For boats sailing in Division 2 races under Cat 7+


I have read and understand my obligations as set out in Part 1 of the Australian Sailing Special Regulations 2021-2024, in particular 1.02.1, 1.02.2 and 1.02.3 Owner’s Responsibility.

I understand that the checklist is provided only as a guide to Owners and Race Organising Authorities and that an Auditor cannot limit or reduce the complete and unlimited responsibility of the Owner or the Owner’s Representative as defined in 1.02.1, 1.02.2, and 1.02.3 Owner’s Responsibility.

I undertake to maintain the boat and all its equipment in good order and condition as specified in the Special Regulations.

Category 7+ Declaration
1.01.2 – Government Regulations – Comply with MSV Regulations for Enclosed Waters Safety Equipment, which specify that a yacht must carry at least one of :- *
3.06 - Means of escape exit (forehatch) if fuel carried below deck *
3.20.9 - Two buckets of stout construction (8 litre min) with lanyards *
3.25 - Installed VHF radio or handheld VHF radio of 5 Watts power (GLYC requirement) *
3.28.1 - Hull identification (>50mm high): Name and Number (see below) *
4.04 - Fire extinguishers where fuel carried *
4.04.4 - Fire blanket with cooking devices *
4.05 - Primary anchor as per table, with appropriate chain and rope *
4.05(d) - Provision to secure bitter end of warp *
4.06 - Water resistant and floating flashlight *
4.07.4 - Medical kit as per table, stored in labelled water proof container *
4.15.3 - Sharp knife in or near cockpits *
5.01 - PFD available for each crew member (to be worn where no lifelines fitted) *
Agreement *

Note: The AS hull identification requirements

3.28.1 Boats shall have on both sides or on the transom in legible characters a minimum of 50 mm high:
(a) The boat’s name.
(b) Its state marine authority number or sail number.
(c) If the boat has no state marine authority number, the sail number and the name of the club.
(d) The name of the club may be abbreviated.

AS Special Regulations can be downloaded here