Wanderer - November 2017

Commodore's Report

We have had a very positive start to the 2017-18 Sailing Season. It was great to see so many members enjoying our Opening Weekend. Thank you all for your attendance.

Our first three Twilight Races have seen fair winds and a large turnout of boats. It is great that this event continues to be so popular, and there is always a great opportunity to enjoy the company of fellow sailors over dinner afterwards.

However, dinner can be a little problematic. For example, on 24th October, 44 people signed up for dinner. 66 people bought tickets and the ladies in the kitchen felt that they served a couple more meals than that! Fortunately, it was pizza night and a late call to the Ferry Cafe saw the arrival of a few extra pizzas, ensuring there was enough to go around. However, for the last dozen people, salads were very slim pickings. So can I please ask everyone to do the right thing and sign on early by 4:00 if you intend to stay for dinner.

Sunday racing is also continuing to grow and with more and more off the beach boats arriving on a trailer on the back of a car. With increasing popularity comes the challenge of car parking around the club. Could I remind sailors that once you have offloaded your gear, you are asked to move your car out of the club grounds to the public parking area? Also, the trailer parking spaces on the boundary of the club should be left for cars that have boat trailers on them. Please do not park your single car in a trailer park as this makes things difficult for OTB sailors.

Discover Sailing Day was hugely successful, and I know that Sharna will fill you in on the details. Thank you to Sharna for coordinating the event - and to all the members who helped out.

From my point of view, an exciting part of the day was to see many of our younger sailors swapping boats and trying new craft. Particularly interesting (to me anyway) was young Archer Manuell joining Jim Callahan on his Flying 15 for the afternoon race... Could we possibly be developing a new young '15 sailor?

Finally, I am pleased to announce that we have been successful in obtaining a grant of $20,000 rescue boat motors and, if we can also negotiate a deal with Whitworths, a fleet of Optis which will significantly enhance our training fleet. Colin Johanson submitted the grant application on behalf of the Committee and he will provide details in another area of this newsletter. Thank you to Colin for his diligence and hard work on this one.

See you on the water!

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In this issue:

Sailing Calendar

Amazing agility and quick balancing at windward mark by Andrew in the LB&B and Div race on 5 Nov
Amazing agility and quick balancing at
windward mark by Andrew in the LB&B and
Div race on 5 Nov

01 Wednesday, 0900 hrs: Sailability
03 Friday, 1715 hrs: Green Fleet Training
05 Sunday, 1400 hrs: Racing Heat 3 White Pointer
07 Tuesday, 1700 hrs: Twilight Sailing Melbourne Cup Day Magnum Force
08 Wednesday, 0900 hrs: Sailability
10 Friday, 1715 hrs: Green Fleet Sailing
12 Sunday, 0900 hrs: Sailing School
12 Sunday, 1400 hrs: LB Crawford 'Round the Island Trophy race Ten Pound Note
14 Tuesday, 1700 hrs: Twilight Sailing - Lady Skippers and non-ladies Kate
15 Wednesday, 0900 hrs: Sailability
17 Friday, 1715 hrs: Green Fleet Sailing
18 Saturday, 0900 hrs: Mozzie Spinnaker Championships Volunteers
19 Sunday, 0900 hrs: Mozzie Spinnaker Championships Volunteers
19 Sunday, 0900 hrs: Sailing School
19 Sunday, 1400 hrs: Racing Heat 4 Chibizulu
21 Tuesday, 1700 hrs: Twilight Sailing Growler
22 Wednesday, 0900 hrs: Sailability
24 Friday, 1715 hrs: Green Fleet Sailing
26 Sunday, 0900 hrs: Sailing School
26 Sunday, 1400 hrs: Racing Heat 5 Karma Cat/Supertoy

Too close a start in div 2 on Sunday's LB&B
Too close a start in div 2 on Sunday's

