Wanderer - November 2020

The Commodore's Report

We are back sailing!

It seemed like a dream a month ago but we are now back racing. The Ancient Mariners were the first to get out. I believe 20 plus boats have made the start line for each of their races, which is a great turn out. It was particularly good to hear that, after some reminding, all the participants are following the COVID guidelines set out in the sailing instructions. See Macca's report for more on the racing.

The Off The Beach boats are also back on the water. They got off to an unusual start by racing on Cup day. Eight boats made the start of race one: three cats and five mono-hulls. The cats sailed two races with Neil and Jack narrowly winning both races. The faster mono-hulls squeezed in 4 races; Taj took out the first race and Brian won the remaining two races. Tegwyn and Ned won a race each in the Junior division. The OTB racing will revert back to Sundays from now on; we will continue with the new course format and short races.

Twilight racing also started Cup Day. 21 boats made the start line and by all accounts it was a very pleasant sail. James and Macca will have more on the race.

For all those that would like to join any of the three racing series mentioned all you need to do is get your season entry filled in. Once you have entered, Macca or myself will be in touch to explain all the COVID details and how racing works under the current rules. I would also ask that you fill in your entries at least a week before you intend to start racing; it creates lots of extra work if you try and enter on the day.

The club's little army of volunteers has been working overtime to get racing back up and going. They are all deserving of a big thank, you so if you see any of them in your travels make sure you let them know how appreciated they are.


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In this issue:

Sailing Calendar

Though Sunday's OTB racing was abandoned, Bigger than 10 Bears spread her wings in the blow
Though Sunday's OTB racing was abandoned,
Bigger than 10 Bears spread her wings in
the blow

Tuesdays, 1700 hrs: Twilight Sailing
Thursdays, 1300 hrs: Ancient Mariners Social Sailing
Sundays, 1400 hrs: Sunday sailing.
Anyone welcome to join in but only with all required documentation (as below in Vice Commodore's report) having been turned in, preferably, a week prior to Sunday's racing (not on the day)

Future Regattas:
23 January, 2021: Possible WASZP sailing

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Vice Commodore's Report

Legless is the first boat to win a club race in almost eight months in Ancient Mariners on the 22nd Oct
Legless is the first boat to win a club
race in almost eight months in Ancient
Mariners on the 22nd Oct

We may have had to sit around since March or, should I say, work on the long list of jobs around the house that you have been putting off for years, but October has changed all that: we are back full-on getting everything ready to return to for sailing. "Oh what a feeling"...oh, hang on, ... I think maybe that has something to do with cars, not sailing but it works for me

We have now completed all annual servicing of the Club's support boats and they are in good shape to commence the season. The battery problems have been corrected with the installation of a new battery on one of the Ribs and battery charges fitted to all key start boats. We do however still have to some minor problems to be aware of:
  • Anyone taking out any of the ribs needs to ensure that the bladders are pumped tight as they all leak slowly over time when not being used;
  • The two new ribs still have not had the throttle tensioners installed (still waiting on parts), so they are very light and jerky to use.

  • You may not realise, but after each use of the support boats the crews have to complete full sanitisation of the boat. This is an arduous task to complete at the end of the day so we have purchased a garden spray pump unit and a special sanitised liquid that will allow for easy cleaning covering all areas of the boat. It is kept in the cupboard in the boat shed, so if you need it just ask any of the Committee and they will give you access.

    Etchells come and go in first Twilight
    Etchells come and go in first Twilight

    Ancient Mariners
    Ancient Mariners have returned to sailing with 20 plus boats fronting the start line. This enthusiastic group of sailors have completed two social races at the time of writing this article. Both were great afternoons on the water with 10 to 15 knots of wind making for perfect sailing.

    This group was also used as a test case to determine if our one-off negotiated COVIDSafe plan could be made to work, and, to my great joy, it happened without any incidents or the RO being locked up! With these two successes under our belt the Committee was confident to move ahead with commencing Twilight sailing and Sunday racing.

    One of the main pleasures of sailing is the social interaction after the fleet is home although this has not been able to occur to date, but the bar and club facilities will be opened as soon as restrictions allow and we have the ability operate safely.

    I thank all the sailors who have completed their documentation which is required before fronting the start line. For those that are still working through it I offer a checklist:
  • Season Entry (Online process)
  • Safety Declaration (Online process)
  • COVIDSafe Category (Temporary requirement - send Information to Secretery and he will arrange registration)
  • Other additional documents if you have a boat moored or stored on clubgrounds:
  • Boat Storage Application/Renewal (online process)
  • GLYC Active Use Score Card (Online process)

  • Once you have completed all the annual documentation enjoy your time sailing.

