Wanderer - December 2018

The Commodore's Invitation to All

Join in the game
Join in the game "Where's Santa" at Point
Wilson for the Christmas barbie.

I would like to invite you

To help celebrate the half way point of the season at the

Gippsland Lakes Yacht Club Christmas barbecue.

Where? At Point Wilson alias Sperm Whale Head) on the 23rd of December, leaving the club at 10am and returning by 2pm weather dependent.

The Discover Sailing students will be sailing over on mass (all 20+ boats of them) and will be helping prepare the lunch.

Lunch will be a basic barbecue with salad and will be provided for everyone who joins in.

All boats are welcome to join in and we are hoping people can offer the kids' parents a lift over to join in the day’s activities.

I look forward to seeing you all there


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In this issue:

Sailing Calendar

It's Aright and Silver Cloud battle it out on the race course in LB&B 11 Nov
It's Aright and Silver Cloud battle it out
on the race course in LB&B 11 Nov

01 Saturday, 0900 hrs: 29ers Sailing Weekend at GLYC
02 Sunday, 0900 hrs: DSC Sailing School
02 Sunday, 1400 hrs: LB&B heat 3. Chibizulu
04 Tuesday, 1700 hrs: Twilight Race and Female Skippers race. Kate
06 Thursday, 1300 hrs: Ancient Mariners, Summer series begins
09 Sunday, 0900 hrs: DSC Sailing School
09 Sunday, 1400 hrs: CG Drummond Trophy Race. Vintage Red
11 Tuesday, 1700 hrs: Twilight Sailing. Sirene
13 Thursday, 1300 hrs: Ancient Mariners
16 Sunday, 0900 hrs: DSC Sailing School
16 Sunday, 1400 hrs: Divisional Growler
18 Tuesday, 1700 hrs: Twilight Sailing Tremolino
20 Thursday, 1300 hrs: Ancient Mariners
23 Sunday, 0900 hrs: DSC Sailing School and sail to Sperm Whale Head for an Xmas barbie celebration
28 to 3 Jan, Friday thru Thursday, 1200 hrs: Pacer and Javelin titles

January 2019
01 thru 03, Tues thru Thurs, 1200 hrs: Pacers and Javelins continued
06 Sunday, 1400 hrs: Female Skipper Trophy Race, Kate
07 thru 03 Monday thru Thurs, 0900 hrs: Tackers program

James speeds back from his recon with the bad news that 18 Nov Twilight will be abandaned.  A lot of ferocious winds lately.
James speeds back from his recon with the
bad news that 18 Nov Twilight will be
abandaned. A lot of ferocious winds

08 Tuesday, 1700 hrs: Twilight and Female Skippers. Saracen
10 Thursday, 1300 hrs: Ancient Mariners
12 Saturday, 1000 hrs: Metung and Return Trophy Races. Supertoy and KarmaCat
15 Tuesday, 1700 hrs: Twilight racing. Shadowfax
17 Thursday, 1300 hrs: Ancient Mariners
20 Sunday, 0900 hrs: Minnow Nats Reg and Measurement
20 Sunday, 1400 hrs: LB&B FortyForty
21 Monday, 0900 hrs: Minnow Nats Invitational
22 Tuesday, 0900 hrs: Minnow Nats
22 Tuesday, 1700 hrs: Twilight Sailing Tarna BYO meal
23 Wednesday, 0900 hrs: Minnow Nats
24 Thursday, Lay Day or possible resail
25 Friday, 0900 hrs: Minnow Nats
26 Saturday, 1100 hrs: Minnow Nats final day
26 Saturday, 1400 hrs: Australia Day Trophy Longnose
29 Tuesday, 1700 hrs: Twilight Sailing White Pointer
31 Thursday, 1300 hrs: Ancient Mariners

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Social/Sailing Calendar

Highly Strung wins the prize in Twilight on 13 Nov having just received its toot for finishing from the Tower.  Well done.
Highly Strung wins the prize in Twilight
on 13 Nov having just received its toot
for finishing from the Tower. Well done.

Friday Club Night
Come catch up with mates Friday nights. Feel free to bring your meal, take out or use the barbie and enjoy. Be sure to welcome visitors who are interested in the club. And if you're lucky, you might be the lucky winner of the club draw.

Twilight Meals
Just a reminder, as required last year, should you wish to have a meal/meals, please email glycmeals@gmail.com stating how many in your party and if there are any dietary requirements such as gluten-free, or vegetarian, etc. (Sorry, no diets requiring crayfish will be accommodated.)
Please have this email meal reservation in by 4 pm before sailing.

