Wanderer - August 2019

The Commodore's Report

Another cold winter month has passed us by.

The Open Skiff gang headed off to Albert Park lake for a few days of training. Somehow they managed to find the only weekend in July that it was blowing a gale. There was a lot of capsizing going on followed by a shocked look, not because it was cold but because it was only waist deep on Tegwyn.

At the other end of the country the Melrose girls were competing in the Minnow nationals. Due to the weather the Darwin nationals are held mid year. Emily sailed very well with a couple of heat wins in the green fleet and finished third overall (up from fifth at the last nationals). Sara sailed in the open fleet and showed that consistency pays off winning the female skipper's trophy and finishing fourth overall (up from 21st last time).

As everyone will have noticed by now the building is back on some stumps. After a few setbacks in the process, the building is much more stable than it was and will stay that way for many years to come. East Gippsland Shire is more committed than ever to help us continue on the best site on the lakes.

The sailing calendar is almost ready to be published. It will consist of a Championship series, Divisional series, and the usual assortment of trophy races, which will all have yardstick and handicap results. Plus Twilights starting on Cup day, and of course Ancient Mariners. James's report further on will outline how all of this will come together in more detail.

It is also the time of the year when we start politely asking people to help out around the club. We would love it if we filled all the roles/duties before we have to start begging. Julie will be looking for Tuesday night dinner helpers, James is always after help for Sundays and regattas (the A-Class regatta will be spectacular!), and Brian will be looking for help in the sailing school.

Finally, we will be sending everyone a personalised special message this month. While we do think that you are all special, it's really membership renewal time and we do appreciate prompt payments.

Until next month

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In this issue:

Sailing Calendar

Sailor collapses and freezes onto dinghy topsides in Winter Series slow racing this Sunday.  Photo by Jacqui
Sailor collapses and freezes onto dinghy
topsides in Winter Series slow racing this
Sunday. Photo by Jacqui

04, Sunday, 1300 hrs: Winter Series
06, Tuesday, 1300 hrs: Ancient Mariners
13, Tuesday, 1300 hrs: Ancient Mariners
20, Tuesday, 1300 hrs: Ancient Mariners
27, Tuesday, 1300 hrs: Ancient Mariners

01, Sunday, 1300 hrs: Winter Series
03, Tuesday, 1300 hrs: Ancient Mariners
10, Tuesday, 1300 hrs: Ancient Mariners
17, Tuesday, 1300 hrs: Ancient Mariners
24, Tuesday, 1300 hrs: Ancient Mariners

*Should a Tuesday Ancient Mariners be abandoned due to weather, the race will hopefully be held on the Thursday.

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03 5152 4148

Social/Sailing Calendar

St. Nick carves the turkey at the Grange. Eight boats made their way for the refreshing celebration of  Xmas in July.
St. Nick carves the turkey at the Grange.
Eight boats made their way for the
refreshing celebration of Xmas in July.

Friday Club Night
Come catch up with mates Friday nights. Be sure to welcome visitors who might show up. And if you're lucky, you might be the lucky winner of the club draw which is now almost up to $500.

Soup Nights continue each Friday evening up in the Loft
The menu remains the bargain price of $5 for soup and garlic bread. This is the best deal in town and a wonderful way to keep up with mates on our cold winter evenings. Looking forward to the cozy warm room and delicious soups....

Ancient Mariners
Happening on Tuesdays with boats beginning to head out at 1300 hours after lunch and serious discussion. Thursdays will be make up day should Tuesday be cancelled.

Working Bee, Saturday, 21st September
Please put this day on your schedules. The energy is high and the camaraderie strong as we spruce up our club and boats. This effort also gives credit toward boat storage points.

GLYC Opening Weekend, Saturday/Sunday, 5th and 6th October
The opening of our sailing season and summer racing begins on this festive day. Dust off the cobwebs and join in the Sail Past and salute to the Commodore. Then jump into the fray of this new season's racing and excitement.

Discover Sailing Day, Sunday, 27th October
Join in introducing members of the public to sailing and our club.

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Sailing Captain's Report

Anne prepares to wrap the sail around her shoulders in the light winds while wearing her high heels in style.  Photo by Jacqui
Anne prepares to wrap the sail around her
shoulders in the light winds while wearing
her high heels in style. Photo by Jacqui

In August last year Carol advised me that if 'Tarna' was not back in the water for the next coming season it could go to the tip. Well, 'Tarna' is now back in the water after a two year hiatus where much work was done and nearly a year after that ultimatum. How grand it was to join the AM fleet for a blast (icy) on Lake Victoria last Thursday. This could become a habit!