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    Exemplary covid safe sailing.  Good on you Ray and Narelle on club's first Twilight in 8 months
    Exemplary covid safe sailing. Good on you
    Ray and Narelle on club's first Twilight
    in 8 months

    Twilight & Sunday Sailing
    Yes, the Club is open for business and what a fantastic sight to look out in the afternoon and once again see boats racing across the lake with Jacquie and Andrew's first Sunday race (run on a Melbourne Cup Tuesday) getting started in good wind, ideal for cat sailors. The RO must have worn them out as they did not front the second start for the day as the twilight group once again filled Newlands Arm and were back in numbers. There were 21 boats sailing, and the town is starting to wake up from winter chills and the COVID virus.

    There were several boats left on the beach as the COVID rules (crews/sailing bubbles) prevented them from sailing so we are looking forward to Australian Sailing relaxing the rules further, and maybe following the house visit concept which would allow greater flexibility for skippers & crews then we could all be on the water. (Not complaining - just hopeful)

    I would like to address a rumour that is going around concerning Melbourne sailors not having to wear face masks on the water. This is incorrect at the time of writing (3 November), Australian Sailing clearly states for adults:
  • Organised club racing and training for Adults 19 years and older can resume if 1.5m social distancing can be adhered to while sailing for 90% of the time (Hiking/sitting shoulder to shoulder on the rail/ in the cockpit is NOT acceptable). Outside of key manoeuvres all crew must be able to social distance while sailing. It is recommended that crew numbers are reduced to allow adherence to this requirement.
  • Masks must be worn at all times (both on and off the water), unless sailing single-handed.

  • GLYC is sailing under a direct agreement with Australian sailing and Victorian DHHS with the difference being:
  • We can sail without having to maintain social distance of 1.5m throughout the race but to do this we had to concede to wearing face masks.
    Without this agreement in place most under 30' boats would not be able to sail with a crew, so this is a good agreement which we do not want to jeopardise. It is not much to ask "Please keep Wearing Your Masks"

  • Club Security
    We have again sustained a break in at the Club with visitors in the dead of the night removing club property and some personal items from around the Club. This means we will be moving in conjunction with the Council to boost security both externally (covering the boat parking & mooring areas), and internally (covering the boat shed, main hall, loft and Bars areas). You will be hearing more about these changes as they are finally implemented as they have been a long time coming.

    There are three main initiatives that the Committee are looking to put in place:
  • Installation of CCTV;
  • Installation of movement alarms;
  • Upgrading of our lighting;
  • With these systems in place it should greatly assist the security of both the Club facilities and member equipment.

    Painting of the Flag Pole
    For some time the flag pole has been in need of a fresh coat of paint, so it is time. We have had Lindsay Crawford down to give do's and don'ts of lowering & raising it. This seems to be the major part of the exercise and we now believe we can do it successfully. Once we get a date Jim and I will be looking for some assistance, so if you have some time please let me know and we will put you on the list. We will also take the opportunity to paint the section of the tower that has been repaired following the high winds of late.


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    Confessions of a sailaholic

    Tarna makes it around the first Twilight sail uneventfully
    Tarna makes it around the first Twilight
    sail uneventfully

    Q: How long have you been sailing?
    A: For over fifty bloody years. I am still learning and still making mistakes. And I am still having fun.

    Hindsight is a wonderful thing and so too is a long memory, especially when it comes to sailing. But when there is a bit of a breeze things can happen fast and there lies the problem. If something can go wrong, it will, but can often be rectified as long as something else doesn't happen to compound that event. That's sort of what happened on last Friday's AM social sail.

    If only we had have made sure we had our sails sorted before casting off; if only we sailed away from the starting area; if only... To be fair, we were not stressed as we were on starboard as we hoisted the main and then the jib. I had time to coil and secure the halyard tails and then as I returned to the cockpit to tension the rig it all went to porridge with a bang.

    A boat below us was attempting to avoid another dead in the water and, in altering course to do so, ended up in strife. Crunch type strife. Fortunately the stick didn't come down as had happened in a similar situation many years ago. There was some bark removed and the rudder and backstay copped a clobbering. There was also some blood...but not much. Having secured the backstay to the mast base I was all for continuing to sail but the soft option was exercised and we sailed back to the pen. It was the right decision.

    With the boat packed up we discussed what went wrong and why, and how the whole thing could have been avoided. OK, we were a bit rusty having not sailed much these last few months but we should not have put the boat in the starting area with all the attendant stress until we were ready to handle the boat in a competent and seamanlike manner. It just doesn't matter that we had right of way.

