Wanderer - November 2018

Commodore's Report

Our sailing season is now in full swing with Twilights, Divisional, and Life Buoy & Bell racing underway. It’s great to see everyone participating across all the divisions. Thirty five boats turned out for the LB Crawford Race with about a 50/50 split between off the beach and Div. 2 boats.

The volunteer crew has once again be outstanding, both on the water and around the club. So thank you very much for your efforts. There were three generations of the Crawford clan spotted on the start boat without an argument amongst them. It was good to see Linda and Lindsay back on the water.

In case you haven’t noticed the RS Thompson is out of action. Thanks to the generosity of Frank Knott who has kindly loaned us a boat we have been able to continue to race every Sunday.

I have been away over the weekend at Sail Country, a regatta held at Albury-Wodonga Yacht Club. Taj Duff, Sara and Emily Melrose, Tegwyn and Freya Somerville, and I all raced. The girls will have a report in the December Wanderer (Taj might even add to it).

Sailing School starts this Sunday and it looks like we have a full program once again. It will be running every Sunday morning up to the 23rd of December. On this date the group will be going on a cruise to Sperm Whale Head for a Christmas BBQ lunch. Everyone is invited to join them for the festivities.

I look forward to seeing you all around the club over the coming weeks.


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In this issue:

Sailing Calendar

Chibizulu and Wayward Wind neck to neck at Pt King in 'Round the Island race
Chibizulu and Wayward Wind neck to neck at
Pt King in 'Round the Island race

01 Thursday, 1300 hrs: Ancient Mariners
04 Sunday, 1400 hrs: Divisional Ghost
06 Tuesday, 1700 hrs: Twilight Cup Day Female Skippers race 2 Growler
08 Thursday, 1300 hrs: Ancient Mariners
11 Sunday, 0900 hrs: DSC Sailing School starts
11 Sunday, 1400 hrs: LBB heat 2 Kalimna
13 Tuesday, 1700 hrs: Twilight Sailing Itchy Feet
15 Thursday, 1300 hrs: Ancient Mariners
18 Sunday, 0900 hrs: DSC Sailing School
18 Sunday, 1400 hrs: Chris Hawkins - 3 Bays Trophy Race White Pointer
20 Tuesday, 1700 hrs: Twilight Sailing Silver Cloud
22 Thursday, 1300 hrs: Ancient Mariners
25 Sunday, 0900 hrs: DSC Sailing School
25 Sunday, 1400 hrs: Divisional Immunity/Still Bitten
Time off for good behavior....
27 Tuesday, 1700 hrs: Twilight Sailing Helter Skelter
29 Thursday, 1300 hrs: Ancient Mariners

01 Saturday, 0900 hrs: 29ers Sailing Weekend at GLYC
02 Sunday, 0900 hrs: DSC Sailing School
02 Sunday, 1400 hrs: LB&B heat 3. Chibizulu

A lively start to the Division 2 race on 14 October
A lively start to the Division 2 race on
14 October

04 Tuesday, 1700 hrs: Twilight Race and Female Skippers race. Kate
06 Thursday, 1300 hrs: Ancient Mariners, Summer series begins
09 Sunday, 0900 hrs: DSC Sailing School
09 Sunday, 1400 hrs: CG Drummond Trophy Race. Vintage Red
11 Tuesday, 1700 hrs: Twilight Sailing. Sirene
13 Thursday, 1300 hrs: Ancient Mariners
16 Sunday, 0900 hrs: DSC Sailing School
16 Sunday, 1400 hrs: Divisional Growler
18 Tuesday, 1700 hrs: Twilight Sailing Tremolino
20 Thursday, 1300 hrs: Ancient Mariners
23 Sunday, 0900 hrs: DSC Sailing School and sail to Sperm Whale Head for an Xmas barbie celebration

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Social/Sailing Calendar

The Crawfords, Jacqui, Lindsay, Linda, and Zoe Cooper, stack the deck on the JudyG for the LB Crawford race
The Crawfords, Jacqui, Lindsay, Linda, and
Zoe Cooper, stack the deck on the JudyG
for the LB Crawford race

Friday Club Night
The Loft rocks on Friday nights. Feel free to bring your meal or take out and enjoy. And if you're lucky, you might be the lucky winner of the club draw.