28 Tuesday, 1700 hrs: Twilight Sailing Wayward Wind
29 Wednesday, 0900 hrs: Sailability

01 Friday, 1715 hrs: Green Fleet Sailing
03 Sunday, 0900 hrs: Sailing School
03 Sunday, 1400 hrs: LB&B and Div Racing Heat 6 Ghost
05 Tuesday, 1700 hrs: Twilight Sailing Time Flies
06 Wednesday, 0900 hrs: Sailability
08 Friday, 1715 hrs: Green Fleet Sailing
10 Sunday, 0900 hrs: Sailing School
10 Sunday, 1000 hrs: JK Lloyd Long Distance Trophy race Tremolino
12 Tuesday, 1700 hrs: Twilight Sailing - Lady Skippers Helter Skelter
13 Wednesday, 0900 hrs: Sailability
15 Friday, 1715 hrs: Green Fleet Sailing
17 Sunday, 0900 hrs: Sailing School
17 Sunday, 1400 hrs: LB&B and Div Racing Heat 7 Growler
19 Tuesday, 1700 hrs: Twilight Sailing - Xmas celebration Saracen
20 Wednesday, 0900 hrs: Sailability
22 Friday, 1715 hrs: Green Fleet Sailing
24 Sunday, NO SAILING
26 Tuesday, NO TWILIGHT

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5156 6352

Social/Sailing Calendar

A family affair on Nutmeg, Endeavour 24: Dan, Roisin, Darra and little Eleanora Williams
A family affair on Nutmeg, Endeavour 24:
Dan, Roisin, Darra and little Eleanora

Friday Club Night
Come to the club bar on Friday evenings to enjoy the evening with your sailing mates. You are welcome as well to bring a meal/takeout/fish and chips to enjoy. If you're lucky you might be the lucky winner of the club draw.

Green Fleet Friday evenings
The Green Fleet evening fun sailing begins on the 13th of October, 1715 hrs.. It's a good time to plan a barbie meal for your sailors or even for the old fogies coming for Club Night to join friends for a meal. Summer is here...soon. Let's have fun.

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Tuesday Twilight Meals reservation procedure change:


Visitor kids had a blast on club boats on Discover Sailing Day
Visitor kids had a blast on club boats on
Discover Sailing Day

Many thanks to all the sailors who used the new sign-on method last week which enabled the kitchen chefs to perfectly guage the right number of meals.

Now, just to be difficult, or just to make it easier, a new email address has been created for ordering your meals. That is: glycmeals@gmail.com

This address makes it easier for organizers to look down the list without interfering with normal GLYC emails.

So, as last week, (if you can't sign on the meal sheet near the breezeway before 4 p.m. on Twilight race day), could you please email glycmeals@gmail.com before 4 p.m. and in the SUBJECT box include: your name, how many total for dinner, and of those, how many vegetarian meals required?

This system is ONLY FOR MEAL sign up. Unless you are one of the few who signs on for racing on the water, one must sign on for sailing at the breezeway sheet as before without any reference to meals. A separate meal sign-on will also be near the breezeway for those who can physically be there before 4 pm to sign-on. Only email or sign on in person for meals: please don't do both or you might be forced to eat and pay for double meals (just kidding).

Thank you for your consideration.

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Division 1 Report

The start of the season has been marked by excellent sailing conditions. The winds have ranged from light to moderate. For those lovers of strong winds I am sure that we will see those conditions return again during the season. The division 1 group is expanding in diversity with a range of boats entering. We now have sailing in division 1: a 29er, 470, Taser, 505, Contender, NS14, 125 and Flying Fifteens, just to name a few. The diversity of the fleet makes for interesting competition.

The Commodores Trophy Race series was sailed in varied conditions over the Opening Weekend with very light wind on Sunday requiring the cancelation of the 2nd race on Sunday. Andrew Sayle in his 470 took out the regatta with a 1st and 3rd followed by Andrew Somerville with a 3rd and a 2nd, then Charlie Broomhall in the 29er coming in 3rd.

In the divisional series, which is based on yardstick, Craig and Ian Rainey are on top with three firsts, followed Jim Callahan and Trevor Williams in equal second and then Brian in his Contender in third.

The placings in the LL&B are quite different than in the divisional with Trevor Williams leading, followed by Craig in second. Charlie in the 29er has really hit his straps with two first.

Nitro catches the light in Three Bays Trophy race
Nitro catches the light in Three Bays
Trophy race

The Three Bays Race was a lot of fun with boats going in all directions. It appears from the results that it was faster going west to Lady Bay than going east to Harrington Bay because 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th all went west. 1st was Craig Rainey, 2nd Bill Shand, 3rd Andrew Somerville followed by Jim Callahan with his young crew. It was good to see Bill Shand back out on the water and obviously well recovered from his operation.


