was held at GLYC on the Wednesday and Thursday before Easter, with 13 local Youths participating. Thanks to the Coaches Greg Goodall and Gordon Hyde and GLYC's Sharna for making it happen.

With light to moderate winds making for ideal learning conditions, most of the youths were quickly in control and needed little help from Mentors Neil and Gary, whilst soaking up all the coaching that Greg gave them. The sight of 6 Sloop rigged Mosquitos, 3 with spinnaker, sailing around between Newlands Backwater and Raymond Island with the youth in control was a great sight. Finally, thanks to Tim, Steve, Jamie, Neil and Gordon who along with myself made their Mosquito's available for the GLYC youth to learn on.

The Easter Regatta continued the light wind theme of this report, but that didn't stop the Cats having the same great close competition, with 5 Mossies racing most of the weekend and a Hobie 18 and Viper joining in for the Around the Island race. "Still Bitten" managed to battle its way to the lead before the finish of each race, but certainly didn't get it easy. Mention must be made of Oscar's dedication and concentration, well beyond that expected of an 11 year old.

Oscar and Charlie fly out in the Youth Catamaran Sailing Clinic
Oscar and Charlie fly out in the Youth
Catamaran Sailing Clinic

Since Easter Barnsey's Last Chance races have been held in light winds combined with re-sails of a Divisional and LBB race. The Cats have been light on, but Jamie and Neil have kept Div 4 going. I don't know what it will take to stop Jamie sailing his newly acquired Mossie; the smile can't be taken off his face and the joy he gets from sailing is contagious. It's an exciting time to be sailing in Div 4 and I highly recommend it to anybody who may be considering joining the Div 4 fleet regardless of your age; the beach is a buzzing and the future looks bright.

In coming weeks, the Mossies will be travelling to Latrobe Valley YC, for the Mosquito with Spinnaker Victorian Titles and then the Sauna Sail; so while we won't be sailing much around Paynesville, the Mossie's will still be elsewhere being blown in the wind.

After all, life's better with a hull in the air...

See you on the water somewhere, "Still Bitten".

Updated: 11 May 2017 7:33am by Tim Shepperd

Discover Sailing Centre Report

Tegwyn gets some last minute coaching
Tegwyn gets some last minute coaching

As the 2016/17 sailing season comes to a close, our junior and youth sailors have had an exceptional month on the water. The busy period began at the Victorian Junior and Youth Championships with Jack Chapman and Luca Vuat coming 3rd overall in the 29er fleet, and Taj Duff finishing 4th sailing his Minnow. The trying conditions at Royal Brighton Yacht Club saw winds reach 27 knots, to which all boys responded with great skill and patience.
Back at Gippsland Lakes, the Club welcomed a new generation of sailors with the Tackers School Holiday program. A fleet of pacers and optis could be seen out most days on Lake Victoria, up Newlands Arm and down the straights refining their sailing skills. The beginner fleet were then joined on the water by GLYC's youth catamaran squad, who were extending their multihull sailing skills under the careful guise of mentors Gary Maskiell and Neil Joiner, and renowned catamaran coaches Greg Goodall and Gordon Hyde.

On Good Friday, young sailors of all ages were back at the Club for the fourth year of the Raymond Island Sail for the Royal Children's Hospital. Thirty kids, in ten pacers made record time taking 3 hours to sail around the island. Over $3,500 was raised for the Good Friday Appeal, bringing the kid's four year total to over $15,000.

A number of sailors in the fleet, then backed up over the long weekend competing in GLYC's Easter Regatta. As the school term resumed, the sight small boats off the Paynesville shore continued with Paynesville Primary's Grade 6 completing their School Sailing Program. Tony Roberts, Paynesville Primary's School Principal sung the praises of the program noting how "it's such an excellent program to build confidence, teamwork and resilience in young people".

A school of Minnows
A school of Minnows

The following weekend, the colourful sails were substituted with a brilliant fleet of blue, with GLYC hosting the last round of the Victorian Minnow Association's Travellers series. A fleet of twenty participated in coaching and racing off the Paynesville shores. The weekend provided the opportunity for the Club's young minnow sailors to mix it with Victoria's best from Melbourne.

A big thank-you again to all of the supporters of GLYC's junior and youth sailing program; from instructors and mentors, to race management, to BBQ and kitchen helpers, to photographers and the myriad of family support we get across the board. Everyone's contribution throughout the season continues to build a fleet of resilient young sailors with the skills and appetite to jump aboard any boat and enjoy sailing everywhere.


