Wanderer - January 2018

Commodore's Report

Dear Members

I hope all our members have enjoyed the festive season; those of you who have been around the club certainly seem to have had a good time with family and friends. If you are anything like us, your homes will have been packed with a rotating stream of visitors - and why wouldn’t city folk want to be down here in Paradise over the holiday period?

Our Twilight Christmas Dinner was a great success. We ended up serving over 120 meals despite our plan to 'cap’ the night at 90. There were very few visitors in attendance and we struggled with the idea of knocking regular members back at a time of year that is about giving... It all worked well in the end, though I think a couple of people may have forgotten to pay for their meals (easy to do in the humdrum of tying up your boat or taking it off the water in time to get to the bar before dinner was served), so if this is you, please rectify the matter the next time you eat with us. A HUGE thankyou to the kitchen elves who made it happen!

Thanks also to James and Charlie for their great presentation on the Port/Starboard rules. I hope that all those who were there took note for the future. And the Comanche/Wild Oats XI tousle at the start of the Sydney Hobart was certainly well timed as a reminder!

Tackers week has been a great success with a total of 27 participants over 4 levels of training. The program attracted much attention amongst visitors to Paynesville, and a couple of late enrolments were taken - all good for both the Club and the Town. Many thanks to the various people who made it happen.

I have also noticed a lot of our members’ boats going out and coming in again, so those who are around town seem to be taking advantage of the good sailing conditions.

The Charity we nominated for fundraising at the Female Skippers’ race is Ronald McDonald House. Whilst I would not advocate for supporting McDonalds the food chain, our family was a recipient of Ronald McDonald House care after the birth of my Grandson in March last year, and I must say, the work they do is simply amazing. A raffle with numerous prizes, was drawn after Tuesday’s Twilight Race (a female Skipper’s race too). This raised $230. There is a large jar on the bar which is labelled McSmall Change. My aim is to fill the jar over the next couple of weeks, to add it to the total fundraising effort. If you are anything like me, your 5, 10, 20 cent pieces end up on the bench, bedside table, or in the console of your car. If you feel like donating, please add them to the jar. With luck, between all of us, we could collect a tidy little sum for the cause. All contributions will be greatly appreciated.

We held our January Committee meeting on 10th Jan as we missed our December meeting due to Christmas. This was 6 weeks after the November meeting and it will be another 6 weeks until our February meeting. Outcomes from January that will be of interest to members include the following:
  • The addition of an Ancient Mariners program during Summer on one Thursday afternoon per month for those sailors who don’t race on Sundays but who wish to practice racing in a building breeze. Ian McDonald will co-ordinate a trial of this program. Stay tuned for the date of the first race.
  • A decision to move the Newlands Arm turning mark for Twilight races to a point just west of Sunset Cove. With our continually increasing fleet size, this will reduce the potential for collisions by reducing cross traffic in the narrower section of the arm. To balance this a second windward beat may be added out in Lake Victoria.
  • Agreement to install buffer tanks and pumps that will supply better water pressure on busy days enabling showers and boat washing to effectively occur simultaneously. Andrew Somerville has been tasked with the job of designing a system and potentially sourcing equipment as a donation from suppliers and/or providing initial costings for further consideration.
  • With only one single response to my request for views and suggestions pertaining to volunteer drinks, the committee again discussed the inequity of our current system. AS a result we have decided to cease the volunteer drink system in favour of a “Thank You Bash”. Our criteria for this are that:
    it must be family friendly to include as many of our volunteers as possible and it should be held mid-season at a time when most members are around town. To this end, we have chosen Friday 23rd March for the event, commencing at 5pm. We are still finalising details but there will be targeted activities to keep children happy, finger food will be provided and some beverages will also be included.
    We will not be vetting attendees to make sure you have volunteered as we believe EVERY club member puts their hand up in some way. This will be a great opportunity for members to meet new people. Please put this date in your calendar and let’s make the Bash a big one!

So now, all that remains is to wish all of those members - juniors and seniors, who are taking part in State or National Titles over the summer. The very best of luck... Keep us posted on your progress.

Fair Sailing to All

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In this issue:

A promise and good fortune

Alastair takes on elf role in all club activities.  A big thank you to all you do.
Alastair takes on elf role in all club
activities. A big thank you to all you

Last night at Club Night, Wendy was explaining the McSmall Change jar for which the club is collecting donations in concert with the Ladies' Skipper Race on Sunday and Tuesday for Ronald McDonald House. In emphasizing ways the jar could be filled, she promised, if she won the night's draw, that she would donate it to the jar.

Well... firstly, she won one of the $10 draws which she promptly squeezed into the jar. Then, lo and behold, what were the chances?, she won the member draw to the tune of $290!!!!

Sure enough, she put her money (winnings) where her mouth was and the $290 is duly going half into the Ronald McDonald donation pot and half to the BRHS Midwifery Program.