Life has a habit of getting in the way when you have a plan.

And a plan is what the Club has for this coming sailing season. Much consideration was given of notes taken by Jacqui at the Sailors' Meeting post AGM and we think we have a clear understanding of what our membership wants on the Sailing Calendar and how we are going to facilitate such.

So here goes. This season there will be an 8 race series for the Club Championship with whole fleet PHC results for the LB&B Trophy. We are the only Club I am aware of that will race a minnow against a mosquito against a 40 keelboat sailing the same course for a handicap result. And still we do it.

The Gamble Consultants Trophy for Divisional Yardstick results will be run in conjunction with the LB&B and is also part of the Club Championship Series but boats will be competing within their own Division. It makes a great deal of sense to be scored on both YS/CBH/GLYC and on PHC and doesn't present as an issue for Race Management nor SailRes. It also acknowledges the Deeds of Gift and this will reflect on the Honour Boards.

The Divisional Series will be another 8 race day standalone series with results given on YS/CBH/GLYC on the day and on a personal handicap result at season end. In this series, yardstick champions will not be eligible for a handicap win.
Courses for the Divisional Series will be much the same as for last season and there will be provision for B2B racing for Divisions 1,3 and 4.

For both the Club Championship and Divisional Series boats MUST sail >50% of the races to be eligible for a podium finish. Average points will be awarded to boats that are away competing at a State or National Regatta.

Trophy Races are what they are and most are scored on PHC. The Joy Croft is gazetted for 24 November but will the weather allow us to get to Loch Sport? MeYC will host us for lunch on Saturday 11 January and this race will mark the end of a very busy fortnight of National Championship regattas for the Mirror and A-Class Associations. If anyone is interested in helping out either on the water or around the Club for these two B2B major regattas, please don't hesitate to put your hand up.

Some things never change and doing duty on a race day is a given. Without member support in manning the rescue boats our Club just could not run the sailing season we do. Both Sundays and Tuesday Twilights. There will be a roster and if you have a preference of any particular day to sail or not sail please let me know asap.

GLYC is keeping in line with World Sailing standings by changing our divisional flags from the numeral pennant to the Naval Flag numbers. No longer a pennant but a rectangular flag, bigger and easier to see. You just have to learn what your flag looks like!


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Vice Commodore Report

Welcome to the first of the new season Wanderer updates from the new Committee. You will look below and say not much has changed...but there are changes on the way which the Commodore will set out over the next few months.

I may have changed my Committee role but I still maintain the boats portfolio. I have confirmed the boats groups for this year although there is always room for more volunteers to join as there is plenty of work to be carried out to keep our training boats and race management boats serviceable. So if anyone is interested in joining this hard working group please let me know as you are most welcome.
    Club Boat Working Group:
    Dave Bacon, Mark Alderman, Peter Farrell, Sandy McLeod, Rod Van Dijk, Steve Lark, David Parish, Russell Broomhall, James Frecheville, & Neil Smith.
    My personal thanks to this merry band of sailors for stepping up again this year as this role seems, at times, to be a never ending job.

    Judi G
    The annual bottom clean and antifoul application is to be carried out in September and this year I have arranged to do the work at the Ports yard using the lift crane with their pressure washer. I'm hoping the usual crew is available for 2 days of work with the 1st day washing and applying the first coat of antifoul and second day for the top coat and return the boat to the water.

    Pacer Training Boats
    I am aiming to proceed with the installation of the spinnaker equipment for the 3 training Pacers yachts during August so they are ready for the start of the season. This equipment is being purchased using the grant money that Colin Johanson was able to obtain.
    Sailability Rib
The motor lost overboard from the Sailability Rib has now been assessed and the insurance company has accepted and paid the claim. Kevin is recommending that the motor be replaced as he cannot guarantee it following its submersion. The order for the new reduced power 4 stroke (approximate 10hp) replacement motor has been raised with Bairnsdale Marine with the aim of having it fitted during September in conjunction with the annual motor services being carried out.
    Annual Motor Services
    It is that time of year again and I am arranging with Bairnsdale Marine to:
  • Service the 2 motors during the change over from Rescue One to the two new 5 metre Ribs;
  • Service both motors on Judi G;
  • Service the motor on Thomson.

