Wanderer - March 2019

The Commodore's Report

This month is all about the Marlay Point Over Night Race...

This is the first year where the GLYC is running the entire event. Watching the planning for the event from a distance, I can see what a massive undertaking it has been. I cannot thank our volunteers enough for making this event happen. I do think I need to single out Jacqui Crawford. Without her passion and hard work the Marlay point race may have faded away to a memory. I encourage all of you to take the time thank the organising team personally this month.

The Juniors have been out and about competing all over the place: Taj has won his first state titles in his laser; the Mozzie fleet has been taken over by juniors and have their title this weekend; and, the Minnow kids are training harder and harder.

Some of you might have noticed that the Minnow gang is out every Tuesday and Saturday. Through a bit of good fortune, Buster Hooper has taken this group on and is doing an awesome job sharing his years of experience with them. I have noticed a few of our senior members listening in on his theory sessions.

As we move into the last third of our season it is time to start looking towards next year. I encourage everyone to consider putting their hand up to run for committee; without a broad cross-section of our club represented it is hard to please everyone. If you have a question about what is involved, I encourage you to have a chat to me anytime.


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In this issue:

Sailing Calendar

Visitors join Inside Joke in the fray in Divisional on 3 Mar
Visitors join Inside Joke in the fray in
Divisional on 3 Mar

03, Sunday, 0900 hrs: Division Cool
03, Sunday, 1400 hrs: Divisional racing. Molly O
05, Tuesday, 1700 hrs: Twilight Sailing. Female Skipper Race. Duty: Waza Rager
06, Thursday, 1300 hrs: Ancient Mariners
09, Saturday, 1930 hrs: MPONR start
10, Sunday, all night and day: MPONR boats arriving at GLYC for finish and Breakfast
12, Tuesday, 1700 hrs: Twilight Sailing. Duty: Ghost
13, Wednesday thru Saturday: Bairnsdale PS 754
14, Thursday, 1300 hrs: Ancient Mariners
17, Sunday, 0900 hrs: Division Cool
17, Sunday, 1400 hrs: LB&B. Duty boat: True North/Hoopee
19, Tuesday, 1700 hrs: Twilight Sailing. Duty: Tocatta
21, Thursday, 1300 hrs: Ancient Mariners
23, Saturday: Contender State Titles at GLYC. Pizza night at 1800 hrs.
24, Sunday: Contender State Titles at GLYC
24, Sunday, 0900 hrs: Division Cool
24, Sunday, 1400 hrs: Divisional. Duty boat: Helter Skelter
26, Tuesday, 1700 hrs: Twilight Sailing. Duty: Rainbow Connection
28, Thursday, 1300 hrs: Ancient Mariners

Andrew acknowledges Tegwyn's disappointment in not being well enough to sail in the Tuesday gale with other Minnows
Andrew acknowledges Tegwyn's
disappointment in not being well enough to
sail in the Tuesday gale with other

31, Sunday, 0900 hrs: Division Cool
31, Sunday, 1000 hrs: Joy Croft Trophy Race to Loch Sport. Duty boat: Bear All

02, Tuesday, 1700 hrs: Twilight Sailing. Female Skipper race. Kitchen duty: Just for Fun
03, Wednesday, 0900 hrs: Sailability
04, Thursday, 1300 hrs: Ancient Mariners
07, Friday, 1300 hrs: LB&B Tocatta
08-12, Monday-Friday: Tackers School Holiday Program
11, Thursday, 1300 hrs: Ancient Mariners
14, Sunday, 1300 hrs: 4 Winds Trophy race It's Alright
17, Wednesday, 0900 hrs: Sailability
18, Thursday, 1300 hrs: Ancient Mariners
19, Friday, 0900 hrs: Raymond Island Good Friday Sail
20, Saturday, 1000 hrs: Easter Classic 30 long distance race Volunteers
21, Sunday, 1400 hrs: Easter Cock o' Lake & LB&B Volunteers
22, Monday, 1000 hrs: Easter Lake Victoria Triangle Volunteers
23, Wednesday, 0900 hrs: Sailability
24, Thursday, 1300 hrs: Ancient Mariners
28, Sunday, 1300 hrs: Barnsey's Last Chance & Resail (Trophy) Volunteers

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Social/Sailing Calendar

What!  Look at all the Etchells in the 19 Feb Twilight
What! Look at all the Etchells in the 19
Feb Twilight

Friday Club Night
Come catch up with mates Friday nights. Feel free to bring your meal, take out or use the barbie and enjoy. Be sure to welcome visitors who are interested in the club. And if you're lucky, you might be the lucky winner of the club draw.