Sailing School cruise to Point Wilson (Sperm Whale Head) and Christmas barbie, 1000 hrs, Sunday, 23 December
A great way to wrap up the sailing school and year. Everyone invited to participate. See Commodore's invitation.

New Year's Eve
A bit up in the air. There might be an early fireworks through a GoFundMePage in which case the bar might be open and people could bring their meals or use the barbie. We will update members by eFlash as plans progress. In any case, have a great 2019!

Tuesday meal changes in Dec and Jan due to racing titles:
Dec 25 and Jan 1: No Twilight Meals...holiday recuperation time
Tuesday 8 January: BYO meal
Tuesday 15 January: Meals available per ususal
Tuesday 22 January: Basic pizza meal due to Minnow championships
Thereafter: Business as usual for the rest of the season!

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Sailing Captain's Corner

New kid on the block even comes with a built in female skipper.  Good to see James and Carol back in business and on Time.
New kid on the block even comes with a
built in female skipper. Good to see
James and Carol back in business and on

I do hope that our Sunday on Sunday off sailing program makes a turn for the better.

In November we lost the Chris Hawkins 3 Bays race to rugged weather and, at month end, Heat 3 of the LB&B Series for same. The call to abandon our club race was made shortly after returning and upon completing the morning session of the 29er Training Weekend. It was blowing. The forecast was for softening a bit, but it wasn't to be. At 1240 hrs no-one had signed on so it was an easy call and it turned out to be the right one.

The 29ers had a great program with Buster Hooper and Andrew Sayle coaching the aspiring and fit youth as they flew around the sprint race course with three intense sessions on Saturday afternoon and then a short four race session on Sunday morning.

Russ Broomhall did a sterling job in organizing this event and was ably supported by the usual suspects with race management. Everyone learned stuff. Wet, wild and a great spectacle.

A resail of the Three Bays Race in conjunction with a LB&B race in February is being considered a possibility with a shorter course for the fleet sailing to just past Carstairs (Woolaston Bay), thence to Lady Bay and on to just past Point Turner (Mason Bay) before finishing at the club. Eminently doable...in good conditions. Any comments?

We are just three weeks from hosting the Javelin and Pacer National Championship Regattas. And once again the usual suspects are up for the challenge of managing this two fleet regatta. If any member wants to experience the fun to be had helping out on the water during these events just let me know. The pay is crap but the rewards are worthy. There will be plenty of opportunity to do same when the Minnows are here in late January for their 40th Championship Regatta.

We head to Metung on Saturday, 12 January, 2019, for our annual Metung and Return Race. Always a good day and especially so if you don't get caught in the tidal stream around Shaving Point on the way home. RRS 41 covers outside assistance but if everyone knows to keep right and why, all is good. It really is just like on Tuesday evening when it is from the east as we beat out to the yet to be set windward mark.
Go right...not many do.

Speaking of rules, you may have noticed an amendment to the SI posted last week relating to RRS42.3(i). If stated in the SI, propulsion using an engine or any other means may be permitted to get off the putty or return a crewperson to a boat or for any other reason, provided the boat does not gain an advantage. It is now in the SI, so if you happen to find yourself on the wrong side of Carstairs on your way to Metung, your day is not ruined. Sounds reasonable to me. But if not, one can always lodge a protest against the boat and the Race Committee.

As an aside, the only time an RO can DSQ a boat without a Protest Hearing is for OCS.

See you on the Start Line.


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Rear Commodore's Report

A brilliant save for Mobie crew as he slips off and right back on without missing a beat in 25 Nov divisional race
A brilliant save for Mobie crew as he
slips off and right back on without
missing a beat in 25 Nov divisional race

This month has been full on with the opportunity to sail three (3) days a week in addition to all the sail training and sailability activities which is enough to keep the members of the club well and truly off the streets.

Training Boats:
Some minor works have been completed with protection strips fitted to the storage trolleys and repairs made to one of the Pacers. It was great to see the numbers of kids on the water and enjoying themselves on Sunday mornings, a true sign of a healthy club for the future.
Dave B has fitted a protection strip to the boat shed floor to prevent the Optis trolleys from damaging the Pacers rudders when they are being put away. (Note: the Pacers must have the rudders folded back)

Power Boat Fleet:
We are still having minor problems across the power boat fleet as they need constant attention. I congratulate and take my hat off to the Boat Captains as they keep the boats in excellent working order and are always last in of an evening to the bar and the social side of club.

