Wanderer - May 2018

Commodore's Report

Hello Sailors and Friends!

The 2017 -2018 Sailing Season has officially come to an end - though we do continue with Ancient Mariners on Tuesday Afternoons, and June will see the commencement of the Winter Series and Sprint Series, so I guess it’s not completely over!

With three major Community and sailing events in February, a couple of external regattas and a prequel to our hosting of the 2019 Minnow Association Championships in the form of a coaching weekend last weekend, it has certainly been a very busy and productive time at GLYC.

We have three regattas already booked in for next season, so our Lakes will continue to be a draw card for visiting sailors and the Club will need to continue to work as we always have... volunteers cheerfully pitching in and GLYC making our mark on the wider sailing community.

Our Twilight Series continues to grow in popularity - especially meals afterwards. In 2016 - 2017 we provided, on average 60 - 70 meals most weeks. This season, the number has grown to be more like 80 - 90 meals per week. Clearly we are doing something right.

However, in an attempt to ensure that our growing number of females interested in sailing can do so, and bearing in mind that the vast majority of Tuesday Cooks are female despite some great male role models, the committee has decided to increase the price to $12 per meal for next season. This will enable us to provide better quality pre-prepared salads, which will, in turn, give our cooks more time to sail as well.

Congratulations to all members who have been out and about representing the Club at various State and National Regattas. Particular mention to Charlie Broomhall and Luca Vuat for placing 2nd in the Victorian Sailing Cup in the 29er, and Taj Duff who also placed 2nd in the same series in the Minnow fleet. These young sailors have produced consistently great results throughout the season. As well, Taj has been selected into the Victorian Sailing Team in the Laser squad - well done Taj!

Don’t forget to book in for Celebration Night on 19th May. Bookings need to come in by Monday 7th May (about now!) Please call me (0498116752) or book through glycmeals@gmail.com. $28 per head ($15 child) with payments via bank transfer to the club account please. Members Chris Bibby and Cathy Polkinghorn have provided two $50 vouchers for The Old Grain Store as door prizes ... Thank you to them for their support of the Club.

Rod and I will not be able to attend Celebration Night this year. With our son living on the other side of the world, we have to balance home commitments with family visits at times when Simon and his wife can take holidays from work. This year, their holidays are in May, so we fly out to Europe on 9th May. We will be back at the end of June, in time for the AGM. While I am away, Jim Callahan will hold the reins for most of the time and when he is not around, Andrew Somerville will take charge.

So, for now, thank you once again to all who have volunteered and made sure that club and external events have run smoothly throughout the season. I hope you all enjoy a bit of “down time’ during May. I will look forward to seeing you all in July, or at the start of next season.

Fair sailing

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In this issue:

Sailing Calendar

Immunity and Nitro at the compass points in the CG Drummond
Immunity and Nitro at the compass points
in the CG Drummond

01 Tuesday, 1300 hrs: Ancient Mariners
08 Tuesday, 1300 hrs: Ancient Mariners
15 Tuesday, 1300 hrs: Ancient Mariners
19 Saturday, 1830 hrs: Club Celebration Night
22 Tuesday, 1300 hrs: Ancient Mariners
29 Tuesday, 1300 hrs: Ancient Mariners

03 Sunday, 1300 hrs: First of Winter Series racing
05 Tuesday, 1300 hrs: Ancient Mariners (rerun on Thursday should Tuesday be aborted. Applies to whole season.)
09 - 11 Saturday - Monday: Sauna Sail LVYC
12 Tuesday, 1300 hrs: Ancient Mariners
16 Saturday, 1000 hrs: First of Sprint Series racing
19 Tuesday, 1300 hrs: Ancient Mariners
26 Tuesday, 1300 hrs: Ancient Mariners

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Social/Sailing Calendar

Welcome to new member, Peter Boyle, sailing Troppo, a tri
Welcome to new member, Peter Boyle,
sailing Troppo, a tri

Friday Club Night
Come to the club bar on Friday evenings to enjoy the evening with your sailing mates. You are welcome as well to bring a meal/takeout/fish and chips to enjoy but how could you resist a tasty bowl of soup and garlic bread for only $5 starting in June? And if you're lucky, you might be the lucky winner of the club draw. It's up to $110 as of this printing.