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03 8626 8700

Discover Sailing News

Liam Richards glows with anticipation of a sail on Steely Dan.
Liam Richards glows with anticipation of a
sail on Steely Dan.

Sailing School commences on Sunday, Nov 12, 9:00 to noon

Discover Sailing Day a resounding success
Sunday's Discover Sailing Day brought a slew of families and interested parties down to Paynesville to experience sailing and get to know the club and what it has to offer.

Those going out on small dinghies and larger boats were fitted with life jackets. GLYC's youth sailors skippered children and even some adults out on club Pacers and other dinghies.

A few sailed on the Sailability dinghies, the untippable craft used for people with disabilities who participate in sailing with co-sailors on Wednesdays at the Club. The dinghies are fun for everyone to sail with their joy sticks and reclined seats.

Many club members took visitors out on the larger trailer sailers and keel boats like the beautiful Adam 13, Longnose. It was a deluxe sailing experience for those lucky visitors.

The weather was balmy and beautiful and safe though some more adventurous types might have preferred a little more excitement with a bit stronger wind.

A few kids who stopped by already had some Tackers sailing under their belts like Aiden Rodriguez who is looking forward to advancing to Green Fleet this season. His younger brother, Rhys, aged 5, was stoked as he too finally got to go out for a sail with his brother and GLYC's Ella Curtis-Webster, in a club boat.

People had the opportunity, as well as going for a sail, to learn more about the programs offered at the GLYC and to check out the facilities. A sausage sizzle rounded out the morning for visitors and club volunteers.
5156 6700

Lots of excitement getting ready for a sail on Itchy Feet for Maya, Lola and mom, Julie Haddington
Lots of excitement getting ready for a
sail on Itchy Feet for Maya, Lola and mom,
Julie Haddington

As an all volunteer club, members in droves pitched in to help introduce visitors to sailing and the club. Member participation also enables the club to maintain very low membership fees making sailing here on the Gippsland Lakes affordable to all budgets.

The club will be offering Sail Training later in November as well as hosting a summer's Tackers Program in January for children 7 and over as well as a Teen/Adult sailing program.

One visitor, Dan Williams, who has recently moved to the area, took the opportunity on this open day to sign on as a member. He hurriedly filled out his season documents and proceeded out into Lake Victoria at 1400 hrs. on his Endeavor 24, Nutmeg, to join the fleet in the Chris Hawken Three Bay Trophy race.

A very heartfelt thank-you to everyone who helped out on the day; we had over 75 GLYC members assisting in various roles such as meet and greets, signage, boat allocations, life jacket fitting, tower, photography, BBQ, registrations, beach marshalls, pack-up, as well as on-water 'sailing hosts' and rescue boats. It was a fabulous sight to see GLYC on show, with members promoting sailing for sport and recreation on the Gippsland Lakes.

Many thanks

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SPONSORSHIP - Stronger Communities Grant Success

Crowded start for divs 1 and 3 in Opening Weekend's race on Sunday for the Commodore's Trophy
Crowded start for divs 1 and 3 in Opening
Weekend's race on Sunday for the
Commodore's Trophy

The Club submitted a grant application, in July, through Darren Chester's Office, for funding under the Federal Stronger Communities Program. We were notified in August that we were onto the second round, and then finally, in October we were notified that we were successful for a grant of $20,000.

This grant is on a dollar for dollar basis to fund:
  • new dual 60HP motors for the main safety-boat workhorse, Rescue One;
  • a replacement 15HP motor for the Sailability/Junior Sailing safety boat; and
  • a fleet of training dinghies for our Discover Sailing Centre
The new Rescue One motors were needed for the Club to meet Australian Sailing regulations requiring suitable rescue craft. The existing motor was old and unreliable. Without a reliable safety/rescue boat, GLYC would not be able to conduct racing, let alone run regattas or activities like the Marley Point Overnight Race. However necessary Rescue One is, it is still a major expense to the Club of over $20,000 for two smaller motors (two give greater pulling power when needed for rescues).