Twilight Meals
Just a reminder, as required last year, should you wish to have a meal/meals, please email glycmeals@gmail.com stating how many in your party and if there are any dietary requirements such as gluten-free, or vegetarian, etc. (Sorry, no diets requiring crayfish will be accommodated.)
Please have this email meal reservation in by 4 pm before sailing.

Big Bash Friday Club Night. 29th March
6 pm onwards. Finger food provided, and your first drink is "on the House". The usual Friday draws will take place and there will be a lucky door prize as well.
We hope to see a big crowd of members who have given their time, no matter how little or much, to the club this season. And that includes basically everyone!
Even if you don't normally attend Friday Nights, this one is guaranteed to be a convivial evening.

GLYC Season Celebration Night. Saturday 18th May.

Please put these important dates in your calendars

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Discover Sailing

Buster trains the Minnows the Tuesday the big boats had to stay home.  A glory moment for the young sailors.
Buster trains the Minnows the Tuesday the
big boats had to stay home. A glory
moment for the young sailors.

It's been a fabulous month of State championship sailing for our juniors and youth so far.

In late February, Sara Melrose, Ned Sheridan and Emily Melrose headed down to Rye Yacht Club to compete in the Minnow States. Backing up from their recent experience at home for the nationals, all showed great improvement in the bigger fleet racing on Port Phillip.

In the open fleet, Sarah was 3rd junior and 7th overall with some very competitive racing. Sarah was also awarded the President's Award for the championships. Ned and Emily both sailed very well in the large novice fleet, finishing 4th and 8th respectively in a fleet of 19.

Earlier in the month Taj Duff also returned to Port Phillip, this time sailing out of McCrae Yacht Club for the Laser States. After being blown out on the Saturday, racing commenced on Sunday with a strong 20+ knot breeze. With four back-to-back races completed by early afternoon, Taj took out 1st 4.7 overall, as well as 1st 4.7 youth.

And finally, just last weekend Jack Felsenthal took out the 2019 Victorian WASZP State Championships at Blairgowrie Yacht Squadron. Held in light 8-11 knot northerlies, Jack held off Thomas Trotman by a point to win the championship.

Sarah takes third in the juniors and seventh overall in the Minnow States.  Well done!
Sarah takes third in the juniors and
seventh overall in the Minnow States.
Well done!

Meanwhile back at home, Russell's Division Cool continues on Sunday mornings with our next generation of sailors getting more and more confident on the water. All have now completed the "under the boat" exercise where, with supervision from Russell and nearby GLYC RIBs and swimmers, they experience what it is like to be underneath an up-side-down dinghy. In a controlled and calm setting, all of our young sailors are shown how they have space underneath the boat, how to untangle themselves from ropes and how to safely get on the outside to be rescued. It is such important knowledge and experience for all of our young sailors to have.

Thanks also to Buster Hooper, whose racing expertise is being shared with our Minnow fleet. (It was such a gas a couple of Tuesdays ago when the Minnows were out were out in the gale sailing with Buster coaching while the big boat racing was abandoned! The young sailors could not wipe the grins off their faces. -Ed)

I must say, it was a great sight last Sunday with our beach full of dinghies and cats before divisional racing. A reminder too how time flies, as most of these young OTB sailors were not too long ago completing sailing school, Division Cool and the "under-the-boat" exercise themselves. Good luck to all of our sailors who are heading off to State Championships this weekend, from last check I think we will have GLYC representation at the 125s, 9ers, Mozzies and 420 championships.

Taj aced the Laser States with 1st in 4.7 overall, as well as 1st 4.7 youth.
Taj aced the Laser States with 1st in 4.7
overall, as well as 1st 4.7 youth.