Twilight Meals
Just a reminder, as required last year, should you wish to have a meal/meals, please email glycmeals@gmail.com stating how many in your party and if there are any dietary requirements such as gluten-free, or vegetarian, etc. (Sorry, no diets requiring crayfish will be accommodated.)
Please have this email meal reservation in by 4 pm before sailing.

Sailing School cruise to Sperm Whale Head and Christmas barbeque, Sunday, 23 December
A great way to wrap up the sailing school and year. Everyone invited to participate. More in Dec. Wanderer.

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From the Sailing Captain

Division 3 boats and Quiet Little Drink scurry down to Pt King nav mark in 'Round the Island race
Division 3 boats and Quiet Little Drink
scurry down to Pt King nav mark in 'Round
the Island race

Thankyou all for getting your paperwork sorted re SD and Entry Form.

We are now well into the Sailing Season and I must continue to remind those that aren't financial that to enjoy the privilege of membership ie race placings, one must be financial. How dreary it must have been to have won the LBCrawford Raymond Island Race only to be scrubbed!

Results for all races run are now posted on the website. There were a few small glitches, which were probably my doing in setting up the relevant series, but now all is in order. Those with interest in the workings of the PHC can see how it works upon review of last season's LB&B Results (see Archives) or wait for at least two LB&B races this season to be calculated and scored.

Each boat started this season or will start with their PHC of last season rolled over. Any subsequent Trophy Race scored by PHC uses the latest PHC from the LB&B Series. PHC's are not adjusted after a Trophy Race. Any new member/entrant will be allocated a initial PHC of Class YS/CBH plus a 2% penalty.

Over 1 - 2 December the Club is hosting the 29ers a weekend for a training and a race session. It is a great opportunity to showcase our Club and racetrack. And to sow a seed for possibility of hosting a future major 29er Regatta. If anyone would like to be involved with Race Management over this weekend please let me know.

From 28 December to 3 January the Pacer and Javelin National Championship Regattas are to be run on Lake Victoria. The Javelins offer a great spectacle especially if the breeze gets up while the Pacers will be a little more family oriented with mums and Dads and kids sailing along with a contingent of our Juniors who have got to the level of sailing in a regatta. Member support for this event will help make it a great week in Paynesville, so if you would like to be on the RM team please put up your hand. The good jobs will fill fast and as always, the pay may be crap but the rewards satisfying.

A very very slow approach to windward mark in stalled Twilight sail, 16 Oct
A very very slow approach to windward mark
in stalled Twilight sail, 16 Oct

There seems to have been some confusion about how the Twilight Race is finished should there be a complete wind failure and no boat makes it home. Again this was my undoing. I suggested that we just give the boat in front when stumps are pulled the voucher on the night...and still call it a no race as far as series scoring is concerned. This way Dave and Angela can get a nod and everyone gets back to the Club in time for dinner! The 1845 finish is a target time for course laying purposes only and sometimes Christie and the Picks get it so right that one might think that a Dr Who was offering outside assistance.

We have enjoyed a great start to the Season with 34 boats participating in the Opening Weekend races and over 20 boats for each Sunday since. The LB Crawford had 34 starters for what is always a very popular event and this all augers well for a successful season. Let's hope that is exactly what it will be.

See you on the Startline.

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Rear Commodore's Report

Annette and I have had a very busy 2 months with working backstage on the BPLTC production of Calendar Girls and a family trip to back of beyond in the Western District. I have not had much time to spend on GLYC issues, however I am now back in the saddle.

