The Powerboat Handling Course is run over 2 days, and combines the syllabus of the Start Powerboating Program and Powerboat Handling. Facilitated by accredited Australian Sailing Instructors, the cost of the course is $250.00. Possible discounts are available for current GLYC members. This course is required when obtaining accreditation as Instructor, Coach or Race Officer.

  • This course includes intermediate boat handling skills and seamanship for a variety of boat types.
  • Topics covered include boat launching, engines and fuel, types of craft and navigation. It aims to improve boat handling skills at low and plaining speeds, all of which may be practised during a short passage.
  • Who should do this course? People that wish to extend their knowledge of Powerboat driving or anyone wishing to gain other Australian Sailing Instructing or Officiating Qualifications

A Powerboat Handling Course for the 2021/22 season will be run on Saturday 20 March 2022 (8.45am-5.00pm). If you would like to register please use the link Any further information please email our Discover Sailing Principal, Lyn Wallace on