Winter Soup Nights
Volunteer chefs are already planning their menus of delicious soups for our infamous Winter Soup Nights. The Loft rocks on Friday nights beginning in June as members and guests warm their gullets with delicious soups and garlic bread at the rock bottom price of $5 till its all gone. Two soups will be on offer: pot luck and a vegetarian one. Reminder: Health and Safety rules require the soups to be prepared in the club's well appointed kitchen.

Celebration Night, Saturday, 19 May 6:30 pm
This night is designed to celebrate our great season of sailing as well as to painlessly throw in a few trophies and awards. Do plan on coming to share in the fun. And please let the club know by Monday, 7 June.

Gippsland Lakes Yacht Club Annual General Meeting, Saturday, 14 July, 2 p.m.

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5156 0582



6:30pm ONWARDS

3 course meal plus wine on the table ADULT: $28 CHILD $15

Book through glycmeals@gmail.com

Or phone: Wendy 0498116752 (Booking deadline: Monday, 7th May)
Jim 0488500795 (for any questions after 7th May)

Pay by BSB transfer (BSB 633 000, Account # 126663053) or cheque dropped into Secretary's box.

Don't forget to Indicate dietary requirements...

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03 8626 8700

A Bit About the Upcoming AGM On Saturday July 14th.

A good strong wind played with those getting the hang of it in Saturday's Windsurfing Experience
A good strong wind played with those
getting the hang of it in Saturday's
Windsurfing Experience

While AGMs are pretty boring, and by no means pretty, they are an important part of our Club governance and the only chance you the members really get to have your say in the direction the Club is heading. In case you haven’t been involved before, or have forgotten all about the AGM since last year, here are a few notes about what is coming up on Saturday 14th July.

Basically the Committee reports to members on what happened last year; you get to elect the Committee for the next year; they go away and do all the work for a year, and come back same time next year to tell you how they went!

The Committee is also obliged by the Rules of Association to report to members on what happened with the Club finances during the year, and how financially healthy the Club is moving into the next year.

Then we move into items of business at the AGM, and the main item of business is the election of the Committee for the coming year. Nomination and proxy forms will be available on the website, and on the bar at the Club from mid May.

Members are encouraged to consider whether you, or someone else you think of, would be willing and qualified to participate on the Committee in 2018/19. The Commodore is definitely standing down so that role is open, and some of the current Committee would be happy to stand aside if other members were interested in stepping forward.

Formal roles include Commodore, Treasurer, Secretary, Vice Commodore, Rear Commodore, Sailing Captain and Sailability Officer, and then general members of the Committee. Roles general members volunteer take on include Discover Sailing Officer, House Officer, Boats Officer, and Publicity/Wanderer Officer. And now for the first time in the Club’s history we also have an MPONR Officer.

Nominations need to be signed by the person proposing that nomination, seconded by another member, and then signed by the person being nominated to confirm that they accept the nomination. Forms should be returned to the Secretary no later than Friday 7th July.

The next item of business of the meeting is to set the membership fees for 2017/18 and the Committee will make a recommendation to be put to members. A CPI increase is automatically applied to both membership fees and boat storage, and the Committee needs to consider whether, given maintenance and replacement costs being faced by the Club, any increase over CPI should be recommended.

If you are not able to attend the meeting you are welcome to forward apologies to the Secretary at sailglyc@gmail.com, and if you wish to register a vote at the meeting you can complete a proxy form and appoint the Chair or any full member you know who is attending the meeting to vote on your behalf.

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A Captain's Call

Judy G crew relax at the end of Barnsey's Last Chance 22 April
Judy G crew relax at the end of Barnsey's
Last Chance 22 April

Tony Abbott made one in giving Prince Phillip a gong. It wasn't a good one. Now it is my turn. I am a Race Officer. Being a control freak goes with the territory and I am quite comfortable with the concept of autocracy.

Given the complete lack of feedback from my ramblings about PHC and racing options floated in last month's Wanderer, I have surmised that everyone is happy with our past sailing season with 14 scheduled LB&B races and the current PHC system.

Results show that those who sailed regularly did well over the season. Those who sailed nearly every race did even better. And that is the way it should be. But to be fair to all competitors it is paramount that new entrants who don't have a PHC are not given any advantage over those who have sailed and have an established PHC. Especially for the coveted Trophy Races.