I have to mention while on our trip we called into a shop in Lorne and the two quotes below were hanging on the wall. Well...my wife was quick to get the photos and I have had them quoted at me ever since so I thought would share it with you so I didn’t suffer on my own. (It just goes to show my generosity towards to all)

My hat goes off to James for the work he has carried out on the Thomson while I have been away, considering he was supposed to be resting!! The work completed as of Monday 5th November:
  • The full floor removed and all support stringer and frames removed;
  • All the old fibreglass that was lifting has been removed, which would not have been an easy job;
  • The stringer and frames installed and fibreglass into position;
  • The double flooring support for under the seats has been fitted;

  • James is now in the process of making up the templates for the flooring. We do not expect to have the Thomson back on the water until mid-December but it will make all the difference for the safe operation of the boat, and the wait is worth it.
    I have taken the photos below to give you an idea of the quality of the work and what has been completed.

    (Sorry about the legs but some people will do anything to get their photo taken)
    (Sorry about the legs but some people will
    do anything to get their photo taken)

    My thanks goes out to Frank for his generous offer for the loan of his Bar Crusher. We would have been hard pressed for rescue boats without it.

    We have been looking to recognise the youth who mostly represents the GLYC values for the year with a Bendigo Bank Trophy titled 'Club Person - Youth’ for the Season. While wandering through markets while away we found a small helm that will mount easily on a board and should make an ideal trophy for the purpose.

    The trophy database is now complete and will be available on the website if any one wishes to view their accomplishments.


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    9707 3033
    5156 7223

    Division 1 report

    The Raineys cartch the late afternoon sun on Sunday of the Commodore's Trophy race
    The Raineys cartch the late afternoon sun
    on Sunday of the Commodore's Trophy race

    The weather for the Opening Day was kind to us with sunny weather and a gentle breeze for the sail past. On Sunday after a light lunch and a good chat, the fleet of over 35 boats sailed past our Commodore, Andrew Somerville.

    The stern chaser followed in good sailing conditions. Andrew in the Taser performed well coming in 3rd followed by Charlie and Luca in 4th which was a good result in such a mixed fleet.

    Sunday arrived with different conditions predicted. The first race of the day was started in moderate wind and again Charlie and Luca did well coming in first, followed by Craig and Ian in 3rd, Andrew in the Taser in 5th and Bill in the Flying Fifteen 7th.

    The wind continued to build before the start of the second race of the day and continued to build throughout the afternoon with gust of 24 knots recorded on the start boat by the end of the day. Being early in the season some competitors decided wisely not to start but those that chose to sail in the second race of the day had a great ride. Luca and Charlie in the 29er sailed really well to finish first, followed Ian and Crain in great style planning across the finish line.
    5156 6700
    5156 0582

    The overall for the Commodores trophy were as follows, Charlie and Luca in 1st, Craig in 8th, Andrew in 12 and Bill in 15th.

    On the 14th of October we sailed a divisional race. The weather was mild with moderate winds unlike the last race of the Commodore’s Trophy race. The competition was close throughout the race. With Bill in 1st on 43.56 seconds followed by Andrew Somerville in 2nd on 43.41 seconds and the Jim on 45 seconds. It looks like division one will see some close and competitive racing this season.

    A great start to the season.


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    Division 4 report

    Just a blur as Still Bitten tears toward Point King in LB Crawford
    Just a blur as Still Bitten tears toward
    Point King in LB Crawford

    Well, what a start to the season for Div 4; it's been so busy it feels like it's almost Christmas already.

    Fantastic to see a variety of cats racing regularly in Div 4 this season after getting started at the end of last season. With the Nacra 5.5 (now with square top main and spinnaker) and Hydra joining the Mosquito's in what has been perfect weather for cat sailing, there should also be a Foiling A soon and maybe the Hobie 18 will get out, along with our regular visiting Viper. Lofty has threatened to sail his Hobie 17, but I won't hold my breath on that one (I'm sure he would rather Sell than Sail).

    The Club Opening Weekend was a ripper with the wind increasing progressively across the 3 races; the final race pushing most cats to the limit.

    This was backed up by great wind again for the first Sunday of Divisional racing and a good fleet of cats.