Simply amazing. If only we all could make dreams come true simply by promising to do it! A fine example of the power of positive thinking.

Thank you, Wendy, for your unbelievable generosity and integrity.

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Sailing Calendar

FFs approach bottom mark in LBB and Div on 17 Dec
FFs approach bottom mark in LBB and Div on
17 Dec

January 2018
2-6 Tuesday - Saturday: Tackers Adult and Teen Program
2 Tuesday, 1700 hrs: Twilight Sailing Caprice
7 Sunday, 1400 hrs: Female Skippers Race - volunteers needed
9 Tuesday, 1500 hrs: Twilight Sailing - female skipper division Lola
14 Sunday, 1400 hrs: LB&B and Div Racing Heat 9 Kalimna
16 Tuesday, 1700 hrs: Twilight Sailing Toccata
20 Saturday, 1000 hrs: Metung and Return Molly
21 Sunday, 0900 hrs: Division Cool
21 Sunday, 1400 hrs: LB&B and Div Heat 10 Itchy Feet
23 Tuesday, 1700 hrs: Twilight Sailing Tremolino
26 Friday, 1400 hrs: Australia Day Trophy Race Tenth Prime/Burranan
28 Sunday, 1400 hrs: LB&B and Div Racing Heat 11 FortyForty
30 Tuesday, 1700 hrs: Twilight Sailing Longnose

Lady Skippers' race winner It's Alright
Lady Skippers' race winner It's Alright

03 Saturday, 1400 hrs: Eastern Region Regatta at Port Albert
04 Sunday, 0900 hrs: Division Cool
06 Tuesday, 1700 hrs: Twilight Sailing Shadowfax
10 Saturday, 0900 hrs: Green Fleet with Jacqui
10 Saturday, lunchish: Metung visit volunteers in Kitchen
11 Sunday, 0900 hrs: Division Cool
11 Sunday, 1400 hrs: LB&B and Div Heat 12 Vintage Red
13 Tuesday, 1700 hrs: Twilight Sailing/Female Skippers division <b<Legless
17 Saturday, 0900 hrs: Green Fleet
17 Saturday, 1400 hrs: Metung Challenge in Lake King Silver Cloud
18 Sunday, 0900 hrs: Division Cool
18 Sunday, 1400 hrs: LB&B and Div Heat 13 White Pointer
20 Tuesday, 1700 hrs: Twilight Sailing Ghost
25 Sunday, 0900 hrs: Division Cool
25 Sunday, 1400 hrs: Four Winds Troophy Race It's Alright
27 Tuesday, 1700 hrs: Twilight Sailing Spindrift
28 Wednesday, 1200 hrs: Schools Sailing Ladly Nelson

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Social/Sailing Calendar

Twilight mayhem
Twilight mayhem

Friday Club Night
Come to the club bar on Friday evenings to enjoy the evening with your sailing mates. You are welcome as well to bring a meal/takeout/fish and chips to enjoy. If you're lucky you might be the lucky winner of the club draw.

Division Cool will begin sailing on Sunday, 21 January at 0900 hours. This later date will allow sailors to return home from slaying dragons in Nationals and Championships around Oz.

New Thursday stern chaser
A new afternoon stern chaser is going to be trialed on one Thursday per month for those sailors who would like a little more action. More info on date, time, radio officer availabiliy, will be forthcoming in an eFlash. This is definitely a sign of a healthy sailing club!

A thank you to all club members bash, Friday, 23 March
In lieu of free worker drinks, the club is putting on a big thank you bash for everyone to celebrate our wonderful club. There will be activities to keep children happy, finger food will be provided and some beverages will also be included.

We will not be vetting attendees to make sure they have volunteered as we believe EVERY club member puts his hand up in some way. This will be a great opportunity for members to meet new people as well. Please put this date in your calendar and let’s make the Bash a big one!

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Division 1

Joe Blow takes the win in the JK Lloyd
Joe Blow takes the win in the JK Lloyd

On the 10th of December the fleet set off on the JK Lloyd long distance race. Only two division one boats competed: John and Noelene sailing the Spitfire, Joe Blow, and Mark Jefferis in Nitro. It was Joe Blow that took out the honours coming first after a challenging race that went over four hours! Mark did very well in 6th place in a very competitive fleet.

The Divisional and LBB series was raced on the 17th of December in great sailing conditions. The Divisional results were in the following order: Craig, Trevor, Jim, Andrew, Brian and John in Molly O.

In the LBB series Andrew continues to perform well and is the best placed division one sailor in 2nd overall despite placing 14th in the 17 December race. The next two best placed division one boats are Craig and Ian in 7th followed by John and Noelene in Molly O in 8th place.

