Wanderer - September 2017

Commodore's Report

Spring has sprung...and with it, planning for what promises to be another eventful Sailing Season! Not only will we have the usual full calendar of club racing and cruising, we will also be the primary venue for the second Classic Boat Festival in March, complete with a visit from the Tall Ship, Lady Nelson, and the Club will have greater input into the Marlay Point Overnight Race in its 50th year.

Our Season Opening is rapidly approaching. Please put the date in your calendar. Saturday 7th October for the opening ceremony, sail past and first race of the Commodore's Trophy Series, which will be a stern chaser race. Then on Sunday, 8th October, we will complete the Commodore's Trophy series with two back to back races.

In an attempt to ensure succession planning into the future, we now have a committee member supporting every area of club operations and a growing number of non-committee members taking on organisational duties as well. This leads to a team approach which not only lightens the load, but also ensures that "corporate knowledge" is not held with only one person. It also means that a large number of members are working to ensure that the coming season is well planned and supported.

Teams are forming for:-

Finances and banking, Catering (regular meals and special events) , "House"(maintenance and improvements), External Events (Bar, venue hire etc) Yard, Marina and Boats, Discover Sailing Programs - including Sailability, Club Racing and Sailing, Grants and Sponsorship and the Marlay Point Overnight Race.

Any member who has some time to give who would like to join one of these teams is invited to do so. Please tell me what interests you and I will connect you with the appropriate person.

Elsewhere in the Wanderer you will notice a number of calls for help, from lending a hand at the pre-season working bee to volunteering to cook meals for one of our Tuesday post twilight dinners. Please do put up your hand as these tasks are the important things that keep our club alive and dynamic.

Vale Jenny Shand
Members were recently saddened by the passing of Jenny Shand, wife of Life Member Bill Shand, one of our most long-standing members. Whilst Jenny was not often seen around the club, she was nevertheless a great support for Bill in his sailing life. I'm sure all members join me in passing on our sincere condolences to Bill and his family.

Wishing you fair sailing in favourable breezes.

Wendy Gardiner

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In this issue:

Sailing Calendar

Looks hairy, but all under control in Sprint Racing
Looks hairy, but all under control in
Sprint Racing

03 Sunday, 1300 hrs: Winter Series Race
16 Saturday, 1100 hrs: Sprint Series Racing

Ancient Mariners: 1300 hrs. Tuesdays through September.

October Calendar still not 100% set
04 Tuesday, 1300 hrs: Ancient Mariner's Leisurely Cruise
07 Saturday, 1100 hrs: Opening Day of 2017/2018 Sailing Season
07 Saturday, 1300 hrs: Sail Past
07 Saturday, 1400 hrs: Commodore's Trophy Heat 1 Stern Chaser
08 Sunday, 1400 hrs: Commodore's Trophy Heats 2 and 3 Performance
10 Tuesday, 1700 hrs: First Twilight Sail (no meals)

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Social/Sailing Calendar

The deck and stairs have already been painted by Warrick, Peter and Jim!
The deck and stairs have already been
painted by Warrick, Peter and Jim!

Friday Club Night
Come to the club bar on Friday evenings to enjoy the evening with your sailing mates. You are welcome as well to bring a meal/takeout/fish and chips to enjoy. If you're lucky you might be the lucky winner of the club draw.

Ancient Mariners Leisurely Sail, Tuesdays, 1300 hrs
Sailors meet upstairs in the club room at noon to discuss the weather and the course and to fuel up with lunch. All are welcome to sail, though no support/rescue boats are available so trailer sailors/keel boats/multi-hull non-off-the-beach boats are the go.

Pre-season Working Bee, Saturday, 23 September, 8:30 a.m..
See Working Bee article further down in Wanderer.

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Reminder re GLYC subscriptions

A good turnout for the Sailors' Meeting on Sunday with everyone in accord!
A good turnout for the Sailors' Meeting on
Sunday with everyone in accord!