    The Crawford Trophy race around Raymond Island was as usual well attended by Div 4 and saw the Nacra 5.5 starting to hit it's straps and pushing the Mosquitos on what was an almost ideal wind direction. Although,a breeze with a few less lulls would have been nice (some sailors are never happy). It was a fast race with Mosquito Sloop with Spinnaker "Still Bitten" first home in 51 minutes, not a record but one of the fastest, certainly the fastest for junior crew Oskar; you couldn't wipe the smile off his face.

    Gone Viral powering in Opening Day stern chaser
    Gone Viral powering in Opening Day stern

    The first weekend in November many of the Div 4 cats sailed away at Loch Sport for their annual Cat race. It was meant to be raced on Saturday, but the wind was just a little bit over the limit (read a lot!!!!!). So a smaller than expected fleet greeted the starter on Sunday (many visitors couldn't make it Sunday). Tim's newer Mosquito, "Brakefree", Cat rigged with Spinnaker lived up to it's name and lead the fleet for the first lap (including a Viper F16). But as the wind increased the Viper got into gear and moved into the lead followed by "Still Bitten" with "Brakefree" not far behind and that's the way they finished. Once again the GLYC Mossies were grateful for Peter Nikitin's hospitality (he still has a holiday house there, despite sailing mostly at Paynesville) and, as usual, the social side of the weekend was as important as the sailing.

    It looks like more exciting times ahead for Div 4 with the number of cats likely to continue to grow. The latest movement is Darren who has been sailing "Hydrasaurus" has decided to buy "Karma Cat" and join the Mosquito Swarm. We really look forward to seeing him on the water soon with "Karma Cat" and I'm sure he would be interested in talking to anybody who may be interested in purchasing his Hydra.

    Remember, Life's better with one hull in the air. See you on the water,
    "Still Bitten".

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    Discover Sailing Calendar

    Season 2018/2019

    Tilly McCloud gets stoked for her first ever dinghy sail with Esther on Discover Sailing Day
    Tilly McCloud gets stoked for her first
    ever dinghy sail with Esther on Discover
    Sailing Day

    We have a jam packed season of courses and events for junior, youth and new sailors. Check out the Discover Sailing pages on our website for more details and registration links:

    Tackers September School Holiday Program 1 - 5 October

    Paynesville Primary School Sailing 8 - 10 October

    Bairnsdale Scouts Get Active Sailing Evening 9 October

    Discover Sailing Day 28 October

    Sailing School Starting Sunday 11 November

    Tackers January School Holiday Program 7 - 11 January

    Itchy Feet takes out a family with a very eager toddler on DSDay
    Itchy Feet takes out a family with a very
    eager toddler on DSDay

    40th Australian Minnow Championships 20 - 26 January

    Eastern Region Regatta (@ Metung) 2 - 3 February

    Division Cool Starting Sunday mornings in February

    Australian Sailing Junior Carnival (@ Mornington)17 - 18 February

    Bairnsdale Primary School Sailing 9 - 12 March

    Paynesville Primary School Sailing 1 - 5 April

    Tackers Easter School Holiday Program 8 - 12 April

    Raymond Island Good Friday Sail 19 April

    Easter Regatta (@ GLYC) 20 - 22 April

    Sharna Duff

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    Yard and Marina seasonal reminder

    Freya getting into race mode at Sail Country
    Freya getting into race mode at Sail

    This is a reminder for all members that have boats in the marina. Please check your mooring lines to make sure that they are adequate under extreme weather conditions. If your lines look frayed or in poor condition this is a good time to change your lines because we are still in the windy season.

    For boats stored in the yard it is important that trailers are in a condition to be moved if necessary. Check that your tyres are inflated and that your jockey wheels work.


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    Tuesday Twilight Meals

    Volunteers needed!

    Johnno and Louise give up the Ghost for rescue duty
    Johnno and Louise give up the Ghost for
    rescue duty

    Have you volunteered yet to help prepare one of our delicious twilight meals after Tuesday social sailing? Many hands make light work! Please contact Julie Clark on 0408 538 000 or by email on jaclarkhoward@gmail.com to let her know of your availability. Fewer volunteers may mean fewer meals!