Sailability Rib:
The smallest rescue boat in our fleet (but an important one), is a fit for purpose boat to work as the safety boat for both Sailability and sail training activities in the bay, not however the best boat once the rescue work moves out into Lake Victoria.
It is in good operational condition.

Rescue One:
  • We have finally received the new GLYC and Rescue stickers for the side of Rescue One and they have been fitted.
  • It was suspected that the two new motors were burning oil and after having them checked by Kevin from Bairnsdale Marine he confirmed that this was not in fact the case. Mark A will keep a close watch on levels and we will arrange for top up oil to be available.
  • There was an incident on the water where Rescue One’s starboard bow bladder was damaged. Andrew has made arrangements for its repair and the Rib should be available for Next Sunday’s racing. I have also asked for the valves to be checked as we think two are leaking, not sure at this stage how easy they are to replaced

  • RS Thompson:
    Work has continued on the Thompson by FHBoats with some minor assistance from club members. We are aiming at having the boat back on the water for Sunday 16th December.

    Sailors truly appreciate the support from our rescue crews.  Mark, Sandra and Sharna on duty on 11 Nov for LB&B.
    Sailors truly appreciate the support from
    our rescue crews. Mark, Sandra and Sharna
    on duty on 11 Nov for LB&B.

    Works completed:
  • Remove complete sole which was unserviceable (rotted out);
  • Remove 5 rotted and delaminated web bulkheads;
  • Remove 5 decayed longitudinal bearers;
  • Grind and clean internal hull below sole and joint area as required;
  • Epoxy fill and glass laminate keel centrelines (Repair of old wounds);
  • Trim and clean up glass returns on hull sides on which to land new plywood sole;
  • Cut, fit, epoxy bond and glass laminate 5 new 19mm marine plywood bulkheads;
  • Fit 2 x 19mm marine plywood web stringers, epoxy bond and glass to trihedral ridges;
  • Fit 3/90 x 35 bearers housed and bonded to web bulkheads and tied to transom;
  • Epoxy seal all plywood and timber as required;
  • Fit, fasten and bond undersole marine plywood pads for pedestal seating support;
  • Level all framing;
  • Cut, fit and epoxy bond and fasten forward sole boards with 19mm marine plywood;
  • Aft 2 plywood sole boards patterned, fitted and bonded
  • Double bias epoxy glass edges to hull
  • Epoxy sheath all new work with plain weave cloth
  • Install new kick plate and framing forward of helm
  • Fit retaining panel bow section (to contain ballast)
  • Fit outboard well support web and glass sheath
  • Keel repairs as required;
  • Kick plate and framing;
  • Outboard well support;
  • Bow section retaining panel.

  • Work as yet to be completed:
  • The final coat of paint on the floor.
  • The new seats to be installed (They have now arrived);
  • Replace the fuel tank;
  • Seal plywood at fastening points to prevent similar problems in the future;
  • Re-equip boat

  • The Thomson is a purpose built boat and ideal for the Gippsland Lakes conditions. It is stable, has a capacious work deck, provides protection from the elements, and has the ability to carry the full arrangement of course laying equipment.
    The most important factor is that the volunteer boat operators are very happy with this unit and its operation to fulfil the tasks required on the water.

    Skipper Brian imports crew from the Antarctic for 25 Nov Divisional race.
    Skipper Brian imports crew from the
    Antarctic for 25 Nov Divisional race.

    Ancient Mariners
    The Ancient Mariners series is running strong although the weather has not been kind. There is confusion with race days as the main sailing Calendar does not show AM race days. I have raised this with Russ and asked that the calendar show all our races. In future, the Ancient Mariner Calendar will be added to the racing section of GLYC’s website as a separate item under Season Documents, 2018/19 GLYC Sailing Season, and will be maintained in the ‘Weekly Latest News’ on the home page.

    Christmas is coming whether we want it too or not, so with the run up to the festive season I thought I would remind people that after the 20th December AM race until the 10th January AM race, there will be a 20 day break for our Ancient Mariners. During that break period you will not get bored as James has titles running and is looking for assistance.

