New visitors to the region might be interested to read some information (click link to find it) put together by a member of where to go on the Lakes, this is a personal view only and is by no means official.

GLYC welcomes yachting visitors to the Gippsland Lakes. You are welcome to drop by the bar on a Friday night to chat with members, and also to race with us on Tuesday Twilights, Thursday Ancient Mariners and Sundays (serious racing) if you wish (subject to conditions).

Should you wish to make use of our facilities during your stay you are welcome to take out an access fob for up to 2 weeks to give you use of our showers and toilets.  We are by no means a full service marina, in fact we have no marina, but we do provide clean and comfortable facilities to visiting sailors who are staying on visitor jetties in Paynesville.

If you would like to access our facilities while you are here, the process is as follows. We need to point out that we are a totally volunteer club and that there is no-one at the Club for the majority of the week and it is closed up.

  1. If at all possible contact us ahead of time at and advise when you are arriving and how long you plan to stay.
  2. When we reply you then deposit by EFT, $20 per week stay, and a $20 refundable fob deposit into our bank account (Gippsland Lakes Yacht Club, 633-000, 126663053).
  3. We will send you by return email the code to a key safe near the external door to our facilities area and on arrival you can simply open the safe and take your fob.
  4. When you depart Paynesville, just leave the fob with your bank account details (or email or text them) in our fob return box located just to the right of the door into the female change room and we will return the $20 deposit to you.
  5. This fob does not provide access into our Club rooms, only to the facilities corridor.

If you are already in Paynesville, feel free to contact the Secretary at the above email address, or on 0408 589 805.