I only have the Flying Fifteen National results at the end of 8 races. There will be another race so these are not the final results. At this time Craig and Ian are in 3rd and Trevor and Damien are in 9th. I will write a full report in the next Wanderer. At this time, I don’t have the results from the other division 1 sailors that are competing in other classes.


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Division 4

Live notes from Nats from Lake Cootharaba. QLD*

Mosquitos hone their skills in 17 Dec LBB Div for the upcoming Nationals
Mosquitos hone their skills in 17 Dec LBB
Div for the upcoming Nationals

5th January
Nats racing started at 11am today. Three races were sailed back to back; first race was started in about 8 knots. The wind gradually increased throughout the day, but never settled totally in direction or strength, gusting up to 12 knots and shifting 15 degrees erratically. Most of the sailors found it very difficult to consistently pick the fastest way around the course, which was a game of Snakes and Ladders for most. But the same sailors finished at the front in all 3 races in all 3 divisions. Racing was finished by 2.30, then it was back to the club for a trivia night, which contained lots of QLD trivia.

6th January
Another 3 races were sailed back to back today starting at 11am. Again the wind was light and shifty at around 8 knots in the first race, threatening to fill in as a seabreeze but never managing to make it across the lake. The wind band just kept showing on the eastern shore. The same light wind culprits won each division. A noteworthy result was the 2nd place in the Sloop rigged division by the Youth team of Jamie and Ben, an outstanding result.

Second race the wind was a bit stronger around the 12 knot mark, but still only threatening to fill in across the lake, leaving some big holes. The 3 divisions again saw wins to the same sailors, but the other placings took a shake up. With 2nd place getters in Sloop and Spinnaker divisions within 30 seconds of the leaders.

3rd race, wind was still gusty around 15 knots, but filled in across the lake by the end. The Spinnaker division was in full turbo mode with all finishing the race in 30 or less and was the only fleet to have a change of winners for the day. The sloop rigged spinnaker Mossies finally were able to pass the cat rigs upwind and hold their places downwind. Just a pity that Immunity picked up a UFO (Unidentified Floating Object) on its centreboard, losing precious time and missing second place by just 21 seconds in the end. Bee Alert also lost a place when his traveller rope snapped.

All racing for the day was completed by about 1.30pm.

*Live Facebook notes posted by Gary

Stay tuned for next month's expansion....

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Discover Sailing News

Wicked Weasel on right in a close start in Minnow Nationals in WA.
Wicked Weasel on right in a close start in
Minnow Nationals in WA.

This month's DSC report comes literally directly across the country as the Duff family (Jess dog included) finally reached Rockingham WA, this afternoon after 6 days of driving adventure.

This year sees quite a number of GLYC families travelling across the country including the Vuats, Broomhalls, Zizmans, Bockmanns, Watkinsons, Jefferis & Francis tribes, plus not forgetting the extended Mozzie, Dragon & FF families. At the time of writing Charlie & Luca had finished up 24/43 at the 29er nationals at RQYS; Enola and Mark were coming 14th at the 125 nationals in Gosford with some excellent handicap results; and Neil and Charlie had won the invitational race at the Mozzie Champs, with Gary and Oskar coming in 2nd. It’s so great to see our juniors and youth with the confidence and enthusiasm to sail at these national regattas. Good luck everyone, sail well and have fun!

Meanwhile back at home our junior sailors have enjoyed Xmas festivities as they finished up Sunday Sailing School in December and just this week have been back out on the water for Tackers. This group of fabulous young sailors have rapidly improved their on water skills this season, and we can’t wait to see where their sailing adventures takes them.

Finally some more exciting news: next summer (January 2019) GLYC will be hosting the 40th Minnow Australian Championships. We have begun preparations already with 100 showbags sent to Perth to invite the wider Minnow community to Paynesville from the 20-26 January 2019. With over 60 boats expected we will need all hands on deck, both on and off water. If you are interested in being involved in any capacity, please do let me know.

Tackers teens and adults learn the ropes with kidlet Tackers in background
Tackers teens and adults learn the ropes
with kidlet Tackers in background

Upcoming Discover Sailing programs and events for Jan and early Feb 2019:
  • Tackers and Adult / Teen Learn to Sail, 2-6 January
  • Division Cool, Sunday mornings 9am starting mid January (Russell will send a message to confirm dates)
  • Eastern Region Regatta at Port Albert, 2-3 February
  • Victorian Junior Sailing Carnival at Mornington Yacht Club, 10-11 February


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The camera does not lie…or does it?

Many thanks to Liz and Norbert for helping during Tackers week.  Sausages on Sat in 40 degrees!
Many thanks to Liz and Norbert for helping
during Tackers week. Sausages on Sat in
40 degrees!

