Wanderer - June 2017

Commodore's Report

With Celebration Night done and dusted for another season its almost time to batten down the hatches for winter.

However, there is still a lot going on down at the club, so if you are not heading for warmer climes, why not come and join us for Soup Nights commencing Friday 9th June . The bar is open from about 6pm and soup served at around 7pm.

Or maybe the Winter Series will be more to your liking. As I am writing this message I am looking out of my window on to the first Winter Series race, and what a great turnout there is on such a beautiful calm winter afternoon. The Winter series comprises 4 races, one on the first Sunday of each month in June, July, August and September.

There will also be a Sprint Series during winter, which will commence on Saturday 17th June, and will continue on the third Saturday of each month until September.

For those who can, the Ancient Mariners series continues on Tuesday afternoons (or Thursdays if the wind and weather are not behaving themselves). The NOR for these events has been up on the website for some time now. Please do make sure you have an up to date sailing declaration and the appropriate insurances as per the NOR.

After nearly 6 months of negotiations and deliberations, the Committee has agreed that GLYC will take over as the Governing Body for the Marlay Point Overnight Yacht Race from 2019 onwards. Jacqui Crawford has gathered a group of interested people from both the Yacht Club and the wider community, who will become the organising group, with Jacqui as the Committee Liaison. Our on-going commitment will be reviewed every three years to ensure the financial viability of the race as well as our capacity to continue to find sufficient interested personnel to organise it. The 2018 race will be a jointly managed event between Lake Wellington YC and ourselves.

Following some very mixed reviews about new signs erected on the west facing verandah, at our May Committee meeting we established a subcommittee to look at all of the signage around the club and to investigate ways to effectively inform our members and visitors of our guiding principles and rules for accessing the facilities.

Stay safe and warm


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In this issue:

Sailing Calendar

Bill, oldest active sailor, and Tegwyn, youngest at 6, pair up to ceremoniously cut the GLYCs 80th birthday cake
Bill, oldest active sailor, and Tegwyn,
youngest at 6, pair up to ceremoniously
cut the GLYCs 80th birthday cake

04 Sunday, 1300 hrs Winter Series race
17 Saturday, 1300 hrs Sprint Series

02 Sunday, 1300 hrs Winter Series race
16 Saturday, 1300 hrs Sprint Series

Ancient Mariners: 1300 hrs. Tuesdays through September.

(The sprint series is hoping to draw families sailing together as well as those learning and those perfecting their skills. Should one wish to use/borrow a club boat for the race, could you please let Sharna know the week prior to your needing a boat. The sailing goes on in the bay in front of the Esplanade should little ones need to go in because of the cold and the ease of returning to shore. It is a fun exercise for many, so we hope to see you all out there on the third Saturday of the winter months.)


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Social/Sailing Calendar

Taj takes home a lot of brass, this trophy presented by Jim is the Sam Turner Memorial Trophy for handicap Div 3
Taj takes home a lot of brass, this trophy
presented by Jim is the Sam Turner
Memorial Trophy for handicap Div 3

Friday Club Night
Come to the club bar on Friday evenings to enjoy the evening, maybe even throw something on the barbie. You are welcome to bring a meal/takeout/fish and chips to enjoy. If you're lucky you might be the lucky winner of the club draw.

Soup's On will has begun this Friday, the 9th of June. Come for the best meal in town as well to enjoy the fun, warmth and laughter.

Ancient Mariners Leisurely Sail, Tuesdays, 1300 hrs
Sailors meet upstairs in the club room at noon to discuss the weather and the course and to fuel up with lunch. All are welcome to sail, though no support/rescue boats are available so trailer sailors/keel boats/multi-hull non-off-the-beach boats are the go.

Annual General Meeting - Saturday, 15 July, 2017,
1400 hrs

See club home page for access to Proxy forms if you can't make it to the AGM, and Nomination forms should you wish to nominate yourself or another for a position in management/Committee.

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Division 1

Coveted Life Buoy & Bell for handicap won by Nexus, Andrew and Tegwyn.  Wonder who is standing, who is kneeling...
Coveted Life Buoy & Bell for handicap won
by Nexus, Andrew and Tegwyn. Wonder who
is standing, who is kneeling...

Not too much to report in this quiet season. Neil Smith has bought Nexus, the Ns14, from Andrew Summerville and has been out sailing with the lovely Flora so we may see them sailing in division 1 next season or they may just be planning on having some fun with it.

Congratulations to Jack and Luca on Tenth Prime for their win in the first of Winter Series races. Bill and David took third on Fforty Fforty on the gentle sailing day with a fleet of 16 boats.


