For boats sailing in Division 1,3 and 4

I have read and understand my obligations as set out in Part 2 of the Australian Sailing Special Regulations 2021-2024, in particular 1.02.1, 1.02.2 and 1.02.3 Responsibilities.

I understand that the checklist is only a guide to the owner, the person in charge and race organisers and that an auditor cannot limit or reduce the complete and unlimited responsibility of the owner or the person in charge as defined in 1.02.1 and 1.02.2 Responsibilities.

I undertake to maintain the boat and all its equipment in good order and condition as specified in the Special Regulations.

OTB Category Declaration
3.01 - Buoyancy complies with relevant clauses of 3.01 *
3.02.1 - Masts to be (a) completely sealed or (b) self draining *
3.02.2 - Unstayed masts securely attached to hull *
3.02.3 - Sailboards mast and sail can be securely stowed under tow or if paddled *
3.03.1 - Centreboards securely fixed to hull, sailboards to have friction device/lanyard *
3.03.2 - Rudder stock has stainless retaining pin or is bolted to hull(s) *
3.03.3 - Tiller(s) not permanently attached are securely fastened to stock *
3.03.4 - Rudder blade(s) is permanently fastened to stock or can be securely fastened *
3.04.1 - Bailer or pump unless boat self draining *
3.05.1 - Can demonstrate attachment point for towing *
4.01 - Hull Identification on transom, rear beam or both outboard sides of hull(s). Note: Minimum letter sizes to be complied with (see below). *
5.01 - It is agreed that all crew members onboard will be required to wear a PFD complying with 5.01.2 *
GLYC - Masts of OTB catamarans shall be fitted with a sealed plug at the masthead and not have any points of ingress for water in the upper half of the mast. *
Agreement *

Note: The AS hull identification requirements

4.01.3 Required information is as follows:
(a) Name of boat in letters and figures at least 50 mm high and 8mm thickness.
(b) Registered sail number in letters and figures at least 50 mm high and 8mm thickness.
(c) Name of club with which the boat is registered in letters and figures at least 20 mm high and 4 mm thickness.

Also note that Mosquito Catamarans must have the sail number displayed on the PORT side of the rear beam (class rules).

AS Special Regulations can be downloaded here