Wanderer - August 2018

Commodore's Report

Welcome all to the start of another sailing year,

I would like to thank our new and returning committee members (New: Noelene, Scott and Tim; and returning: Alan, Colin, Ian, James, Jacqui, Jim, Julie, Norbert, Sharna and Russ) for offering their time to help run the club.

It seems that even over the winter months the club can attract new members and I would like to welcome Aiden, Christopher, and James.

The sailors meeting held after the AGM was chaired by Jacqui and was well attended. At this meeting many good ideas were put forward by the group. Taking onboard the feedback she received, a draft calendar has been drawn up including input from the committee. This will be published in the September Wanderer.

Friday soup nights are continuing to draw a crowd with seats at a premium. For those who haven’t had the pleasure of attending, I can highly recommend them. I am sure everyone really appreciates the efforts the chefs put in each week.

As the season slowly creeps upon us, it is time to start getting the club and grounds in order. If anyone has noticed something that needs a spruce-up (like the flag pole), or has an area of expertise and can help, please get in contact with Norbert or myself. This will make organising a working bee much easier.

Finally, for those of you who are away from home travelling (by boat, car, plane, bicycle, or train), travel safely and I look forward to seeing you at the club soon.

Andrew Somerville

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In this issue:

Sailing Calendar

Judy G sitting pretty in Winter Series racing on 1st of July
Judy G sitting pretty in Winter Series
racing on 1st of July

05 Sunday, 1300 hrs: Winter Series
07 Tuesday, 1300 hrs: Ancient Mariners
14 Tuesday, 1300 hrs: Ancient Mariners
18 Saturday, 1000 hrs: Sprint Series
21 Tuesday, 1300 hrs: Ancient Mariners
28 Tuesday, 1300 hrs: Ancient Mariners

02 Sunday, 1300 hrs: Winter Series
04 Tuesday, 1300 hrs: Ancient Mariners
11Tuesday, 1300 hrs: Ancient Mariners
15 Saturday, 1000 hrs: Sprint Series
18 Tuesday, 1300 hrs: Ancient Mariners
25 Tuesday, 1300 hrs: Ancient Mariners
29 Saturday, 0830 hrs: Spring Working Bee

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Social/Sailing Calendar

A romantic evening in the loft on soup night
A romantic evening in the loft on soup

Friday Club Night and Winter Soup Nights
The Loft rocks on Friday nights beginning in June as members and guests warm their gullets with delicious soups and garlic bread at the rock bottom price of $5 till its all gone. Two soups will be on offer: pot luck and a vegetarian one. Reminder: Health and Safety rules require the soups to be prepared in the club's well appointed kitchen. And if you're lucky, you might be the lucky winner of the club draw.

Spring Working Bee, Saturday, 29 September
This is one of the Club's best events of the year. Though most of us work our butts off, we all seem to truly enjoy working together, getting things done, and socializing during the smoke-o. Participation also goes toward "points" to show that one is an active member in relation to boat storage priveleges. More info in future Wanderers.

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Rear Commodore's Report

Charlie and Luca receive performance coaching with Adrian Finglas 21 July
Charlie and Luca receive performance
coaching with Adrian Finglas 21 July

During my pre Paynesville life I have held executive committee positions in the Albury Wodonga Yacht Club, but not as Rear Commodore; so this is a new role for me. I have no doubt I will make mistakes, but with luck I will get some things right. I will also learn as I go. What I can say is that in this new role I will try hard to do the best job I can and as Annie says “it will keep me off the streets”.

I have also taken on the portfolio of Boats covering both motor rescue boats and club training yachts, and I am looking to establish a team to assist with this sizable task. I would like to establish Boat Captains responsible for:

Training Sail boats:
  • Minnow’s and Sabre Yachts (Yet to be filled)
  • Pacer Yachts (Russell Broomhall)
  • Opti Yachts (Yet to be filled)
The following personnel have already put their hands up and have been allocated boat responsibility:
  • Judi G II - Starter and Race Control Boat (James Frecheville)
  • SR Thomson - Course Boat (Dave Bacon)
  • Sailability (David Bacon)
  • Rescue One (Mark Alderman)
  • Alex P (RIB) (David Parish)

Duties of Boat Captains:
  • Attend 3 boat management meetings a year
  • Be the normal or nominal main operator of the boat;
  • Report defects to Boats and assist with repairs as required;
  • Help with working bees on club boats (this will only occur as required).


