In this ever changing environment, here is our latest interpretation of Covid compliant rules for GLYC sailing:
– Masks preferred to be worn on the club grounds on race days because of the constant interaction between members, and at all times if 1.5 m distancing cannot be observed, you must carry a mask at all times
– Members should not come to the Club if exhibiting any cold/flu like symptoms, even if you are sure it is not Covid related
– Crews of three or more are encouraged to wear masks while on the water
– The breezeway will be accessible on race days, but doors kept closed and only openable via member’s fobs
– Anyone entering the breezeway is required to use their fob or register with the QR code contact tracing system located on each door
– We are also obligated to have a record of everyone who sails, whether you come to the Club before or after, or simply sail past – accordingly we have moved to an electronic sign-on system accessible from the GLYC Homepage.
– You will be able to sign-on for a race from your home PC or on your phone, there won’t be a paper sign-on form, and only on the day of the race, not the day before
– You can advise the Club prior by email of your “standard” crew names and phone numbers, and if that is who you are sailing with all you need to do on a given day is advise “Boat name – standard crew”
– If you don’t have your standard crew, then when you sign on you must provide the names and phone numbers of every person on board.
– The bar is now open (cash free) after sailing on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays, please feel free to come back after the race and support the Club and the volunteers who have given up their time to open the bar.
– With the latest change in the rules you must now wear a mask when inside the building, except when drinking or eating
– Members must tap on with their fob before they come into the building, even if the door is open, and if you do, you don’t need to register via the QR code.  The reader will give a green light and a beep if you are registered, please make sure it does.
– If a member has a guest with them, please ensure the guest registers their details via the QR code.

Sunday racing schedule

  • The first Sunday of each month will be the Divisional series, this will be sailed on a windward return course.
  • The second Sunday will be the Club Championship, this will be sailed on a triangle course.
  • The third Sunday it’s back to the divisional series
  • The Fourth Sunday will be a long distance/trophy race
  • On the rare occasion that there is a fifth Sunday in the month we will race the club championship

Andrew Somerville