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A Bit About the AGM

Paynesville Primary School sailors
Paynesville Primary School sailors

AGMs are pretty boring affairs generally, but are an important component of Club governance. In case you haven't been involved before, or have forgotten all about them since last year, here are a few notes about what is coming up on Saturday 24th June.

The Commodore will report to Members on the year just past and maybe some thoughts about the Club going forward. This will be followed by reports from other office holders of the past year and then a financial report. The Committee is obliged by the Rules of Association to report to members on what happened with the Club finances during the year, and how financially healthy the Club is moving into the next year.

Then we move into items of business at the AGM, and the main item of business is the election of the Committee for the coming year. Nomination and proxy forms will be available on the website, and on the bar at the Club.

Members are encouraged to consider whether they, or others they think qualified and willing, could participate on the Committee in 2017/18. Formal roles include Commodore, Treasurer, Secretary, Vice Commodore, Rear Commodore, Sailing Captain and Sailability Officer, and then general members of the Committee. From those general members, we would then look for volunteers to act as Discover Sailing Officer, House Officer, Boats Officer, and Publicity/Wanderer Officer. And for the first time in the Club's history we may also be identifying an MPONR Officer.

The Tackers over Easter have a great time again
The Tackers over Easter have a great time

Nominations need to be signed by the person proposing that nomination, seconded by another member, and then signed by the person being nominated to confirm that they accept the nomination. Forms should be returned to the Secretary no later than Friday 16th June.

The next item of business of the meeting is to set the membership fees for 2017/18 and the Committee will make a recommendation to be put to members. A CPI increase is automatically applied to both membership fees and boat storage, and the Committee needs to consider whether, given maintenance and replacement costs being faced by the Club, any increase over CPI should be recommended.

If you are not able to attend the meeting you are welcome to forward apologies to the Secretary at sailglyc@gmail.com, and if you wish to register a vote at the meeting you can complete a proxy form and appoint the Chair or any full member you know who is attending the meeting to vote on your behalf.

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Celebration Night the 20th of May

Linda Young revels in the joy of sailing down the straits
Linda Young revels in the joy of sailing
down the straits

Tickets are now on sale for Celebration Night on 20th May, Sat. See details on flyer attached. The Club is partly subsidizing the cost of a three course dinner and will provide some wine to compliment the meal. The bar will also be open, of course.

Children 12 yrs and under may opt for a "kid's meal of Fish and Chips with a small side salad for $12. Main course for adults and over twelves at $28 per person includes alternating Chicken and Beef, plus a vegetarian option catered by Fickle Fig.

Please purchase tickets on Friday evening in the bar or contact Wendy Gardiner to book your place and vegetarian meal if required. One can also pay by BPay and be sure to include your name/s on the reference. Details available on the website. Please let Wendy know as well.

Numbers are required for catering by Wednesday 10th May.


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Friday club night Soup's On is coming back 9 June

Calling all chefs and cooking enthusiasts

Taj and Jaime tackle the Cock o the Lake, but really wish there was a good blow to test their mettle.
Taj and Jaime tackle the Cock o the Lake,
but really wish there was a good blow to
test their mettle.

The winter months are settling in quickly and we all have noticed the cooler temperatures at night.

So....it's time to start our Friday Soup Nights in the warm and inviting ambiance of the Loft at the Yacht Club on June 9th. I only have 3 Friday spots left for volunteers to practice their culinary skills, so be quick!!! We have a couple of different 'teams' registered, so organise a team and get ready to cook.

The aim is to have 2 people cooking each Friday night in the GLYC kitchen providing 2 varieties of soup (with one's being vegetarian) served with garlic and sometimes a garnish (croutons, parsley, sour cream, etc). The club covers the cost to approximately $50.00 for ingredients for soup for approximately 25-30 people.

Here is a reminder to those who have kindly volunteered so far and the dates, thank you:

June 9th. Islanders - Yvonne and Nancy.
June 16th. Magnum - Linda and Dennis.
June 23rd. Sailability - Alan and Kaye.
June 30th. Latitude - Ray and Jan.
*July 7th. ....waiting for volunteers.
July 14th. Juniors - Zoe and Team.
*July 21st. .....Waiting for volunteers.
5156 6448

Volunteering is fun.  See!  Dave and Kevin can't help themselves.
Volunteering is fun. See! Dave and Kevin
can't help themselves.