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Thanks from Wendy Gardiner

including her address to the AGM

Junior sailor, Sara, attended the WinterSail at Albert Park Lake
Junior sailor, Sara, attended the
WinterSail at Albert Park Lake

I am sure that most people now know the reason why I was not at the AGM... How dare Rod choose that time to be taken seriously ill! -Thankfully, after a few days in intensive care he was discharged home and is now well on the road to recovery. Thank you to all who have been in contact, asking after him, we really have appreciated your concern.

I also want to thank Jacqui Crawford for taking over and running the AGM, with the minimum of tools. This was not an easy task. Having put the power point together before heading to Melbourne, I forwarded it on for use, but did not think about the amount of detail that I had in other places which I was relying upon to run the meeting. So thanks again, Jacqui, and congratulations on a job well done.

For anyone who is interested, here is the full transcript of my Annual Report to the members.

Good afternoon everyone and thank you for your attendance here today. I would like to acknowledge that this meeting is being held on the traditional lands of the Gunnai Kurnai people, and pay my respect to their elders both past and present.</i>

Well, where to begin? The 2017-2018 Yacht Club year has been busier than ever and arguably even more successful than the previous year.

Over the last twelve months we have welcomed more than 40 new members to the Club... including many families making the actual number of individuals who have joined closer to 100 - Some are completely new to sailing and others are more experienced, thus broadening our membership base and interest levels. Whilst we have also lost some members, mostly for reasons beyond our control such as no longer sailing or moving out of the area, our membership is in nett gain.

As well, continually increasing numbers, particularly of junior members participating in Sunday racing and significantly increased participation in the Twilight racing series and on average, over 80 people staying for dinner afterwards (compared to around 65 the previous year), our sailing program has been further strengthened.

External events such as the Music festival, the occasional wedding and the highly successful Classic Boat Rally have brought important revenue to the club. Most significantly, the 50th Marlay Point Overnight Race, with GLYC’s increased responsibility, was amazingly successful, not only in the number of sailors and families who came into the club, but also as a revenue source now and into the future. All credit to Jacqui Crawford and her dedicated team, which was drawn from beyond the club’s usual suspects, for their commitment to this new venture.

This time last year, we launched our new Strategic Plan which will take us through to 2021 and sets the scene for commencing negotiations for our new lease which will be finalised by 2026. Analysing the Club’s performance over the last twelve months against measures identified in the Strategic Plan, we have made good progress in a number of areas including many that are not obvious but are equally as important as the big ticket items.

Assets, Facilities and Environment
The Committee had input into the Paynesville Foreshore Management Plan, which was adopted by Council last November. Following discussions at our July 2017 Committee meeting, I continued to communicate with the developers of the plan to discuss where GLYC sits within it and to ensure that our existence is both noted and confirmed for the future. Within the Plan, GLYC remains on its current site. As long as Council remains true to its commitment, this provides us with a solid basis on which to negotiate the new lease. However, future Committees will need to remain vigilant in this area to keep our presence on the agenda with Council.

One of our committee members, Colin Johanson, has taken on responsibility for seeking out and then co-ordinating grant applications. We have pursued a number of options and have been successful in some.

Of particular note:-
Our receipt of a grant for $20,000 from the Federal Department of Industry, Science and Innovation has enabled us to replace the motor on the Sailability Rib, and purchase two new motors for Rescue 1. The grant was provided on a dollar for dollar basis, so the Club also committed $20,000 to the deal.

The same grant also supported the purchase of our fleet of Optis. Whilst acknowledging that members’ views of the efficacy of these boats are varied, there is no doubt that they have already facilitated an increase in the training programs we are able to offer to local schools. As well, shifting responsibility for running the Tackers Programs from YV to our club will create another income stream, and after one program, we are already seeing the Club’s contribution to the purchase diminishing. This is, of course, secondary to the value in obtaining and retaining junior sailors within the club.

