So, now the Club has gone cash free, how is this going to work? We think we have a way to make it easy and continue the long-standing system, and the plan is as below. If it doesn’t work we can fine tune it, or replace it, but the current plan is to give it a trial until around end June and then assess.

1.Members buy one or more of the credit card sized cards as shown below over the bar, using their credit card, debit card or phone, as per other purchases

2.Cards are $10 each and give the member 10 chances to enter any of the draws on a given night

3.There will be the normal envelopes with the winning number and a $10 note inside available for members to note their choice of number(s) and name

4.Once an envelope is full with 20 entries it will be set aside and a new one started if there is sufficient demand

5.When you “buy” an entry on the envelope one or more of the spaces on your card will be stamped/marked/whatever so you will know how many entries you have left and if/when you want to buy a new card

6.The draw will be run as normal, just before the barrel draw, and the person whose name is recorded against the winning number wins the $10 note inside

For the benefit of new members, each draw brings in $20, $10 is given as the prize and $10 goes into the pool for the member draw. The names of all financial members are in a barrel and one name is drawn out each Friday night, and if that member is present they win the prize pool, otherwise it continues to grow until eventually won. Some members have won up to $500 in the past, and $250 went off last Friday.