Processes and Policies for Allocation of Yardstick Numbers

‘Yardstick’ numbers are utilised to establish a common basis for allocating time correction factors to determine results in races conducted by GLYC based on performance of the boat design. All boats of the same class/design iteration will sail off the same Yardstick.

The basic listing for Yardstick numbers is from the Yachting Victoria Yardsticks, which have been primarily compiled for OTB boats but with some keelboat types added. YV also list a conversion factor to calculate a Yardstick number from a Trailable boat CBH.

There remains however a significant group of boats sailing, or likely to sail, at GLYC for which neither of the above sources is applicable and/or valid. For these boats the GLYC Yardstick Committee will establish a GLYC Yardstick number.

The concept of the Yardstick is to represent a well sailed and equipped boat and determine the ‘best’ sailors. This is distinct from the ‘personal’ handicap system which measures the improvement of each sailor/boat combination against averaged previous performance and each boat of a class/design has a different handicap number.

Note: As some YV Yardstick numbers were established many years ago and as some designs/classes may have made significant speed improvements due to changes in construction, weight and/or sail configuration it may be that the published numbers may no longer be valid and a new GLYC Yardstick needs to be established.

The task of the Handicap Sub-committee each year is to review ALL existing Yardsticks used in club racing and decide if any adjustments or additions are required for the next season with a view to achieving an even spread of results over a seasons racing (after allowance for crew capability).

The Handicap Sub-committee is further responsible to review requests from owners of boats new to the club for which an existing class/design Yardstick does not exist or from owners of boats that have been modified such that the existing class/design Yardstick may not be valid eg: changes to keel, rig, sailplan and/or configuration and significant variation in crew numbers against that for which a previous yardstick or CBH was issued.

Owners have a responsibility to respect the class/design parameters and to notify the Handicap Sub-committee of any changes that might require a revision of the Yardstick number. Such advice or request shall be submitted to the GLYC Sailing Captain.

Whilst Yardstick numbers utilised by GLYC will normally remain fixed for the duration of a season, the Handicap Sub-committee shall be empowered to make adjustments during the process of the season if a class/design Yardstick is shown to be incorrect. In so doing the Sub-committee shall take careful cognisance of the crew capability of the boat/s from which data is being taken.

Any change to a Yardstick during the process of a season will be applicable only from the date of issue of the change forward and shall not be a basis for recalculation of already conducted races.

CBH ratings shall be taken from the list issued by the Yachting Victoria Trailable Yacht Committee as applicable for Victoria. CBH ratings from States other than Victoria shall be evaluated by the Handicap Sub-committee before being utilised.

Changes to a boat that are not advised to GLYC and evaluated by the Handicap Sub-committee shall be grounds for protest and exclusion from race results.