Wanderer - December 2017

Commodore's Report

As 2017 races madly to its end, GLYC is enjoying a sense of normalcy before things wind up in February next year.

Training and racing has been somewhat "hit and miss" with the usual variable weather conditions of Spring and our green fleet sailors in particular are eagerly awaiting more settled conditions. Tuesday Twilights have been more fortunate, with most races being conducted in lovely conditions, and our meals are becoming more and more popular, with 80 plus diners being the norm. This keeps our kitchen volunteers very busy, as well as requiring extra staff to run the bar.

On the subject of volunteers, much of our last committee meeting was spent discussing the current inequities in how we reward our volunteers. For instance, a person who mans a rescue boat on the occasional Sunday is rewarded with a free drink at the end of racing. However, bar staff, DSC instructors, Sailability volunteers, those who clean up after dinner on Tuesday nights, individuals such as Brian Collins who manages the handicapping for Twilight racing, and many more who quietly go about working around the club on days when no sailing happens, do not gain the benefit of a free drink.

In our discussion, we were unable to come up with an affordable, manageable and equitable way in which to provide a free drink to all of those members who do a little bit extra to keep the club running. So we have decided it is time to think outside the box on this one. A couple of ideas we came up with included holding a Volunteer party with finger food provided and some level of free drinks at the bar on one night of the season, or maybe a series of small events during volunteer week that would capture, across the week, all of those who volunteer, or beefing up Celebration Night further to ensure that we recognise and thank everyone for keeping the club afloat.

No final decision has been made as yet and we are seeking ideas and feedback from all members. Is the free drink important? How else might we recognise the efforts of our volunteers? Juniors, how would you like to be recognised when you help out?, etc. We plan to finalise our new approach at our January Committee meeting (which is to be held on 10th January). So please talk to a committee member if you have an idea that we could consider.

After months of committee discussion and deliberation and some hard core negotiation by Colin Johanson on behalf of the Committee, Whitworths and Sailing Australia have offered us a "half price" deal on 10 Optimist boats. Along with a Stronger Communities Grant which has also part funded the new motor for the Sailability Rib and two new motors for Rescue 1, the Optis now become completely affordable for GLYC. The Discover Sailing team are very excited about this and the opportunities that these boats will offer to expand our training programs. If you wish to find out anything about these boats and how they will be used, don't hesitate to talk to Sharna Duff or Andrew Somerville who will be able to give you all the info you require.

As our December Committee meeting would fall the day after Boxing Day, and will therefore not take place, we have brought the January meeting forward two weeks to 10th January, thus creating two six week gaps between meetings over the summer. This will give the committee plenty of time to ensure that all is in order for what will be a very hectic few weeks in late February/early March.

The Music Festival on the last weekend in February is followed by the Classic Boat Rally the first weekend in March. Both of these events are huge for the club - with our bar and hall used for both events, not to mention all the other activities that will happen in and around our grounds. Following that, GLYC has a greater involvement in the Marlay Point Overnight Race organisation in 2018, which will also be a big event due to its being the 50th year of running. And concurrently with the MPONR, the GLYC will host a Tasar Championship. Two weeks later, the Easter Regatta...

In the meantime, I wish all of our members a safe and happy Christmas and a prosperous and healthy 2018.


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In this issue:

Sailing Calendar

Twilight clumping
Twilight clumping

01 Friday, 1715 hrs: Green Fleet Sailing
03 Sunday, 0900 hrs: Sailing School
03 Sunday, 1400 hrs: LB&B and Div Racing Heat 6 Ghost
05 Tuesday, 1700 hrs: Twilight Sailing Time Flies
06 Wednesday, 0900 hrs: Sailability
08 Friday, 1715 hrs: Green Fleet Sailing
10 Sunday, 0900 hrs: Sailing School
10 Sunday, 1000 hrs: JK Lloyd Long Distance Trophy race Tremolino
12 Tuesday, 1700 hrs: Twilight Sailing - Lady Skippers Helter Skelter
13 Wednesday, 0900 hrs: Sailability
15 Friday, 1715 hrs: Green Fleet Sailing
17 Sunday, 0900 hrs: Sailing School
17 Sunday, 1400 hrs: LB&B and Div Racing Heat 7 Growler
19 Tuesday, 1700 hrs: Twilight Sailing - Xmas celebration Saracen
22 Friday, 1715 hrs: Green Fleet Sailing
24 Sunday, NO SAILING
26 Tuesday, NO TWILIGHT