    I still have some trophies from last year yet to collect, please come and see me at anytime and I will be happy to provide you with your hard won gains:

    Trevor Williams - Season 2017/18
    Ten Pound Note
  • Second - Club Champion - Div. 1
  • Second - King and Heath Trophy
  • Second - John Trevorrow Trophy

  • Neil Joiner - Season 2017/18
  • First - LB Crawford Trophy
  • First - Lachlan Crowther Trophy
  • Second - Multihull Trophy
  • Second - Club Champion - Div. 4

  • Hugh Howard - Season 2017/18
    Salamander T
  • First - Twilight Series Trophy

  • Roger Burnett - Season 2017/18
    Time Bandit
  • Third - CG Drummond Trophy

  • Macca

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    Division 1 report

    Commodore on Bear All, ns14, in LB&B on 11 Nov
    Commodore on Bear All, ns14, in LB&B on 11

    Division one had five competitors in the 20 boat LBB fleet on Sunday, 11th of November. Andrew, our commodore, was our best performing sailor on the day coming in 6th followed by the consistent Brian Carrol in his contender in 9th. Brian is 2nd overall after two races, well done! The Flying Fifteens didn't do so well this time with a 12th, 13th and 15th. The sailing conditions were excellent with around 15k and sunny weather.

    On the 25 of November a few of the regular division one sailors were away or unable to sail so Craig and Ian in their FF15 took out two firsts followed by Andrew with two seconds.

    The Chris Hawkins three bays race was cancelled due to unfavorable conditions. The lakes region has experience some fairly strong wind conditions with a number of Twilights and Ancient Mariners cancelled. Hopefully we can look forward to some more stable sailing conditions in December!


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    Division 4 report

    A great duel in LB&B on 11 Nov between Waszp with Jack Felsenthal and Still Bitten with Gary Maskiell
    A great duel in LB&B on 11 Nov between
    Waszp with Jack Felsenthal and Still
    Bitten with Gary Maskiell

    Div 4 racing has been very interesting since the last report. On Sunday 11th November, a bumper fleet contested the LBB race. The Mosquitos
    "Bee Alert", "Immunity" (with new junior crew Sam) and "Still Bitten", "Mobie" the Hobie, and the "Charter World" Viper, By Invitation, were joined by a foiling Waszp with Jack Felsenthal. As there where no skiffs on the day in Div 1, it made sense for the Waszp to be grouped with boats closer to its speed. As it turned out, the Waszp was every bit as fast as the Mosquito Sloop with Spinnaker and led the Div 4 fleet around the course, finishing just 5 seconds ahead of "Still Bitten" after 45 minutes of racing.

    On Nov 24th and 25th, "Brake Free" and "Still Bitten" travelled to McCrae YC to compete in the Victorian Catamaran Championships on a windy weekend.

    "Brake Free" sailed Cat-rigged without spinnaker in Div 3 (with mostly Hobie 16's, Arrows and Paper Tigers) and "Still Bitten" sailed Sloop-rigged with Spinnaker in Div 1 (with mostly F18's and Cat-rigged spinnaker Mossies). "Still Bitten" found Saturday's conditions right on the limit; the strong wind was against the tide, so vertical wave faces and breaking waves where common place around the course. It was not as big a problem for the bigger Cats, but a real handfull for the Mossie.

    "Still Bitten" finished the 3 races with 2 capsizes and a First place, leaving them to ponder "what could have been" as they finished the capsize races about 6 minutes behind the winners on Yardstick. Sunday's 3 races where held in moderate winds, still against the tide, but about 10 knots less wind than Saturday. Again "Still Bitten" won a race, but this time backed it up with a 2nd place. Unfortunately they bombed to 8th in the last race to finish 3rd in Div 1. For Junior crew Oskar it was another great learning experience, as he had not sailed in conditions like Saturday's before. 3rd was a good result considering the capsizes and they placed the best of the 4 Mosquito's in the Division. "Karma Cat" finished 6th in Div 3, which was dominated by the Paper Tigers.
    5156 6700

    Meanwhile back at Paynesville, on Sunday the Mosquitos "Immunity", "Gone Viral" and "Karma Cat" were joined by "Mobie the Hobie" for 2 Divisional races in a brisk breeze. "Immunity" won both races, with "Karma Cat's" new skipper Darrin doing well to take second place in the first race. But he was brought back to earth with a thump in the second race with a capsize that ended with him tangled with the start boat and rescue boats. "Gone Viral" managed to find their way around the course quicker in the second race, for a second place and "Mobie" the Hobie just keeps getting faster every week defying the condition of its sails.