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Division 4

Gary works hard to keep up with Juniors Taj and Oskar at the Parkrun on Sunday.  Come create a GLYC winter team
Gary works hard to keep up with Juniors
Taj and Oskar at the Parkrun on Sunday.
Come create a GLYC winter team

As expected not much Div 4 sailing at Paynesville to report since last Wanderer, but things are still happening in Div 4.

"Immunity" has been seen with a new Cool Breeze jib. Could it be something to do with the new/old crew? Or is the Force too strong and Russell is embracing the Dark Side? "Immunity" was also seen to be flying a new spinnaker; though cleverly disguised as "Immunity's" old spinnaker (being exactly the same colour and panel layout) it didn't fool "Still Bitten". Maybe things aren't so bad on the farm as the news reports make out!

The Mosquito Spinnaker Vic Champs have been run and won at Hazelwood on the 20-21st May. A large contingent of GLYC Mossies attended: "Immunity", "Karma Cat", "Still Bitten" and Jamie's Boat without spinnaker (has he named it yet?).

The glaring omission was "Bee Alert" and alert was exactly what Peter hadn't been, trying to take a finger off with an electric plane, amongst other injuries. But he still came along to socialize as socializing is a major part of any Mossie regatta. The "Swarm" were in fine form as usual.

We had perfect weather for camping (if not a bit light for racing), a fine dinner at the Churchill Pub, and a great camp fire once Gary got it organized. There was even some local entertainment during the night which some of us slept through!

On the racing side, it didn't go all that well for the GLYC Mossies, but we had our moments. Matt Stone from Somers YC did some fine work in tricky conditions to retain his title for another year - just one point ahead of Gary and Oskar. Neil and Charlie sailed a blinder in one race and had a clear win. Jamie & Ben learnt a lot and showed some great speed, leading around the 1st mark in one race and, even without a spinnaker, finished not that far behind the last spinnaker boat in most races. There were 8 boats racing, 4 junior sailors, and two young sailors, making the average age of the fleet probably about half it's usual level!

Nick and Katheryn Rutter win the Winter Series on Saracen
Nick and Katheryn Rutter win the Winter
Series on Saracen

So now we look forward to the Sauna Sail which is always a big regatta for Mossies. An early 70th Birthday celebration is planned for Peter Nikitin on Saturday night (before he does the Grey Nomad routine). It should be memorable on and off the water as usual. Currently Div 4 will be represented by "Storm Warning", "Karma Cat", "Still Bitten", "Bonnie" (Mitch Meade) and Jamie's boat. Absent will be "Immunity" having made excuses about going north were its warmer (told you things can't be too bad on the farm) and "Bee Alert" using a knee operation as an excuse (maybe he really is turning 70 in July).

Some Div 4 cats are planning to do at least some racing at GLYC during the winter series and sprints, to keep in practice for a big 2017-18 season with National Titles in Qld and World F16 Titles in Melbourne.

Other than that, the Div 4 sailors will probably be 'screen bound' indoors drooling over the Americas Cup racing (if you pay for it) or frustrated by the snippets of footage you get for free on Facebook/Youtube etc. These foiling cats are amazing and there are more OTB cats foiling in Europe; it's well worth a google search. The Phantom International is one of my favourites.

Anyway, remember, even though its more difficult to get it up in winter, "Life's Better with a Hull in the Air".

See you on the water somewhere
"Still Bitten"

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Discover Sailing Centre News

Russell Broomhall wins the distinction of Club Person of the Year.  He deferred his kudos to the juniors who organized the Div Cool racing
Russell Broomhall wins the distinction of
Club Person of the Year. He deferred his
kudos to the juniors who organized the Div
Cool racing

Whilst May has been a quiet month on the water, we do have some exciting off-water news: GLYC has been short-listed for Discover Sailing Centre of the Year at the upcoming Victorian Sailing Awards, as well as for our Contribution to Junior and Youth Sailing. Such recognition is acknowledgement of the season's achievements of all of our junior and youth sailors locally and through to the international stage, plus the tireless efforts of our DSC volunteer crew both on-water and off. Well done everyone!

In the meantime it was great to see the strong OTB fleet at the first round of the Winter Series last weekend. Congratulations to Charlie and Luca on Tenth Prime for a great race in light conditions. Good luck also to the fleet of keen sailors about to brave the elements at Hazelwood for Sauna Sail on the long weekend!

Finally, for those keen, a number of GLYC members are now attending parkrun in Bairnsdale on Saturday mornings. It's for all fitness levels, walk or run and it's FREE, with a 5km course set along the Mitchell River, starting below the Post Office next to the BBQ area. Thanks to Tim and Gary for starting the trend, and encouraging all to come along and get active!