January 2018
2-6 Tuesday - Saturday: Tackers Adult and Teen Program
2 Tuesday, 1700 hrs: Twilight Sailing Caprice
7 Sunday, 1400 hrs: Female Skippers Race - volunteers needed
9 Tuesday, 1500 hrs: Twilight Sailing - female skipper division Lola
14 Sunday, 1400 hrs: LB&B and Div Racing Heat 9 Kalimna
16 Tuesday, 1700 hrs: Twilight Sailing Toccata
20 Saturday, 1000 hrs: Metung and Return Molly
21 Sunday, 0900 hrs: Division Cool
21 Sunday, 1400 hrs: LB&B and Div Heat 10 Itchy Feet
23 Tuesday, 1700 hrs: Twilight Sailing Tremolino
26 Friday, 1400 hrs: Australia Day Trophy Race Tenth Prime/Burranan
28 Sunday, 1400 hrs: LB&B and Div Racing Heat 11 FortyForty
30 Tuesday, 1700 hrs: Twilight Sailing Longnose

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Social/Sailing Calendar

Lovely French visitors get a joy ride with Jim and crew on Wayward Wind
Lovely French visitors get a joy ride with
Jim and crew on Wayward Wind

Friday Club Night
Come to the club bar on Friday evenings to enjoy the evening with your sailing mates. You are welcome as well to bring a meal/takeout/fish and chips to enjoy. If you're lucky you might be the lucky winner of the club draw.

Green Fleet Friday evenings
The Green Fleet evening fun sailing begins on the 13th of October, 1715 hrs.. It's a good time to plan a barbie meal for your sailors or even for the old fogies coming for Club Night to join friends for a meal. Summer is here...soon. Let's have fun.

New Years Eve
Come enjoy your New Years Eve at the club with fellow sailors and friends. The bar will open at 6:00 and last drinks at midnight (at the latest).

Bring your dinner or cook on the barbie to celebrate. There will be no organized pot luck, though, as it seems to have lost popularity the last few years.

Early fireworks upon dark and midnight fireworks at the first seconds of 2018 for the stalwarts (like Lesley and Chris who never miss this memorable transition into a new year.) These fireworks displays are always amazingly spectacular for such a little town..

This is not an event enjoyed by pets. Leave them at home under the bed...

And have a marvelous new year how ever you like to celebrate.

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From the Sailing Captain

Living dangerously on Ripping Yarns
Living dangerously on Ripping Yarns

Even with over fifty years of sailing behind me I am forever reminded that there is always something more to learn just as there are mistakes to be made...and sometimes the same mistake again and again... You never stop learning to sail.

Last Sunday morning while rigging a Minnow for the umpteenth time I learned something from an 8 year old boy. A different perception and a different way of doing something. How good was that. So too was it on a Tuesday Twilight with Buster calling the shots from the foredeck of Longnose as we snuck up on an Etchells who didn't see what he saw and acted on by telling those in the back of the bus what strings to pull and why.
It is good to learn how to do things better, whether at work, sport or play.

Talking of work, it is not often you get paid to go sailing but when it happens it is just so much sweeter. Last month I was asked to skipper a charter yacht for a group of schoolkids doing the Duke of Edinburgh Award. I thought the idea was to learn a bit about sailing en route to Rotomah before the troops would leave with packs and tents for the campsite. A walk to Ocean Grange next morning would be the plan before sailing back around the island to Paynesville. A bit of an adventure for city based teenagers. That itinerary was down graded a little with tents pitched at Allawah and day sails to the back lake. It was still a very pleasant way to earn a dollar even though most were totally engaged not in the sailing nor environment but with their devices.

Deliveries are, in my experience, either against the wind or in a boat not ready for sea. I recently had the opportunity to bring a 44' cruising yacht back from Vanuatu to Brisbane. The boat had been languishing on a mooring in Port Vila for a year and was in need of much work to get even half ready for sea.

It was a challenge but after a week of fixing stuff and then after a trial shakedown sail to an outer anchorage where we fixed more stuff, I felt comfortable about leaving for a 1200 mile ocean passage. The important things were done and we were prepared to make good with other stuff should we need to. Preparation is everything.

Where did that pile of sand come from?
Where did that pile of sand come from?

And as it turned out we enjoyed a very pleasant sail with moderate to non-existent trade winds. The motor ran beautifully when asked to and we even caught a fish. The sun set in the same place every day as it has done for aeons and life was good. Once in Brisbane we found even more stuff to do just to make the boat both more sailable and 'saleable'. Does anyone want to buy a 44' Peterson cutter?