  • As mentioned previously we aim to have these services completed during September.

Ancient Mariners
To put more variety into the Ancient Mariners' sailing calendar, I am looking to incorporate a monthly challenge that will be contested in addition to the normal stern chaser. This will not change any of our existing formats but will be run concurrently on the day using lap time on CBH handicaps. It is planned to commence in October when most of our wandering sailors return from the call north and warmer weather.
    Challenge Series
  • October 2019 - Anator Challenge
  • November 2019 - Dash for Cash
  • December 2019 - Masters Challenge
  • January 2020 - Scorcher Endurance Challenge
  • February 2020 - Grueling Circuit Challenge
  • March 2020 - Lotto Crew Change Challenge
  • April 2020 - Combat Clash Challenge
  • May 2020 - Thirteen Points Challenge
  • June 2020 - Ice Breaker Challenge
  • July 2020 - Snow Ball Challenge
  • August 2020 - Brass Monkey Challenge
  • September 2020 - White Water Challenge

There are a considerable number of trophies yet to be collected and they will be available on Opening Day. I will circulate a list prior to this event.


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Division 4 report

David and Ron enjoy the lead up to Xmas dinner at the Grange
David and Ron enjoy the lead up to Xmas
dinner at the Grange

If anybody is looking for some State and National level competition in the near future without leaving the Gippsland Lakes, Mosquito Catamarans can give it to you. Not only do Mosquito Cats offer the consistently largest fleet racing at GLYC on Sundays through summer, but now you can compete in the 2020 Mosquito State Titles on the Labour Day weekend in March. The Mosquito Association is also talking to GLYC to see if National Titles can be held at Paynesville in mid January 2021.

But it's not just the Mosquito Catamarans that make up Div4; the club has an eclectic mix of Nacra, Hobie, Tornado and now the exciting little OTB Tri, the Weta, has been added to the mix, making the future for Div 4 at GLYC more exciting than ever. Nick is well known for his exploits at GLYC on his big Tri Saracen, but now Saracen Junior has come along and it's fair to say his Weta Tri is living up to its name and has made a "Splash" (pun intended) with the winter series and Thursday arvo fleet. Some may not know that Nick first sailed at GLYC on a OTB Taipan Cat. I also know that his lust to get back to the wet and wild racing of OTB sailing has continued; it was just a matter of finding the right vessel and the Weta Tri seems to have delivered for him. If you haven't seen the Weta Tri yet, have a look in the boatyard near the flagpole; it's a great looking bit of gear and you never know, a Weta Tri may suit you too.

Whoa!  Has Flora shown her true emu colours at the Xmas in July at the Grange?
Whoa! Has Flora shown her true emu
colours at the Xmas in July at the Grange?

Still plenty of sailing to be watched online for those hiding from the chill of winter... I've mentioned Sail GP and the amazing flying F50 cats before and the next event is coming up on the 10-11th of August at Cowes UK. So get comfortable and Cheer the Aussies on; it should be extremely close racing.

Remember Life's better with a hull in the air, or dreaming about it.

Still Bitten.

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Division 3 Junior report

On Sunday the 7th of July, it was the first race for the GLYC Open Skiffs in the Winter Series. Four out of our fleet of five turned up for the day's racing.

We are all well practiced in setting up the boats and it did not take long to rig. We were on the water quickly and headed to the start line with the rest of the fleet.

The first start was abandoned due to a big wind shift. The second time around we all started at the pin end as it seemed to be the favored end.

I led the group up the first leg; Paul and Sam swapped positions many times, and Ned tossed up whether standing up or lying down was the best approach in light winds. A high point for me was sailing through the fleet of trailer sailors.

At the end of the race we headed straight back to the beach as my toes were frozen. We all de-rigged and packed up the trailer ready to go to Albert Park the next weekend for a training regatta.

It was a great day because racing on the lake was exciting with all the big boats. And thanks, Taj, for helping out.

Tegwyn S.

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Ancient Mariners Antics

Sneak peak of the revised AM chart of the lakes.   See attachment to the newsletter for a better read.
Sneak peak of the revised AM chart of the
lakes. See attachment to the newsletter
for a better read.

Over the last year or so the Ancient Mariners' races, conducted by the ever reliable (most of the time) Macca (Ian McDonald), have become more and more popular. There is always a tale of woe, grandeur or just plain bragging to tell whilst enjoying a little sip of the nectar of choice.