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Celebration Night 2017

Johnno and Louise win the Four Winds Trophy on Ghost
Johnno and Louise win the Four Winds
Trophy on Ghost

The Club combined the end of the year presentations with our eightieth year birthday at Celebration Night for a festive night on Saturday.

With a delicious meal catered by the Fickle Fig and music by Andrew and Lyn Thistlethwaite, the evening was a delightful success. Commodore Wendy put together a slide show to commemorate the 80th birthday with photos taken throughout the long history of the club including a few of when the building was over in Sunset Cove and when the Club included power boats. It was fun catching glimpses of some of today's sailors when they were teens long ago. Thank you to Leigh Robinson for sharing his archives for the project.

Trophies were presented to the winners of the season's races and series and regattas as well as thank yous to those enabling the club activities through volunteering on water for rescue, course laying and starts as well as the support systems back at the club on radio and handicapping and organization.

After the juniors were presented with participation medallions, the first trophy was the Last Home Trophy which was given to all those volunteers on water and land enabling race days. Without these dedicated volunteers, the club would have no racing facilitated at all. Its name arises from the fact that the on water volunteers are always the last home after picking up the course marks at the end of the racing and following the last sailors home.
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Many thanks to Lyn and Andrew for their music for Celebration Night
Many thanks to Lyn and Andrew for their
music for Celebration Night

Among the most coveted trophies/awards given out on the night was Club Person of the Year which went to Russell Broomhall for his support and leadership/mentoring for the juniors and learner sailors in the club.

The RS Thomson Trophy for the Most Improved Novice Sailor was given jointly to Jaime Zizman and Ben Bockman. They were unable to receive it on the night as they were competing in the Mosquito Spinnaker Titles being held at the Latrobe Valley Yacht Club.

Also of note was the awarding of the Evelyn French Trophy to Noelene Foley for Best Female Sailor for the year. Noelene and husband, John, excelled in an extensive list of placings and wins on Molly 'O, a Flying Fifteen.

Gary Maskiell won the JC Dahlsens Perpetual Trophy for the fastest GLYC yacht over a series of races. He too was at the pondage at the LVYC competing in the Mosquito Spinnaker titles. And Flemming Rasmussen won the Fastest Monohull trophy of the year.

Taj Duff took home a number of prestigious trophies among them the Apex Best Performing Junior as well as the Bill Gamble Project Consultants Trophy for Division 3.

Winners and their crew were also presented with a framed photo of their boat as a memento they will enjoy for a long time. The photos were a joint effort by Commodore Wendy and photographer Christie Arras.

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Friday club night Soup's On is on!

Kalimna manages to fill her spinnaker in the first Winter Series race
Kalimna manages to fill her spinnaker in
the first Winter Series race

Soup Night has commence with a tasty selection of soups put on by the Islanders, Nancy and Evonne. This great repast draws a hosts of club members and guests and keeps up the club camaraderie going through the cold quiet season. It's the best deal in town with its bottomless $5 bowl of soup and garlic bread.

Thank you in anticipation to all those who have raised their hand to feed and nurture our sailing community. The Loft rocks with all the bon homie and full bellies.

Anne Delahay (0438777484)

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Presentation slide show available on club computer

Season division winners and Bill Gamble Trophy: Lesley and Chris, Taj, and Jim.  Gary was off competing
Season division winners and Bill Gamble
Trophy: Lesley and Chris, Taj, and Jim.
Gary was off competing

Christie has put the extensive slide show of the 2016/2017 sailing season on the club computer in the committee room should you like to download a copy.

The file is almost 2GB, so be sure to make space on your USB or memory stick.

She tried to include pictures of every boat, so you might find yourself a star among the 1077 shots.

Ask a committee member to give you a hand.

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More from Aqualibrium's sailing adventures

Off-duty James gets a ride

Intense concentration needed in such light wind for Supertoy Contends and fleet in Winter Series
Intense concentration needed in such light
wind for Supertoy Contends and fleet in
Winter Series

The chance to crew on Aqualibrium on the offshore passage from the Gold Coast to Noumea was an easy call. I had in the past declined the offer to cruise with the Chief Engineer on a number of occasions due to varying commitments, just as had done a number of his other friends. Life often gets in the way of a good time. Not this time. Gerry had done all the hard work and had been preparing the boat for its maiden foreign offshore trip.