Back at the coalface, the sailing season is well underway with Tuesday Twilights continuing to be a major club event. The enthusiasm and efforts of those in race management and in the kitchen are pivotal and all personnel are to all be thanked for their contribution to the success of this series.

It seems that the LB&B and Divisional racing is going well and little glitches in race management, handicapping and results are being resolved. By season end things should be like clockwork!

Sailing is a self-policing sport and it is up to us all to know the Rules. Especially the Sailing Captain. Last Tuesday, and without Buster on board, Longnose romped toward the turning mark for the run home close behind Ghost. We thought we had the inside overlap established before the three boat zone. We let everyone know and it got a bit exciting. From later discussion back at the Club general consensus from other boats in the vicinity determined our overlap was established way too late and so according to Rule 18.2c we infringed. We didn't do our penalty turns so had to retire from the race...but what a race it was for all 25 boats out there.

Protests are a part of sailing, and they exist for a reason. If you can't sort it out on the water there is no option. Well, there is. If you think you may have been in the wrong, do your penalty turns and get on with your race. Easy peasy. Yeh right, when you are closing a mark for the run to the finish........

GLYC is a remarkable Club and it is thanks to all those who help out whether on the water or on land. Without this support from the membership we could not run the program we do. So let's just keep doing what we do.

See you on the Start Line

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Division 1 Report

The Raineys do their magic
The Raineys do their magic

November has continued the excellent sailing conditions that we experienced in October. The competition in division 1 has produced close racing and a lot of fun for the competitors.

The LB Crawford around the island race was great fun and at times challenging as the wind was fairly strong. Some of the division one boats capsized, or, were they just checking the water temperature? All those that did end up over were able to get back up and into the race. Unfortunately Neil Zizman experienced a mainsheet that gave way and required a quick repair before he could continue.

Despite some of the division one boats completing the circumnavigation of the island in around 80 minutes or less there was no contest with the cats with the top time being 46 minutes, WOW! The top three results for division 1 were a 6th by Andrew Somerville in his Ns14, followed by John and Noelene in 9th, and then Brian Carrol in Supertoy Contends in 12th place.

In the divisional series, the top three positions have been occupied by no less than five different boats. On the 5th, Charlie and Luca in the 29er came 1st followed by Craig Rainey and Bill in the FF15s. The second race of the day was the same result for 1st and 2nd but Trevor Williams came in 3rd.

Bill Shand doing his rescue work on a Tuesday in Rescue 1
Bill Shand doing his rescue work on a
Tuesday in Rescue 1

The 19th produced the consistent finish in both races with Craig, 1st, Bill 2nd and Andrew 3rd. On the 26th Craig had two firsts followed by Trevor with a 2nd and a 3rd and Bill with a 3rd and a 2nd.

I hope the remainder of the season continues to be as successful as the racing has been so far.


Updated: 3 Dec 2017 4:22pm by Christie Arras

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Division 4

Cormorants and Mozzies airborne
Cormorants and Mozzies airborne

After a slow start to the Season, Div 4 sailing has certainly fired up in November starting with 2 back to back races on Nov 5th in ideal conditions. Jamie and Ben on "Gone Viral" are really starting to get the feel for the Mosquito with improved starts and good upwind speed, against the more seasoned campaigners on "Immunity" and "Still Bitten" who took a win each on the day.

L B Crawford Trophy Race
Nov 12th saw the running of the L.B. Crawford Trophy Race around Raymond Island. Always a favourite race on the club calendar for Div 4, it didn't dissapoint this year with possibly the fastest times ever recorded.

"Immunity" got the best of the start and was never headed, flashing around the island in just 47 minutes, followed by "Still Bitten" which struggled to match the upwind pace of "Immunity" and the downwind control under spinnaker as Charlie worked the spinnaker from trapeze on "Immunity". "Gone Viral" put in an excellent performance upwind getting to Gravelly Point close behind "Still Bitten". But when it came time to let it all hang out on the reach to the clearance mark at the back of the Island, the young boys thought it was better to be safe than sorry and dropped behind the more seasoned skippers ahead.