Our November edition of Wanderer included a photograph and caption (now removed from the website) which showed a cruiser, towing a tender on a long rope, seemingly sailing in close proximity between two boats. On closer inspection, the angle from which the photo was taken made the situation look more precarious than it was and indeed, none of our sailors were in any danger of entanglement with the tow rope. No offence was intended and GLYC apologises to the owner of the cruiser for inferring there was a problem.

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Request from Twilight radio tower

Synchronized water sailing...the latest Olympic sport
Synchronized water sailing...the latest
Olympic sport

The action gets pretty tight up in the radio tower as finishing times are jotted down. So it is possible Alastair may not distinguish a retired boat motoring from a finished boat heading to its berth. He would like to ask anyone retiring from the Tuesday Twilight race to radio him or let him know that you have retired. He has a duty of care to make certain that all boats are safely home and finds it difficult and disconcerting when retired boats are not accounted for. Thank you in anticipation.

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Club Merchandise 2017 - 2018

Do you need a new item of club merchandise for the 2017-2018 season?

Come along and check out what we have to make sure you are looking good both on and off the water this season!

All our merchandise is very reasonably priced, and wearing it is a great way to advertise our club in the community!

Make sure you check out our stock next time you're at the club.

Payment can be made either via the envelopes located in the merchandise cupboard or by direct deposit into the club bank account.

Don't have your size? Or in the colour you want? Ring me, and I can place a special order for you!

Julie Clark - Merchandise Contact 0408 538 000


  • Long Sleeve Polo Shirts (M & F) $35
  • GLYC Printed Glasses $6
  • Short Sleeved Polo Shirts (M & F)$30
  • GLYC Burgee $25
  • Vests $50
  • Caps $15

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Gippsland Lakes Burrunan Dolphins

Special presentation on Thursday, 25 January at 4:00 p.m. at GLYC

Steely Dan proceeds to  eat little trailer sailer in Twilight stern chaser.  Does the camera lie?
Steely Dan proceeds to eat little trailer
sailer in Twilight stern chaser. Does the
camera lie?

Come learn about our special little (listed as endangered) Burrunan dolphins found only in the Gippsland Lakes and Port Phillip Bay. The Lakes has a resident population of about 65 Burrunan dolphins. Among those particular dolphins identified, learn more about some individual dolphins and their personalities like Jimmy Four-Nick, Nemo, Tiger or Yoda.

The resident population is maternal-based, meaning the females remain in the system year round with their calves. In winter, there is a doubling of the population with transient males coming in to feed and mix with the female locals.

Also discussed will be the obligations of all boaters in respect to the dolphins and minimum distances from them of 100 metres. It is also illegal to touch or feed them nor to swim near them as they are protected under the Wildlife Act 1975 and Wildlife (Marine Mammal) Regulations 2009.

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Gippsland Lakes Yacht Club
P.O. Box 194, Paynesville VIC 3880

Club phone03 5156 6864

Flag Officers

CommodoreWendy Gardiner0498 116 752
Vice CommodoreJim Callahan0488 500 795
Rear CommodoreAndrew Somerville0407 156 133
SecretaryRuss Peel0408 589 805
TreasurerTricia Hilder0418 329 619
Sailing CaptainJames Frecheville5156 7103 / 0412 979 824


Immediate Past CommodoreJacqui Crawford0468 987 684
Discover Sailing CoordinatorSharna Duff0409 207 331
Sailability OfficerAlan Pick0410 584 860
Wanderer (not on Committee this year)Christie Arras [WANDERER and EFLASH]03 5156 7861
General CommitteeAnne Delahay
General CommitteeIan McDonald0419 698 900
General CommitteeJulie Clark0408 538 000
General CommitteeColin Johanson03 5156 6656
General CommitteeNorbert Hrouda0427 654 039
General CommitteeDavid Parish0437 516 666

For Sale Seaway 25 'Wayward Wind'

* An excellent club racer and a great boat for cruising the Gippsland Lakes.
* 8hp Mercury 2 stroke, 12 litre fuel tank
* Sails: 3 Mains, Number 1,2,3 head sails, storm sail & Spinnaker
* 4 berths
* Safety equipment included
* VHF radio, CD/radio, nav. Lights
* Launching trailer-boat kept and GLYC and much more
Contact Jim Callahan: 0488 500 795 or 0407 556 6650

Contact: Jim Callahan
Phone: 0488 500 795

Sabre for Sale

Black Magic
1 Main Sail, 2 centre boards
Good plus condition, No leaks, Re-decked...Ready to race. $800.00

Sabre for Sale. Black Magic 1 Main Sail 2 centre boards Good plus condition No leaks Re decked....Ready to race. $800.00 . 5156 7384. 0497424302.

Contact: Michael and Betty Chapman
Phone: 5156 7384/ 04974

Flying Fifteen

Hull # KA 3052
Comes with: 2 sets of sails, one set as new (imported from England)
Galvanised trailer, no rust

Contact: Ivan
Phone: 5156 3135
Email: 0429 982177