    Neil Maskiell joins the Div 4 fray on Mobie, the Hobie 18 in 25 Nov divisional race
    Neil Maskiell joins the Div 4 fray on
    Mobie, the Hobie 18 in 25 Nov divisional

    In other news, ex Junior GLYC sailor and now "grown up" Melbourne based member, Mitchell Meade competed at Harvey Bay in the A class Catamaran Australian and World Championships. The A class fleet is now sailed in 2 divisions: "Flying" (foiling) and "Classics" (non foiling). Around 60 boats competed in each division. Mitchell sailed in the "Flying" division acquitting himself well at his first major A class championships, finishing in the 20's in both championships. He'll be one to watch when the A class cats come to GLYC next summer for their Australian Championships. Also, hopefully, soon Niel Maskiell will finish converting his A class to "Flying" (and will have taught his sons enough on the Hobie that they can sail it themselves), that we will regularly see an A cat flying around the course at GLYC.

    Now its just a few Sunday sails (if the wind lets us) before the Mossies will be heading to Mordialloc YC for their National Titles. So far "Brake Free" "Immunity" "Bee Alert" "Gone Viral" and "Still Bitten" are entered across all 3 divisions, so I look forward to reporting some exciting results in Jan/Feb.

    Remember, "Life's Better with a Hull in the Air" see you on the water soon,

    "Still Bitten".

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    Discover Sailing Update

    The Sailing School takes over the bay.
    The Sailing School takes over the bay.

    It’s been great to see such a variety of young sailors out at GLYC over the past month, doing really whatever most “floats their boat”. Be it our beginners out in the Pacers and Optis with James and the DSC team on Sunday morning, the Minnow fleet out with Andrew and Taj training for the nationals, or our youth preparing for their upcoming nationals and youth championships in their 29ers, 125s Lasers and Cats. As Macca made mention the other weekend: “It’s such a wonderful sight to see so many young ones out on the water. It’s definitely a sign of a healthy and prosperous club”. Again, thank-you to all who are actively supporting and promoting our junior and youth fleet.

    The coming months are going to be especially busy at GLYC for our juniors and youth. We have:
    • GLYC Xmas Sail/ Sunday 23 December. Save the date as this is something special for the whole family: a cruise across the lake for a Xmas BBQ all together (weather pending). Andrew will provide further details to everyone in the coming weeks. Everyone is welcome!
    • Pacer nationals;please contact James Frecheville if you are interested in competing in the Pacer nationals at GLYC over the Xmas / New Year period. We already have two junior crews confirmed who will be competing in our club Pacers. The remaining boats are also available with all combinations of crew encouraged to take part.
    • Summer Tackers - do you know anyone who is keen to learn to sail? Registrations for our Tackers 1, 2 & 3 programs, as well as our Adult / Teen learn to sail are now open (Monday 7 to Friday 11 January); https://sailglyc.com/tackers-school-holiday-program/
    • 40th Australian Minnow Championships; GLYC is proud to be hosting this national regatta from 20-26 January. Whilst a national titles, the focus of this regatta is fun, family and friendship! It is set to be a great week of sailing both on the competitive open course and within the fun and learning novice fleet (which will sail just off the Paynesville shore). We encourage everyone interested to register via the regatta link; https://www.trybooking.com/400158. For first time for regatta goers, the Victorian Association has reduced the regatta price to $240 for the week and has waived the annual Vic MSA subscription of $55.

    Swim test for Sailing School sailors
    Swim test for Sailing School sailors

    This is such great value for a week of sailing with this fee also including competitor tickets for the welcome and presentation dinner, a regatta shirt plus lunch every race day! For those who don’t have a Minnow, Parkdale and Darwin Sailing Clubs have offered theirs for use. Please give me a call if you would like to arrange a boat.

    Minnows, Pacers and Optis.  Wow what a Sailing School!
    Minnows, Pacers and Optis. Wow what a
    Sailing School!

    Finally we are currently seeking interest from all members to be involved as a volunteer for the Minnow nationals. With upwards of 50 sailors expected, plus their families and support crews we have a number of opportunities to get involved, including:
  • Hosting a Minnow family
  • Regatta setup (Friday 18 January & Saturday 19 January)
  • On water race management (Monday - Saturday)
  • On-land beach and yard co-ordination (Monday - Saturday)
  • Lunch preparation (Monday - Saturday)
  • Welcome dinner support; setup, waitering, packup (Monday 21 January)
  • Social night; setup, dessert, packup (Wednesday 23 January)
  • Presentation night; setup, waitering, packup (Saturday 26 January)
  • Regatta pack-up (Sunday 27 January)

  • If you can be available for one day, or even for the whole week, please do give me a call on 0409207331. All assistance is appreciated to make this a fun, family and friendly regatta for all!