Community use of our facility has continued to expand. The number of paying events remains fairly constant, but we have added 4 NFP groups to our list of regular users, thus strengthening our bargaining position for the future lease.

Governance and Finance
We have developed a template for Role Descriptions of all the roles within the Club Management and portfolio officers are finalising their role descriptions. These will be completed and ratified within a couple of meetings of the new committee. For the future, these will provide important on-going knowledge and understanding of what it takes to run the organisation so that, as personnel change, newcomers have a clear understanding of what they are taking on.

Tegwyn out for a winter sail in July
Tegwyn out for a winter sail in July

All Club Policies have been reviewed and converted to a consistent format. These are now available to all members via links on the website.

We have also developed an additional policy relating to emergency procedures, then very quickly reviewed it after the serious incident back in February when one of our sailors was trapped under his boat during racing. The updated policy and the incident itself identified a number of actions required to further improve our generally effective safety record. These actions are well on the way to being implemented and will be completed in time for the start of the 2018-2019 sailing season.

Our Vision, Mission and Values Statement is also available on the website, as is the full Strategic Plan.

Budgeting and Finance remains an area of work, not because we have issues with our solvency or our willingness to be open and transparent about our financial status, but because the way that our accounts have been managed and developed is very complex for a small volunteer organisation. We have identified a need to simplify the Chart of Accounts to ensure clarity and accuracy of reporting, and this will be undertaken with the new committee.

On the positive side, Financial reports are now being presented to committee in a number of formats to assist committee members to understand them.

Portfolio Officers have reviewed their assets lists to ensure that all of our capital cost equipment is registered. This will assist us in identifying and prioritising spending needs in each of the portfolio areas as we go forward into next season.

Membership, Programs and Participation
Our club has been dynamic and highly active for many years and, given the membership numbers, we have always achieved a great deal in this area. However, it is worth mentioning a few initiatives and achievements that have occurred in the past 12 months.

Our membership continues to be strong, with incoming members slightly outnumbering outgoing members. Our diverse range of sailing and training programs no doubt supports this. We have been fortunate recently to gather a group of people who are interested in regularly taking on rescue and support roles for race management, on top of our long-standing race management team.
There will still be important duties to be undertaken by weekly volunteers, but from next season, you will have a ‘team leader,” who will direct and assist you with your role. This will facilitate a very high- quality safety system. The addition of Thursday afternoon racing during summer, as well as more and bigger training opportunities in part due to the acquisition of the Optis, have expanded our sailing options. The MPONR which was so successful in 2018 will move entirely under the auspices of GLYC in 2019. This is a major undertaking and one from which I am sure the club will benefit greatly.

We continue to bid for class regattas and in the coming season we will hold the Minnow Association National Championships, the Impulse National Championships and the Victorian ASBA Championships. We have also submitted EOIs for the Tasar Nationals and the Trailable State Titles.

Into the future
In continuing to work towards the objectives of the Strategic Plan, a major focus for the coming season will be to develop a Masterplan for improvements to our site and facilities. It will provide a clear plan to ensure we match our people, that is, our members and their sailing interests, to our place... our grounds and buildings. The current Committee set a target completion date for this task at June 2019. It will be up to the new committee to embark on this process, and to affirm or change the target date.

As my term of office draws to a close I would like to acknowledge the work of all those who have given their time to be on Committee and undertake the various roles required to keep us going forward. The role of Commodore can have its challenges, but each and every Committee member has been supportive of the role and I certainly don’t feel that I have made any greater contribution than any of you. Indeed, the Committee is a well-oiled machine that works in very democratic ways to share the leadership and management of the Club. Given that we are all volunteers, this is entirely as it should be.

I do want to make mention of a few members: Firstly, those who have not nominated to continue. David Parish, who is resigning after 15 years of service- a well earned break for a person who has dedicated so much time over so many years to the club. Anne Delahay, thank you for your two years of service and for keeping Dave Bacon and Pete Farrell under control with maintenance! Finally, thank you to Tricia Hilder, who came in as a new club member and bounced into the role of treasurer... one that she has taken on with great diligence and much loss of sleep. Thank you for your work this year , making sure our finances are well managed, in good shape and clearly communicated to the Committee.