    So what is the point of this ramble? Total vigilance always is paramount when out on the water.

    Frecheville's First Law of Seamanship is to keep the water out...then you stay afloat. The Second Law is to not hit anything at anytime. Boats, jetties, rocks or even people swimming.

    Everyone feels bad when there is a prang...but at least I know a bloke who can fix the ding and refasten the back stay saddles. We missed out on a great sail but it could have been worse.

    See you on Tuesday evening, unless I am sailing to the Prom for a few days.
    The weather is looking good for either.


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    0427 411 660

    News Flash

    Club Training Boats For Sale

    Ancient Mariner fleet heading to finish in first GLYC race in Covid19 epoch on 22nd October
    Ancient Mariner fleet heading to finish in
    first GLYC race in Covid19 epoch on 22nd

    The club has upgraded our training fleet and, therefore, we can now offer to the membership the opportunity to purchase a Minnow or a Sabre, or a fleet if you wish!

    There are four minnows and a couple of sabres, all timber hulls. The Minnow is an excellent boat for a child to learn to sail in and the Sabre is suitable for either an older child or an adult. The Minnows are being offer for $400 and are in good shape and ready to go. The Sabres will range in price. This is a great chance to get into sailing for very little outlay.

    Contact Brian Carroll (0411 743 602) or Jim Callahan (0488 500 795)

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    Rules Corner

    Tegwyn takes out her O'pen Bic for the Cup Day sprint racing of OTB boats
    Tegwyn takes out her O'pen Bic for the Cup
    Day sprint racing of OTB boats

    Last month I discussed that the new RRS (2021-2024) have emphasised that sailing is a non-contact sport so it is perhaps useful to look at those situations where collisions often occur.

    Typically these include.
  • 1. Start
  • 2. First Windward Mark in a large fleet
  • 3. Leeward mark especially between yachts of different sizes and speeds.

  • Most of us recognise these and are often the source of much yelling and also amusement from those not involved.

    We have often over the months dealt with what the rules say at these situations. Here I want to remind everyone of Rule 16.1

    This states "When a Right of Way boat changes course, she shall initially give the other boat ROOM to KEEP CLEAR"

    For instance this means that sudden luffing just before the start from the Right of Way boat risks breaking this rule if the Give Way boat can't keep clear. Remember a give way boat does not have to anticipate the change of course of the Right of Way boat- only respond to the change of course as it happens.


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    Free Yacht to a Good Home - with urgency

    I thought rather than including this in the classifieds, this offer deserves its own place in the body of the Wanderer.

    Yacht "Genesta II"
    Built 1969 Length 25' Beam 6'6" Draft 3'6" Displacement 1.7 tonnes
    Builder Jack Holsworth, Sandingham
    Hulk Dynel Sheathing over cedar strip planking on double diagonal ply

    This yacht has a fixed keel and is not a trailer sailer.

    Formerly owned by GLYC members David and Jo Underwood, she is a pretty little yacht with good sailing credentials.

    Genestra is a little neglected, but dry and just needs some TLC. She is currently sitting in the canal alongside Mariner's Cove Motel in a Port's berth at the turning circle for Raymond Island cars getting on the ferry. Peter needs to find her a home quickly as he is moving from Paynesville and can't take her, so if you are interested please contact Peter Blackie on 0497756975 as soon as possible.

    Updated: 9 Nov 2020 6:37am by Christie Arras

    Club Merchandise 2018 - 2019

    Do you need a new item of club merchandise for the 2018-2019 season?

    Come along and check out what we have to make sure you are looking good both on and off the water this season!

    All our merchandise is very reasonably priced, and wearing it is a great way to advertise our club in the community!

    Make sure you check out our stock next time you're at the club.

    Payment can be made either via the envelopes located in the merchandise cupboard or by direct deposit into the club bank account.

    Prices as follows:

    LS Polo Shirts (White, Red & Blue) - $40
    SS Polo Shirts (White, Red & Blue) - $35
    GLYC Caps & Winter Beanies - $15
    GLYC Sleeveless Vests (Blue) - $55
    GLYC Waterproof Jackets - $80
    GLYC Mens Ties - $10
    GLYC Stubby Holders - $10
    GLYC Burgees - $25

    Can't find your size? Or in the colour you want? Ring me, and I can place a special order for you!

    Julie Clark - Merchandise Contact 0408 538 000

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    Pics of GLYC sailing on GLYC Facebook page

    Taj goes out windsurfing in the heavy breeze on Sunday when racing was abandoned
    Taj goes out windsurfing in the heavy
    breeze on Sunday when racing was abandoned

    Newer racing photos from our sailing can be seen on the Gippsland Lakes Yacht Club Facebook Members and Friends site.