The day begins via email with Macca's sermon and the appropriate start times depending on whether you sailed well or the conditions were against you the previous week. The better you did, the greater the punishment on the time meter. We then meet in the loft with a BYO lunch (or not) and discuss the direction and length of the course of the day. The faster boats generally prefer a longer course whilst the smaller of our fleet try hard to disagree. In the end our great leader, Macca, will decide. Big Al is always there to ensure we are all financial for the day, provide an update and very formative weather outlook and more recently has taken control of shanghaiing any extras onto boats that are a bit light on for crew.

With the formalities finalised we head to the water regularly wondering where our wind will come from. If we are lucky a most enjoyable 10 kts will present itself and occasionally we grit our teeth, reef our mains and prepare to battle the 15+ kts or more that comes to play.

By 3.30pm the first boat should be finished or we radio in and select what position we think will suit our performance for the day. Boats are tied up or retrieved to their trailers and we head upstairs to where the last leg of the race determines the winners and losers of the day. Big Al will let us know who started well or who needs to hang their head in shame. If you managed some great feat, like pulling into Etchell's Bank or stopping to give Monty an Itch within the sight of Al's Tower, it is announced to all. Crowd comments are greatly appreciated at this time.

The winner of the day is presented with a wonderful bottle full of either red or white nectar which will for a short time help soften the blow of the Handicapper's wrath - TIME!!!

Thanks to big Al a feast of bickies and cheese and sometimes something sweeter like a yummy cake, that Angela has prepared for us earlier is served, while our wonderful provider of nectar, (regularly Steve, all hail Steve), serves us upon request. What more could you ask for.

With all fun and jokes aside, it must be said that the Ancient Mariners races are a lot of fun. We do thank Ian, Alastair, Steve, Ange and any other stand-in helpers from time to time for what is a must do for any sailor with nothing better to do on a Tuesday/Thursday afternoon.

Attached is a chart and legend for the Ancient Mariners' race courses. This chart shows various marks that denote a continual point of interest or mishap for certain parties or just 'cause it sounded good. No offence is meant in the naming of these points and fun laughter is encouraged. We, the compilers of this chart, would like to thank the nectar for its part in this compilation.


PS The revised Gippsland Lakes AM chart will also be attached to the newsletter for sharper viewing.

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Rules Corner August

It was cold this Sunday Winter Series race....Photo by Sharna
It was cold this Sunday Winter Series
race....Photo by Sharna

At this time of year many people have put their boats away for the winter or are busy refitting for the forthcoming season.

Rules Corner spends most of the time dealing with Part 2 of the RRS (racing rules of sailing). Before the new season starts for most of us it is a good time to examine Part 1 of the RRS.

Part 1. Fundamental Rules

Rule 1 Safety and
Rule 4 Decision to Race

With Rule 1 it means that not only should you also check all your lifesaving equipment - life rings, jackets, pumps etc but also ensure they work- DON'T just sign the annual declaration and forget it. Incidentally check flares etc. are in date.
Recent incidents around Victoria have shown mixed results when boats try and pick up a man overboard. Don't wait for the first attempt to be a real incident. Practise man overboard drill regularly especially if you change crew frequently during the season. If the helmsman is the man overboard can the rest of the crew manage???

Rule 4. States that it is the boats decision to race or to continue in a race. While Race Committees spend an awful lot of time managing safety it remains each boat's responsibility. Each person in charge and each crew member should consider their own capabilities and match them to the conditions.

Questions such as:
  • Do I have handicapped or elderly crew members on board?
  • Should everyone have a life jacket or buoyancy aid even if not mandated for that race?
  • Are there limitations that existing medical conditions may have on the decision to race or continue to race?Can my lightweight crew deal with heavy winds- have we made the right sail choice for the conditions?
  • Can my lightweight crew recover their 110kg person overboard?
  • Does more than one person know how to operate the radio. Do they know how to make a MAYDAY call?
  • Does the boat comply with the Australian Sailing Prescriptions (back of the rules book)? Note the responsibilities under 46 - Person in Charge.
    should all be answered.

    Don't forget that all of us want everyone to enjoy their sailing and come back safely.

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    Vale Rob Cook

    Many members will be aware that Rob Cook passed away on 26th July after a battle with Cancer.
    Rob was an active member of GLYC during the 1990's and early 2000's also serving on committee and will be particularly remembered for his contribution to the development of our OHS and Risk Management Plans - on which he had great expertise. He was instrumental in training an interested group of GLYC members in the process and protocols of protest hearing.