The small RIB motor will ensure that the Sailability, training and Discover Sailing Centre (DSC) activities will be able to be conducted in safety with a reliable motor for rescue and coaching programs.

The Club Safety boats are used for rescue in times of flooding on the Lakes too as there is a large commitment to our local Community and its safety, so they are not exclusively used by to GLYC. The soft sided RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boats) are the best vehicle to rescue people from the water as they are safer to pull alongside someone in the water and get them out. Thus the Yacht Club's boats increase the emergency response capability of the Paynesville area.

Swash-buckling Billy Rickhuss (Parish) goes out with Taj on Discover Sailing Day
Swash-buckling Billy Rickhuss (Parish)
goes out with Taj on Discover Sailing Day

The fleet of training dinghies included in the funding application would, if owned by the GLYC, enable us to offer sailing training, other than our Tackers Program, to Primary Schools across the Gippsland Region at any time during the season.

When the Grant application was submitted, there was a half price deal for the dinghy fleet that made their purchase totally viable. However, by the time we finally were notified of success with the Grant, that deal was no longer available. The Committee is currently trying to obtain assistance in purchasing our fleet from the original sponsor. However, if any company or individual would like to see their logo on sails regularly sailing off Paynesville, talk to us regarding sponsorship, or tax deductable donations to our Training Programs.

Thanks to the school holiday Tackers and local school sailing programs we are now seeing an increasing fleet of juniors/youth racing either in their OTB boats or crewing on bigger boats. Together with their families involved, they contribute significantly to the Club's strength and vibrancy.

It is so great to see the joy on the faces of young Tacker Sailors in the three courses a year we are currently able to run. Help us, if you can, to keep these vital programs running and growing.


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Yard and Marina

Hard stand and wet positions available

The guys got together to repair the supports for the ramp into the club.  Thank you.
The guys got together to repair the
supports for the ramp into the club.
Thank you.

We have positions available in the yard and now in the marina. The marina berth that is now vacant is suitable for a boat under 25 ft in length. There are also places vacant on the hardstand for additional boats. If you are an active member and would like the convenience of keeping your boat at the club, fill out an application form which can be found on the GLYC web site and put the application in the secretary's box .

Occasionally we experience strong winds. We had a blow come through that was clocked at over 35k. It is important that members with boats in the marina or in the yard insure that their boat is secure. We do go around during adverse conditions and check up on the boats but we can not be there at all times.

In the unusual situation where a boat may need to be moved, owners need to make sure that the tyres on their trailers are pumped up and that the trailer is in reasonable enough condition to be moved a short distance.

Thank you,
Jim Callahan

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5156 6448

Opening Weekend Celebration

A hearty cheer for the Commodore from Its Alright
A hearty cheer for the Commodore from Its

The Gippsland Lakes Yacht Club celebrated the opening of the 2017/2018 sailing season with an action-packed two days of racing 7 and 8th October.

Among the highlights of the ceremonial events were guest speakers, Dick and Laurel Warhust, who described their adventures on Capricorn 2. Tales of blue water sailing in the Pacific and in Tasmania, and their circumnavigation of Australia, which is still in progress, were the envy of many. Their talks and slide show spoke to every-one's dream of doing the very same thing some day if they have not already gone on an epic voyage.

Commodore Wendy Gardiner also addressed the attendees, thanking all who had attended and the two new life members, Dave Bacon and John Foley.

"Dave Bacon and John Foley have both been active members of the GLYC for many years and have each, in different ways, made significant input into the development of the club," she said.

"A full resume of these two people's contribution to the club would take hours, but a few significant achievements should be noted at this point.

"In Dave's case, his work was, from his very early days as a member of GLYC, and continues to be, of a very visible nature as he is our resident 'maintenance man', always around here fixing things and making sure the facility is ship shape."

Life members John Foley and Dave Bacon receive their badges from Commodore Wendy
Life members John Foley and Dave Bacon
receive their badges from Commodore Wendy

"Dave is out on the water every Sunday when we have racing; driving the course boat and laying marks, a role he has been undertaking for many years. Dave also served on the Committee for a number of years."

"John Foley is a past committee member and Commodore, his membership of the committee spanning almost two decades, including eight years as a flag officer."