Upcoming dates for GLYC's Discover Sailing Program
  • Division Cool: continuing Sunday mornings throughout March and into April (note: no Division Cool on the long weekend in March)
  • Bairnsdale 754 School Sailing: 13-15 March
  • Various junior / youth state title regattas throughout March
  • Tackers School Holiday Program: 8-12 April (includes Tackers and Adults Learn to Sail. Register here: https://sailglyc.com/tackers-school-holiday-program/)
  • Good Friday Raymond Island Sail: Friday 19 April
  • Paynesville Primary School Sailing; 30 Apr - 2 May (tbc)


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Division 1 Report

Sabers and Fifteens after the start in divisional on 10 Feb
Sabers and Fifteens after the start in
divisional on 10 Feb

It has been an interesting month of divisional racing with a wide range of conditions from strong breezes, moderate winds, and even race 12 sailed in light winds with the second race of the day cancelled due to the lack of wind.

In race 9 and 10, Charlie and Luca in the 29er dominated taking out two firsts with Craig and Ian Rainey in second and Andrew in third.

Races 11 and 12 were sailed in excellent conditions with moderate to strong winds. Unfortunately for Craig and Ian, they had a breakdown in the first race. Brian in his Contender showed the way placing first followed by Jim and Andrew. In race 12, Craig and Ian returned to place first followed by Jim.

March the 3rd was a real contrast to the previous races with light and shifty winds. Craig and Ian finished first with Jim second and Andrew third. The wind continued to die and the second race of the day was cancelled.

Gippsland Lakes Yacht Club was well represented in the Flying Fifteen State titles by Craig and Ian. Trevor Williams with his daughter Anna also travelled to the series and produced a good result. The race was held at Cairn Curran Lake near Maldon. Camping was the preferred choice of accommodation which provided a very friendly atmosphere for the competitors.

Inland lakes racing is always challenging and tests the skills of sailors. Craig and Ian were always at the top of the fleet achieving a great result with a 3rd, 2nd, 3rd and 1st to win the titles by one point. Trevor and Anna had solid results with a 4th, 7th, 6th and 2nd to place 6th overall. Well done to both skippers and crews.


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Division 4 report

Immunity works the top mark in 10 Feb divisional
Immunity works the top mark in 10 Feb

As one of the Div 4 sailors said, "February was 'all over the shop' ".

For a start, we had a high turnover of boats with one Mosquito in and one out. Oskar Watkinson is now the proud owner of Wild Side - actually an old GLYC boat returning to the club, while Gary Maskiell has waved goodbye to Still Bitten as it heads off to QLD. Gary is now on the hunt for a replacement but is keeping himself occupied with getting Oskar up to speed on his new toy.

We have also had welcome visits from South Gippsland sailor Pete Kiely. Pete gets to practice against the GLYC mozzies and everyone else gets to watch him fall off his boat and leave it sailing across the lake under spinnaker (and under-manned). It's a two-way thing!

There has been plenty of non-Mozzie activity as well. It's been good to see Aaron's Nacra still coming along, even after the move to Melbourne. Neil Maskiell's Mobie has also been seen on the water with different hands on the tiller, and Mitch Meade has been getting good divisional results on his Flying A.

Darrin has made the bold move to start using the spinnaker and is planning to do so at the Mosquito state titles at Lake Boga this long weekend along with Gary (on Jamie's boat), Neil, Oskar, Peter and Tim who will all be on the road on Friday.
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03 5152 4148

Gone Viral hones their talents in the J K Lloyd
Gone Viral hones their talents in the J K

The JK Lloyd trophy race turned out a lot more interesting than expected. After a light spinnaker reach through the straits, the wind developed into a good 12 to 15 knots. This was Darrin's first raising of the spinnaker, so a bit nerve-wracking for him! Taj Duff tried his hand at Hobie racing for a change, and while Tim and Neil finished around 15 minutes ahead of the next boats, it wasn't enough to defeat the handicap system that relegated Tim to 2nd and Neil to 14th!

Keep that windward hull flying.

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Marlay Point Over Night Race update

Coming down to Mitchell mark in J K Lloyd
Coming down to Mitchell mark in J K Lloyd

The 51st MPONR is now only days away. The committee have been frantically working to finalise all aspects of the race. It looks like it is all starting to come together now.

