If you are a member of a Yacht Club in Gippsland then this page is of interest to you.

The yacht clubs of the Gippsland region meet once a year to race for the Eastern Region Interclub Trophy.

This is a great opportunity to sample the waters of another club in your region, meet the members, exchange ideas and enjoy some friendly racing.

Information such as the Notice of Race for the next event, entry form and where the regatta will be held over coming years can be found on this page, along with information for organisers such as NoR & Sailing Instructions templates and rules regarding the team trophy.


The Eastern Region Interclub Regatta is usually scheduled for the second Sunday of February.

Team Trophy Rules

The Eastern Region Interclub Regatta trophy will be awarded to the club with the lowest score based on the best two boats in any two divisions. In the event of a tie, the next best boat results from the tied clubs in the same two divisions will be used to break the tie.

If a tie still exists the best boat results of the tied clubs in other divisions will be used to break the tie.

The Regatta Rotation

The regatta is usually held over the second weekend of February, and barring outside factors the regatta moves around the Gippsland clubs in this sequence.

Eastern Region Clubs

Gippsland Lakes Yacht Club

The GLYC is situated on the foreshore of beautiful Paynesville in East Gippsland.

Facilities include a fully licenced bar, club rooms with lake views, launching area with ramp, crane, and mooring jetties. The Club has wet berth, hardstand and undercover boat storage.

Classes raced include Flying 15s, Mosquitos, Sabres, Castle 650s, Sonata 6/7s, Magnum 8.5s, Timpenny 770s, and a mixed fleet of dinghies, trailer-sailers and keelboats.

Lake Wellington Yacht Club

Home to the iconic Marlay Point Overnight Race, Lake Wellington Yacht Club came into being in 1960 and is a small but active club with committed, long serving members.

Based at the western end of the magnificent Gippsland Lakes, the club is popular with locals and visitors alike for its unique location on the edge of protected wetlands – as well as the friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

The club has produced many champions across a range of classes, most recently in the Hartley 16, Hartley 21, RL24 and Castle 650 classes.

Latrobe Valley Yacht Club

Now merged into Lake Wellington Yacht Club

Loch Sport Boat Club

The Loch Sport Boat Club has was established in 1965 and is situated at the Charlies Street Boat Ramp in Loch Sport. The Club has a rich history of boating on the Gippsland Lakes and has an active calendar of events most of the year.
Racing Events – Sailing crafts of all types including Trailer Sailers, Catamarans, Dingies, Keel Boats.
Cruising – The Lakes has hundreds of destinations for cruising and our cruising members take both power and sail boats on our cruises.
Social – The club has a very active social agenda from Friday Night Drinks and Presentation Nights to New Years Eve and Picnics.

Metung Yacht Club

Port Albert Yacht Club

Port Albert is the picturesque and highly historic port from which Gippsland (South Eastern Victoria) was settled. Sailing regattas have been held here since approx 1850. Now part of the Nooramunga Coastal Park, the area boasts a large area of Islands and inlets in which to spend a lazy weekend, or you can join us every Sunday during the season (Approx mid October to May) for OTB and Trailable races or social events.

South Gippsland Yacht Club

A vibrant and friendly easy going group of members who are competitive with each other in their racing but enjoy socialising immediately after sailing. Strong family ties, especially encouraging children to take up the sport. Friendly help and guidance to new members and people interested in sailing.


The event was originally called the Gippsland Interclub Open Sailing Regatta (GIOSR) commonly called the Geeza, then it was changed to the YV Eastern Region Regatta.

Clubs that have previously been involved, but are no longer active, are Lake Glenmaggie YC (located at Coongulla), Corner Inlet BC (located at Port Welshpool) and Snowy River BC (located at Marlo).

In the 70’s clubs nominated their teams, which were made up of 3 boats in each division. Other club members were welcome to attend but raced separately from the teams and their results did not count towards the GIOSR result.