"He has, over a number of years, co-ordinated junior sail training, been responsible for the design and construction of numerous building projects and has and continues to be, an active sailor within the club and beyond."

Wendy also attributed the club's longevity to its ability to evolve and meet its members' needs. "We embark on our 81st consecutive season of sailing, a fact that is well worth celebrating. With a membership that continues to grow steadily, the future continues to look promising," she said.

Behind the scenes at GLYC is a strong volunteer base that, according to Wendy, is an integral part of the club's community. "Without your enthusiasm and energy, we could not be the active and successful club that we are, with the great variety of sailing and associated opportunities that we offer."

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5156 0582

Opening Weekend Racing

Ghost struts her stuff in the Opening Stern Chaser
Ghost struts her stuff in the Opening
Stern Chaser

Following the formal announcement of the Opening of the 2017/2018 sailing season by the Warhursts and the tasty pot luck lunch, sailors headed their boats out for the traditional salute to the Commodore. Here one by one the skippers brought their craft up to the Wanderer lake boat and received Wendy Gardiner's salute whilst giving their 'three cheers to the Commodore' hats off. Little and big boats took it in turn, some with full sails and others simply safely motoring.

Immediately following, the fleet joined in the stern chaser with the smaller dinghies starting the race, and the rest of the boats starting with their order of Twilight handicapping. Twenty-nine were starters on this day, some little tiny dinghies and the largest being at least 13 meters.

The wind seemed to show its muscle unexpectedly as the fleet headed to the windward mark, with close to 20 knots blowing them down to the rounding mark. First down to the rounding buoy after the windward mark was Brian Carroll on Jack's Toy, the Australian Sailfish that Brian launched that day for its inaugural sail. (See article below on Brian and Jack's Toy.)

Behind him Taj Duff on Wicked Weasel, a Minnow, capably manoeuvred his gybe followed by Luca Vuat and Jack Chapman on Tenth Prime, a 29er.

Leading the larger boats in the fleet was Longnose, an Adams 13, sailed by Frank Nott, who crossed over the line first thus winning in his division 2. His was quite a feat as his start time was one of the last to leave the start, so he must have flown around the course. Johnno Johnson sailing Ghost, a Dragon, took second in that division.

Some had quite a wild time trying to gybe at the mark with one trailer sailer almost flattening its sail on the water but gathering itself together and choosing a safer granny tack instead. Sailors in a few smaller dinghies spent some time in the water righting their boats, while four boats retired due to equipment failure or being overwhelmed by the blow.
5156 7085

The strong wind joined Opening Day celebrations in the stern chaser
The strong wind joined Opening Day
celebrations in the stern chaser

Zipperdidoodah, Andrew Sayle's new 470, took first in division 1 with Taj Duff on Wicked Weasel acing his division 3.

With the strong wind Saturday creating havoc for some, it repented with light to non-existent wind on Sunday for the last two races of the Commodores' Trophy series.

Twenty-seven boats raced with very slow-motion divisional starts. The course was a sausage/triangle format and saw the varied fleet gracefully gliding along the course.

As the race progressed, or better said, began to falter for lack of wind, spinnakers began to look like disused hankies, colourful but not too effective.

Prudently, race officer Jacqui Crawford abandoned race 3 of the series and shortened the course for division 3, the OTB (off the beach) boats.

Longnose once again had a superlative finish winning the second of the Commodores' Trophy races in division 2. Ten Pound Note, a Flying Fifteen sailed by Trevor Williams came first in Div 1, while Brian Carroll took first in div 3.

Five boats retired as they could not see being able to finish in a timely fashion with no wind at that point. Slowly the course cleared as motor-less boats were towed in and the course laying boat took up the course marks.

Presentations for the Commodores' Trophy series were given out in the clubhouse with Andrew Sayle and Sophie Tay winning overall for division 1 on Zipperdidoodah, Frank Nott taking division 2 on Longnose, and Taj Duff, winning the overall for division 3 on Wicked Weasel.