Rolling over PHC's from the previous season makes sense, especially given that 30 entrants of the 60 boat fleet last season only raced three or less times in the LB&B and under the old format for developing a PHC did not compete enough to do so. Casual perusal of the LB&B results as the season unfolded shows that the PHC becomes removed from the CBH/YS from which they were first calculated. And here lies a problem.

My recommendation for the handicapping of a new boat in the fleet is to have a 5% penalty applied to CBH/YS and that becomes the starting PHC from the first race sailed. Suck it up. If you don't do well in the first race you will be eased out for the next. That is how all PHC's work. Good for you if you put a new sail on your boat. Or if you decide one day to use your spinnaker. But if you have a new skipper, you are effectively a new entry and as such will incur a 5% penalty.

The boys are perfecting the kite on Inside Joke in Barnsey's Last Chance 22 April
The boys are perfecting the kite on Inside
Joke in Barnsey's Last Chance 22 April

I propose to rewrite the PHC Rules document as posted on our website and offer it for discussion and either acceptance, further consideration or rejection at the Sailors Meeting to be held after the AGM. Jacqui has offered to once again chair this informal gathering as I will be away sailing somewhere they pretend to not understand English.

At season end it is always a pleasure to acknowledge the 'Last Home' crew. They know who they are as do all the sailors who realise that without the support and commitment of those who man the boats and tower there would be no sailing.

Thank you all for a great year. Next season promises to more of the same but I would like to suggest we run a longer LB&B race of three laps of similar format to enable the handicaps to settle with added time on the water. We can still do the B2B stuff for Divisions 1,3 & 4 (perhaps not Div 3) and the longer race for Division 2 with a finish at the club for scoring in the Divisional Series.

Next summer will be busy with the Pacer and Javelin Championships over the Dec/Jan holiday period and then the 40th Minnow Championships late January 2019.
As always, if you want to be involved in any capacity please don't hesitate to put your hand up. The pay is crap but the rewards are worthwhile.

See you next season..........if I still have a job! And a boat. Tarna is looking pretty sad, but at least I know a bloke who can fix it.


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Discover Sailing and Junior Youth report

A Saturday start for the Minnows
A Saturday start for the Minnows

Over the past month the club has been a hive of activity for junior and youth sailors. With thanks to generous support from Whitworths and the Federal Government’s Stronger Communities Programme Grant, we launched our new fleet of OziOpti dinghies in mid March. The following week 20 students from Paynesville Primary enjoyed time on the water completing the Tackers 1 school sailing program, and in the first week of the school holidays another 20 young sailors completed various Tackers Learn to Sail programs. On Good Friday, our fleet of junior and youth sailors from across the club circumnavigated Raymond Island raising money for the Royal Children’s Hospital Appeal.

Whilst daylight saving has ended, it has not dampened the enthusiasm of GLYC’s young sailors to be out on the water. Youth sailors Charlie, Luca and Taj all attended the Victorian Youth Championships and the final round of the Victorian Sailing Cup. Whilst the regatta weekend at Sorrento was abandoned due to bad weather, all boys mixed in with the state’s best during the week in an intense coaching program. Back in Gippsland as Term 2 commenced, Grade 5/6 students from Bairnsdale 754 Primary came down to Paynesville, each completing a Tackers introductory day.

Finally, last weekend the Victorian Minnow Association was in town for the final round of their Victorian Travellers Series. Twenty little dinghies with magnificent blue sails could be seen out racing in the bay and on Lake Victoria. We were especially excited to see our youngest and newest junior sailors out on the water developing their racing skills in preparation for the nationals here in January 2019. Thank-you to Ed Warner (current Minnow Australian Champion) for imparting his sailing wisdom to the fleet, VST members Sam, Lucas, Tom & Taj for being great mentors and to the buddies for ensuring that the novice fleet had a fun time on the water. Thanks also to R.O. Jacqui and the GLYC race management team for your support and guidance on the water, and to the on-shore volunteer crew who ensured everyone was well fed and entertained.
5156 6448
5156 7223

Minnow start boat crew.  Harry was disappointed being knocked out after a broken arm from cycling aeronautics.
Minnow start boat crew. Harry was
disappointed being knocked out after a
broken arm from cycling aeronautics.

Our junior and youth program continues to grow from strength to strength. The club is pleased to be able to provide opportunities for kids of all levels of sailing experience. Time on water is key for everyone, with a focus on having fun and making friends. GLYC is especially grateful to receive support, not only from our own club volunteers but also organisations such as the Paynesville Bendigo Bank, Whitworths, VicHealth, Australian Sailing and the Federal Government. Without such support, we would not have seen over 150 kids on the water in recent weeks.