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    Opening of the 2018/2019 sailing season weekend

    It's Alright salutes Commodore Andrew and daughter Freya in the Sail Past
    It's Alright salutes Commodore Andrew and
    daughter Freya in the Sail Past

    The Club celebrated its 82nd season opening over the 6th and 7th of October, with beautiful weather and some challenging wind for sailing.

    Members and guests were welcomed by Commodore Andrew Somerville and an address was made by our Member for Gippsland East, Tim Bull. Tim shared that he comes from a very experienced sailing background and family. He made the point that by participating in organized sports such as sailing or community organizations like scouts, our youth learn good values and respect from their role models and as such are at very low risk for getting into trouble with the law. He then proclaimed the 2018/2019 sailing season for the GLYC OPEN!

    After a light lunch (and thank you to all of you for bringing so many delectable delights), the sailors took to the water to partake in the salute to the Commodore, who was perched on the Wanderer, a beautiful old lake boat, doffing their caps and cheering the Commodore. It’s a lovely tradition at the club and a beautiful pageant to watch from the foreshore.

    The boats then proceeded to sail in the first race of the Commodores’ Cup, the stern chaser. The course took them down Newlands Arm, back out to Lake Victoria, and then a finish at the Yacht Club.

    Rainbow Connection and Wineglass all dressed up for Sail Past
    Rainbow Connection and Wineglass all
    dressed up for Sail Past

    This year the first boat out of the starting line was junior sailor Oskar Wilkinson in his tiny bright green Minnow, Oskar Wild. He managed his sail without mishap and finished, which was a job well done.

    Kate, a Cavalier 26, sailed by Harry Stephens and Sandy McCloud, was an early starter and maintained the lead around the rounding mark as he headed home. However, as designed, the faster boats started catching up and in this race, Waterworks, a Nacra 5.5 catamaran, sailed by Aaron Manuell and son, finished first.

    Youth sailors, Charlie Broomhall and Luca Vuat, on Tenth Prime, a 29er, followed in second place with Peter Nikitin sailing a Mosquito, Bee Alert finishing third.

    Saturday evening a large contingent of members dined at the Old Pub for “Parma for a Farmer”, raising funds for our farmers struggling through the drought.

    Sunday afternoon back to back races out in Lake Victoria completed the three race series for the Commodores’ Cup trophies. The wind was charging along over 20 knots providing some exciting and very challenging racing. A number of boats had to retire due to breakage of equipment, one Nacra with a broken side stay and fallen mast, requiring a tow home. Others managed to retire without assistance. With 27 boats signed on, by the third race only 14 boats finished.

    Having sailed exceptionally well, Charlie and Luca on Tenth Prime, the 29er, came first in the third race and second in the second race. With race results from the stern chaser on Saturday converted to yardstick, the two juniors won overall first for the Commodores’ Trophy series. And they were a sight to behold tearing along the course with their spinnaker up and spray enveloping their boat.

    When asked how it was out there, Charlie replied it was really scary with the wild speed they were traveling, but totally exhilarating at the same time.

    Tim Shepperd sailing Brake Free, his new Mosquito Cat, was in top notch form taking second in the stern chaser, fourth in Race 2 and third in Race 3, to win him second place in the series.

    Longnose, the beautiful Adams 13, sailed by Frank Nott and crew, won third for the series.

    The weekend was a great start to the 2018/2019 season leaving the adrenalized sailors looking forward to the Tuesday Twilight sternchasers, the Thursday afternoon Ancient Mariners sternchasers, and Sunday Divisional, Life Buoy and Bell Handicap, as well as Trophy races. Wednesdays the Sailability Program is held offering a sailing experience for those with special needs.

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    Ultimate Yacht Association gives GLYC Sailability gift of $500

    Div 1 boats slog it out in Div racing on the 4th Nov
    Div 1 boats slog it out in Div racing on
    the 4th Nov

    Sailability received a donation of $5oo from the Ultimate Yacht Association this spring.