September is already flashing by and our membership subscriptions were due by the first. Please remember to send in your payment. And should you be having difficulties, contact our treasurer, Tricia Hilder, 0418 329 619, to help her keep the Club finances and her sanity in order. Being Treasurer is a mind boggling task; we all need to help out doing our part.

Thank you very much in anticipation.


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Sailing Captain's Pre-Season Report

James and David confer at Sailors' Meeting while Ron manages the refreshment stand
James and David confer at Sailors' Meeting
while Ron manages the refreshment stand

It might have been too lively and cold for sailing last Sunday but it was certainly lively and warm inside the Clubhouse where 40 odd members participated in the Sailors Meeting to discuss the Sailing Calendar and the format for racing this coming season. Post AGM Jacqui chaired the first Sailors Meeting and with a captive and interested audience she took onboard many suggestions and ideas on how best to run the 81st summer sailing season. By all accounts she did a great job. Just as she did last Sunday when I occasionally digressed...Thank you Jax for keeping it all under control and me in line, while taking the minutes!

The Calendar was an easy task to finalize. There are so many Sundays, so many Trophy races and then so many days left for club championship racing whether for the LB&B or for the Divisional Series.

By consensus at the meeting, it was decided that this season there will be 14 Summer Series race sessions scheduled, with the first two laps of the first race to be scored for the LB&B Trophy with additional legs as set out in the SSI counting for Divisional scoring. Division 2 will sail only one race per race day and Divisions 1,3 and 4 may sail a second race B2B for a Divisional score only.

The trapezium course was voted out in favour of a Sausage & Triangle course format, with option for Division 2 to sail a longer passage type course continuing on from the LB&B component and a finish at the Club.

Tuesday Twilight Racing continues to be a major Club event and will be of the same format as last season. It ain't broke...but it could be made a bit better and possibly safer by shifting the Start and Finish Line to an imaginary line extending from the Tower and the lamppost on the Cattle Point Jetty. The clock will still be displayed from the Loft. This new proposed line will be trialled by the Ancient Mariners.

This season it is proposed to have a Female Skippers race with a Sternchaser format on Sunday 7 January 2018. There will also be a Twilight Series for Female Skippers within the normal Twilight Series on the second Tuesday of the month.

There was a great deal of interest in forming a Sailing Committee, with nominations from all Divisions and some. Performance handicapping will be just one of the tasks on the agenda.

Thanks to everyone who has attended and contributed at these meetings. It shows we have a vibrant and lively membership who are all looking forward to a great sailing season.

See you on the Start Line, if not before.


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Discover Sailing News

Taj and Charlie give Shandy a run for it in Sprint Racing 19 August
Taj and Charlie give Shandy a run for it
in Sprint Racing 19 August

We have just locked in the Discover Sailing Calendar for season 2017/18. Below are key dates leading up to Christmas. Further information regarding program registrations will be sent shortly to past participants and volunteers, but if you'd like to be involved this season please give Sharna a call.

  • Winter sprint series (16 Sep)
  • Australian Sailing Dinghy Instructor and Assistant Dinghy Instructor Course (9-10 Sep) register here: http://www.sailing.org.au/education-training/instructors/
  • Spring Sail at RGYC (23-24 Sep, coaching 25-26 Sep)

  • Tackers & adult/teen learn to sail week (2-6 Oct) register here: https://theboatshed.net.au/paynesville/
  • Paynesville Primary School Sailing (9-13 Oct)
  • Sail Sandy at SYC (14-15 Oct)
  • Get Active Sailing Day with the Gippsland East Mentoring Program (12 Oct)
  • Green Fleet (each Friday 5.15pm - 7.15pm, commencing 13 Oct)
  • Discover Sailing Day (29 Oct)

  • Sail Country at AWYC (4-5 Nov, coaching 6-7 Nov)
  • Green Fleet (each Friday 5.15pm - 7.15pm)
  • Sailing School (each Sunday 9am - 12 noon, commencing 12 Nov)
  • Get Active Sailing Day with the Great Victorian Bike Ride (30 Nov)

  • Green Fleet (each Friday 5.15pm - 7.15pm)
  • Sailing School (each Sunday 9am - 12noon)
  • Sail Melbourne at RBYC (2-3 Dec)
  • Bairnsdale 754 School Sailing (4-8 Dec)
  • Bairnsdale Christmas Parade (9-Dec)

Good luck to all of our sailors heading down to Geelong at the end of September for Spring Sail!