For those of you who have nominated to continue for another year, thank you for your willingness to volunteer for these important roles. I will look forward to working with you in my new role of IPC.

Finally, thanks to you, the members of the GLYC, who have supported me and been very encouraging throughout the past two years. It has been a pleasure to get to know many of you better than I might as just another club member. I am looking forward to being able to spend more time chatting and sailing with you all as I take a small step backwards.


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Discover Sailing and Junior Youth report

A big THANK-YOU to the Paynesville and District Community Bank from our Junior and Youth Sailors!

In this month’s Wanderer we’d like to make special recognition of the considerable generosity of the Paynesville & District Community Bank that has made such a difference to our club, and in particular our Junior and Youth Sailing Program.

GLYC and the bank have had a very strong partnership for a number of years now. We are a proud customer of the bank as, too, are a large number of our members both personally and through their own businesses or places of employment. GLYC has been a recipient of the Bank’s Community Partnership Funding over a number of years now. In particular, however, last year we approached the bank through the Community Partnership Funding program to specifically support our Junior and Youth Sailing Program.

There were a couple of reasons for this:

1. The club sees great value in investing in our new and young sailors. Our population is an aging demographic, and without a strong pipeline of junior and youth sailors coming through, we can see how participation into what is considered a non-mainstream sport can deteriorate very quickly. We have worked hard over a number of years now to set up a junior and youth sailing program that recruits and retains young sailors with the primary focus of having fun out sailing on our beautiful Gippsland Lakes.

2. We are a volunteer club and do our utmost at keeping costs for new and young sailors at a minimum. Our aim is to ensure that sailing is affordable and accessible for everyone in the community. This means that our Discover Sailing programs run on a not-for-profit basis, and there is often limited “spare cash” available to expand and advance what we can offer.

This is where our partnership with the Bank really makes a difference. In season 2017/18 with the funding received from the bank we have been able to do three things within the Junior and Youth Sailing Programs:

i. We have been able to increase our capacity to deliver learn to sail programs for new sailors; by increasing the number of qualified instructors (from our volunteer membership) we have available to deliver start sailing programs. The Bank’s funding has enabled this with 4 new instructors added to our mix.

ii. In our sailing programs we are very focused on ensuring our sailors are self-sufficient. If you walk past the club on Sunday morning you’ll see a number of young sailors wheeling dinghies out of the boatshed and rigging the boats themselves (with help from their friends). Very rarely will you see any adult “required” for these kids to launch their boat. To do so, however, the club needs to ensure that our training fleet is in A1 condition; hulls and sails need to be maintained, safety equipment in check and dollies fully functional. With the Bank’s funding we have been able to update all of our training boats with new solid dolly/trailer wheels, removing the need to pump up flat or repair punchers tires. This has been on our wish list for a number of years now and will ensure that all boats are easily accessed and used every week.

iii. The third area we have directed the bank’s funding to is towards our more advanced junior and youth sailors. Being a relatively small yacht club, we have limited opportunities for fleet racing and coaching. There are a number of coaching regattas available in the city whereby you get a critical mass of a single class of boat. Wintersail at Albert Park Lake and SpringSail at Geelong are two of these prominent coaching regattas, however travel, accommodation and regatta fees can make them prohibitive for our country families. With the bank's support we are subsidising the cost of attending these regattas. We know from experience, that being supported in taking this next step to attending regattas our young sailors are more likely to continue with their sport. We couldn’t provide this support without the backing of the Bank.

I think the most important and rewarding take away for me over the past twelve months especially is how the Bank and GLYC are both very focused on our younger demographic. For both the Bank and GLYC, the success of our kids, youth and young families really underpins the overall success of our organisations. In knowing so we’ve shared our success stories with each other throughout the year, via facebook and other social media, drops in to the bank, and quite often we’ll see staff from the bank stop some of our young sailors in the car park and ask how’s their sailing is going. It’s a great community partnership, and not just financially, but I must say without the Community Partnership Funding we would not be able to continue the great work we do here at GLYC.