July 28th. Bad Boys - Alastair and Neal, Supervisor Flora.
August 4th. Julie and Hugh.
August 11th. Double Trouble - Denise and Denise.
*August 18th. .....Waiting for volunteers.
August 25th. Flying Fifteen. Dave Parish and Team.

The Friday night soup sessions are greatly appreciated every winter and the 'guests' do not have expectations of 10 star soups, so....do not feel you cannot add to our yummy menu. If you are not sure what to cook there are a few easy recipes in the soup book or just ask or Google soups for some ideas.

Contact Anne(0438777484) to put your name down.

Updated: 10 May 2017 6:12pm by Christie Arras

5156 6352

NOR for Winter Series and Ancient Mariner Series 2017

A busy course in just barely enough wind in the Victoria Triangle over Easter
A busy course in just barely enough wind
in the Victoria Triangle over Easter

This NoR should be read in conjunction with the 2016-17 GLYC Summer Series Documents.

The 2017 Winter Series will be in two parts with racing held fortnightly and is an open event to all boats that meet safety and entry requirements as outlined in the above NoR.

Only Division 2 Boats are eligible for entry to The Ancient Mariner Series which continues with a similar format to the Tuesday Twilight Series and is a 'No Spinnaker' event.

Courses will be determined on the day and will include fixed navigation marks only.

Entrants are advised that they must comply with Cat 7 requirements and there are no designated support craft following the Ancient Mariner fleet.

All Ancient Mariner participants are reminded that single handed sailing is not permitted and that a VHF radio (CH77) must be carried.

1 Rules: As per GLYC Summer Series NOR
2 Advertising: n/a
3 Eligibility: As per GLYC Summer Series NOR
4 Entry: ditto
5 Measurement: ditto
6 Schedule:
Winter Series: 4 Race Series with heats on the first Sunday of June, July, August and September.

The Junior Armada in the Good Friday Round the Island
The Junior Armada in the Good Friday Round
the Island

Sprint Series: 4 B2B race sessions with heats on the third Saturday of June, July, August and September.

Briefing 1200 Hrs
Warning Signal 1300 Hrs

7 Sailing Instructions: As per GLYC Summer Series SI posted on Club website and on breezeway noticeboard.
8 Courses: Determined on the day reflecting fleet size, type and weather
9 Prizes: Maybe
10 Penalty System: Do your Turns or else
11 Scoring: If four races or fewer are completed all races to count
12 Team Support: Tea, coffee and sticky buns can be delivered to competitors
13 Radio Com: As per GLYC Summer Series SI
14 Liability: ditto

All competing boats must have adequate insurance which includes Full Racing Risk for the Winter/Sprint Series or Social Racing cover for the Ancient Mariner Series. A Public Liability cover of $10M is mandatory.


Updated: 11 May 2017 7:51am by James Frecheville

The Easter Regatta

FFs round the compass piles in the Easter 30nm minus 10
FFs round the compass piles in the Easter
30nm minus 10

The Easter Regatta series this year drew 52 boats from around Victoria/Melbourne and locally. The wind, though a little too mild, allowed all races to proceed allowing this year's Regatta to be successfully completed to the enjoyment of all.

The big winner for the three race series was Bill Shand on Fforty Fforty, a Flying Fifteen, with David Parish as crew. Having sailed together for 28 years with a combined age of 150 years, this duo deserves our admiration.

(Just an aside and a bit of math practise: Bill and David's combined age is 150 and the difference between them 23 years. Work out their respective ages. No calculators allowed.)

The excitement began with an early morning breakfast prior to the start of the Raymond Island Good Friday Sail by twenty-seven juniors raising donations for the Royal Melbourne Children's Hospital Easter Appeal. In its fourth year, the tradition began with three sailors, Taj, Charlie, and Emma, and has now progressed to ten Pacer dinghies and the twenty-seven juniors from the GLYC Discover Sailing Program.

They were blessed with winds that sped them safely around the island propelling them home in time to beat the wild weather that came later in the day. Only one malfunction with a rudder escaping near Point King...saved by Russ Broomhall. Their efforts also propelled their generous supporters to help make this another highly successful Easter Appeal.