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Tuesday Twilight Meal Roster

October through December 2017

Daniel hones his skills and confidence on Yellow Boat Sabre in the Sprint Series
Daniel hones his skills and confidence on
Yellow Boat Sabre in the Sprint Series

Volunteers required!

Hullo everyone! Its that time of the year when we are looking for volunteers to prepare the very popular Tuesday twilight meals. Remember: Many hands make light work and shares the work among those who enjoy the meals!

Here's your chance to select your preferred meal/day!

A team of around three or four people makes this a fun afternoon/evening for all; sailors and guests alike.

The following is a list of dates, so put your team together and let either Linda 0407 556 650 or Julie 0408 538 000 know via text/phone asap!

Dates to be filled:
  • October 24
  • November 7 (Melb Cup)
  • December 5
  • October 31
  • November 14
  • December 12
  • November 21
  • December 19

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The tower room has been made functional and habitable to enable our radio chief Alastair
The tower room has been made functional
and habitable to enable our radio chief

We are getting close to our Opening Day for GLYC, so... it's time to put on your old clothes and do some spring cleaning around the Club. Please dust off your cleaning equipment and put your name down for a job on the working bee sheet. Everyone is Welcome. The Working Bee will also be a great chance to say hello to everyone after your Winter break and share stories about the warmer holidays that some Club members have enjoyed.

There is a list of tasks/jobs that need to be done that will come with the Wanderer and a copy of the list will be on the Loft Bar also. Please contact Anne Delahay 0438 777 484 or Jim 0488 500 795 to put your name down for a task/job. We are hoping that this way you can be off and working as soon as you arrive. Well that's the plan.

Please bring the necessary tools/equipment and cleaning liquid, etc, that you will need to do the job/task you have picked. To avoid cuts/scrapes, have gloves, safety glasses, etc.

Not able to come on the 23rd of September? You can still help. We are happy for you to chat to us about doing a job earlier than our Working Bee. Just let us know or the job may get done twice!!.
5156 7085

FLAGS WILL BE UP AT 8.15 am and the STARTERS GUN GOES OFF AT 8.30 am; the Working Bee finishes at 12.30 p.m.

There will be a delicious morning tea; it's a surprise!!

After the Working Bee there will be a BBQ with sausages, rissoles and bread provided for all the volunteers. Please bring a little something to share if you would like to help out(salad, dips, cake, munchies etc).

Thank you and happy cleaning/repairing/sprucing up.

Anne Delahay (House) cell 0438777484 and Jim Callahan (Yard and Marina)cell 0488 500 795

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03 8626 8700

Boat Storage at GLYC this Season

Please read

The Raineys make the most of the fairly light wind
The Raineys make the most of the fairly
light wind

Members who race will have noted the extra time spent last season collecting insurance policy information as part of our risk management requirements. This information is now captured in the Season Entry Form which each boat participating in competition is required to complete before the start of each new season.

For the same reason the Club needed that insurance information, we also need insurance information for boats in storage, even if they are not racing. This includes marina berths, hardstand, and OTBs on the grass and under the building.

In the next week or two each member with a boat currently in storage will receive an email outlining what is required, and it is quite simple (hopefully). You will receive a copy of the GLYC Storage Terms and Conditions of Use for your information, plus an Annual Boat Storage Agreement and the Active Use Scorecard.

The Boat Storage Agreement just reconfirms that you accept the Terms and Conditions applying to your use of the storage facility, and captures your insurance policy information. Insurance for boats in storage at GLYC has always been a condition on the application form, this part is nothing new.

