To store a yacht at GLYC, or to renew storage from the previous year, each member is required to fill in the form below on an annual basis.  In addition, whether you are applying for storage or renewing storage, you must also complete the on-line Active Member checklist.

Please note, if you have more than one boat in storage you only need to complete the Active Member checklist once.

Active members are given priority for storage allocations, and in some circumstances a member without agreed Active Member status may be given 3 month’s notice to remove their boat due to significant demand for storage from Active Members.

Members applying for storage during the sailing year will be charged a pro-rated fee according to the table on the website.

Boat Storage Application
First choose whether you are renewing your boat storage or applying for new boat storage.
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Owner details

Boat Public Liability Insurance

In order to store your yacht at GLYC you must have valid public liability cover of $10M to protect other persons and property, and you must provide that information and complete the declarations below.

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I have read, understood and agree to abide by the GLYC Inc. Boat Storage Terms and Conditions of Use which I understand to be available on the Club website under Club Information/Rules and Policies. I hereby apply for/renew my Storage Agreement with GLYC.

Agreement *

I recognise that as part of the annual reallocation of storage at GLYC, I will need to demonstrate my ‘active membership’ (as detailed in the Policy) or my storage agreement may not be renewed.
Applications must be accompanied by a completed on-line Active Use Checklist (based on anticipated use if you are a new member).

Agreement to active membership conditions *