Australian Sailing (AS) has created the “SailPass”, which is a temporary Club membership which non-members can arrange via the Internet. This entitles the person to a temporary Club membership with a limited number of participations in AS sanctioned events like a Club race or the MPONR.

If you are a GLYC member, AND you sail in GLYC events like Sundays/Twilights/AMs, AND you have crew on board, then every crew member must also now have an AS number and current AS membership, either through a GLYC membership, another Club’s membership, or a SailPass.

A SailPass use is at the discretion of each Club, some Clubs charge, some don’t.  At GLYC we have decided that there is no charge for a SailPass, but they are limited to 5 applications each season.  They can easily be obtained from AS at:

SailPass temporary membership application

If you don’t have an AS Number click on “NEW MEMBER ” then  click “NEXT STEP” and follow the sequence of pages.

Choose the type of temporary membership you seek, MPONR or Twilights/AMs/Temp Crew, then click “NEXT STEP”.

Then select the date (or dates in the case of MPONR) you are seeking the temporary membership for.Then click “NEXT STEP”and on the next page check your details then click “CONFIRM”and you will receive an email advising of your AS number and temporary membership active dates.