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Division 2

Barnsey's Last Chance 29 April
Barnsey's Last Chance 29 April

Division Two have not packed their boats away for the season but are still competing in Barnsey's Last Chance and the Tuesday afternoon Ancient Mariners Series. I have, however, been wondering if some did leave early and have taken the good wind with them.

The Notices of Race are out for all winter sailing (which can be found on the GLYC Home Page under the Sailing headline and then to Documents) and the sail calendar updated, and it offers a good opportunity for anyone to continue sailing in the snow and sleet of winter. However, the sun bunnies who are heading north or into the outback and will not be here for the AGM will miss all this winter sailing fun.

Think about what you would like on your sailing calendars next year or what you liked or disliked this year and send it into James or Jackie as suggestions as feedback will make it better for next year’s round of track events. I personally like the Division Two series with long courses as it does give a good opportunity to have a play with the spinnaker, and lifts the adrenaline levels in the higher winds.

If, on your winter travels, you can find a boat that points better than the Etchells, goes faster than the Longnoses, will sail in both light and heavy air, only needs a crew of one, and does not cost a fortune I would love to know as that is what I need....oh....sorry, and has a fridge and coffee maker!!

For the travellers, have a safe trip and take plenty of sun cream.


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Ancient Mariners' Winter Journal

Action on Itchy Feet in Barnsey's Last Chance 22 April
Action on Itchy Feet in Barnsey's Last
Chance 22 April

April 3, Race 1
Class Act, Gotta Tella, By Invitation

Race 1 of the Ancient Mariners was run yesterday starting with the first boats leaving in very light winds, but after rounding the point, the wind picked up and we had 8 to 12kts which made for a very pleasant sail in the sun. For the sailors who sailed yesterday, you would have noticed that Course 9 had an issue with a port turn at the tiger pole as you were turning back through the fleet. So I have now modified it to rectify the issue (All roundings are still to Port) and have attached a copy of the AM Courses (Revision 7) for your information. The next trip for anyone sailing will be 10th April and I hope to see you on the water. Macca

April 11, Race 2
Silver Cloud, Growler, Waza Rager

Race 2 of the Ancient Mariners was run yesterday with all boats leaving in very light winds, and much to everyone’s disappointment it stayed light (3 to 8kts) all afternoon. The Noelex 30 Silver Cloud (Jenny & Mark Holter) came home a clear winner. However an enjoyable sail was had by all.
There were a couple of incidents that occurred on the race track with 2 boats turning to starboard at the Carstairs Bank mark and I must stress to all sailors for safety reasons, all roundings are to port. This is noted on the bottom of the Course Sheet:
  • 2. All 5k marks are to be a port rounding.
  • 3. All other roundings will be a port turn at 50 metres from the fixed marks thereby leaving the fixed mark to starboard.
Hope to see you on the water next Tuesday. Macca

April 17, Race 3
Just for Fun, Growler, Longnose

Well, again the Ancient Mariners fronted the start line with 12 Boats competing in light winds (8 to 10 kts). ‘Just For Fun’ came home the winner on the day (well done, Colin & crew), however, when you take the Wine you also suffer the time so we will have you back in with fleet next week. We seem to be still having problems with our Port and Starboard with one boat turning to starboard when all turns on the Ancient Mariners race tracks are to Port. Please be mindful of this requirement in future. The only other point to mention is the Skipper of Class Act needs to get his ACT together and not leave 7 minutes late, and, yes, he has apologised to his Crew. A great day on the water. Macca

Pretty spinnaker on Helter Skelter 22 April
Pretty spinnaker on Helter Skelter 22

Hi, Start times for April 24
Another week has passed and, yes, you are a week older. Sorry but at least it is Ancient Mariners’ sail time again. The forecast for Tuesday is less than promising (light winds), however maybe we will get lucky and get 10kts with the afternoon sea breeze. Your start times are attached and any complaints will be treated with the greatest respect but must be submitted in writing to the Secretary 48 hours in advance of the race.
Hope to see you tomorrow. Macca