If you have already completed the on-line Season Entry Form you can either repeat the insurance information (please!) or note that you have already supplied it. We plan to have a more integrated process for next season.

The Active Use Scorecard has been discussed several times recently in the Wanderer and elsewhere, and is required to enable the Club to determine if you qualify as an "Active" member. You have already been asked to complete and return this document in the membership renewal form for members with boats in storage, but we accept some members may have missed this paragraph.

If you don't return the form, or the information on the form doesn't support a case for being "Active", your boat storage agreement will revert to a 3 month rolling agreement whereby if there is sufficient demand for spaces from active members, you may be asked to remove your boat from GLYC premises and you will receive a pro-rata refund for storage fees paid.

Russ Peel

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Club Merchandise 2017 - 2018

Do you need a new item of club merchandise for the 2017-2018 season?

Come along and check out what we have to make sure you are looking good both on and off the water this season! All our merchandise is very reasonably priced, and wearing it is a great way to advertise our club in the community!

Below is a list of our products, together with their prices, so make sure you check out our stock next time you're at the club.


  • Long Sleeve Polo Shirts (M & F) $35
  • GLYC Printed Glasses $6
  • Short Sleeved Polo Shirts (M & F)$30
  • GLYC Burgee $25
  • Vests $50
  • Caps $15

Payment can be made either via the envelopes located in the merchandise cupboard or by direct deposit into the club bank account.

Don't have your size? Or in the colour you want? Ring me, and I can place a special order for you!

Julie Clark - Merchandise
Contact 0408 538 000

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What's the difference between a boat and a ship?

Article taken from the Age

This is a question has fueled many a pub debate among mariners but there is a rule of thumb that says a ship can carry a boat, but a boat can't carry a ship.

Another rule, derived from Chapman Piloting: Seamanship & Small Boat Handling, the seaman's bible, says that any nautical craft of more than 20 metres becomes a ship. Others insist that a boat has only one deck, a ship more than one, or that a ship is an ocean-going vessel while a boat is not. Traditionalists might insist on the classic definition of a ship as a vessel with at least three masts, all of which carry square-rigged sails, but that would disqualify every large ship afloat today.

There are some curious exceptions. For example, a submarine is always a boat, and mariners might affectionately call their ship a "boat", just as crew members might refer to their vessel's captain as 'the old man". Unless you're a crew member you should never refer to a ship as a boat, nor the captain as the "old man" unless he happens to your father.

Above article by Michael Gebicki, Triptologist from The Age

Which brings me to a story Denise Lamble told me about a friend of hers who was blue water sailing with a friend. Concerned about a large ship in the distance barrelling toward them, he got on the radio (and without AIS and modcoms) said "Big ship, Big ship. This is Little Yacht, Little Yacht, to the right. Do you see us?" To which the radio man replied, "Little Yacht, Little Yacht, this is Big Ship, Big Ship. We do see you. And we think you are crazy!"

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My boomerang won't come back

Such ease sailing
Such ease sailing

About thirty years ago Aussie was in Paynesville on holidays... The seagulls were squawking and squabbling over the sparse food scraps on the ground at the rubbish bins. Little black Dabchicks were ducking and diving, mixing in with the swans. Both were looking for their days meal. Every now and then a Gannet would dive and break the water. A Pelican was sitting on a pier pile watching the waterfront seal lolling about around the pier piles. Swan signets, still dressed in their grey infancy down, were waddling along behind mum and dad looking more like children's toys than birds.

Looking around from the cockpit of his yacht he noticed a couple at the boat ramp. They were preparing to launch a pretty little yellow and white Boomerang. It was the name 'Man Stuff' that caused Aussie to chuckle to himself. "Crikey mate! That's a name asking for trouble."

Aussie noted that it was going to be one of those perfect days, a blue sky and a little breeze. The distant mountains were just showing through a heat haze. A lazy wave came his way from a stranger rowing past in a pretty little white clinker dinghy. The stranger said "Gunna be a goodun mate!" Aussie waved back, acknowledging the truth in the stranger's comment.