    Alan, Coordinator of the GLYC Sailability program, would like to thank them for their most generous donation. Though he has not been able to track down the full details of how the money was raised, it is most appreciated by the program.


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    Macca’s Ramblings

    Visiting Johnsons race Ghost in Divisional on the 4th Nov
    Visiting Johnsons race Ghost in Divisional
    on the 4th Nov

    While having a cup of coffee with Christie and discussing how we joined the yacht club, I told her of an amusing time when Annie and I joined the Lake Glenmaggie Yacht Club. She asked me if would I write it up...so don’t blame me for this, take it out on her !!!.

    We were living in Traralgon at the time and had not long purchased a new 16 foot Taipan which we had sailed on the Morwell pondage a few times but did not like the sailing conditions there. We decided to investigate what other options were available to us and found out that Lake Glenmaggie had a yacht club. As that was only 30 odd minutes from Traralgon we headed off to Lake Glenmaggie to have a look at the lake and the club facilities.

    After asking around the thriving metropolis of Lake Glenmaggie, we were told the club operated out of Coongulla at the top end of the lake. Well, we drove all around Coongulla (which took a full 5 minutes) and finally stopped and asked a chap mowing his front lawn; he told us that we had come to the right place as he was the Commodore. Some may know of him (Dave Staley) as he sailed in a few of the interclub races whilst living at Coongulla in the 90’s ??" early 2000’s.

    We quickly asked him where the yacht club was as we could not find it. He proceeded to tell us that they didn’t have a club house or a storage yard, people just turned up with their Off the Beach Boats. When two of the wives put their deck chairs on the point near the two stumps and stood the small flag pole up.. you know the race is on.

    Apparently, everyone would then meet at 1pm at the big tree near the stumps for a briefing and then head back to all parts of the lake to rig their boats and head to the start line. And, yes they did have a rescue boat which was hidden in a council shed at the park.

    We turned up the next weekend for our first sail and thoroughly enjoyed it to the extent that we sailed out of Coongulla for the next three years until I was transferred to Melbourne. It just goes to show you don’t need to have all the trimmings to enjoy yourself; that small club was full-on fun and one of the most enjoyable times being involved in a yacht club. It is a pity that in the end it had to fold due to a diminishing membership.


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    Rules Corner

    Rule 18 continued

    Sleek Longnose takes the wild weather in stride in Div 14 Oct
    Sleek Longnose takes the wild weather in
    stride in Div 14 Oct

    When a boat has become entitled to room at a mark under rule 18.2 she keeps that right until she leaves the zone. This is true whether or not an overlap is broken or a new overlap begins. This is often misunderstood by following yachts that sometimes see a gap open between the boat ahead and the buoy and dive in. This is a risky manoeuvre because the gap can be closed by the yacht ahead and leave the risk taker with nowhere to go.

    A boat that is entitled to room under rule 18.2 b and c. only loses that right when she has been given room, she leaves the zone OR passes head to wind. This latter bit leads us onto Rule 18.3 and 18.4

    Rule 18.3
    If a boat in the zone of a mark to be left to PORT passes head to wind from port tack to starboard tack , she shall not cause a boat that had been on starboard tack since entering the zone to sail above close hauled to avoid contact and she shall give mark room if that boat becomes overlapped inside her. When this rule applies between boats, rule 18.2 does not apply between them.

    Rule 18.4

    When an inside overlapped right of way boat must gybe at a mark to sail her proper course, until she gybes she shall sail no farther from the mark than needed to sail that course. Rule 18.4 does not apply at a gate mark.
    This rule is there to stop someone sailing their opponent “off the course” but remember that in windy conditions boats will usually need more room than in lighter conditions.


    Updated: 7 Nov 2018 2:58am by Christie Arras

    New waterproof Rules books

    The club is taking orders for the new Sailing Rules Book which is waterproofed and easy to reference. Intended to be used on the water.

    Our club, Metung and Lake Wellington YC are hoping to combine our orders in order to get a bulk price. Depending on how many want to buy one, the cost might be brought down to $30 or $40 from the going cost of $60.