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03 8626 8700

Yard and Marina update

As the new season is fast approaching, just a reminder that if you have a boat in storage at the club be sure to include your storage renewal form when you pay your dues. The storage forms can be found on the website.

At this time there are a few spaces available on the hard stand but a waiting list exists for the marina and under the club storage. If you want a spot under the club or in the marina be sure to put in an application so that you can go on the list for a position.

There will be some jobs to do in the yard during the working bee that will occur before the Opening Day weekend in October. We are always looking for helpers!


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Waterworks,a Nacra5.5, sailed by Aaron Manuell in the 21 July Sprint racing
Waterworks,a Nacra5.5, sailed by Aaron
Manuell in the 21 July Sprint racing

It has now been approximately 18 months since GLYC tightened up its requirements re boat insurance to participate in the club sailing events. Before renewing your boat insurance I thought it would be appropriate to ensure an understanding of what types of covers are required.

There are two alternatives open to club members, the imperative being that if you damage another boat or individuals on their boat you are protected by your public liability and third party cover:

1. Social Racing Coverage - This will enable you to sail in club events that are designated by the NOR as a non-spinnaker race. (Tuesday Twilight & Ancient Mariners race are the two that come immediately to mind).

2. Full Racing Coverage - This is required to participate in all other club races where there is no restriction on the use of spinnakers. If the NOR does not mention spinnakers it is deemed that there is no restriction on the use of spinnakers, (it doesn't matter if you personally use a spinnaker or not, what matters is whether they are allowed to be used in the race).

When registering your boat with the Secretary at the commencement of the season you will have to state what type of insurance cover you have and you will only be permitted to race in the corresponding category (as shown above). You may also be asked to send a copy of your insurance coverage.

I hope this help clarifies insurance for club racing for the next sailing season.


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Ancient Mariners hot news

Agreed Weather Limits and notification for Ancient Mariners Sailing:

  • If the Bureau of Meteorology weather forecast site shows a “Strong wind warning or greater for the Gippsland Lakes” then the Ancient Mariners Race will be automatically postpone (until Thursday) or abandoned if it is a Thursday race Winter Series.
  • If no warning is forecast the decision to race will be made by the skippers in the loft at lunch irrespective of the forecast wind strength.
  • It was also stressed by the group that even if the decision to race is made it is up to the individual skippers & crews decision whether to participate or not.
  • The notification to cancel/postpone will be confirmed by email prior to 11am, no mobile messaging will sent out unless in an emergency as everyone should know what is happening by checking the BOM site.
The Notice Of Race will be updated and on the GLYC website before Thursday.

Cheers, Macca

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Ancient Mariners journal

Jacqui receives acknowledgement from LWYC for GLYC contributions to the 50th MPONR
Jacqui receives acknowledgement from LWYC
for GLYC contributions to the 50th MPONR

July 31
Morning, I look out the window and all looks good with the world, however there is a Gale Warning for East Gippsland coast on BOM and the other weather/wind indicators are predicting 19.8 to 23 knots on the lakes during our race times. So under our agreed sailing limits once again we have to postpone until Thursday and hope for better winds.
Thursday's are fast becoming the new Tuesday's. I hope this call is correct, Macca

July 27
They say if you wait long enough the wind will come. Well, today we had a light wind up to 10 knots on the log which made for a stress-free sail. However, Waza raged his way through the fleet to take the wine home. We will have to talk Brian into getting cold and returning to the winter race track to keep Waza in check. Well sailed, David.

As with all our on track activities there are always the honourable mentions that should be put into the history book. We had two this week: the first goes to the Wine Glass crew for getting bogged at Carstairs Bank and second to the Bruce on Itchy Feet for following him into the same bog. A BIG well done to you both.
A great day on the water. Macca