April 24, Race 4
Chibizulu, Silver Cloud, Scorpio

Well, what can you say about today without having to be censored! Maybe we should have stayed at home although some people say, any day on the water is better than a day at work; but after today’s effort I am not sure. Congratulations goes to Peter and David in Chibizulu: they must have had a direct line to Aeolus the Greek god of the four winds. For the people who finished at 3.15 instead of 3.30 (who I will not mention (Wazza and Colin)), I have attached a copy of the Notice of Race and local sailing rules for your information. We also had a suggestion that we award the best start with wine. This is worth considering but would require an increase in start fees (it needs to be put to a vote next week).
Hope to see you next week and please bring some more wind. Macca

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Twilight Results for 2017/2018

Nitro and Tenth Prime strut their stuff in Barnsey's Last Chance 22 April
Nitro and Tenth Prime strut their stuff in
Barnsey's Last Chance 22 April

A total of 549 boats completed the 2017/2018 Twilight Series with 22 races contested having
lost 2 races to bad weather on the 9/01/2018 and the 6/02/2018.

The first race was on 10/10/17 and the last on 27/03/18. The largest fleet was 34 boats, twice, and the smallest 12 boats.

We had 19 winners with Salamander T, Steely Dan and Saracen winning 2 each. This necessitated a count back which had Salamander T and Steely Dan each having a second place and then Salamander's best result of a 7th over Steely Dan's 12th giving Salamander T the win. Saracen's next best place was 15th.

Winners with 1 win each: Mystique, Ripping Yarns, Grizzle, Rainbow Connection, Whitepointer,
Legless, Waza Rager, Wirrijama, Chibi Zulu, Sirene, Longnose, Just for Fun, Itchy Feet, Burranan, Silver Cloud and Tantrum.

Number of races per boat. No boat completed 22 or 21 races.
20 races It's Alright and Itchy Feet.
19 “ Tremolino.
18 “ Tantrum and Longnose.
17 “ Legless.
16 “ Highly Strung and Waza Rager.
15 “ Steely Dan and Whitepointer.
14 “ Shadowfax, Scorpio, Absinthe and Just for Fun.

Action in Barnsey's Last Chance 22 April.  Taj hones his skills on Laser.
Action in Barnsey's Last Chance 22 April.
Taj hones his skills on Laser.

13 “ Chibi Zulu, Silver Cloud and Wirrijama.
12 “ Growler, Saracen, Salamander T and Grizzle.
11 “ Ripping Yarns.
10 “ Mara, Raptor, Class Act, Latitude, Mystique and Ghost.
9 “ Kalimna, First Light 111, Swift and Full Circle.
8 “ Burranan, Wineglass, Sirene, Helter Skelter and Wayward Wind.
7 “ Gotta Tella and Arunta.
5 “ Storryteller.
4 “ Eagle Rock, Rainbow Connection and Golden Dream.
3 “ By Invitation, Waterworks, Time Flies, Legato, Storm Warning and Caprice.
2 races Merlin, Gone Viral, Whatever, Supertoy Contends, Weasel on Edge, Magnum Force and Quantum Leap.
1 race Weapon of Choice, Seaspray, iSA, Nutmeg, Kate, Vintage Red, Blue Sky, Ella, All in Blue, Zero Balance, Rising Sun, Escapade, Joker, Lola, Affascinante, Joe Blow, Touch of Paradise, Spindrift, Molly O, Inside Joke, 446 Sabre and Quiet Little Drink.

Thanks must go to Brian Collins for the great job with the handicapsand to all the people who
manned the Course and Rescue boats. Thanks also to ALL the crews that participated.


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2018 Ancient Mariners Summer Series Wrap Up

Windward rounding in Saturday's Minnow racing
Windward rounding in Saturday's Minnow

This being the first for Summer Ancient Mariners, it was difficult to predict how many
boats would be participating. Unfortunately we only had five races out of a possible
ten Thursdays. Three days were lost to weather and the remaining two due to the Classic
Boat Rally and the Marlay Point.

A total of sixty four boats participated with eighteen in the largest fleet and nine being
the smallest... We had five winners: Silver Cloud, Chibi Zulu, Its Alright, Class Act and By
Invitation. This required the Jury to have a count back with Class Act coming out the winner with a
third place tipping Silver Cloud with a fourth and Chibizulu a fifth.

There were five different courses sailed: course 1 twice and courses 11, 4 and 2.

Three boats contested all races: Class Act, Highly Strung and Waza Rager. Silver Cloud and Raptor 4 races. First Light 111, Kalimna, Sirene, Itchy Feet and Southerly 3 races.

