PLEASE NOTE: The link for the Season Entry form is enabled again, please complete the Season Entry form and Safety Declaration.  Because the Season Entry form only captures information about the skipper of the yacht we decided it wasn’t the appropriate place to collect vaccination status information.

 At the moment we are inviting members to send us a copy of their vaccination status certificate off the MyGov site.  So far about 50% of members have already done this and this will be the easiest way for the Club to deal with “checking” vaccination status of people who are sailing, or volunteering, or just entering the Club.  However, entry to the Club building will still be possible if a member’s QR code check in shows that they are fully vaccinated.  If you haven’t already, the easiest way for you, and the Club, will be if you work through the process of connecting the Services Vic app on your mobile phone to your vaccination certificate on the MyGov site.  The Club is willing to help you work through this if you can’t do it on your own.  

To take part in any racing at GLYC you must annually complete a new Season Entry Form and a new Safety Declaration checklist relevant to your class of boat for each boat/skipper combination before you participate in any race in a new season.  Previous season’s declarations expire at the end of each season.

Both the Entry Form and the relevant Safety Declaration checklist for your class must be completed and Sent to complete your entry, i.e. it is a 2-step process, 2 separate forms to complete.

If you are having difficulty completing the forms on-line please see the Sailing Captain or Secretary who will assist you to complete them at the Club.  If you do not complete a line, or don’t tick a checkbox, the form will not send so please wait and see if it sends, or if you have a correction to make.

Step 1 – Entry form

Click here for Season Entry Form

Step 2 – Safety Declaration forms

Cat 6+

For boats sailing in Division 2 and includes most yachts in the Club with the exception of: off-the-beach (OTB) dinghies, Flying Fifteens and catamarans; and also Etchells, Dragons, Swanson Darts and Tumlaren class yachts (keel boats without lifelines which come under Cat 7 below).
Click here for the Cat6+ Declaration Form


For boats sailing in Division 1,3 and 4 including Flying Fifteens
Click here for the OTB Declaration Form

Cat 7+

For boats sailing in Division 2 under Cat 7+ which is only Etchells, Dragons, Swanson Darts and Tumlaren class yachts (keelboats without lifelines).
Click here for the Cat7+ Declaration Form