Turning his attention back to the couple with the Boomerang, it was not long before it paid its dividends. The driver of the tow vehicle, an expensive Toyota 4WD, was doing a first class job of demonstrating his lack of experience. Before he started backing his little vessel down the steep boat ramp he made mistake number one: he released the trailer winch brake.

The next thing he learnt was that when you do make mistake number one, don't make mistake number two. Mistake number two is when having made mistake number one, you realise your mistake and then hit the brakes. This can result in your boat being neither on nor off the trailer. You're stuck and have to seek help, unless of course you let your pride get in the way, which is exactly what this idiot did do.

This led him to make mistake number three. Mistake number three was that he got angry and blamed someone else. The feminine side of the partnership, marriage, affair or what ever, was less than amused when her bloke jumped out of the 4WD and proceeded to berate her for not warning him. Somehow the petite young lady was supposed to know these things. Aussie, one who normally stayed out of this sort of thing, threw his apple core into the water, stepped out of the cockpit onto the pier and wandered over to what was fast becoming a circus.

"Need a hand mate?"

The agitated driver's response amused him even more. "Does it look like I need a hand? If I do it is only because this stupid cow did not warn me when the boat started to slide backwards."

"Right, OK then, I will take that as a no. By the way fella, do you always treat offered assistance like you just treated this young lady? Not good mate, not good at all. See yaz then."

With that Aussie nodded to the red faced woman, turned and left the two of them to it. He headed back to his boat and thought to himself, "What an arsehole!"
9707 3033

Later that afternoon, Aussie noticed that the Boomerang was heading for the public pier. It was coming in from the west with the obvious intention of pulling in along side near the ice works crane. He was quick to notice that the young lady was at the helm, still receiving very loud orders from her man. He wandered over to watch.

"Starboard girl, no, not that way. I said, starboard. Push the helm to port you stupid cow!"

Living around the water front, Aussie had noticed that some blokes just cannot help themselves. Blokes, who because of their anxiety caused by their own inexperience, often give their crew, generally women, hell. This bloke was one of the best. The poor woman did her very best to follow orders.

He screamed 'That's enough, now the other way, no not that way go to port. Bloody hell girl, don't you know port from starboard. Women, they are all stupid cows!" He said glancing at Aussie.

"You still at it fella?" was all the response he got from Aussie.

At that very moment the chap leapt from the port bow intending to land on the pier, but, the "Stupid Cow" (and Aussie suspected intentionally) gave the Boomerang outboard a little too much throttle. With her helm hard to port, her bow moved to starboard away from the pier.

It was now that the Court of Natural Justice stepped in. Judge Fate ruled the chap guilty and sentencing was appropriate. The bloke's feet, or toes, reached the pier; he overbalanced and started to fall backwards. Realizing his predicament he spun, lunged for and grabbed onto the Boomerang pulpit rail. He was now screaming. "Bring her back! I cannot hold her! Bring her back!? You stupid cow!"

Manstuffs port stern quarter closed with the pier. The young woman, who by now had reached the end of her tether, let go of the tiller, quietly stepped over the port quarter life lines and onto the pier. Then in a very dignified and ladylike voice, she let loose.

"I am so pleased you invited me along for a sail today, Daar..ling, because if that is your idea of man stuff, I want no part of you. I am taking my car and going to mother's, bye Daar..ling." With that she walked away, albeit in tears but with her pride intact.

Now horizontal to the water and at full stretch Daar..ling's feet slid off the pier into the water. He tried to pull himself back onto Manstuff but his efforts were to no avail.

The half a dozen spectators who had gathered to watch the spectacle and had witnessed the whole event started to clap and cheer as Daar..ling slipped down into the cold briny, screaming. "Help, please someone help me get my boomerang back."

They all left him to it and walked away. Yep! They left him to it and, all he could do was scream. His Boomerang did not come back but continued its powered flight, all on its own, to where, Aussie still does not know nor care.

The lesson is fellas, treat the crew with respect...

The End


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