Mozzie Spinnaker State Titles
The next weekend the 14th Mosquito Spinnaker State Titles were held at their birthplace, GLYC, and the Lakes really turned it on "Champagne sailing" (lots of bubbles) was the best description for the whole weekend. A small but quality fleet greeted the starter in a northerly that gusted to 20 knots on Saturday 18th. Three back to back races were run by the ever efficient race crew in somewhat choppy conditions which tested out the spinnaker Mossies. GLYC was represented by "Gone Viral" (without spinnaker), "Immunity", "Karma Cat" (Tim's first sail of the season), "Still Bitten" and the return of an ex-junior Mitch Meade on "Bonnie".

Immunity charging along day 1
Immunity charging along day 1

From the first race it was obviously sloop conditions as they dominated the windwards and held their own downwind. "Immunity" took out the first race, then capsized under spinnaker in the second race battling for the lead with "Still Bitten", letting the first of the Cat Rigs "Karma Cat" into 2nd place.

In the 3rd heat it was "Still Bitten" that made the mistake with a massive nose dive causing the spinnaker chute to detach from the chute mouth. With no way of keeping the spinnaker captive in the strong winds, it was race-over for "Still Bitten". "Immunity" had an easy win followed by the first Cat Rig, "The Joker".

More than half the fleet capsized in one race or more. Was it because it was early in the season for many? Or was the wind that strong?

All was set for another day of exciting racing on Sunday with "Immunity" in the box seat with 2 wins, and as usual at Mossie events, the socialising stretched late into the night for many.

Sunday the 19th brought a milder sea breeze from the east (around 10-15 knots) and capsizing problems were replaced by having the regular GLYC club fleet get in the way creating problems for some of the Mossies, with a few of the bigger GLYC boats acting as mobile road blocks to where the Mossies wanted to go. "Still Bitten" found the conditions more to its liking and wasn't headed for the day, taking 3 wins. The lighter winds allowed the cat-rigged "The Joker" to become more comfortable on its first weekend for the new boat, taking a couple of second places.

Overall, Gary and Oskar on "Still Bitten" were very pleased to be presented with the Tim Shepperd Perpetual Trophy as winners of the 2017-18 Mosquito Spinnaker Victorian Titles, with Neil & Charlie on "Immunity" placing second and Matt Stone on "The Joker" from Somers YC placing 3rd.

Still Bitten aces the championship on day two
Still Bitten aces the championship on day

Vic Catamaran Championships at McCrae YC
On the 25th & 26th of November most of Div 4 had the weekend off for various reasons, however "Still Bitten" headed to McCrae YC for the Victorian Catamaran Championships. Gary & Oskar were joined on the trip by Ben and Luca who had organised crew positions on Viper Catamarans for the weekend. Ben was crewing for Jack Felsenthall on "Charter World", so GLYC had two Div 4 representatives at the event.

Saturday was Hot and the winds were light, and after postponments, 2 races were finaly held with the 66 cats moving slowly around the course. "Still Bitten" took most of the first race to acclimatise to not trapezing and to being one of the smallest slowest boats in the 20 boat strong Spinnaker Division.

Ben did well getting used to crewing "Charter World", a Viper, with Jack and was well placed in the race, until Ben slipped off just before the finish and Jack had to go back for him. In the second race there were no slip-ups on "Charter World" and they finished in Third, with "Still Bitten" coming to grips with the conditions and securing a Fourth place.

Sunday was a complete change of conditions with rain and 15 knot shifty winds, Two races were held with thunderstorms putting an end to the day's racing, but while the racing was on it was FULL ON, with the short course keeping it lively amongst the 66 cats. "Charter World" got through unscathed for an 8th place for the series and "Still Bitten" found the conditions to their liking securing a 2nd and 4th place, to place 3rd for the series.

Beaming winners
Beaming winners

All of the young GLYC crews performed admirably, with 12 year old Oskar taking his crewing to another level in the tight high quality fleet. Thirteen year old Ben "learnt heaps" and is now so confident that "Gone Viral" will soon be fitted with a spinnaker. According to his skipper, 17 year old Luca did a great job all weekend and learnt what it's like to cartwheel a Cat and go flying through the air at high speed.

Next up: Mosquito Nationals at Lake Cotharabra, QLD
So now it's time to look forward to some keen GLYC racing and honing the skills ready for the Mosquito Nationals at Lake Cotharabra in Southern Queensland. GLYC will be represented there by Neil and Charlie on "Immunity", Tim Shepperd on "Karma Cat", Jamie and Ben on "Gone Viral", Peter on "Bee Alert", Gary and Oskar on "Still Bitten" and possibly Luca if he can find a crew spot.

"See ya on the water"
Still Bitten.