    He sailed Trick Shot, an Elliot 7.4, for some years before finding sailing a physical challenge.

    His interest in boats led him to join the recently established Maritime Museum here in Paynesville which at that stage had a handful of members, an office and a storage facility.

    Within a short time Rob took on the role of Secretary and he set about developing this organization into an educational establishment not only of our maritime past but also incorporating the historical and family heritage of Paynesville.

    Rob was on committee in 2013-4? and he had an interest in race management for shore side perspective. I think he held a National Jury qualification from his time at Sandringham YC.
    He sailed Trick Shot, an Elliot 7.4 for some years before finding sailing a physical challenge.
    Rob undertook the task of training an interested group of GLYC members in the process and protocols of protest hearings.

    His interest in boats led him to join the recently established Paynesville Maritime Museum with a handful of members, an office and a storage facility. Within a short time Rob took on the role of Secretary and he set about developing this organization into an educational establishment not only of our maritime past but also incorporating the historical and family heritage of Paynesville.

    Before long the Museum had a network of contributors volunteering research skills and writing articles to produce a monthly Bulletin and twice yearly Journal.

    Rob has had some wonderful achievements such as applying for funding for various projects and getting the Paynesville Maritime Museum Journal incorporated into the National Library Collection.

    His hard work over the past six years was acknowledged on Australia Day when he and his wife Jan were presented with the Paynesville Citizens of the Year Award 2019.

    The Paynesville Maritime Museum acknowledges and thanks him for the enormous personal contribution he has made in guiding the members and organization towards creating a well run and highly respected Museum.

    Our thoughts and condolences go to his wife, Jan, his son, Andrew and the rest of his family at this sad time.

    Wendy Gardiner
    Immediate Past Commodore, on behalf of the Committee
    and James Frecheville.

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    Lovely old ketch, 'Metung', returns home to Metung

    I found something that may be of interest to some of our older members and have attached an extract.

    I sailed on Metung' about 50 years ago when Bill Woodward, a member of Hobsons Bay Yacht Club, purchased her. We travelled from Melbourne to Metung most weekends for 3 or 4 months to prepare the boat to sail to its new home in Melbourne.

    The boat is being transported by road from Sydney and will arrive this Saturday 3rd August at Lakes entrance at around 10 am with a celebration later at the Metung hotel.

    Alan Pick

    'Metung' returns to her birth place, Metung

    A significant part of Metung's maritime history, Metung" was built in Metung by JC Bull in 1952 for Dr Toby Beatty (the second Metung Yacht Club commodore). Metung' sailed in at least 8 Sydney-Hobarts, 2 Melbourne-Hobarts, 3 Sydney-Noumea races, and sailed around the world in the early 1970s.

    'Metung' was recently discovered in very poor condition on Sydney Harbour advertised on eBay.

    Once the pride of the Gippsland Lakes, she is now, unfortunately, in need of full restoration. Thanks to the initiative of Dr Ian Seymour and his son, Chris, a last minute offer was made and she was purchased. As a 17 year old whilst holidaying in Metung, Dr Seymour remembered seeing this impressive boat sailing across Bancroft Bay and felt that purchasing 'Metung' was an opportunity to return this beautiful boat to her hometown, thus ensuring that this significant part of Metung's boat building history is retained for future generations.

    A non-for-profit has been formed to help restore her to her former glory and a GoFundMe page has been created to raise funds so that she can be safely transported back home asap (she is currently in Cammeray, Sydney) and commence work to restore her to her former glory. Shipwrights, materials, fittings, sails, insurance, mooring fees - restoring a timber boat is not cheap! If you can help, it would be much appreciated by the community of Metung.

    Our aim is to have her back sailing and we have a vision of using her as a Metung Maritime Museum. We would love to have her fully restored by her 70th birthday - 2022! Imagine 'Metung' leading the annual Metung Yacht Club Sail Past on New Years Day, or leading the Paynesville Classic Boat Rally.

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    Soup Nights in the Loft

    The Xmas cruise was wrapped up with a birthday song and cake with a large sized candle for Christie's  big 'O' milestone
    The Xmas cruise was wrapped up with a
    birthday song and cake with a large sized
    candle for Christie's big 'O' milestone

    Despite the restumping of the main part of the building, this popular Friday club night has been able to run, with between 30 and 40 people attending since the beginning of June.

