2020/21 GLYC Sailing Season

[Please note: the Club is moving more and more to on-line completion of forms to simplify the application process and make document handing and record keeping simpler.  If for any reason you are unable to complete the forms on-line please contact the Secretary at glyc@sailglyc.com and make an alternate arrangement]

Naval Numeral Flags
Naval Numeral Flags

Club Calendar and Sailing Program 

GLYC SI 2020-21

Notice of Race 20/21

Ancient Mariners Series Sailing Instructions

Season Entry Form & Safety Declaration (on-line)

Boat Storage Application/Renewal Form  (on-line)

Active Use Scorecard (on-line)


Other documents

Racing Rules of Sailing (e-Book to download)

Special Regs (Safety Regulations)

2021_24 Special Regs Keelboats

2021_24 Special Regs OTBs

GLYC Safety Manual (2013)

Marine Safety Code of Practice

GLYC Performance Handicap Rules

Season Entry Report

Today’s Sign-on report