The huge news this month is our race manager Jacqui has secured us a 2 year sponsorship deal with Keeley Marine Supplies. They are a Melbourne based family business who specialise in all sorts of marine supplies. Be sure to look them up online. They just might be the ones to have that part you've been searching for. They will be around for the start and the finish of the race so feel free to pop over and have a chat with them.

The medallions are a new design this year thanks to the design input from Mary Sowa. They look fabulous and I'm sure will be appreciated by all who receive them. The only way to get one of these medallions is to complete the race.

The trophies are absolutely brilliant. I know that I for one will be working hard all night with one of those in mind and not many get to brag about winning the Marlay Point Overnight Race.

... and of course the legendary polo shirts... I'd love to say they look brilliant but I can't. They are always kept a big secret until the day and only the person who orders them knows what colour they are. I have been privy to a sneak look at the logo and it is really great. I do have it from the source herself that they look brilliant. Thanks Zannah!!!

Entries are also looking good. We have 129 altogether that have entered and are sure to pick up a few more late entries on the day of the race. I have been told that apart from last year, which was special being the 50th anniversary, it is the largest fleet since 2012.

With a family festival again at LWYC and then the sunset firing of the flares for the start of the race through to the hive of activity of boats passing through Paynesville and back to finish at GLYC and then the presentation function at the end, all we need is you to help celebrate. It is a huge event and will be one of those things not to miss, even if it is just to get up early and come and see the mass of boats come through, hopefully under spinnaker. Of course, don't forget to stop and join us for a BIG, BIG, BIG breakfast.

Matt on the Contender wonders if he is having fun yet in J K Lloyd
Matt on the Contender wonders if he is
having fun yet in J K Lloyd

While the race is in progress we do ask members to please refrain from entering the loft area. This will be marked as a DO NOT ENTER zone for the race because the finishing team will need to concentrate to get every sail number, every race number and a finish time to go with it. Only the people rostered on for finishing duties will be allowed in that area during the race.

You are however, welcome to join in the festivities in the lower bar and outside in the extended licensed area. There will be a band and food vans, The Fig and Ferry Cafes will have pop up stands where you can order and have a meal delivered so that you don't miss any of the action at the club. There will be some tables and chairs in that area for your comfort.

To all those who have contributed or volunteered their services thank you. Your help is very much appreciated and without you there would not be an event. If you would still like to help, please contact Christie. She is still after a few extra hands in the kitchen.

With all the work that's gone on behind the scenes, I'm sure this will be yet another hugely successful event for GLYC.

MPONR Committee

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Rear Commodore report

Many hands made light the work to restore kitchen after installation of the new floor
Many hands made light the work to restore
kitchen after installation of the new

This month it was again busy for the boat group, but that is to be expected with everything the club has going on at present.

Boats General:
The Boats group have completed this month:
  • Additional modification and repairs to the rescue boat recovery winch (Thanks to Dave B);
  • Replaced the jockey wheel on Thomson's trailer and this modification will make launching and retrieval considerably safer. (Thanks to Ross)All boats have been washed and safety/rescue equipment checked (No replacements were needed to be purchase although it took some time to sort it out after the championships and have them ready for the Marlay Point weekend);
  • The boat recovery winch on the trailer of the Thomson has failed and new on had to be installed. (Thanks to Dave & Peter).
  • We also had a problem with the water tell-tale on Alex P and the boat had to be sent to Bairnsdale Marine to have the blockage cleared. The blockage was between the pickup and the pump so it could not be cleared without taking the leg off. It is now fully operational.

  • Opti Trailers:
    A trial was carried out this month on the turning wheels of the Opti trailers and it proved successful. Frank Nott will be modifying the remaining two trollies over the next couple of months. Until this work is done I would ask anyone moving the trollies to be careful as they are hard to turn making them hard to move.

    The Committee has submitted an application for a grant hoping that we can purchase 3 sets of spinnakers and fittings for half of the Pacers fleet. This will allow our senior trainees to learn the use of a spinnaker and it would give them a greater experience and fun with their sailing


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    Black Sunday and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

    And to end the day, Thompson rescued sailors from Coona..something as the fellow's knee went out
    And to end the day, Thompson rescued
    sailors from Coona..something as the
    fellow's knee went out

    Sunday 10 February was supposed to be a gentle 8 knot Divisional Series race in Lake Victoria that turned out to be anything but, although it was not due to strong winds, it was just a bad luck day. (Maybe we all should have stayed in bed).