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5156 0432

Supper with the Skippers

Wednesday, 15 November, 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. at GLYC

The lovely Lady Nelson is coming over the bar to visit us in March for the Classic Boat Rally
The lovely Lady Nelson is coming over the
bar to visit us in March for the Classic
Boat Rally

Skippers Mal Riley and Lindsay Wilson from the Lady Nelson, will be visiting Paynesville. Come along and learn about the history of the ship, the voyages they have undertaken and what they have to offer us when they visit here in March. All proceeds will go towards bringing the Lady Nelson here to the Gippsland Lakes in March 2018. A great and informative evening guaranteed!!

A light supper will be provided with drinks at bar prices.

$15.00 per person, kids under 12, gold coin donation.
Tickets available from Peter Medling, Complete Boating Services, 47 Slip Rd, Paynesville.
Pcb10@bigppond.com or 0407233020

This should be an interesting evening...please come along to support the Classic Boat Rally and GLYC

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5156 7223

Lisa Blair to give talk at Royal Brighton YC

Friday, 17th November, 8:00 p.m.

We are very pleased to announce that Lisa Blair the first woman in history to sail solo around Antarctica is coming to talk to Women and Girls Club Representatives, the Royal Brighton Yacht Club Cruising Group members and anyone else who might be interested!

Come and enjoy a thrilling and entertaining tale as Lisa Blair shares her inspirational story of determination and survival.

Please promote to club members as everyone is invited. Bring a group from your club and come early and have a meal and drink downstairs in the restaurant at Royal Brighton Yacht Club.

Tickets are selling fast so book yours now! Click here to book: https://membership.sportstg.com/regoform.cgi?formID=74239
Event: Lisa Blair Talk
Date: Friday 17th November
Time: 8.00pm
Venue: Bayview Room, Royal Brighton Yacht Club
Tickets: $20.00
Cash bar.

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9707 3033

Legacy lives on...

Brian sails Jack's Toy in its maiden race in the Opening Day stern chaser
Brian sails Jack's Toy in its maiden race
in the Opening Day stern chaser

Brian Carroll from Unique Sails in Paynesville, has been beavering away with a new project during the winter months; building a new classic wooden Australian Sailfish.

Son of co-designer of the Australian Sailfish, Jack Carroll, he thought it would be a lovely legacy to build a new boat in readiness for the 2018 Inverloch Classic Wooden Dinghy Regatta and the 2018 Classic Wooden Boat Rally in Paynesville.

The Sailfish was co-designed by Bruce Scott and Jack Carroll in 1956, the first two boats were developed by them for their own sailing pleasure, with no intention of starting a new class, however the interest in the boats when launched at Parkdale Yacht Club on Port Phillip was such that Bruce and Jack realised they needed to draw up some 'real' plans so others could also build themselves a boat. This led to the formation of a Class Association in 1961 and expansion through plan sales into New South Wales, Queensland and even as far as Papua New Guinea.

The Australian Sailfish is a one-design single-hand centreboard dinghy; cat-rigged with a single Bermuda sail. The sailfish is a 11'6" scow with a fully-enclosed, fully-decked hull. A shell, of marine ply for the deck and bottom with solid timber for the sides, is built over a skeleton of strongback and keel, frames and stringers. Brian has constructed his new boat using Gaboon plywood and cedar, creating a minimum weight boat for the modern day. The intention of the Sailfish is a car-topper, a minimum weight hull can be lifted on and off car roof-racks or a trailer by one person with little effort.

The Australian Sailfish is undeniably a utilitarian rather than a classically pretty design. It never-the-less provides pretty sparkling performance in a race-tuned boat. It is both responsive in light breezes yet able to punch along in heavy conditions that can force the retirement of other dinghies.
0427 411 660

The resurgence of the Sailfish class that had basically died in the early eighties was the inspiration of three gentleman, Ian Milton (NSW), Chris Cleary (NSW) and Greg Barwick (VIC) who had never lost their passion for the boat. In 2016, aware of the Inverloch Classic Wooden Dinghy Regatta (ICWDR) and the relaunching of Sailfish number 2, Jack Carroll's original boat 'Debonair' at the event, there was a scurry of restoration for the 2017 regatta. So much, there were 11 boats who travelled from far and wide to live the legacy of the Sailfish.

