Hard standing, wet berth and under cover storage is limited. A boat occupying any of these areas must be removed by the owner if the storage fee has not been paid within 30 days of it becoming due.

All trailers must be marked with the boat name and sail number.

Boat storage waiting list – apply to the Boat Storage Officer via the on-line form. Allocations must be approved by the GLYC Committee.

Members are reminded that parking and speed restrictions apply on clubgrounds.

To apply for boat storage at the club first download and read the GLYC Boat Storage Policy (including Active Use checklist) and the GLYC Boat Storage Terms & Conditions, and then complete the Boat Storage Application form.

Members with boats in storage are required at the commencement of each new season to complete the Boat Storage Renewal form and the Active Use Checklist.

Annual Boat Storage Fees


Trailable Yacht

Annual fee $460

OTB Multihull

Annual fee $215

OTB Monohull

Annual fee $160

OTB <25 yro

Annual fee $110

Small Vessel {Kayak}

Annual fee $50

Wet Berth

Annual fee $700

Berth Deposit $500

Pro-Rata Storage Fees

The fees payable by new members joining or members taking up boat storage during the season, are shown in the table below. Note: reduced OTB storage rate is only applicable to members 24 years or younger on Sept 1st of any given season. They must be the primary sailor of the OTB.