    On Black Sunday there was:
  • A Flying 15 damaged a sheet and had to do temporary repairs to continue racing;
  • A trailable collided with a cat damaging a hull and putting more grey hairs on the skipper;
  • A trailable destroyed a spinnaker and pole while the rest of the fleet had a good opportunity to check the skippers last hull clean and antifoul job;
  • A cat lost it's skipper and headed off to RI on its own under main and spinnaker;
  • A new skipper (non club boat) turned his boat over and lost his crew requiring assistance and long tow home by the course boat;
  • One of the crew on the start boat got sea sick and had to be taken ashore;
  • Then once we all hit the shore, a trailable got stuck on the ramp with a partly jammed centre board;
  • To round off the day we damaged the rescue boat recovery winch in the boat shed and had to leave the Thomson in overnight until repairs were carried out next day.
  • It happens...Its Alright flattens and hauls in spinnaker in 10 Feb divisional
    It happens...Its Alright flattens and
    hauls in spinnaker in 10 Feb divisional

    I don't know who or if we all had black cats cross our paths, but something was working against the fleet; so if you came in without damage, think yourself lucky..... you had a good day.


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    Yard and Marina Update

    Metung YC enjoyed their lunch at GLYC and head home down the straits.  Thank you to chefs Julie and Christie.
    Metung YC enjoyed their lunch at GLYC and
    head home down the straits. Thank you to
    chefs Julie and Christie.

    Some boats in the yard will need to be moved Saturday to provide room for some food vans and the extended bar area. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Jim Callahan on 0488 500 795. After the Marley Point there will be a space available in the Marina. If you wish to take up a spot in the marina please put in an application.


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    Ancient Mariners

    The Ancient Mariners Thursday afternoon sailing is continuing to prove popular with 15 plus boats sailing regularly this month. It is good to see that not only are skippers trying to take home the wine but also there are groups racing within the fleet for first-over-the-line and bragging rights. (Yes, I am one of the main offenders.)

    We could have a greater number of boats on the water but lack crew is preventing this, so if you know of anyone who wants to sail tell them to give me a call and I will be happy to arrange for them to crew on a boat.

    0419 698 900

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    Tuesday Twilight Meals

     Ned and Emily both sailed very well in the large novice fleet, finishing 4th and 8th respectively in a fleet of 19 at Minnow States
    Ned and Emily both sailed very well in
    the large novice fleet, finishing 4th and
    8th respectively in a fleet of 19 at
    Minnow States

    Many thanks to all those lovely people who are available to prepare our delicious meals post racing on a Tuesday evening.

    For those of you who are curious as to the various meals provided, here is the plan for the rest of the season:
    On 5 Feb, 5 Mar and 2 Apr there will be pizza and salads
    On 12 Feb and 12 Mar there will be marinated chicken and salads
    On 19 Feb and 19 Mar there will be lamb pies and vegetarian pasties and salads
    On 26 Feb and 26 Mar there will be BBQ chicken and salads

    And of course, don't forget to either email at glycmeals@gmail.com or write your name down on the list in the undercroft by 4pm!


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    Winter Soup Nights

    Jack takes first in the Vic Waszp states
    Jack takes first in the Vic Waszp states

    2019 Soup Nights will be back again this year!

    If you would like to volunteer to make a delicious hot soup for about 30 people on a cold and wintry evening in June, July or August, please contact Julie Clark on 0408538000 to let her know of your availability!

    The bargain meal for $5 brings a lot of people to the loft on Friday club nights to warm their bellies with the delicious soups and garlic bread and to catch up with friends.

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    Rules Corner

    This month we are looking at the classic Port/Starboard scenario when bashing to windward. You are on port tack and want to squeeze ahead of the Right of Way Starboard tacker. There are many misconceptions (such as NO CONTACT no incident) and it is worth examining World Sailing Case 50.