Longnose, Chibi Zulu, Tantrum, White Pointer, Shadowfax, Scorpio, Wineglass, Gotta Tella
and By Invitation 2 races.

Spindrift, Absinthe, I'ts Alright, Wayward Wind, Legato, iSA, Bonnie and Full Circle 1 race.

Thanks must go to the Handicapper, Macca; bar staff Angela, Steve and anyone else I have
forgotten to mention.

Hope to see you all, and more for the 2019 Summer Series of Ancient Mariners.


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The 2018 Minnow Traveller Series at GLYC

Tegwyn tackles the mark in a study of colour
Tegwyn tackles the mark in a study of

The 2018 Minnow Traveller Series wrapped up its season here at the GLYC over the last weekend in April. Nineteen Minnows participated with a few sailors sailing on a Minnow for the very first time.

Saturday saw the novices being paired up with VST sailors as mentors who stuck with their charges giving invaluable advice. Ed Warner, this year’s Australian Minnow Champion, spent the morning in the rescue boat running to Minnows that could use some tutoring.

Zannah commented that Tegwyn’s mentor, Sam Backwell, was never far away from her dogging her to give support and advice.

A number of our young juniors were participating among them Tegwyn Somerville, Sarah Melrose, Emily Melrose, Harry Booth and Sam McVilly some for the first time in a Minnow.

As the day wore on, the starts began to coalesce as the training started to take effect. It was a prodigal effort for those who were true beginners and for those who had never even sailed a Minnow before.

On Sunday after Saturday’s yummy Forge Creek Lamb dinner and movie, the fleet headed out into Lake Victoria for the sailors to familiarize themselves with the “big lake” where the Open course for the Nationals will be held the end of next January 2019.

The pack stays tight in last race of Minnow Traveller Series
The pack stays tight in last race of
Minnow Traveller Series

The first course, a windward and return, included all levels. After the newbies were herded off into the Paynesville bay for fun with James Frecheville and John Dinghy, the final Olympic course was sailed with the eleven seasoned competitors vying for the mini regatta win.

The competition was close though Sam Backwell escaped the pack to finish first in Lionheart. Tightly packed were Tom Warner on Quantum Leap, Taj on Wicked Weasel and Salt and Pepper with Cassie McCarthy using all their wiles and skills who finished in that order.

In the final series scores of the weekend’s four races, Sam Backwell on Lionheart took first, Angus McIntyre on Maverick second and Cassie McCarthy on Salt and Pepper taking third. Taj was in the overall travellers series podium photo as well with great minnow mates Sam (1st) and Tom (2nd).

Some parents were out spectating on Rainbow Connection courtesy Nigel and on Saturday the parents got ringside seats on Progress Jetty as the action was right in front of them.

The sailors and families had a great time here at the club and our beautiful lakes and are looking forward to the 2019 Australian Minnow Championships next January back at the GLYC.

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Soup Nights are coming

1 June through 31 August (14 nights)

Emily Melrose gives the Minnows a go
Emily Melrose gives the Minnows a go

The famous GLYC Soup Nights begin in June! Thank you to all those lovely members who have offered to cook two delicious soups for the Friday Night Club Nights. The Roster is below.
  • 01 Jun......Bouvet Family
  • 08 Jun......Nancy & Islanders
  • 15 Jun.....Annie Delahay
  • 22 Jun......Linda Youngs
  • 29 Jun......Zoe & Youth Group
  • 06 Jul......Rhondda Fisher
  • 13 Jul......Ian & Christine Cooke
  • 20 Jul......Mark & Jenny Holter
  • 27 Jul......Julie Clark
  • 03 Aug......Claire & John Dingey
  • 10 Aug......Denise Lamble
  • 17 Aug......Wendy & Rod Gardiner
  • 24 Aug......Christie Arras
  • 31 Aug......David & Sue Parish

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Club Merchandise 2017 - 2018

New items have arrived!

CG Drummond study in black and white
CG Drummond study in black and white

Winter is coming! People are traveling! People are cold! Why not buy that perfect girft or perfect clothing item from GLYC?