    Happy sailing!


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    Volunteers needed for Javelin and Pacer Titles

    This job is not gender specific.  All are invited to help out!  Raymond Island boys show it can be done on 4 Dec. Twilight meal.
    This job is not gender specific. All are
    invited to help out! Raymond Island boys
    show it can be done on 4 Dec. Twilight

    Help is needed for both the Welcome dinner on 28TH Dec 2018, and Presentation Dinner on 3rd Jan 2019.

    FOUR helpers required for the following tasks at each event:
  • food prep and table set up (3.30pm to approx. 7.30pm)
  • dinner clean up ( 7.30pm to approx. 9.30pm)

  • Thank you in anticipation,


    Please Call on 0498 116 752

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    Yard and Marina

    You may have noticed some new boats appearing in the yard and marina. Spots are filling up fast. At this time there is only one spot left on the hardstand, so if you want to put your boat in to enjoy this season be sure to put in your application. You can fill out the forms on-line.


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    Tuesday Twilight Meals

    The Raymond Island girls on  Nov. 11 Twilight meal.
    The Raymond Island girls on Nov. 11
    Twilight meal.

    Christmas Meal after twilight sailing on 18 December.

    There will be a yummy meal to celebrate Christmas after sailing on 18 December. SIGN UP FOR THIS MEAL IS BY FRIDAY 14 DECEMBER to ensure there are plenty of Santas helpers to prepare a meal and to ensure the elves have ordered and prepared enough food!

    There are two ways to let us know if you are going to have a meal on any Tuesday.
    Method 1
  • Send an email to glycmeals@gmail.com BY 4PM
  • In the email subject box, write your name and how many people will be coming.
  • You will receive an immediate automated reply so that you know your request has been received.
  • Special Dietary requirements? Please tell us as well!

  • Method 2
    If you don’t have an email address, you can also sign up via the meal sign-on sheet located in the breezeway next to the sailing sign-on sheet. This must also be done by 4pm!

    Unfortunately if you don’t sign up on time, we will not have enough food purchased to make you a meal.

    Not Sailing? No problem! Just sign up as above and join us for a lovely evening of fine food, wine and good company!


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    Using the GLYC kitchen

    Many people around the Club use the GLYC Kitchen.
    However as it is a REGISTERED COMMERCIAL KITCHEN, it means we can be inspected at any time by the Council. Therefore if you do use it, please follow all the clean up procedures carefully after you have finished!

    Also, the food in the fridge and freezer are for designated club catering events. This is not for general consumption! Recently the people preparing a Tuesday Twilight Meal went to prepare food listed as in the freezer but found it was no longer there?????

    Updated: 6 Dec 2018 8:49pm by Tim Shepperd

    29er coaching weekend at GLYC

    Charlie and Luca charge down the course with spinnaker flying in the 29er coaching weekend.
    Charlie and Luca charge down the course
    with spinnaker flying in the 29er coaching

    A coaching intensive weekend for 29er dinghy sailors was held at the Club over the first and second of December. Most of the participants came up from Melbourne clubs (Sandringham, Royal Geelong, Royal Brighton) to the GLYC, home club of 29ers, Charlie and Luca, for the two day event.

    The coaches, Buster Hooper, an Olympic coach, and Andrew Sayle, a Senior Coach, held workshops in the club then sped around in rubber duckies giving pointers and corrections to the sailors out on the water. The young sailors were thrilled with the effective and straight forward strategies and pointers they received.

    Three of the boats participating, Top Gun Fighter Jet with Patrick Distefan and Oscar Henderson, Makani with Sophie Alexander and Dom Randall, and Tenth Prime with locals Charlie and Luca, competed last year at the Australian National 29er Championships at the Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron in Manly, Qld. The remainder of the fleet was comprised of sailors who were still working hard to master this super fast dinghy.

    The 29er is a two-person high performance sailing skiff derived from the Olympic 49er class. It is raced internationally and in the Youth Sailing World Championships. The 29er is able to reach high speeds fairly quickly by having a sleek and hydrodynamic hull and will often exceed the wind speed when planning both up and downwind.