    RRS 10 and 14 apply

    <i>When a protest committee finds that in a port-starboard incident that S did not change course and there was not a genuine and reasonable apprehension of collision on the part of S, it should dismiss her protest. When the committee finds that S did change course and that there was reasonable doubt that P could have crossed ahead of S if S had not changed course, then P should be disqualified.</i>

    On a windward leg, P met S and sailed a course to cross ahead of S. S bore away, displayed a protest flag, and hailed P her intent to protest. Both boats were identical 27-foot (8 m) keel boats, and the wind strength was Force 3.

    S protested under rule 10, stating that she had to bear away to avoid colliding with P. The protest committee dismissed the protest by S, stating that The need to change course could not be substantiated by the conflicting testimony of the two helmsmen.' S appealed.

    Coming up to top mark in Div on 10 Feb
    Coming up to top mark in Div on 10 Feb


    Rule 10 protests involving no contact are very common, and protest committees tend to handle them in very different ways. Some place an onus on the port-tack boat to prove conclusively that she would have cleared the starboard-tack boat, even when the latter's evidence is barely worthy of credence. No such onus appearsin rule 10. Other protest committees are reluctant to allow any rule 10 protest in the absence of contact, unless the starboard-tack boat proves conclusively that contact would have occurred had she not changed course. Both approaches are incorrect.

    S's diagram, later endorsed by the protest committee, shows that S bore away to avoid contact. P's diagram, which was not endorsed by the protest committee, showed a near miss if S did not bear away. P did not deny or confirm that S bore away but said that, if she did, it was unnecessary.

    A starboard-tack boat in such circumstances need not hold her course so as to prove, by hitting the port-tack boat, that a collision was inevitable. Moreover, if she does so she will break rule 14. At a protest hearing, S must establish either that contact would have occurred if she had held her course, or that there was enough doubt that P could safely cross ahead to create a reasonable apprehension of contact on S's part and that it was unlikely that S would have no need to take avoiding action' (see the definition Keep Clear).

    In her own defence, P must present adequate evidence to establish either that S did not change course ot theat P would have safely crossed ahead of S and that S had no need to take avoiding action. When, after considering all the evidence, a protest committee finds that S did not change course or that there was not a genuine and reasonable apprehension of collision on her part it should dismiss her protest. When, however, it is satisfied that S did change course, that there was reasonable doubt that P could have crossed ahead, and that S was justified in taking avoiding action by bearing away, then P should be disqualified.

    On the facts, as shown in the diagram and the report of the protest committee the ability of P to cross ahead of S was doubtful at best. S's appeal is upheld, and P is disqualified.

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    Big Bash Volunteers Thank You Party

    Friday 29th March from 6pm onwards

    Bill loves his volunteering job
    Bill loves his volunteering job

    Every club member who has volunteered throughout the last year, please come along for finger food and a free drink (later drinks at bar prices) on the regular Club Night on the 29th.

    This thank you from the club is intended for everyone who makes the club what it is: volunteers on boats, in the kitchen, on land, and those racing. So basically it is everyone who contributes to the vibrancy and success of the club: so that means you.

    Last year a number of members didn't come as they believed they weren't OFFICIAL volunteers, but every one does something at some time. Without boats racing there wouldn't be a club either. So, yes, you too are invited.

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    Club Merchandise 2018 - 2019

    Do you need a new item of club merchandise for the 2018-2019 season?

    Come along and check out what we have to make sure you are looking good both on and off the water this season!

    All our merchandise is very reasonably priced, and wearing it is a great way to advertise our club in the community!

    Make sure you check out our stock next time you're at the club.

    Payment can be made either via the envelopes located in the merchandise cupboard or by direct deposit into the club bank account.

    Prices as follows:

    LS Polo Shirts (White, Red & Blue) - $40
    SS Polo Shirts (White, Red & Blue) - $35
    GLYC Caps & Winter Beanies - $15
    GLYC Sleeveless Vests (Blue) - $55
    GLYC Waterproof Jackets - $80
    GLYC Mens Ties - $10
    GLYC Stubby Holders - $10
    GLYC Burgees - $25

    Can't find your size? Or in the colour you want? Ring me, and I can place a special order for you!

    Julie Clark - Merchandise Contact 0408 538 000

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    Pics of GLYC sailing on GLYC Facebook page

    Newer racing photos from our sailing can be seen on the Gippsland Lakes Yacht Club Facebook Members and Friends site.