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Discover Sailing News

Charlie and Luca rub shoulders with the greats of Australian sailing
Charlie and Luca rub shoulders with the
greats of Australian sailing

Our Discover Sailing Program has recently welcomed 11 new sailors to our junior fleet. On Sunday mornings we can see Alby, Anzak, Angelina, Colin, Emily, Emily, Felix, Harry, Henry, Lilith and Serenity out on the water in our fleet of Pacers. They have so far learnt how to rig a boat with assistance, launch, tack and sail both upwind and down wind, and return to shore safely. They have also, with much excitement, completed the swim test. Whilst the weather this weekend was rather windy, they took indoors to learn more about parts of the boat, knots and went through some tacking exercises using chairs and broomsticks!

Our youth fleet also continues to represent us well. They can be seen out on the water on Friday nights (when the weather permits) refining their skills under the careful watch of Brian Carroll, Mark Alderman and Hugh Howard, plus a contingent of "special guests" imparting their sailing knowledge. So far this season Ian Cooke, Rob Cook and James Frecheville have shared their insights on weather, rules and starts.

Across the month our youth have attended a number of regattas including Sail Country at Albury Wodonga (Taj in the Minnow), the Mozzie Spinnaker States at GLYC (Oskar crewing with Gary, Charlie crewing with Neil, and Jaime and Spencer Zizman), the Cat Championships at McCrae (Oskar again crewing with Gary, Jack Felsenthal and Ben Bockmann teaming up on the Viper, and Luca Vuat crewed for Simon Dubbin from Port Melbourne YC). Unfortunately Luca and Charlie's recent trip to Sail Melbourne was hindered by rain, and didn't see them get out on the race course. They did however get to hang out with some of the current greats of Australian Sailing!

Sailing school participants eagerly anticipate the swim test
Sailing school participants eagerly
anticipate the swim test

We have a busy 6 weeks ahead, with a number of DSC events in the calendar:
  • Bairnsdale 754 School Sailing Program: 4 - 7 December
  • Bairnsdale Xmas Parade: 9 December (look out for our festive minnows tacking down Main Street this Saturday morning)
  • Bairnsdale Scouts Get Active Sailing evening; 12 December, 5pm - 7pm
  • Green Fleet continues on Friday nights: 5.15 - 7.15pm
  • Sailing School continues on Sunday mornings: 9am - 12noon
  • Tackers School Holiday Program (including Adult/Teen learn to sail): 2-6 January. Registrations are filling fast, so if you know anyone who may be interested in learning to sail this January please do let them know that registration is now open; https://theboatshed.net.au/paynesville/

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Tuesday Twilight Duty Information

Charlie and Neil happy second place winners in Mozzie Spin Championship
Charlie and Neil happy second place
winners in Mozzie Spin Championship

Please refer to the sailing calendar to see when or if you have duty for the Tuesday Twilight Race. You will get a reminder call before Tuesday. An effort has been made to only include boats that regularly sail on Tuesday to be on the duty roster. Duty involves providing a crew for Rescue One and cleaning up after the evening meal. To do kitchen clean-up, a minimum of 2 and preferably 3 people is needed. If your crew is unable to help on the night, the owner of the duty boat is still expected to find a team to complete the duty.

In order to continue with the very popular meals provided for members, it is important that the people who spend hours preparing and serving the meals are not then expected to clean up the kitchen after the meal. It is great to see so many people helping with the clean up even though they may not be on duty. Please assist the club in its efforts to continue to provide an excellent evening for the members.

Updated: 4 Dec 2017 7:36am by Christie Arras

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Marlay Point Over Night Race Update

New members, Danielle and Phil, persist on Kerobery, an Ultimate 18, in LB Crawford Trophy race
New members, Danielle and Phil, persist on
Kerobery, an Ultimate 18, in LB Crawford
Trophy race

The Marlay Point committees (GLYC and LWYC) have been very busy in the last couple of months getting ready for the 50th race scheduled for March 10th 2018.

If you are interested in old Marlay Point photos; some of the amazing places Marlay Point shirts are worn around the world; or you just want to join the conversation about the race, have a look at the Marlay Point Facebook Page (https://m.facebook.com/MPONR/)

Another exciting development is the new MPONR website is now up and running. Please go to https://mponr.com. It is still in development; however, it is shaping up to the font of all knowledge.

Entries have been open since November 1st. All information can be found on the website or a link through the Facebook Page. This includes; Notice of Race (NOR), Sailing Instructions (SI), Safety Declaration and entry forms.