    A  colourful sprint through the gate in the 29ers weekend
    A colourful sprint through the gate in
    the 29ers weekend

    It was all quite exciting as both days had boisterous wind with gusts up to 30 knots on Sunday. At times, especially on Sunday, one boat after the other would capsize as they challenged themselves with some new technique and the wind blew them down. They would pull their boats back up to fight the wind and waves yet again out in Lake Victoria. I would report to Dave on the Bar Crusher, "Two down, no three, now four down, one up."

    Russel Broomhall who organized the weekend and was out on a rescue rubber ducky commented, “I couldn’t believe the kids were putting up their kites in the heavy winds which gusted up to 30 knots. How gutsy of them!”

    The courses were very short with windward and leeward marks and a gate in the middle of the course so the sailors could focus on starts and tacking and gibing.

    The sailors had a pizza night as well as hunkering down for the night at the club. As well as the technical learning, the weekend was a lot of fun socially and was great for the bonding of the Victorian 29er sailors.


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    The real story of the Ultimate Yacht Association given GLYC Sailability gift of $580

    Thank you to the Ultimate Association

    Taj makes keeping his Laser flat look easy in the big blow in 11 Nov LB&B
    Taj makes keeping his Laser flat look easy
    in the big blow in 11 Nov LB&B

    When I was sleuthing the story on the Ultimate Association's donation to the GLYC, Andrew McKenzie wrote back with this:

    Dear Christie,

    I presented a cheque for $500 to the Club after a GLYC Twilight race I think back in June this year.

    The Ultimate Yacht Association Committee had previously decided to support a number of charitable foundations and events across yacht clubs and other organizations as part of our community engagement policy, responsibilities and vision. An important part of this policy is the encouragement of participation in sailing as well as general support. We participate in the Annual YV TY Discover Sailing and Season Opening program and provide our members with a small subsidy to assist to participate. Of course many our UYA members are also members of GLYC and we see this donation as a sign of our encouragement to the club in general and a very worthwhile programme in particular.

    Last Easter, we continued a tradition birthed by our Social Committee lead by Heather Crabtree, Jane Heale and Lyn Mackenzie, to conduct the UYA Easter Craft Market, on the beach at Duck Arm. Again this year a very successful outcome with over $1000 raised. Our Committee decided to allocate funds of $1250 to three organizations, thus adding to the proceeds of the Craft Market from our general coffers.

    We were delighted to provide a $500 grant to GLYC to support the Club’s provision of a Sailability Programme. This year we also offered support to PTD Training Centre in Cambodia assisting their programmes for disadvantaged women and children and $250 to the Variety Bash in August. The latter has been held over given a last minute withdrawal from the Variety Bash by our members Phil and Daniell Stevenson with vehicle and sponsorship issues.

    Again we are delighted to assist GLYC and Sailability at the Club

    With best wishes

    Andrew Mackenzie

    Andrew Mackenzie
    UY23/40 ‘Inspiration’
    President / Race Captain
    Ultimate Yacht Association

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    Rules Corner

    Harry Connelly (on left)  concentrates as he shows Marlow Prossor how to rig a Minnow on first day of DSC Sailing School
    Harry Connelly (on left) concentrates as
    he shows Marlow Prossor how to rig a
    Minnow on first day of DSC Sailing School

    As we come up to the Christmas break, many of us will be off to regattas around Australia. It is quite likely that many of us will find ourselves in unfamiliar locations that require us to be aware of our obligations under the rules.
    Most of us whilst racing make periodic mistakes and in doing so may break a rule.

    This leads us to the subject of penalties and exonerations.

    At the beginning of the Racing Rules there are the BASIC Principles. Sportsmanship and the Rules. “-when competitors break a rule they will promptly take a penalty which may be to retire”

    Note. This does not mean that someone has to protest first. Sailing is, except at the very elite events, a self-policing sport and relies on honest participation of all competitors. This means taking the penalty that can be a variety of methods according to the sailing instructions. Rule 44 or amendments in the Sailing Instructions to Rule 44 cover these penalties. This year’s Sydney to Hobart race had an extremely well publicised incident involving not taking a prompt penalty.

    Prompt penalty-taking means generally as soon as possible on the same leg as the incident or, if at a mark rounding, on the next leg. It is not acceptable to wait until just before the finish to belatedly decide one was in the wrong and then take a penalty (Match racing rules are different). Note that a boat that is making a penalty turn has no rights of way over other competitors whatever leg of the course either boat may be on.