Recent results

2023 – Lake Wellington YC


2022 – Loch Sport BC


2019 – Metung YC

There has been strong support from all clubs for this regatta as evidenced by the background preparations originating from our first general club meeting held at Lake Wellington Yacht Club on 30thJune, 2019 and our final volunteers meeting on Thursday 14th November.

To the many volunteers I would say a grateful thank you for your skills, your advice and your efforts, as the outcome as voiced by many has been a very successful and fun regatta. 

Saturday 16th was our invitation race with fine weather and winds up to 20 knots,gusting to 24 knots from South to South East. Sunday was a better sailing day with fine sunny weather and winds from the same direction at 15 knots gusting to 20 knots. This enabled the running of two heats, challenging for the Eastern Region Regatta Trophy, which was contested by four classes.

The Victoria Eastern Region Interclub Regatta Perpetual Trophy is awarded to the club with the lowest score based on the two best boats in any division. In the event of a tie, the next best boat results from the tied clubs in the same divisions will be used to break the tie.

We would congratulate GLYC as the winners of the Eastern Region Regatta and especially their junior sailors who were a highlight for our regatta. There are many people to thank, especially Our Race Officer Jacqui Crawford supported by John Mayman and to Gai Clough for her documentation on how to run a regatta. Our support boat crews on Metung 2, Kepper and JC Bull, our photographer Julianne and our restaurant staff led by Rob McPherson and finally our Commodore Peter Harvey who after many sleepless nights is taking a few weeks off.

Ken Barlow.

Vice Commodore.

The Perpetual Trophy Results are as follows:

Club Class orDivision Boat Skipper Score Total
GLYC OTB>125 Swift S. Melrose 2.0
Multihull Ten Bears N.Maskiell 2.0 4.0
MYC Keel Boats T/Sailer The Archer D.Strange 5.0
OTB<125 Flying High P.Harvey 6.0 11.0
LWYC Keel Boats T/Sailer Whatever D.Dyer 2.0
Keel Boats T/Sailer Kyan J.O’Neil 17.0 19.0
LVYC OTB<125 Sea Hawk B.James 10.0
Keel Boats T/Sailer Farrago M.Brown 11.0 21.0

2018 – Port Albert Yacht Club

Perpetual Trophy Best Club

1st Gippsland Lakes YC 15
2nd South Gippsland YC 22

DIVISION 1 Trailables & Keel boats

1st “Emily” Explorer 16, Frank Strickland Latrobe Valley YC
2nd “Silver Shadow” Noelex TS Toby Leppin South Gippsland YC
3rd “Nemesis”Jedda 22 Ross Philips Latrobe Valley

DIVISON 2 OTB Monohull 125 or more

1st “Wicked Weasel” Minnow, Taj Duff Gippsland Lakes YC
2nd “Cintra”Sabre Daniel Paganella Gippsland Lakes YC
3rd “Scamp” Laser Will Fairley South Gippsland YC

DIVISION 3 OTB Monohull 124 or less

1st “Tenth Time”29er Charlie Broomhall, Gippsland Lakes
2nd “Barrunan” Tasar Andrew Sayle Gippsland Lakes YC
3rd “Wolley” Impulse , Matt Kiely South Gippsland YC

DIVISION 4 OTB Multihulls

1st “Gunna” Windrush, Pete Kiely South Gippsland YC
2nd “Still Boitten” Mosquito, Gary Maskell Gippsland Lakes YC
3rd “Cyrano” Windrush Shaun Freeman, South Gippsland YC


1st “Gunna” Windrush Sloop Pete Kiely 0:51;29 SGYC
2nd “Lilly” Nacra 16 sq Jake Lurchi 0:55;35 SGYC
3rd “Still Bitten”Mosquito Gary Maskell 0:55 :37 GLYC

2016 – Latrobe Valley YC


2015 – Loch Sport BC


2014 – Gippsland Lakes YC