Since the ICWDR, last year, Sailfish dinghies have been rising to the surface all over the countryside, with new plans been bought and sent to as far away as America and Europe. That got Brian Carroll, thinking, with his father still active and fit at the ripe old age of 88, he decided to build a new boat for the upcoming classic wooden boat regattas in honour of Jack. The new boat, named after Jack and in keeping with the theme of Brian's other sailing dinghies (shh not released for print as yet), will be launched on Opening Day at Gippsland Lakes Yacht Club, with Jack travelling from Bendigo for the occasion.

While Brian has been working on this project over the winter months has also been training for the Contender Worlds which are being held at McCrae Yacht Club January 2018.

Brian, a qualified sailmaker for over 35 years, has been working from his service loft in Paynesville for close on six years. Nothing is impossible; if he cannot do the job, then it cannot be done - from new sails, to repairs, boat covers, bags, biminis and clears plus more! He also has a commercial boat licence so can handle a boat or two. Call Brian on 0411 743 602 to discuss how he can assist with your sailing or boating requirements.

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Club Merchandise 2017 - 2018

Do you need a new item of club merchandise for the 2017-2018 season?

Come along and check out what we have to make sure you are looking good both on and off the water this season!

All our merchandise is very reasonably priced, and wearing it is a great way to advertise our club in the community!

Make sure you check out our stock next time you're at the club.

Payment can be made either via the envelopes located in the merchandise cupboard or by direct deposit into the club bank account.

Don't have your size? Or in the colour you want? Ring me, and I can place a special order for you!

Julie Clark - Merchandise Contact 0408 538 000


  • Long Sleeve Polo Shirts (M & F) $35
  • GLYC Printed Glasses $6
  • Short Sleeved Polo Shirts (M & F)$30
  • GLYC Burgee $25
  • Vests $50
  • Caps $15

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A lighthearted Twilight report

I am roused from my Golden Dream by my mum Growlering, "Tarna!" in her raspy Tocatta voice.

I Gotta Tella, she is SO Highly Strung! (Her voice would win a twanging contest with Steely Dan's guitar!)
I made a Swift, Quantum Leap outta my bed which sent my Rainbow Connection covered smart phone flying like the Wayward Wind and as fast as an Eagle 2 across my room.

...It's Alright living with my mum, Kate, mosta the time , but sometimes, I wish she would get Itchy Feet, maybe go out and get Legless, and meet Joe Blow Prince Charming, (Ya know, someone to make her knees Tremolino), then move into his Chibi Zulu Hullabalu-lu mansion Just For Fun; stay outta my way..... and keep her Long Nose outta my affairs!

My bestie, Julia, says I haven't got a Ghost of a chance - that I might as well Shadowfax a Spindrift.

Now... I know my mum's super Saracen siren days are long gone, and most of her Kalimna glitter has lost its Burrunan bronzie shine. (After all, she is 46 and..... a half.) But, I think she Wasa Rager (a little bit) back when she was young, and you're Never Too Old to give it a go.

I'm Raptor ,at least a little hopeful, after I read Mum's Scorpio horoscope for today, though. It says Time Flies, but her future will be anything but Tawmii ; and that today, she should embrace life and, Out Of The Blue, go wherever Caprice leads her: then sail away like a White Pointer on Nitro.

I say, "Jumpin' Junipers, Tooshay and Hooray!"

Maybe she'll find a Super Toy Boy to distract her, and.....get offa my case for awhile!

Linda Collins

Updated: 5 Nov 2017 11:36am by Christie Arras

Gippsland Lakes Yacht Club
P.O. Box 194, Paynesville VIC 3880

Club phone03 5156 6864

Flag Officers

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Rear CommodoreAndrew Somerville0407 156 133
SecretaryRuss Peel0408 589 805
TreasurerTricia Hilder0418 329 619
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Immediate Past CommodoreJacqui Crawford0468 987 684
Discover Sailing CoordinatorSharna Duff0409 207 331
Sailability OfficerAlan Pick0410 584 860
Wanderer (not on Committee this year)Christie Arras [WANDERER and EFLASH]03 5156 7861
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General CommitteeIan McDonald0419 698 900
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Flying Fifteen

Hull # KA 3052
Comes with: 2 sets of sails, one set as new (imported from England)
Galvanised trailer, no rust

Contact: Ivan
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