Its hard to believe it is October and we are not racing BUT… we are getting very close.  

In the past few days we have received clarification on what is now allowed regarding competitive sailing from both Australian Sailing and the Vic Dept of Health. What we now know is – and this, of course, is only current until the next change in restrictions which will hopefully be less restrictive again:

  • competitive sailing is permitted under specific controls
  • you must wear a mask at all times, and it must be a permitted mask under Vic Govt directions, and it must cover the nose and mouth at all times
  • if all persons on board live in the same household, there are no restrictions regarding separation; masks must still be worn
  • if all persons on board are from a “bubble” as defined by the Vic Govt for social interactions, there are no restrictions regarding separation; masks must still be worn
  • if you have anyone else on board other than the above, you must maintain 1.5m separation between yourselves at least 90% of the time which means that your boat must be big enough for comfortable seating positions that provide at least 1.5m between your bodies

We encourage everyone thinking of sailing to read the information on social bubbles included in the Wanderer or follow this link ( ). This is a key part of getting back sailing.

What does all this mean for GLYC?

All being well we hope to restart racing within the next week or two, albeit with a slightly altered format. We will be only be racing for the moment with no lingering around the club grounds catching up with people before or after racing.

Covid restrictions need to be followed on the Club grounds or we may find our rights withdrawn.

The Club rooms will not be open, nor will the showers or toilets; toilet facilities are available at Pier 70 and Progress Jetty.

To simplify things a little, Macca (with help from James) will be running the stern chaser racing and Andrew (with Jacqui’s help) will take on the around the buoys racing. Once you have entered your boat for the season Macca or Andrew will send you out some additional information to explain what you need to do to make sailing work for everyone.

Anyone attending Club premises must comply with the current rules, in summary:

  • participants should arrive ready for sailing, and leave immediately after sailing
  • there must be no more than 10 persons in a group at any time while rigging or launching boats, and 1.5m distancing must be observed
  • sign on and sign off will be done as per the NoR that you receive once entered
  • anyone who has any coronavirus symptoms should not under any circumstances plan to sail or come to the Club
  • all members are encouraged by the Club to get a flu shot if you have not already done so

In order to sail at GLYC you must also do the normal things that are required each year:

  • complete the online season registration form with current contact details and insurance information
  • complete the online safety declaration
  • be a current financial member which means you must have paid the invoice that was recently sent out. If you have not received an invoice, or if you have lost it, please contact the Russ at asap

There will be more specific information on exactly how to sign on and sign off for a race; and there may be Covid declaration forms to sign before you are enabled to race. We are still working on the fine details and will advise very soon. However, any members who are hoping to sail need to get their preliminaries in order now, financial/registered/safety declarations filed.