    If you're interested, put your name on the list on the upstairs bar.

    Updated: 3 Oct 2018 4:15am by Christie Arras

    Club Merchandise 2018 - 2019

    Don’t forget to come and choose some new gear for the new season! All clothing available in Ladies, Mens & some Youth sizes.

    Prices as follows:

    LS Polo Shirts (White, Red & Blue) - $40
    SS Polo Shirts (White, Red & Blue) - $35
    GLYC Caps & Winter Beanies - $15
    GLYC Sleeveless Vests (Blue) - $40
    GLYC Waterproof Jackets - $80
    GLYC Mens Ties - $10
    GLYC Stubby Holders - $10
    GLYC Burgees - $25

    Julie Clark
    Merchandise Contact
    0408 538 00

    Updated: 5 Nov 2018 9:22pm by Christie Arras

    Pics of GLYC sailing on GLYC Facebook page

    A brisk race course on 14 Oct divisional
    A brisk race course on 14 Oct divisional

    Newer racing photos from our sailing can be seen on the GLYC Facebook site. I believe that GLYC photos will hence forward be put on the Facebook site as Photobucket has become too cumbersome and limited.
    However, there is still a link from the GLYC home page under photo albums, as well, to photobucket for the 2016/1017 sailing season. Danuta Sowa also takes great shots and can often give you a disk with the file of your boat.

    Updated: 7 Nov 2018 2:39am by Tim Shepperd

    Gippsland Lakes Yacht Club
    P.O. Box 194, Paynesville VIC 3880

    Club phone03 5156 6864

    Flag Officers

    CommodoreAndrew Somerville0407 156 133
    Vice CommodoreJim Callahan0488 500 795
    Rear CommodoreIan McDonald0419 698 900
    SecretaryRuss Peel0408 589 805
    TreasurerTim Shepperd0400 666 486
    Sailing CaptainJames Frecheville5156 7103 / 0412 979 824


    Immediate Past CommodoreWendy Gardiner0498 116 752?
    Discover Sailing CoordinatorSharna Duff0409 207 331
    Sailability OfficerAlan Pick0410 584 860
    General CommitteeJulie Clark0408 538 000
    General CommitteeColin Johanson03 5156 6656
    General CommitteeNorbert Hrouda0427 654 039
    General CommitteeNoelene Foley5156 0048
    General CommitteeJacqui Crawford0468 987 684
    Wanderer (not on Committee)Christie Arras [WANDERER and EFLASH]03 5156 7861
    Hall HireWendy Gardiner
    BoatsIan McDonald
    YardJim Callahan
    HouseNorbert Hrouda

    Wanted: discarded wooden dinghies

    St Mary's Primary School in Bairnsdale is looking for some discarded wooden dinghies for a section of playground that is being re-designed. They are completing some improvements to their playground areas and are wanting to procure any old 'unwanted' dinghys (8-12 ft in length), to install in these areas. Contact is Connie Bruse 0428761654 or Di McGoldrick 0439329831.

    Contact: Di McColdrick
    Phone: 0439329831

    Manly Junior dinghy for free

    We have a Manly junior which we are happy to give to anyone who would like it. It has a small leak but otherwise is in good condition.
    Please contact us on 0427567670 if interested.

    Helen Tyler

    (Shown a generic pic off Google of what a Manly Junior looks like)

    Contact: Helen Tyler
    Phone: 0427567670
    Email: helen.tyler@bigpond.com

    Windrush 14 Catamaran

    Free to a good home

    Current owner is moving on to bigger things.

    Cat is located in the GLYC yard under the gum tree

    Call Chris Cope on 0439324006 for more details.

    Contact: Chris Cope
    Phone: 0439324006

    Sabre for Sale

    Black Magic
    1 Main Sail, 2 centre boards
    Good plus condition, No leaks, Re-decked...Ready to race. $800.00

    Contact: Michael and Betty Chapman
    Phone: 5156 7384/ 04974