    Whilst penalties are commonly called 360s or 720s note that the Rules do not specify this merely a tack and a gybe or two tacks and two gybes. (Rule 44.2b).

    Note also Rule 44.1 b. If a boat caused injury or serious damage, or gained significant advantage even after taking a penalty her penalty shall be to retire.

    The injury may be on any of the boats in the incident including your own. Serious damage is not defined in the Rules but typically matters taken into consideration by a jury are:

  • Ability to continue in a seamanlike way
  • Ability to race at full potential for the rest of the race/series
  • Ability to maintain the safety of the crew (e.g. the liferafts or aerials carried away in the collision)

  • Hugh

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    Club Merchandise 2018 - 2019

    Do you need a new item of club merchandise for the 2018-2019 season?

    Come along and check out what we have to make sure you are looking good both on and off the water this season!

    All our merchandise is very reasonably priced, and wearing it is a great way to advertise our club in the community!

    Make sure you check out our stock next time you’re at the club.

    Payment can be made either via the envelopes located in the merchandise cupboard or by direct deposit into the club bank account.

    Prices as follows:

    LS Polo Shirts (White, Red & Blue) - $40
    SS Polo Shirts (White, Red & Blue) - $35
    GLYC Caps & Winter Beanies - $15
    GLYC Sleeveless Vests (Blue) - $55
    GLYC Waterproof Jackets - $80
    GLYC Mens Ties - $10
    GLYC Stubby Holders - $10
    GLYC Burgees - $25

    Can’t find your size? Or in the colour you want? Ring me, and I can place a special order for you!

    Julie Clark - Merchandise Contact 0408 538 000

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    Pics of GLYC sailing on GLYC Facebook page

    Harry and Christie both get a hole in one in November
    Harry and Christie both get a hole in one
    in November

    Newer racing photos from our sailing can be seen on the GLYC Facebook site. I believe that GLYC photos will hence forward be put on the Facebook site as Photobucket has become too cumbersome and limited.
    However, there is still a link from the GLYC home page under photo albums, as well, to photobucket for the 2016/1017 sailing season. Danuta Sowa also takes great shots and can often give you a disk with the file of your boat.

    Updated: 7 Dec 2018 6:41am by Tim Shepperd

    Gippsland Lakes Yacht Club
    P.O. Box 194, Paynesville VIC 3880

    Club phone03 5156 6864

    Flag Officers

    CommodoreAndrew Somerville0407 156 133
    Vice CommodoreJim Callahan0488 500 795
    Rear CommodoreIan McDonald0419 698 900
    SecretaryRuss Peel0408 589 805
    TreasurerTim Shepperd0400 666 486
    Sailing CaptainJames Frecheville5156 7103 / 0412 979 824


    Immediate Past CommodoreWendy Gardiner0498 116 752?
    Discover Sailing CoordinatorSharna Duff0409 207 331
    Sailability OfficerAlan Pick0410 584 860
    General CommitteeJulie Clark0408 538 000
    General CommitteeColin Johanson03 5156 6656
    General CommitteeNorbert Hrouda0427 654 039
    General CommitteeNoelene Foley5156 0048
    General CommitteeJacqui Crawford0468 987 684
    Wanderer (not on Committee)Christie Arras [WANDERER and EFLASH]03 5156 7861
    Hall HireWendy Gardiner
    BoatsIan McDonald
    YardJim Callahan
    HouseNorbert Hrouda

    Wanted: discarded wooden dinghies

    St Mary's Primary School in Bairnsdale is looking for some discarded wooden dinghies for a section of playground that is being re-designed. They are completing some improvements to their playground areas and are wanting to procure any old 'unwanted' dinghys (8-12 ft in length), to install in these areas. Contact is Connie Bruse 0428761654 or Di McGoldrick 0439329831.

    Contact: Di McColdrick
    Phone: 0439329831

    Manly Junior dinghy for free

    We have a Manly junior which we are happy to give to anyone who would like it. It has a small leak but otherwise is in good condition.
    Please contact us on 0427567670 if interested.

    Helen Tyler

    (Shown a generic pic off Google of what a Manly Junior looks like)

    Contact: Helen Tyler
    Phone: 0427567670
    Email: helen.tyler@bigpond.com

    Sabre for Sale

    Black Magic
    1 Main Sail, 2 centre boards
    Good plus condition, No leaks, Re-decked...Ready to race. $800.00

    Contact: Michael and Betty Chapman
    Phone: 0497 424 302