    However, there is still a link from the GLYC home page under photo albums, as well, to photobucket for the 2016/1017 sailing season. Danuta Sowa also takes great shots and can often give you a disk with the file of your boat.

    Updated: 9 Mar 2019 11:05am by Tim Shepperd

    Name that photo contest

    An unusual photo came out of Sunday's Divisional racing and race management is trying to sort it out. So, they have decided to have a contest for the best caption for this jumble of boat and leg?...

    There were two entries for caption this photo:

    "Did you say something about a bump in the road"

    "Head over heels in love with cat sailing"

    Updated: 9 Mar 2019 11:05am by Christie Arras

    The Tuesday that was...then wasn't

    Minnows on the Tuesday evening before the maelstrom
    Minnows on the Tuesday evening before the

    Last Tuesday Twilight, nineteen boats were milling about the start waiting for their times, their boats framed against an amazingly ominous looking sky. A thin ribbon of light at the horizon separated the dark water from the angry sky.

    The wind at that point was virtually non-existant and the fleet drifted about hoping not to hit the drifting boats on their sides. Four boats beached in the shallows; three kept Rescue 1 busy towing them off.

    And then all chaos ensued when the wind pounced and the torrential rain brought almost total darkness to the race. Nav lights were put on, but here's the rub. Probably a third of the boats had no nav lights on at all. From the vantage point of the Judy G, those boats were invisible.

    At that point, Judy G and James pulled the plug and abandoned the race. Judy G switched her very bright white flashing light to the abandonment orange flashing light. Soon enough the rain eased, the daylight returned, and sailors towelled themselves off and returned to their pens.

    The message we have learned, hopefully, should day unexpectedly become night, skippers, is if your nav lights are disfunctional, you should at least shine a flashlight or spotlight on your mast/boat/sail to let others see you. It's really hairy having a fleet with half the boats darn nigh invisible!

    The club house was truly energized after all that as members waited for pizza night reliving the excitement of the Twilight that was then wasn't.


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    Gippsland Lakes Yacht Club
    P.O. Box 194, Paynesville VIC 3880

    Club phone03 5156 6864

    Flag Officers

    CommodoreAndrew Somerville0407 156 133
    Vice CommodoreJim Callahan0488 500 795
    Rear CommodoreIan McDonald0419 698 900
    SecretaryRuss Peel0408 589 805
    TreasurerTim Shepperd0400 666 486
    Sailing CaptainJames Frecheville5156 7103 / 0412 979 824


    Immediate Past CommodoreWendy Gardiner0498 116 752?
    Discover Sailing CoordinatorSharna Duff0409 207 331
    Sailability OfficerAlan Pick0410 584 860
    General CommitteeJulie Clark0408 538 000
    General CommitteeColin Johanson03 5156 6656
    General CommitteeNorbert Hrouda0427 654 039
    General CommitteeNoelene Foley5156 0048
    General CommitteeJacqui Crawford0468 987 684
    Wanderer (not on Committee)Christie Arras [WANDERER and EFLASH]03 5156 7861
    Hall HireWendy Gardiner
    BoatsIan McDonald
    YardJim Callahan
    HouseNorbert Hrouda

    Abseiling rope for sale

    Ex Rock-climbing and Abseiling rope. 12 mm and 10 mm diameter. Suitable for sheets or mooring lines. $1 per meter.

    Contact: Geoff Robinson
    Phone: 0427 446 405

    DaVinci - Cumulus 21

    21' Cumulus trailor sailor
    9.8 Mercury outboard
    Unregistered trailer

    $6500 ono

    Call Vince 0474 040 107 or David 0400 862 245

    Contact: Vince Camp or David Cree

    Wicked Weasel Minnow 1218 for sale

    Fibreglass Ply sandwich Hull
    Full Fibreglass thwart and centrecase
    Great proffessional 2 pack finish
    3 sails (radial, cross and plus cuts)
    2 fibreglass centreboards (white, green)
    6:1 Vang
    Fibreglass rudder with aluminium rudder box and tiller
    Custom carbon fibre tiller extension
    Unique Sails Hull and Deck Cover
    $4,200 ono
    Located in Paynesville. Delivery can be arranged

    Steve (0411 037 418) or Taj (0473 260 123)

    Contact: Taj and Steve Duff
    Phone: 0411 037 418