    There is also a page on the club website ("Photos" under "Club Information") with older photo albums. Danuta Sowa also takes great shots and can often give you a disk with the file of your boat.

    Updated: 8 Nov 2020 6:43pm by Tim Shepperd

    Gippsland Lakes Yacht Club
    P.O. Box 194, Paynesville VIC 3880

    Club phone03 5156 6864

    Flag Officers


    CommodoreAndrew Somerville0407 156 133
    Vice CommodoreIan McDonald0419 698 900
    Rear CommodoreJim Callahan0488 500 795
    Immediate Past CommodoreWendy Gardiner0498 116 752?
    SecretaryRuss Peel0408 589 805
    TreasurerTim Shepperd0400 666 486
    Sailing CaptainJames Frecheville5156 7103 / 0412 979 824
    Discover Sailing CoordinatorBrian Carroll0411 743 602
    Sailability OfficerAlan Pick0410 584 860
    General CommitteeJulie Clark0408 538 000
    General CommitteeColin Johanson03 5156 6656
    General CommitteeNorbert Hrouda0427 654 039
    General CommitteeJacqui Crawford0468 987 684
    General CommitteeNeil Smith0438 449 122
    Wanderer (not on Committee)Christie Arras [WANDERER and EFLASH]03 5156 7861
    Hall HireWendy Gardiner
    BoatsIan McDonald
    YardJim Callahan
    HouseNorbert Hrouda

    Wild Weasel - Minnow

    Wild Weasel, sail #453
    Recently sanded and painted,
    all ready to go timber boat,
    great for beginners.
    Every thing included including trolley and cover.

    Contact: Andy Booth
    Phone: 0457914606

    Beaut-ute RL24 for sale

    "RL24 mk1
    Reg. JV421
    Hull, Rigging,Trailer {unregistered}
    & Most Safety Gear.
    Any offer.
    Thanks George

    Contact: George McCloud
    Phone: 0438 326 570

    FlyingFifteen for sale

    Flying Fifteen 3672 "Impulse". Ovington mark 10 mould with 6 kg weight correctors.
    One set of Goacher sails; main, jib and spinnaker and one set of Pinnal and Bax sails; main, 2 jibs and spinnaker.
    Full travel covers top and bottom on a registered road trailer. In good racing condition.
    Located at the Gippsland Lake Yacht Club.

    Contact: Jim Callahan
    Phone: 0488 500 795
    Email: ljcallahan06@bigpond.com

    FlyingFifteen sails wanted

    I am seeking to purchase a set of second hand sails in good order for my flying fifteen - In the Pink

    Contact: Pat Keyte
    Phone: 0414 632 017
    Email: Broadlands@vic.australis.com.au

    Mosquito for sale

    We are looking to sell one of our 1 Mozzies from the campsite (Cormorant by the Lakes, Banksia Peninsula, Victoria) to contribute towards the building of a new toilet facilities block. With this year's fires, we've had to cancel more than 2 camps, so we must find other means to supplement our income (Think of this as buying a boat AND building a loo!). Other boats also on sale as well.

    "The Dogs" - was donated in 2016 (the year the Western Bulldogs won the AFL & it is also Red, White & Blue). Fibreglass hulls, wooden tops. Hulls repainted & re-fibre glassed 2019. Twin harness, trailer, beach trolly with tool storage box. Rigged as a Mach 2 with jib including downhaul. Wooden dagger boards or fibreglass. Good trampoline with all sheets and gear, including a grab bag for onboard storage and spare parts.

    Currently located on the Banksia Peninsula, near Paynesville, but arrangements can be made to bring it up to Melbourne.

    Also available for sale a Windrush and a Hoby cat.

    Simon Mackey
    Volunteer Camp Committee Member
    Cormorant by the Lakes
    A St Hilary's Site

    Contact: Simon Mackey
    Phone: 0423798195

    Wicked Weasel Minnow 1218 for sale

    Fibreglass Ply sandwich Hull
    Full Fibreglass thwart and centrecase
    Great proffessional 2 pack finish
    3 sails (radial, cross and plus cuts)
    2 fibreglass centreboards (white, green)
    6:1 Vang
    Fibreglass rudder with aluminium rudder box and tiller
    Custom carbon fibre tiller extension
    Unique Sails Hull and Deck Cover
    $4,200 ono
    Located in Paynesville. Delivery can be arranged

    Steve (0411 037 418) or Taj (0473 260 123)

    Contact: Taj and Steve Duff
    Phone: 0411 037 418