July 19
Hi AM Sailors, I am hesitant to say this but after checking all weather sites, the wind forecast across the board for our race track time is showing constantly above the 20knots limit.
So I will have to follow this doom and gloom prediction and cancel today's sail (every time I do this the wind doesn't eventuate but S**t Happens).
This also raises a few questions that I would like clarification on from the Group next Tuesday:
  • Is the restriction of 20 knots applicable to our sailing modus-operando or should we increase this as we all have large boats (trailables). However, on the other side of the equation there is no rescue boat on the lake with the fleet;
  • What notification do you want if a cancelation is to occur:
  • o Mobile messaging and by what time;
    o Email and by what time;
    o Both and by what time;
    o None, and make the decision in the loft for Tuesday at 12 noon so we at least have a social lunch time and an in depth discussion on the town/world’s problems; or
  • Should Tuesday be cancelled, only make the decision in the loft for Thursday at 12 noon so we have an opportunity for a social lunch.
  • I will get our format right soon but the last thing I want to do is cancel AM races when sailors want to be on the water. Hope to catch you all again Tuesday. Cheers Macca

    July 10
    As I was not on the race track today, I cannot comment on the strategy that the Silver Cloud crew used to move their wins to 4 for the series. But looking at the results and listening to the comments after the race, I was clearly getting the message to punish this dynamic duo and bring them back to the field or should I say “to the back of the field” (Yes...I like that wording better).
    So I will put the request into practice for next week and Mark and Jenny will have to purchase a bigger wine cabinet. So guys when you see your next week’s start times, I am only doing it to save you money!!!!! Have a good week. Macca

    July 7
    I am currently working with Russ Peel to update the Ancient Mariners Emergency SMS list. If you currently do not have a mobile number registered with GLYC and you require early notices of race cancellations due to inclement weather conditions, please return to me a mobile number by return email. Cheers Macca

    July 5
    Yes, I have returned from a disastrous trip in the dust of the outback. They say what does not kill you make you stronger, but I don't think that saying is quite correct. Anyway as from next Tuesday I will be returning to RO duties for the Ancient Mariners Winter Series and I would like to express my thanks to Alastair and Brian for holding the fort for me. Macca

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    Crew wanted for Ancient Mariners on Tuesdays

    Crew wanted to sail on trailable and keel yachts Tuesdays at 1pm. If you are interested please send contact details to glyc@sailglyc.com or just turn up at the GLYC loft bar at 12noon.

    New Club member David Syme (previously raced on Sydney Harbour and Pittwater around 2000 as a crew member but not in his own boat) has boat to sail on Club Tuesdays/Thursdays but needs 1-2 sailing partners to sail with. Or, he is willing to crew on another member's boat. He is also open to sailing informally at other times. Contact: 0406753283 /5156 6663 and his email is david@drsyme.com


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    Soup Nights are here

    1 June through 31 August (14 nights)

    The famous GLYC Soup Nights have begun! Thank you to all those lovely members who have offered to cook two delicious soups for the Friday Night Club Nights.

    The Roster is below.
    • 01 June......Bouvet Family
    • 08 June......Nancy & Islanders
    • 15 June.....Annie Delahay
    • 22 June......Linda Youngs
    • 29 Jun......Zoe & Youth Group
    • 06 July......Rhondda Fisher
    • 13 July......Ian & Christine Cooke
    • 20 July......Mark & Jenny Holter
    • 27 Juyl......Julie Clark
    • 03 Aug......Claire & John Dingey
    • 10 Aug......Denise Lamble
    • 17 Aug......Wendy & Rod Gardiner
    • 24 Aug......Christie Arras
    • 31 Aug......David & Sue Parish

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    Coming Tuesday Twilight Meals

    Emily at Winter Sail.  Thank you to the Paynesville & District Community Bank for sponsoring our Junior and Youth sailing program
    Emily at Winter Sail. Thank you to the
    Paynesville & District Community Bank for
    sponsoring our Junior and Youth sailing

    The summer sailing season will soon be upon us once again, together with our fabulous Tuesday Twilight sailings and a yummy meal thereafter for hungry sailors and guests.

    If you are available to help prepare one of these meals, please contact Julie Clark via email at jaclarkhoward@gmail.com or via phone on 0408538000.

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    Rules Corner


    Consider the following scenario, (especially common in one-design fleets), as boats converge on the weather mark.