AQ was entered into the Go East Rally for Cruisers, an event supported by 24 boats, where entry includes help with facilitating clearance formalities and parties at both ends and discounts on slipping and marina charges. It was also an opportunity for those with little or no offshore experience to enjoy the company, camaraderie and a perception of increased safety that traveling in a group can give.

Boats in the fleet ranged from a 34' sloop with two on board to fully crewed +50' cats and monohulls. A diverse melting pot and to my thinking an organizers nightmare. All boats entered were required to have satellite communications, ensuring positioning and access to weather updates offshore from a weather router in NZ. But it seemed not all boats were ready to sail the nearly 800 miles to New Caledonia.

The fleet was based at Coomera on the Broadwater, a sensational boatworks facility with equipment and extensive trades to lift, repair and refit any craft. There are some seriously sexy and expensive boats up there.

Both Gerry and I thought the biggest issue was that differences in boat speed that meant that not everyone was going to have a pleasant crossing when the first weather window presented. Earliest departure was for 11 May but as Cyclone Donna was still causing grief the call was to wait. Which is what we did. And in doing so found a crack in an s/s terminal above the spreaders. This was replaced.

And we still continued to load stuff. Managing the disparate fleet was to be a challenge for organizers when a narrow window appeared which would promise downhill and then soft conditions for big boats before a forecast 20-25 knots SE with seas to 3m behind this for the last couple of days of a five day passage. Some boats elected to go to sea. We were one of them. And this caused some grief with rally organizers. In the end only two of four boats who decided to go went, the other s having relented to pressure and advice. It looked promising. And it was our call. Besides if you are not happy at sea in 25 knots you really shouldn't be out there.

Passage planning is something I have been unaware I was doing for over 30 years, but now it is mostly done for you online with weather forecasting , route and departure planning based on estimated boat speed. It was nice to have confirmation from modeling in USA, Europe and NZ that our plans coincided. Simply, we were to go east in the SW winds and then motorsail a little north of east in the calm to be able to spring sheets when the inevitable SE trade wind established itself. We would sail about 100 miles further than the rhumbline but speed and comfort were determining factors.

Oh dear, my kingdom for some wind
Oh dear, my kingdom for some wind

On our second night the head of the screecher gave out. It took twenty minutes to get the mess to the deck and another six hours to sew it back up. Then the wind died out. Our first couple of days at sea were a bit ordinary. Fast but not pleasant in that Gerry, Peter and I were all sick as. Peter's partner Genevieve, on her first ever time on a boat at sea, amazed us with her smile and ability to present hot and tasty meals throughout the entire passage. So sick were we early on that navigation was a little slack. Middleton Reef came up on the plotter and we realized we were really a bit far south so gybed and resumed a more northerly and proper course.

Soon under blue skies and spinnaker while lunching on sashimi. It really was a treat but to maintain speed as the winds eased and eventually disappeared we ended up motoring for 33 hours before the promised SE breeze presented. Both seas and winds built as AQ put her bow down and we took off.

It was wet as we occasionally buried the bows and took water over the top. We had been progressively slowing the boat as the wind, seas and waves slamming on the bridgedeck all increased. It all got a bit wet and noisy. It was looking very good for a midnight arrival at the Phare Amadee, the lighthouse at the entrance to the largest lagoon in the world. It wasn't to be. Things go wrong more often after dark and our steering went wrong so we were forced to heave to and await daylight to assess and make good whatever was wrong. Fortunately we were thirty miles off the reef so slept as soundly as one can in such a situation. As it turned out there was air in the system. That cost 15 miles leeway and a tighter reach to the entrance. Still we managed to enter Noumea and get clearance before everyone closed for the weekend.

It took the weekend to sort out our mess and to make the boat presentable. Life was good as we wined and dined around the marina precinct. Jobs done, boat cleaned and bailed out we set off for the market and then for a 'jolly' on a local bus. Local pacific markets are just great. Add a French influence and it is even more enjoyable to wander, sample and buy everything from produce to presents. Our jolly to the top end of town was as would be expected a tad expensive but a beer and a sandwich for $20 while sitting by a flash pool with cushions and deck lounges seemed tres acceptable'.

A trip back to visit the lighthouse was on order. So too was the giant trevally caught in the lagoon. Life was good. As I caught the shuttle to the airport I reflected that the remainder of the fleet had only just departed Australia. Sometimes you just have to make the call??.and go. And that is what I reckon Gerry will do when Kelvin and Jenny Brown step on board for the next stage of the AQ pacific odyssey.


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The Lemon


More info when Chapmans return next week.

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Minnow for sale

Minnow 456 "Wild Weasel" - $750 - ideal boat for beginner sailor

Contact: Steve Duff
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