For those of you who want more information about the race or know of people in the community who would like to get involved, there is a community meeting at the yacht club on December 9th at 10am.

And a finally message, sorry boys (you know who you are), but someone has already entered the race before you!

Zannah Laird

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L B Crawford Round the Island Trophy Race

Lindsay, Linda and Jacqui Crawford with Neil and Charlie on the winners' stand
Lindsay, Linda and Jacqui Crawford with
Neil and Charlie on the winners' stand

On Sunday the 12th, the club fleet was out in full force to sail the LB Crawford 'Round the Island trophy race. Twenty-seven boats large and small raced in challenging wind counter-clockwise around Raymond Island with the finish at the Club.

The 'Round the Island race has been sailed almost since the inception of the club and has always been a favourite of the sailors. Lindsay B Crawford was one of the sailors who never missed the race; he loved it so that his son, Lindsay, donated the trophy for the race in his memory thus creating the name LB Crawford 'Round the Island Trophy race. Son, Lindsay and wife, Linda, and grand daughter and race officer of the day, Jacqui Crawford, were on hand on the start boat to start the race. It is definitely a sailing tradition in the Crawford family as even the great grandchildren have raced in the past few years as well.

Three starts out in Lake Victoria sent the fleet out to a rounding windward mark and then the trek around the island. The course laying boat barely had time to rush up to the top of the island to lay another rounding mark to keep boats from taking a short cut out to Point King before the first boat, Immunity, closely followed by Still Bitten then Gone Viral, all Mosquitos, charged by.

Silver Cloud, a Noelex 30 sailed by Mark and Jenny Holter, paints a pretty picture in the LB Crawford
Silver Cloud, a Noelex 30 sailed by Mark
and Jenny Holter, paints a pretty picture
in the LB Crawford

There was a gap between the buzzing Mosquitos and the rest of the fleet before Saracen and the fast division 1 boats sped by followed by keel boats and then trailer sailers. The smallest boat of the day, a Laser sailed by Neil Zizman, was doing quite well rounding the Point King mark when his main sheet failed causing him to be assisted by the rescue boat which gave him a DNF for the race. He jerry-rigged the line nonetheless and sailed home.

One couple, Danielle and Phil Stevenson, new members to the club, braved the strong winds in Kerobery, an Ultimate 18. Though their overall time was the longest, they tenaciously persevered to the finish line and with handicap calculated in, were not the last in the fleet.

The race, a trophy race, is determined on personal handicap. This year a course record was set by Neil Joiner and Charlie Broomhall on Immunity of 46 minutes and 57 seconds allowing the win for them on personal handicap as well. Gary Maskiell on Still Bitten and Jaime Zizman and Ben Brockman on Gone viral took the podium in that order.

Nick Rutter on Saracen, a Saracen trimaran, took fourth followed by Rainbow Connection, an Endeavour 26, sailed by Nigel Emerson, taking fifth.

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Club Merchandise 2017 - 2018

Sailing school dry sails with chairs and a broomstick
Sailing school dry sails with chairs and a

Do you need a new item of club merchandise for the 2017-2018 season?

Come along and check out what we have to make sure you are looking good both on and off the water this season!

All our merchandise is very reasonably priced, and wearing it is a great way to advertise our club in the community!

Make sure you check out our stock next time you're at the club.

Payment can be made either via the envelopes located in the merchandise cupboard or by direct deposit into the club bank account.

Don't have your size? Or in the colour you want? Ring me, and I can place a special order for you!

Julie Clark - Merchandise Contact 0408 538 000


  • Long Sleeve Polo Shirts (M & F) $35
  • GLYC Printed Glasses $6
  • Short Sleeved Polo Shirts (M & F)$30
  • GLYC Burgee $25
  • Vests $50
  • Caps $15

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Club phone03 5156 6864

Flag Officers

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Sabre for Sale

Black Magic
1 Main Sail, 2 centre boards
Good plus condition, No leaks, Re-decked...Ready to race. $800.00

Sabre for Sale. Black Magic 1 Main Sail 2 centre boards Good plus condition No leaks Re decked....Ready to race. $800.00 . 5156 7384. 0497424302.

Contact: Michael and Betty Chapman
Phone: 5156 7384/ 04974

Flying Fifteen

Hull # KA 3052
Comes with: 2 sets of sails, one set as new (imported from England)
Galvanised trailer, no rust

Contact: Ivan
Phone: 5156 3135
Email: 0429 982177