    The line of (blue) starboard tack boats (top right three boats) are defined under the rules as an obstruction to the two port tack boats (below left). The two competing rules for the port tack boats are that the yellow boat (bottom left)is claiming room to pass astern of the group of boats, while the green boat (bottom right) wants to tack and is claiming room to tack.

    So which of the yellow and green is correct?

    If you were to change the scenario to the situation below, where both boats are approaching a different type of obstruction, in this case a breakwater, everyone clearly understands the situation that the green boat (bottom right) can call for “room to tack” and the yellow boat (bottom left)is required to give them that room.

    Updated: 31 Jul 2018 12:14pm by Christie Arras

    Going back to the first situation, the applicable rules are exactly the same ... the green boat (bottom right) can call for room to tack and the yellow boat (bottom left) is required to respond immediately. Both the parade of starboard boats and the breakwater are considered “obstructions” and the same rules apply.

    However, if the green boat does decide to bear away and duck the line of starboard tack boats, then the yellow boat may call for “room” and the green boat is required to give the yellow boat room to pass between themselves and the stern of the appropriate blue boat.

    The main thing is that there needs to be some early call by the green boat if they are intending to tack. An instant tack without warning would not allow yellow to keep clear and therefore is an immediate infringement. (see Rules 16.1 and 14)


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    Club Merchandise 2017 - 2018

    New items have arrived!

    Winter is coming! People are traveling! People are cold! Why not buy that perfect girft or perfect clothing item from GLYC?

    We have all of the following for sale:
    • 1. Club Burgee $25
    • 2. Glass $6
    • 3. Stubby Holder $10
    • 4. GLYC Cap
    • 5. GLYC Fleece Beanie $15
    • 6. GLYC SS Polo Shirt $35
    • 7. GLYC LS Polo Shirt $35
    • 8. GLYC Sleeveless Vest $50
    • 9. GLYC Jackets $80 (samples to view, and then order)

    Any questions? Please ring Julie Clark on 0408 538 000

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    Pics of GLYC sailing on GLYC Facebook page

    Life member George is alive and well doing what he loves most at Southport YC watching the end of the Sydney/GC race
    Life member George is alive and well doing
    what he loves most at Southport YC
    watching the end of the Sydney/GC race

    Newer racing photos from our sailing can be seen on the GLYC Facebook site. I believe that GLYC photos will hence forward be put on the Facebook site as Photobucket has become too cumbersome and limited.
    However, there is still a link from the GLYC home page under photo albums, as well, to photobucket for the 2016/1017 sailing season. Danuta Sowa also takes great shots and can often give you a disk with the file of your boat.

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    Gippsland Lakes Yacht Club
    P.O. Box 194, Paynesville VIC 3880

    Club phone03 5156 6864

    Flag Officers

    CommodoreAndrew Somerville0407 156 133
    Vice CommodoreJim Callahan0488 500 795
    Rear CommodoreIan McDonald0419 698 900
    SecretaryRuss Peel0408 589 805
    TreasurerTim Shepperd0400 666 486
    Sailing CaptainJames Frecheville5156 7103 / 0412 979 824


    Immediate Past CommodoreWendy Gardiner0498 116 752?
    Discover Sailing CoordinatorSharna Duff0409 207 331
    Sailability OfficerAlan Pick0410 584 860
    General CommitteeScott Voller0421 718 332
    General CommitteeJulie Clark0408 538 000
    General CommitteeColin Johanson03 5156 6656
    General CommitteeNorbert Hrouda0427 654 039
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    Mosquito - Karma Cat

    For anyone wanting to jump into a Mozzie at the top of the fleet this is the boat for you!
    The last Mosquito built by Larry Fay, and a legendary boat. It has been at the top end of Mosquito racing since it was first launched.
    Available cat rigged for $8000.
    Spinnaker and Jib options available.
    No trailer - $1900 extra for registered trailer.

    Contact: Tim Shepperd
    Phone: 0400 666 486
    Email: tshepperd@gmail.com

    Sabre for Sale

    Black Magic
    1 Main Sail, 2 centre boards
    Good plus condition, No leaks, Re-decked...Ready to race. $800.00

    Contact: Michael and Betty Chapman
    Phone: 5156 7384/ 04974