GLYC’s commitment to Child Safety

GLYC believes that all children who are part of the club have a right to feel and be safe. GLYC supports the rights of children and aims to create an environment where children are welcome, safe and have fun. GLYC has a zero tolerance of child abuse and will act without hesitation to ensure a child safe environment is maintained. GLYC is committed to respecting, embracing and supporting the diversity of all children.

The following Child Safe Officer have been appointed by GLYC:

  • Andrew Somerville, Discover Sailing Volunteer
  • Lyn Wallace
  • Alan Pick, Sailability Officer

Please reach out to any one of these people should you have questions or concerns about GLYC’s Child Safe Environment. The club’s Child Safe Policy can be viewed via the Club Information page on this website.

Photos and privacy

GLYC respects the privacy rights for all of our sailors, especially children. As part of your Discover Sailing enrolments you will be asked to acknowledge and consent to photographs and videos being taken during participation in GLYC activities and authorise GLYC to use such photographs and videos for promotional or other marketing purposes without further consent being obtained. Further, GLYC may use sailors name, image, likeness and performance during any GLYC activity, at any time, to promote GLYC by any form of media including social media.

Sailors and/or their parents may chose not to give such consent, and should inform the Discover Sailing Principal accordingly via the enrolment form.