We have all of the following for sale:
  • 1. Club Burgee $25
  • 2. Glass $6
  • 3. Stubby Holder $10
  • 4. GLYC Cap
  • 5. GLYC Fleece Beanie $15
  • 6. GLYC SS Polo Shirt $35
  • 7. GLYC LS Polo Shirt $35
  • 8. GLYC Sleeveless Vest $50
  • 9. GLYC Jackets $80 (samples to view, and then order)

Any questions? Please ring Julie Clark on 0408 538 000

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Rules Corner

When you get it wrong

Cats' last sail of the season 29 April Barnsey's
Cats' last sail of the season 29 April

Very few of us who race regularly can put our hands on our hearts and say we have never got it wrong during racing at some time or another. The Racing Rules of Sailing specifically allow for this and the relevant Rule is Rule 44. This is titled PENALTIES AT THE TIME OF AN INCIDENT.

If you have broken a Rule of Part 2, you will normally have to do a two turns penalty. This is commonly called a 720 but note that the rules do not specify that you must actually move the boat through two 360 degree circles but that each turn shall include a tack and a gybe.

Sailing instructions may reduce the requirement to a single tack and a gybe (360) except when "in the Zone", when the full two tacks and two gybes must be completed.

Even if you think you are the boat that is in the right in an incident it can be worth taking a precautionary "360" as this will exonerate you if the protest subsequently goes against you.

Note Rule 44.1 b. This states that you cannot exonerate yourself if breaking a rule causes injury or serious damage or you gain a significant advantage by breaking a Rule. In these instances the penalty shall be retirement.

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Pics of GLYC sailing on Photobucket

Sara Melrose took the Minnow challenge as well
Sara Melrose took the Minnow challenge as

Racing photos from our sailing can be seen on the GLYC Photobucket site. There's a link from the GLYC home page under photo albums. It looks like club photos can no longer be added to the site though most of this year's photos have been added. arraschristie@gmail.com.

Danuta Sowa also takes great shots and is happy to give you a disk with the file of your boat.

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Gippsland Lakes Yacht Club
P.O. Box 194, Paynesville VIC 3880

Club phone03 5156 6864

Flag Officers

CommodoreWendy Gardiner0498 116 752
Vice CommodoreJim Callahan0488 500 795
Rear CommodoreAndrew Somerville0407 156 133
SecretaryRuss Peel0408 589 805
TreasurerTricia Hilder0418 329 619
Sailing CaptainJames Frecheville5156 7103 / 0412 979 824


Immediate Past CommodoreJacqui Crawford0468 987 684
Discover Sailing CoordinatorSharna Duff0409 207 331
Sailability OfficerAlan Pick0410 584 860
Wanderer (not on Committee this year)Christie Arras [WANDERER and EFLASH]03 5156 7861
General CommitteeAnne Delahay
General CommitteeIan McDonald0419 698 900
General CommitteeJulie Clark0408 538 000
General CommitteeColin Johanson03 5156 6656
General CommitteeNorbert Hrouda0427 654 039
General CommitteeDavid Parish0437 516 666

Laser/Laser parts needed

Needed: Laser parts, a mast and boom combination, OR a Laser without sails, OR even a whole Laser ready to sail. If you have any of these for sale please contact Ethen Perry at glyc@sailglyc.com

Contact: Ethan Perry
Email: glyc@sailglyc.com

For Sale Seaway 25 'Wayward Wind'

* An excellent club racer and a great boat for cruising the Gippsland Lakes.
* 8hp Mercury 2 stroke, 12 litre fuel tank
* Sails: 3 Mains, Number 1,2,3 head sails, storm sail & Spinnaker
* 4 berths
* Safety equipment included
* VHF radio, CD/radio, nav. Lights
* Launching trailer-boat kept and GLYC and much more
Contact Jim Callahan: 0488 500 795 or 0407 556 6650

Contact: Jim Callahan
Phone: 0488 500 795

Sabre for Sale

Black Magic
1 Main Sail, 2 centre boards
Good plus condition, No leaks, Re-decked...Ready to race. $800.00

Sabre for Sale. Black Magic 1 Main Sail 2 centre boards Good plus condition No leaks Re decked....Ready to race. $800.00 . 5156 7384. 0497424302.

Contact: Michael and Betty Chapman
Phone: 5156 7384/ 04974

Flying Fifteen

Hull # KA 3052
Comes with: 2 sets of sails, one set as new (imported from England)
Galvanised trailer, no rust

Contact: Ivan
Phone: 5156 3135
Email: 0429 982177