Twilight Sailing is in hiatus for another season, it will recommence the first Tuesday after the start of daylight savings on Tuesday 3rd October.  We look forward to seeing many members out on the water then.  Until then remember that Ancient Mariners social races run through the Winter on Thursday afternoons, and after the end of the 2022/3 racing season the Club will be organising a Winter Series running on Sundays, usually once per month.

Sign on is electronic at this link and you must be signed on by 4pm to enable our volunteer race management team to get things in order.  Except in emergency situations sign on by radio at the start of the race is not accepted.


Meals – Are finished for this year, Friday Soup Nights start soon.

So you don’t forget, below is the information relevant to Twilight Meals during 23/24 Season.

You MUST make your booking by midday on Monday.

Meals are back for Twilight Sailing this Tuesday all for the same price as last year’s $15.00 per person. We are reverting to the tried and true meal provided by GLYC volunteers.  It isn’t meant to be gourmet, it isn’t meant to be flash, it is meant to give you something to eat while you unwind after the race and have a chat with your fellow members.

Please ensure you reserve your meal by 12noon on the Monday before the Tuesday to book your meal , otherwise you will miss out. Simply email to, stating in the subject line your surname, meals required and any dietary requirements (ie Biden 2 meals –1 x normal 1 x veg).

We may require a volunteer or two to assist with table setting / dishing up each week and boat lotto will determine the clearing of plates and clean up. If this does not work, members will be randomly selected each week to ensure we share the load.

The ‘Spirit of Chase’

For most of us, the overriding objective of this event is to have fun and perhaps at the same time strive to catch the boat in front, or for the front markers, to hold off the pursuing pack.

Everything you don’t really need to know about the Twilight Race Handicap System

Objective  – The aim of the Twilight Race Handicap System is to give all boats a chance of winning a race during the course of the season, or at least enable them to be in the front end action towards the end of a race.

Over the years, the diversity of the fleet has grown. More small boats, some as small as 18 / 20 feet. More heavy displacement, ocean capable cruisers and many more high performance racers. And of course a mixed bag of trailer boats.

Twilight Racing is also an opportunity to socialise with our fellow protagonists over a meal and a beer/wine/diet coke. Our highly experienced course layers will adjust the course length on the night to facilitate the leading boat to finish at or close to 6:45PM Naturally our boat crews deserve to be accommodated in this plan so…… latest finish time will be set at 30 min after the leading boat or perhaps 31 min for a bunched group at the discretion of the race timekeeper. Later boats will be credited as finishers with the common time of the last timed finisher. Boats will be advised that the race is finished via radio VHF 77 and remaining course buoys recovered.

Start time adjustments are made every week. See attached sample of time adjustment

Race Winners – Future Adjustments. Start times bonus for all race winners will be limited to 66 % of the usual bonus for finishing places outside the top 6.

A second win will see the bonus reduced to 50 %.

Times are initially set at the start of the season based on the following known factors.

* CBH rating for boat

* Past performances.

* Perceived skill level of skipper and crew.


Anyone interested in a detailed case study can email and if you wish to sail in a Twilight and aren’t currently on the posted list, also email Brian asking for a time to be allocated..  The start times for each week’s race are posted on the Club’s Homepage on Monday afternoon (generally!).