    Never come before? We'd love to see you! Simply turn up at the club around 630pm to 645pm, pay $5 at the loft bar for your soup ticket and enjoy the company of other club members!

    Soup is served about 7pm, with a choice of two soups (one of which will always be a vegetarian option) as well as some lovely crusty bread to accompany the soup!

    Many thanks also to our lovely volunteers who come along earlier in the day to cook the soups!


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    Club Merchandise 2018 - 2019

    Do you need a new item of club merchandise for the 2018-2019 season?

    Come along and check out what we have to make sure you are looking good both on and off the water this season!

    All our merchandise is very reasonably priced, and wearing it is a great way to advertise our club in the community!

    Make sure you check out our stock next time you're at the club.

    Payment can be made either via the envelopes located in the merchandise cupboard or by direct deposit into the club bank account.

    Prices as follows:

    LS Polo Shirts (White, Red & Blue) - $40
    SS Polo Shirts (White, Red & Blue) - $35
    GLYC Caps & Winter Beanies - $15
    GLYC Sleeveless Vests (Blue) - $55
    GLYC Waterproof Jackets - $80
    GLYC Mens Ties - $10
    GLYC Stubby Holders - $10
    GLYC Burgees - $25

    Can't find your size? Or in the colour you want? Ring me, and I can place a special order for you!

    Julie Clark - Merchandise Contact 0408 538 000

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    Pics of GLYC sailing on GLYC Facebook page

    Slide Show of 2018/2019 available to download

    Johnno and Louise enjoyed the camaraderie but chose not to stay and sleep on their open lake boat
    Johnno and Louise enjoyed the camaraderie
    but chose not to stay and sleep on their
    open lake boat

    Should one wish to have a copy of the slide show that was presented during the Celebration Night festivities, please let Christie know and I will put the 2.83 gigabyte slideshow on the Club computer for you to download. 5156 7861 I am sure there are shots of every single boat that raced (barring an Ancient Mariner boat or two that may never have raced any other races).

    Newer racing photos from our sailing can be seen on the Gippsland Lakes Yacht Club Facebook Members and Friends site.

    However, there is still a link from the GLYC home page under photo albums, as well, to photobucket for the 2016/1017 sailing season which will soon be closed. Danuta Sowa also takes great shots and can often give you a disk with the file of your boat.

    Tim is working on a new website for our club photos in addition to the Facebook entries.

    Updated: 4 Aug 2019 11:28pm by Tim Shepperd

    Gippsland Lakes Yacht Club
    P.O. Box 194, Paynesville VIC 3880

    Club phone03 5156 6864

    Flag Officers


    CommodoreAndrew Somerville0407 156 133
    Vice CommodoreIan McDonald0419 698 900
    Rear CommodoreJim Callahan0488 500 795
    Immediate Past CommodoreWendy Gardiner0498 116 752?
    SecretaryRuss Peel0408 589 805
    TreasurerTim Shepperd0400 666 486
    Sailing CaptainJames Frecheville5156 7103 / 0412 979 824
    Discover Sailing CoordinatorBrian Carroll0411 743 602
    Sailability OfficerAlan Pick0410 584 860
    General CommitteeJulie Clark0408 538 000
    General CommitteeColin Johanson03 5156 6656
    General CommitteeNorbert Hrouda0427 654 039
    General CommitteeJacqui Crawford0468 987 684
    General Committee (New)Neil Smith0438 449 122
    General Committee (New)Mark Alderman0419 889 871
    Wanderer (not on Committee)Christie Arras [WANDERER and EFLASH]03 5156 7861
    Hall HireWendy Gardiner
    BoatsIan McDonald
    YardJim Callahan
    HouseNorbert Hrouda

    Wicked Weasel Minnow 1218 for sale

    Fibreglass Ply sandwich Hull
    Full Fibreglass thwart and centrecase
    Great proffessional 2 pack finish
    3 sails (radial, cross and plus cuts)
    2 fibreglass centreboards (white, green)
    6:1 Vang
    Fibreglass rudder with aluminium rudder box and tiller
    Custom carbon fibre tiller extension
    Unique Sails Hull and Deck Cover
    $4,200 ono
    Located in Paynesville. Delivery can be arranged

    Steve (0411 037 418) or Taj (0473 260 123)

    Contact: Taj and Steve Duff
    Phone: 0411 037 418