If you thought Twilight racing at GLYC is too stressful, it is time for you to try out our Ancient Mariners series running over the winter on Tuesdays (Thursdays fall back), and also during the summer on the Thursday afternoons.

All it takes is the usual Season Entry form, appropriate insurances, a boat (preferably a yacht), and a regular (or more typically “irregular”) crew.  The group moves from the old people’s home to the Yacht Club at around 12 pm to enjoy a (brought) lunch and political discussion, then hit the water around 1 pm depending on your handicap.  No sailing in the rain, no sailing if too cold, too hot, too windy, not windy enough, i.e. the aim is a convivial afternoon on the water, not masochism – this is a zero testosterone zone!

The “race” ends at a civilised time regardless of the weather and everyone is invited back to the bar for more politics!  The winner takes away a bottle of wine, and the entry fee is a princely $1 coin!.

Ancient Mariner race times and series information shows on the main calendar on the homepage (scroll down for later dates) but do not appear on the printed sailing calendar.

See you on the water.