Saturday, after a postponement, the 30 nautical mile race got under way with thirty-one yachts competing. With still only modest winds, the fleet crept around the back of the island, around Point King and to the Compass piles off Eagle Point. Though the course was to take them on to Metung and then back around the Island past Point Turner, race management decided to shorten the race back at Point King. In making that decision, the race officer had to consider the slowest boats in the fleet and when they might finish and making certain they could finish in daylight hours. Sknot, a bright green Farrier F22R trimaran sailed by Chris Culph, won with yardstick figured in.

The jewel of the Easter Regatta is the Cock 'o' the Lake race around Raymond Island held on Sunday which drew forty-five starters this year. Once again, though the day was beautiful, the wind was very relaxed; so the four divisional starts were studies in graceful slow motion calculations. With the downwind start it wasn't long before the fleet paraded by Paynesville down the straits. It was quite a spectacle for all to see though a little more wind to fill the colourful spinnakers would have been welcome.
5156 7085

Julia sails into the sunset in the Cock o the Lake
Julia sails into the sunset in the Cock o
the Lake

Fortunately, by Point King the wind started kicking in a bit so the race continued on clockwise around the island. In order to have the whole fleet finish before sundown, the race was shortened at Mick Spit (Harrington Point) which allowed the last three boats to finish minutes before the 5:40 pm official sunset. Julia, the graceful Coota Boat 22 sailed by Andrew Somerville and Steve Duff which finished third to the last over the line, actually won the prestigious race on yardstick. Bill Shand and David Parish on Fforty Fforty, a Flying Fifteen, took second with Pipalini, a Castle 650, sailed by Mitch and Keith Bayliss, taking third.

The postponement flag was up on Monday for the Lake Victoria Triangle race which was slated to start at 11:00. Boats headed out around 11:45 then floated somewhat aimlessly about until 12:30 or so when the start sequences began sending divisions out. Only twenty-five boats competed as some of the visitors had had to pack up to head home.

The wind varied between 4 knots and up to 8 knots and resulted in some reasonable racing. They say it can be quite difficult to be competitive in the light winds but in this case, once again Fforty Fforty, the Flying Fifteen sailed by the dynamic duo, Bill Shand and David Parish, took the prize with a first, followed by Pipalini, then Tarkona a Dragon sailed by the Howards taking third.

Back at the club house the Regatta was wrapped up with presentations to the winners. For the fleet series, Bill Shand and David Parish, cleanly won the Regatta series. Mitch Bayliss on Pipalini took second place and John and Noelene Foley, sailing on Molly 'O', a Flying Fifteen, won third place. The Cock 'o' Lake fastest boat around Raymond Island trophy was again won by Gary Maskiell on Still Bitten, a Mosquito Sloop cat. And a new trophy created by John and Noelene Foley for the fastest monohull around the island, the Cock 'o' Lake Fastest Mono Trophy, was presented to Graham Alexander on the Etchells, Gotta Tella, who also won fastest mono in last year's Cock 'o' Lake race.

The club then wrapped up its 2016/2017 sailing season with the Barnseys Last Chance series which included a divisional and LB&B re-sails as well as a busy schedule for DSC.

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Gippsland Lakes Yacht Club
P.O. Box 194, Paynesville VIC 3880

Club phone03 5156 6864

Flag Officers

CommodoreWendy Gardiner0498 116 752
Vice CommodoreJim Callahan0488 500 795
Rear CommodoreDavid Parish0437 516 666
SecretaryRuss Peel0408 589 805
TreasurerJenny Brown0403 819 635
Sailing CaptainJames Frecheville5156 7103 / 0412 979 824


Immediate Past CommodoreJacqui Crawford0468 987 684
Discover Sailing CoordinatorSharna Duff0409 207 331
Sailability OfficerAlan Pick0410 584 860
Publicity and WandererChristie Arras [WANDERER and EFLASH]5156 7861
General CommitteeAnne Delahay
General CommitteeVicki Vuat
General CommitteeIrene Eremia0400 046 819
General CommitteeColin Johanson 0412 562 211

The Lemon


More info when Chapmans return next week.

Contact: Michael Chapman
Phone: 5156 7384
Email: michael.betty@bigpond.com

Minnow for sale

Minnow 456 "Wild Weasel" - $750 - ideal boat for beginner sailor

Contact: Steve Duff
Phone: 0411 037 418

Optimist for Sale

Fibreglass Optimist
trolley, new boat cover, sail #243
Good condition
$1800 ono

Contact: Mark Jefferis
Phone: 0427678816