Green Fleet

For the club’s up and coming junior and youth sailors, GLYC may offer a Green Fleet program, aimed at developing our novice and youth fleets. This program is for those sailors who have progressed beyond Start Sailing 1 and 2.

In season 2022/2023, GLYC’s Better Sailing course ran on Tuesday evenings (4.45-7.15pm) in O’pn Skiffs.  2023/4 program to be posted soon.

Division Cool (post Christmas)

Division Cool is an opportunity for those in Green Fleet, plus GLYC junior members who have completed Start Sailing 1 and 2, to continue sailing post the Christmas/New Year break. Conducted on designated Sunday mornings, Division Cool focuses on:

  1. Extending sailing skills
  2. Having fun
  3. Learning team skills
  4. Diversity in sailing skills
  5. Having fun
  6. Having fun!!!

There is no additional cost for Division Cool, (yes, that’s right… Division Cool is free only proviso to be a GLYC member!)